Chapter 1

Devon stood on a set in front of a mirror dressed as Prince Lorenzo.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall," Devon said. "Who shall I take to the ball?"

Grady appeared on the other side of the mirror.

"There are no eligible princesses in Queens," Grady said.

"There must be some princess somewhere," Devon said.

Chad walked onto the set as Prince Carmine.

"No princess will want to go to the ball with you," Chad said.

"Okay," Devon said. "Cut!"

The bell rang and Marshall walked onto the set.

"What's wrong now, Devon?" Marshall asked.

"He's still not delivering his lines right!" Devon shouted, pointing at Chad.

"Oh, come on," Chad said. "He's just mad at me, and he's making me pay."

"I have an idea," Devon said. "How about we write Chad out of the sketch?"

"Come on!" Chad shouted. "You can't still be mad at me! It's been two weeks!"

"Marshall," Devon said. "Chad's either out of the sketch, or there won't be a sketch at all."

"I'm sorry, Chad," Marshall said. "You're out of the sketch."

"Fine," Chad said. "But Devon's off of Mackenzie Falls! You're guest spot on this week's episode isn't happening!"

"Fine!" Devon shouted. "Just kill my character off altogether!"

"Fine!" Chad shouted.

Chad stormed off and Grady walked over to Devon.

"Are you okay?" Grady asked.

"I'm fine," Devon replied. "It's not like, I'm going to be forced to continue working with Chad."

Later, Devon sat in Mr. Condor's office while Mr. Condor spoke with him.

"You're going to continue working with Chad," Mr. Condor said.

"What?" Devon asked.

"When you signed your contract for your guest arc on Mackenzie Falls, you agreed to appear on the show for as long as we need you," Mr. Condor said. "Viewers love your character, so we're upping your role to major recurring."

"How many scenes do I have to appear in with Chad?" Devon asked.

"Well, since Mackenly is Mackenzie's brother…" Mr. Condor said.

"This is a nightmare," Devon said.