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Chapter 1 - Meddling Old Man

Ryo-Ohki in her ship form stopped at about ten miles above the last known location of Lily's active vitals.

After this Washu phased through her hull and quickly descended to the ground. She looked around and saw a house with a quarter of the second floor blown away.

She ran inside past walls with scortch marks on them, stopping long enough to check Lily's husband's pulse. When she didn't find one she continued up the stairs and into the room with the most damage. What she saw made her drop to her knees.

Lily's body slumped down in front of her grandsons crib and the the wall and ceiling behind it completely gone. She also saw that her grandson's forehead was bleeding as he kept calling for his mother, Lily to wake up.

Washu clenched her teeth thinking "I will make sure whoever took your parents from this world will pay, my grandson. Even if it means bringing them back from the dead to do so. I swear on my powers as a Goddess."

She then got up and slowly walked over to the crying child.

"Hey, little one. What's your name?" she asked as she knelt down in front of him.

The little boy blinked before he answered, "Harry. Who you?"

"Well Harry I'm your grandmother," Washu told him with a smile.

Little Harry tilted his head and asked, "What's a grammuber?"

"Its grandmother and it means I'm your mother's mother," she replied with a small chuckle.

"Oh," he said with a surprised look on his face. He then asked, "Could you wake mommy up."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to. She's in a deep sleep. One that no one can be brought out of," she told him as tears started to fall from her eyes.

When Harry saw her start crying he began to cry as well.

"Shhhh, let it out my little grandson," she said as she pulled him into a hug.

After a few minutes Harry's breathing slowed. When she turned and looked at him she saw that he had fallen asleep. Looking at him right then brought a smile to her face.

She got up then and headed back outside. Pausing briefly to look at the black shadow on the wall opposite of Harry's crib.

When she got to the center of the road in front of the house she turned back towards it. She then lifted up her free arm and snapped her fingers.

In that instant the house and everything in it disappeared.

She then flew up to were Ryo-Ohki was waiting. When she got inside she said, "Take us home Ryo-Ohki."

The ship gave a meow in reply before shooting off in the direction of Japan.

A few minutes after Washu left three people arrived in two different ways.

The first two showed up with a pop.

One was a grandfatherly old man with silver hair, a long white beard, half moon glasses, and clothing that only a Wizard would wear.

The other one towered over him by about a foot and a half. He also looked like he could take the first man and bend him up like a pretzel with ease.

The last one arrived on a black motorcycle. Not unusual until you realize that it came down from the sky.

The motorcycle rider was wearing a leather jacket, a black t-shirt underneath, and black pants.

When he got off the bike he walked up to the other two and asked, "What happened here Albus?"

"I have no idea Sirius. I got the alert about the attack and came here after getting Hagrid for help," the old man now identified as Albus replied.

"It looks like someone just picked up the house and took it somewhere," Hagrid said while scratching his head.

Albus took out his wand and cast a few silent spells at the area of the missing house. He raised his eyebrows after the tenth spell and mumbled something to himself.

"What did you find?" Sirius asked.

"The house was removed, but not with Magic. I'm detecting a form of spacial displacement energy. Something I've never seen before," he told him.

"Can you track it?" Sirius asked him.

"Yes, but it might take quite awhile for me to find out were it leads," Albus replied as he looked briefly up into the sky with a frown.

"Anything wrong Professor?" Hagrid asked.

"No. Sirius could you take Hagrid back to Hogwarts while I start the search," Albus said redirecting the conversation.

"Sure. Come on Hagrid," Sirius said with a shrug before grabbing Hagrid's arm and disappearing with a popping sound.

Albus quickly took a miniature broom out of a pocket and unshrunk it. He then got on it and followed the direction his wand was pointing. He was determined to get his sacrifical pawn back and anyone be damned that stood in his way.

After getting back to the Masaki residence and leaving Ryo-Ohki's ship form. Washu walked into the house carrying a sleeping Harry in her arms and Ryo-Ohki in her cabbit form on her shoulder she was immediately confronted by her new family.

"Why did you run off and take Ryo-Ohki with you?" asked Ryoko a tall woman with long spikey light blue hair. She was wearing a red leotard under a white shirt and a black and orange jacket over that.

"I went to check on your youngest sister when my monitor of her vitals went dead. I took Ryo-Ohki because I needed to get there in a hurry," Washu told her while looking her directly in the eye.

When she said this everyone just stopped. The news that Washu had another daughter that was on Earth and she had apparently died was to say the least, stunning.

The first one to say anything was Sasami. An apparently young girl with long dark blue hair in two thin pigtails and wearing a traditional kimono. "What is that you have in your arms?" she asked while pointing at the bundle in Washu's arms.

Washu smiled as she looked down at it, "This is Harry, my youngest daughters son, my grandson."

"Why would you bring him here and not your daughter?" Ayeka asked. She was wearing a traditional kimono like Sasami but her hair was dark purple and cut shoulder length except for two ankle length ponytails on the back of her head.

"She along with her husband were killed before I got there. I found Harry and left the house coming straight back here," she told them as flickers of pain and anger crossed her face.

"This might be a bit rude Miss Washu, but how old was your daughter?" asked Tenchi. A young man in a light blue button up shirt and kahki pants.

"She was just a little over twenty years old," she told him as she sat down.

This surprised everyone even more.

"How were you able to have a child without any of us knowing?" Ryoko asked her with a confused look on her face.

"Simple, I grew her in a test tube and kept her in the lab for about two weeks. Then I took her to England to be adopted," she answered her.

"I have two questions. Where did you get the DNA from and why England?" Tenchi asked her with mentally crossed fingers.

Washu looked at him with an evil smile before she answered, "Don't worry Tenchi. The DNA wasn't yours. It was from my husband a thousand years ago from this planet and I took her to England because that was where he lived at the time."

"Oh, tell us all about him," Mihoshi begged. She was a tall dark skinned woman with blonde hair and wearing a pink blouse and kahki pants.

So that's what she did.

After she got everyone updated on this secret part of her life she then told them, "I'm going to raise Harry now and I hope everyone can help me with it."

They all nodded and smiled as they took in the sleeping form of Harry.

It took Albus about a week to follow the energy trail to its end. He had followed it half way around the world and was currently on sitting on the broom above what looked like a house on the outskirts of a Japanese town.

As far as his magical scans could show the only one inside the house below was a small signiture that most likely belonged to Harry.

"This should be easy. Go in ask for them to hand Harry over. If they don't stun them, modify their memories, and search the house," he thought to himself as he descended to the ground.

He took about two steps before six individuals came out of the house. Four women, a girl about twelve years of age, and a man in his twenties.

The red headed one took a step forward and said, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"My name is Albus Dumbledore. I'm here to find a young child and return him to his relatives. May I ask your names?" Albus told her and asked a question in return.

"All you need to know is that my name is Washu Hakubi. The people behind me are my friends and family. What's the name of the child you are looking for?" she told him.

"His name is Harry. He's about fifteen months old and has black hair and green eyes," he replied while trying to get more information from her.

Washu narrowed her eyes, "The boy is already with his family, me. I'm his grandmother. You can leave now."

"Who does she think she's fooling. She's too young to be his grandmother let alone Lily's mother. I don't know who she really is but she won't stop my plans," Albus thought then said, "I'm afraid I can't just believe you Miss Hakubi. I'm going to have to take Harry with me."

"I'm warning you Mr. Dumbledore you don't want to try that. We as a group have faced much worse than a mere Wizard," she told him with a smirk.

Albus is startled when he hears her say this, "I'm going to have to find out how she knows about Magic." He then raised his wand and said, "I really don't want to do this but you leave me no choice."

When he pointed his wand at them Washu felt a build up of energy that would incapacitate and alter the mind. She then knew what he had in mind to do to them. She called on her powers as a Goddess and snapped her fingers.

What happened was she had the stunning energy envelope him. The mind altering energy she sent into the lake near the house.

She then snapped her fingers again and disappeared with him.

Albus awoke groggily. He tried to sit up but couldn't. He then looked at himself and saw that he was strapped to a table in only his boxers. Which had wands and hearts on them. He also saw wires attached all over his body. His eyes traveled along the wires and saw that they led into a machine nearby.

"It seems you've finally woken up. Now I want answers and you are going to give them to me," the woman named Washu said as she came towards him from out of the surrounding darkness with the most evil look on her face that he has ever seen before.

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