Chapter Eight: Betrayal

"As I saw her standing there like that, I could feel my heart melt. She was so innocent and beautiful, and yet I was just a scraggly inu hanyou. I knew she did not deserve me, but then again, we only knew each other for one day; she could not have started to love me overnight, could she? No, we were just friends.

"I went up to her at this early hour of the morning, and I asked her, 'Is there something you need, Lady Kikyo?' To my surprise, she gave me a dirty look and said, 'Don't call me Lady. Just plain Kikyo is fine with me.'

"I nodded and bowed. 'As you wish,' I said. 'Don't bow,' she replied. I got up and nodded. 'I was never good at it, anyway.' She laughed, and then asked me the question I wanted to be asked. 'Would you like to go for another walk?'

"I nodded again eagerly, and we walked into the woods, arm in arm. The forest was magnificent in the morning because the trees were shrouded in mist and the deer got up early to browse. We walked for a while, not talking. The silence was becoming uncomfortable.

"Finally, I ventured myself to ask, 'Kikyo, are you lonely?' She looked up at me, her expression a somber expression. 'Well...yes, actually,' she said quietly. 'Why do you ask?' I shrugged and said, 'I dunno. I mean, with you being a guardian and all and being on duty twenty- four-seven, I just thought that you didn't have enough time on your hands to actually make a friend or something.'

"She just shook her head. 'It doesn't matter. There are no children there that are my age besides you.' Suddenly, she looked up at me and demanded, 'Inu Yasha, what is the real reason why you are here? Tell me, now.' All of a sudden my stomach twisted into a knot of fear, and a low moaning noise came from my throat. She didn't seem to notice this, though.

"After a while of me not being able to speak, Kikyo said softly, 'It's about the jewel, isn't it? You want it, don't you?' I could only gape and whisper, 'How did you know?' She smiled and said, 'That is all demons are after nowadays. Even full-blooded ones are out to get it just to become even more powerful, until they are at the mercy of my arrow. But you don't seem power-hungry at all. Why must you go after it?'

"So I spilled my guts, just like that. I couldn't believe I was giving in that easily, even though in my heart I knew that if I lied then she would know it and would probably torture me to get some answers. I told her about the shadowy figure, his threat, and my mother's death, and how I vowed that I would become a full-blooded demon with the jewel and finally defeat my mother's murderer.

"After I was finished talking, she gazed at my wonderingly. But then she turned cautious again. 'You are a very kind and earnest person, Inu Yasha, but I still cannot hand over the jewel. I mean, I am not misjudging you, but what if you were lying? What if you were really a spy or another power-hungry demon that is out for world domination? I'm sorry, but I cannot grant your request. I can't take the risk.'

"My heart sank into my stomach. 'Well, what can I do to make you believe me?' I asked. She shook her head. 'I do not know. But even if you do have evidence of the proof of your story I still cannot risk it.' I stood there, glared at her with rising hate and, with a finally dirty look, dashed off further into the woods.

"I ran and ran faster than I had ever run before. I wanted to run away from that final decision. I did not want a mere female to have power over me taking the jewel. But yet, she had the power over me anyway. I had heard about those arrows; they either killed or cursed a demon or hanyou, and they never missed their target.

"I finally burst into a dense clearing and what I saw froze my heart solid. There, standing only about five feet away facing me was the dark figure I saw at the village, only this time he was dressed in a baboon skin cloak.

"It took me a while to speak. When I could finally find my voice again, I whispered, 'You.' He smirked and nodded slowly. 'Yes, it's me. Having a nice time trying to get the jewel back, Inu Yasha? Is it going nice and smoothly for you?' he asked sarcastically.

"I growled angrily. 'Who are you and what do you want,' I demanded. His smile disappeared and he said, 'I am Lord Naraku, the most powerful demon to ever be born.' His grin came back, a hideously twisted sneer. 'And I want you, Inu Yasha. I want you to join me.'

"I could only whisper, 'Why?' He smiled. 'It would be much easier to exterminate all the humans of this world and gain power over demon if I had partner at my side.'

"'I will never join you,' I hissed. He sighed. 'But of course you won't; you are too stubborn. But no matter; your brother Sesshoumaru would be much more helpful to me than you'll ever be.' I gasped, shocked. 'Sesshoumaru's my brother?' He smiled. 'Well, your half-brother, really; his father was the same as yours, but his mother was a demon. Your father was cheating on your mother, it seems, before he died.'

"I could not believe this at all. 'You're lying, you bastard!' I screamed. He smirked again. 'Oh, a liar, am I?' He snapped his fingers, and I saw Sesshoumaru walk out from the trees towards us. He looked terribly mad, and I had an uncomfortable feeling that he was feeling that way towards me. 'Sesshoumaru,' I cried, running up to him. But once I got up there, he punched me in the gut and I doubled over with the wind knocked out of me.

"'You stay away from me, you betrayer,' he snarled, his eyes ablaze. 'Betrayer?' I echoed when I got my breath back. 'Betrayer? How did I ever betray you?' He glared down at me and kicked my in the ribs, hard. I cried out in pain and backed up from him. His eyes were like fire.

"'What did you tell him, Naraku?' I growled, getting to my feet again. Naraku shrugged. 'Only that you betrayed him by making up stories. You may say that you were out to become a full-blooded demon just to kill your mother's murderer, but the truth is, Inu Yasha, you killed her yourself and then went out looking for the jewel blaming the death on some shadowy figure. You were planning to use the jewel against all demons and take control over all of them.'

"I could feel my eyes widening, and my heart was pumping like mad. I could not believe what was happening. 'You're lying! That's a lie! You've brainwashed my brother, you sick rat bastard! Why did you do this?' I could only scream. I knew that sooner or later I would pass out.

"Naraku spread his hands and his mouth straightened into an innocent expression. 'What are you talking about, Inu Yasha? I only speak the truth after all.' I was shaking all over. Was he trying to gain control over me by lying? I did not know, but I knew one thing: I must destroy him. But that was an extremely foolish thought, like the thought that I could get the jewel by asking Kikyo herself.

"'Get away from me,' I whispered hoarsely. Instead of going away, he said, 'I'll make you a deal, Inu Yasha. I will make Kikyo bring the jewel to you, in the forest, by the ancient tree, which is the biggest one in the heart of the woods.' I gave him a stupefied look and said, 'How the hell will you make her do that?' He grinned and replied, 'Mind tricks, of course. They are very fun to use.' He sounded like a child when he said that.

"'And what do you want in return?' I asked groggily. I felt like I was drugged or something. He smirked and replied, 'Your brother.' I stood there, not knowing what to agree to. It may be a trap, yes. But then again, Naraku did not seem to really want the jewel; he was as powerful as he needed to be. But that could be a trick as well. Then again, if I agreed to that and got the jewel and became the full demon, then I would have a chance of killing Naraku and winning back my brother.

"Being desperate and confused, I found my self agreeing. Naraku smiled. 'That's a good lad.' We even shook on it, and Sesshoumaru could only watch in horror. 'You really are a betrayer,' he snarled. 'I will kill you one day, brother! You'll see; I will kill you!' He was about to lunge at me, but Naraku held him back. 'Now now, Sesshoumaru, we mustn't get violent right away.'

"Then Naraku said, 'Tomorrow at noon, meet me in the fields south of the village. I will then give you the jewel. After you have it, go to the ancient tree, put the necklace on, and you will become a full demon.' I glanced at him and said suspiciously, 'Why at the tree? Shouldn't I put it on in the field?' He shook his head. 'The tree is a replica of a shrine where the people of this village went to pray. It is the place where the jewel was made. You can only get the full power if you put it on at that exact spot.'

"I considered this, not thinking that this was a trick at all. I was too excited. 'Are we agreed?' he asked. I nodded. He smiled. 'Good. So you know where to go. Do not be late.' Suddenly, we all heard Kikyo calling my name in the distance, her voice getting closer. Naraku looked at me and said, 'We must go now. I will see you tomorrow, Inu Yasha.' I nodded, and my heart sank when I saw Sesshoumaru's hurt and angry glare.

"They were walking away when the thought came to me. 'Naraku,' I said, 'why give me an opportunity to get the jewel, when you want it yourself?' He turned and looked at me, shaking his head solemnly. 'Inu Yasha, Inu Yasha. Don't you get it by now?' he asked softly. 'Even if you do become a full-blooded demon, there is still no way that you can defeat me. You are as good as dead.' He gave me a final smile and a farewell before walking away with Sesshoumaru, leaving me standing there in silence.

"As soon as they disappeared from view, Kikyo ran into the clearing. 'Inu Yasha, are you okay?' she cried. I didn't answer her. I was still shocked from the encounter and the deal. I was terrified and excited at the same time.

"But then my worries reversed when she told me later on that day that I could leave the village now that she would not allow me to get the jewel, no offense. I looked at her and said softly that I knew that. She looked back at me and asked why I would stay then. And I replied, 'Because I love you.' She gave me a surprised and scared look, but before she could change her mind I kissed her full on the lips.

"She didn't push me away; instead, she kissed back. When we finally parted, we both had dreamy expressions on our faces. After that, we were reluctant to say good-night. I would have invited her to my hut, but I didn't. No rush to getting to know her too well.

"That night I could not sleep at all. I was so nervous and scared. I kept thinking if Naraku was lying, which he probably was. But I knew that I had to take the risk; it was my only opportunity. When I finally did go to sleep, I remembered that I dreamed of killing Naraku as a full-blooded demon and becoming reunited with my brother and Kikyo. I had no idea what was in store for me the next day."

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