Location: Punk Hazard

On Punk Hazard, Vergo, Former Marine Vice Admiral has been cut up into many little pieces, and stuck on a railing left to die by Law. Vergo has failed Doflamingo. He let the Strawhats get away with Ceaser, and all the SAD is left to be destroyed inevitably. This is his complete and utter defeat.

"I'm sorry, partner. I've known you longer than any of the others. You've done well, up until today. I thank you for all the effort you have put into everything, Vergo." Doflamingo says through a den-den mushi.

Vergo smiles, he feels both disappointment, in himself, and satisfaction at the comment from Doflamingo. He's lived for 40+ years, and has worked under Doflamingo for many of those years, and he has always strived to support and please Doflamingo, his king.

Not even a couple minutes later, the facility caves in on Vergo. Vergo is met with darkness, until eventually a light pours through the darkness. Naturally Vergo walks towards the light. Once he makes it all the way to the light, the world morphs and his vision becomes blurry.

As his vision clears, he stumbles into a forest and leans on a tree. His body is fully intact, all in one piece (roll credits) and is currently wearing his red V neck robe.

"Wasn't I supposed to be leaving after I killed Smoker and Law?" Vergo mumbles to himself. Until he remembers that he in fact did defeat Smoker, but then was later killed by Law. Veins bulge on his forehead as he remembers his fault.

(Tatsumi POV)

A lone caravan with two people are travelling down a rocky path surrounded by a large forest. They continue onwards for a few minutes before the earth in front of them starts to bulge outward.

"Wha-" The man on the carriage was interrupted when a Earth Dragon bursts out of the ground.

"I-IT'S AN EARTH DRAGON!" Both the men shout as they see a colossal figure that is easily 17+ meters, and it easily towers over the tiny carriage. A flash and one of the arms of the large Earth Dragon falls to the ground. The person in question is Tatsumi. He swiftly kills it only seconds after the creature shows itself.

"Woah, that was amazing!" Said one of the men as they rushed towards Tatsumi.

"Of course, a little Danger Beast is nothing to me!" Tatsumi replies while blushing and the men just deadpan at him.

"By the way, I'm Tatsumi, a name that'll be famous throughout the entire kingdom!" Tatsumi says.

One of the men's faces hardened at the statement. They naturally know that the kingdom isn't a paradise for country boys like Tatsumi.

"So you want to make it big in the capital too, eh?" Said the man. Naturally Tatsumi doesn't recognize the mood shift.

"Of course, I'll make it big in the kingdom. That's every country boys dream!" Tatsumi says to the man.

"The imperial capital isn't the place of hopes and dreams that you all think, it's definitely lively but there are worse monsters than Danger beast." The man quickly interrupted Tatsumi.

"What? What could be more dangerous than the Danger Beast?" Tatsumi asks before getting cut off again.

"The people..." The man says ominously. It also just so happens, they hear footsteps approaching them.

The men pale and cold sweat flows down their faces and Tatsumi swivels around to be met with a 8 foot giant of a man wearing a red robe with his arms crossed behind his back. Tatsumi quickly pales and steps back quickly. The man was broad shouldered and you can see his large muscular frame even through his large red robe.

His face is completely serious and projects a terrible momentum that terrifies the men. The man steps forwards.

"Hello, my name is Vergo. Would you happen to know where I am?"