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The Bones of the Cursed

Chapter 1

Harry felt as if he had a hole inside of him. Multiple actually. Gaps where Sirius had once been, now he felt as if part of himself were gone. Like he would never be completely whole again. He was sitting by his window, gazing out at the empty street save for a stray cat. Dumbledore was supposed to be here any minute to come and take him to the burrow, but he just couldn't bring himself to care. His trunk was neatly packed and ready to go, Hedwig was presumably already on her way to the burrow, and he was here. Waiting. He barely blinked as a tall figure in a long cloak swept up the driveway. In a matter of seconds he was lifting his trunk and silently heading downstairs, he opened the front door and lifted his trunk out. The headmaster looked down at him, mild surprise written on his face.

"Harry." he said. "Are your Aunt and Uncle-"

"No." Harry said flatly.

"There were matters I wished to discuss with them." Dumbledore said, staring at Harry with his deep blue eyes.

Harry stared back. "No."

He had absolutely no interest in waking Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon at this hour. They were twice as unpleasant at night as they were in the morning. Dumbledore gave a little sigh.

"I suppose you aren't interested in helping an old man out of retirement at the moment?"

What was that supposed to mean? Harry stuck to what he knew best. "No."

Dumbledore placed his hands on Harry's shoulders and he flinched away. Something in Sirius' death had made him hate being touched. No one had since he'd died. Dumbledore looked at Harry with concern.

"Harry, are you alright?"

"No." There was no point in lying, no point in anything anymore.

Dumbledore swallowed, he looked a bit uneasy. "Well, perhaps once you're at the burrow…"

Harry picked up his trunk. "Perhaps."

Together they walked down the driveway. Dumbledore held out his left arm to Harry. He hesitated.

"Are we going to apparate?"

"Yes, you must keep a firm hold on my arm. Wouldn't want you to go spinning off into oblivion."

Normally Harry would've laughed. But he didn't. At least, he thought to himself, he wouldn't have to make direct contact with Dumbledore's skin. He grabbed Dumbledore's arm and everything was black, he was being pulled in all directions, he couldn't catch his breath, his ears were being stuffed full of air and then they were in front of the burrow and he was on his knees, gasping for air. Dumbledore was still standing, of course he was. He offered Harry a hand but he ignored it. He staggered to his feet. They were a few feet away from the burrow, funny. Harry would usually have been happy to be here. But… nothing. Dumbledore motioned for Harry to go.

"Would you like me to come in with you?" he asked. Slowly, Harry shook his head.

"Well." For the first time Dumbledore looked uncomfortable. "I'll see you at school Harry. Take care."

Harry swallowed. "Okay. Bye." But Dumbledore was already gone. He turned to face the door, he raised his hand to knock but the door swung open nearly hitting him in the face. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny all flew out of the house, surrounding Harry. They all seemed to desperately want to touch him. He uneasily eased away from them.

"Give him some space, golly." said Ron. Harry gave him a thankful look.

"Harry." said Hermione. "Are you alright?" That seemed to be the question of the night.
"Just tired." He didn't want to burden his friends with his problems. It's not like he knew what his problems were anyway. He shook himself a little.

"Missed you guys." he said, giving them a small smile. He was surprised to find it was true. He had missed his friends.

"Oh Harry!" Mrs. Weasley bustled out of the house and swept Harry into a hug. A wave of nausea washed over him. He pulled away as soon as he could. Mrs. Weasley looked him up and down.

"Too thin." she said, shaking her head. "As always."

"Want something to eat Harry?" asked Hermione. Was he hungry? He couldn't tell. Food was always nice though. Or it had been.

"Sure." His own voice sounded different, as if someone else were speaking for him. Everyone herded him into the kitchen and he sat at the table, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione all sat next to him. Mrs. Weasley placed a steaming bowl of soup in front of him.

"What about us?" asked Ginny, eyeing Harry's bowl.

"You already ate." said Mrs. Weasley handing Harry a spoon.

"I could eat." said Ron.

"Me too." said Hermione. Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes and began to hand out more bowls and spoons.

"Anything interesting happen to you Harry?" asked Ginny, shoving a spoonful of the soup in her mouth.

"Nothing at all." he said. It was the truth, he hadn't done anything that summer. Unless you counted staring at his ceiling and trying to count all the cracks in it.

"Same here." she responded. Ron and Hermione looked at each other.

"We've been having fun." said Hermione.

"Helping me study for O.W.L.S is not fun." snapped Ginny glaring at the two of them. Harry listened to the three of them bicker, it was a nice distraction. Anything to make him forget.

The next morning he awakened to screaming. He fell out of bed with a start and lay on the floor for a few moments. It was just Hermione, screaming about their O.W.L.S. He took a deep breath, it seemed impossible to gather the energy to get up off the floor.

"What are you doing on the floor mate?" asked Ron, entering the room. Harry sat up slowly.

"Just fell." he said and stood up. Ron gave him an odd look then said,

"Our O.W.L results are here. Hermione's going nuts."

Of course she was, she was Hermione. Harry and Ron went downstairs to see Hermione ripping open a letter, which presumably had her O.W.L.S results in it.

"Here's yours Harry." said Mrs. Weasley handing Harry a letter. He stared at it, looking at the Hogwarts seal.

"Open it." said Ginny, who appeared next to him looking over his shoulder. He hesitantly broke the seal and stared at the scribblings on the piece of paper. They seemed to be moving, swirling, making it impossible for him to read.

"You got an O.W.L." said Ginny. Did he? He shrugged. The person he would've wanted to tell wasn't here. Later that week they went to Diagon alley to get the things they would need for school. Harry walked with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny but it felt as if he were worlds away. Floating, not tethered to anything. Not anymore. They visited Fred and George's new joke shop and Harry wandered off looking at all of their products. As we was making his way back to the others he heard,

"Has Harry been acting weird to you lately?" It was Ginny's voice.

"Yes, he doesn't seem himself." said Hermione.
"Bloody hell it's a pygmy puff!" quipped Ron.

"Oh shut up and pay attention!" yelled Hermione. Harry could imagine her smacking him on the back of the head.
"If you don't keep your voice down he'll hear you!" Ginny again. He'd heard enough. Weaving in and out of the crowds he exited the shop and headed down an alley. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going. His feet carried him further and further away from the joke shop. He hit a wall. Wait. Not a wall. A tall blond, Draco. Harry waited for the "Better watch yourself Potter." but… nothing. The other boy looked blank. They were staring at each other, neither saying anything. Harry shook himself.


"Sorry." They'd said it at the same time. Draco bit his lower lip and looked away. Harry wondered if he was okay.

"See you around." Harry said. Draco continued to look off into the distance. Okay then. Harry turned to go but then,


End of Chapter 1