Esdeath is in the sky as she watches Vergo slam across the field, and she smirks. Vergo is bloody and has his arm limp and dark shards fall to the ground as his armament shatters, and Esdeath can finally kill the 'strongest' and get her title back. She's snapped out of her thinking and her eyes widen when her ice is completely destroyed.


Esdeath didn't expect the Susanoo, not even Vergo, to break through the ice. But she hears Susanoo mutter something under his breath as she falls to the ground.

"There's a weakness in everything, no matter how strong." Susanoo mutters in indifference as he walks towards Esdeath. She gets goosebumps on her back and ducks.

"Soru." A deep monotone voice she recognizes comes from behind and a leg flies from above.

Esdeath jumps back and makes distance from Vergo as she tenses in preparation for both Vergo and Susanoo.

'It may be time to do it…' Esdeath thinks to herself and she raises her palm and directs a surge of ice towards the two. Naturally, in the face of the strongest and one of the strongest, it wouldn't mean much as it shatters. Esdeath rushes in with ice spears she formed overhead.

"Oni-Take." Once again, the bamboo stick takes a dark hue but presumably not as strong as before. Even then, Esdeath knows not to clash with Vergo, even in an weakened state. As the stick swings in an arc, she swings her sword to hit Vergo.

"Kami-e." Vergo simply weaves and moves inhumanly.


She sets up her guard to block an attack incoming from Susanoo. She's forced back but Susanoo isn't as strong as Vergo even in his bloody condition.

"Shigan Bullet." Bullets of air thrust forwards and Esdeath is again forced on the defensive. She feels danger and quickly surges ice in a protective manner outwards. The bullets of air pierce through but are too weak to continue much further to hit the former strongest.

Vergo and Susanoo aren't alone as Lubbock has his strings placed around the area. Esdeath focuses and strings are covering the battlefield, making her at an extreme disadvantage.

There's no point in continuing this up hill battle if she can completely change the situation in one move. Vergo panics as his haki flares danger before shutting down for unknown reasons.


The world stops. Everything is stuck in a shade of blue, normally she would take her time in stopped time. But she's going to clear two targets at the same time. Her sword pierces Lubbock's throat and heart, killing Lubbock without uttering a sound. Before she dashes over to Vergo.

"You were strong… but in the end… I was stronger." Esdeath mutters as her sword pierces his chest and cuts into his heart.

"Time resumes once again." Esdeath states in indifference.

Lubbock falls to the ground on his knees, his throat cut making him unable to speak. Vergo watches the looks flashing in Lubbock's eyes.

Fear. Denial. Despair. And then acceptance. Vergo coughs up blood and his vision hazes as he falls to the ground. Vergo grits his teeth for becoming unable to protect him.

"What!? What happened! What did you do?!" Najenda exclaims in fear at the sight of both Vergo and Lubbock dying, in an instant no less.

"I stopped time. I quite literally froze space and time, I've designed this technique specifically to kill Vergo, as it's my trump card I won't be able to use this very often." Esdeath speaks with a wide smirk.


"Oni-Take, Tekkai (Strong Arm)!" Vergo shouts and slams his bamboo stick into Esdeath's unsuspecting back. There was a satisfying crunch for that hit.

Whitebeard in the war was able to survive missing half of his head, and many other nasty injuries. Is there any reason Vergo can't stall his death as well?

"Im-Impossible! I pierced your heart!" Esdeath shouts as she struggles to move herself upright with her hands. She struggles with moving her legs as she starts to feel numb. She doesn't get to keep trying as a shadow looms over her.

"Shigan." A deep and very different raspy voice calls out. A single hole penetrates Esdeath's head.

Esdeath is dead.

"It's over…" Vergo says as he looks over to a shell shocked Najenda. Vergo smirks as his vision dims.

This time, unlike the last time, he is able to personally confirm his family's safety. This time, he managed to bring the enemy down with him. His eyes close with accomplishment.

Vergo died standing. Even a small breeze would topple him over, but no wind came in. Instead, the clouds clear revealing the sunlight as it pierces through and into the capital.

"Vergo…" Esdeath looks onto the large figure whose blood is forming a small pool under himself.

"Vergo! Najenda! What happened!?" Another voice calls out revealing itself to be Akame.

"Vergo!" Akame rushes over to Vergo and checks for a pulse, delicately to not make him fall.

Akame clenches her fist. Vergo is dead. Akame looks over to the corpse of Lubbock. She didn't even need to check for a pulse of Lubbock.

Najenda looks at Lubbock and tears start welling in her eyes. So many of them died in the final stretch… But, it was still worth it in the end. The final obstacles are down. Shikotouzer, the ultimate teigu has fallen. Esdeath, the strongest, has fallen.

All that's left is the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister Honest is currently running through the halls. No way in his imagination could he imagine someone overpower both Esdeath and the ultimate teigu. That's something out of someone's imagination, but it's happening right now.

A blur crosses his vision and a fist crashes into his face, knocking him out cold.

"That… would be too easy of an end…" Leone mutters darkly as she stares down in disgust. As she lifts the mountain of fat that is the Prime Minister, she hurls his body into a mob outside of the building.

"It's the Prime Minister!"

"Kill him!"

In the end, it's safe to say he didn't have an easy end when he woke up.

The current Night Raid members aside from Najenda are mourning the loss of their friends. Normally, they wouldn't as they wouldn't have the time to but Akame has already left the capital with no one able to pursue.

Leone is in the slums at a bar.

"Leone-chan, why do you have to be so down? It's not like you at all!"

Leone gives an earnest smile

"You're right. I shouldn't be so moody now. Where's my drinks bartender!" Leone yells out to a crazed bartender dealing with orders of many others.

Akame rests and sighs. It's too bad Kurome wouldn't be able to see this… Because of Vergo. Akame can't fault him though, as an assassin you shouldn't place targets above yourself.

Mine is laying down on her bed staring at the wall not bothering to hide her mourning while inside her private room.

'I wish they were all back…'

Mine thinks distantly.

'I never was able to say I love you to Tatsumi…' Mine bitters up at the thought.

Later, Najenda walks over to a couple of graves with flowers in front of them. She stops at Vergo's and has memories flashback to her.

"So, Najenda, this is the newest member?" A man in a black professional suit asks Najenda but Vergo speaks up.

"Yes sir. I'm an employee of the Night Time Cafe."

"It's Assassin of Night Raid, Vergo…" Najenda says slowly as she glances towards Vergo.

"Ah. You're right."

Everyone there sweat dropped, except obviously Vergo.

Najenda chuckles at the memories and she feels something wet crawl down her cheek. She raises her hand and feels tears.


There's no reason for her to be bottling up her emotions anymore.

"Vergo… I truly do miss you…" Najenda says as she wipes the tears crawling down her cheeks.