Shiva's Secret

Chapter 1
Shiva, I can't see a thing! Where are you?" Shouted Maria carring a burnt out flashlight down the dark hall of Shiva's home.
"I'm downstairs in the kitchen, Why?" came Shiva's voice from the stairs. Maria feels her way toward the stairs down the dark hall.
"The flashlight went out and I was wondering where you had another."
It's the middle of Saturday night at the White's house. Shiva and Maria are sleeping over at Shiva's and Maria is trying to find her way throught the dark halls. Downstairs, Shiva is reheating pizza and making popcorn for the movie they rented.
Maria came in with her light purple night gown flowing behind her. Her black hair with blonde highlights was tied back in a low pony tail. Maria had sparkling hazel eyes and tanned body.
Shiva on the other hand, was blonde with ice blue streaks. Her eyes a sparkling bright blue, with a fit body and light skin. Flicking her hair behind her ear, she watches the popcorn in the microwave.
"I've warmed up some left over pizza, and in a minute we'll have a fresh bowl of buttery popcorn for the movie." Shiva replied as Maria stepped into the kitchen, "There's Pepsi and Dr. Pepper in the fridge." Maria opened the fridge and takes out two Dr. Peppers and askes,
"But where are you're extra flashlights, or better yet batteries for the flashlight?"
Shrugging Shiva replied, "I'm not sure, but I'll turn on a light on our way upstairs."
Shiva opened the microwave to find the bag with popcorn puffed up like a balloon. Taking out a bowl, she poured the popcorn in and throws the empty bag away.
"Alrighty. We got pizza, popcorn, and drinks. Only thing left is the movie." Said Shiva heading up the stairs. Maria following, the headed down the hall to the far room, which on the door read: SHIVA'S ROOM
The bed in the corner was covered in soft, fuzzy pillows with ice blue sheets and comforter on top. Shiva's wall was painted black with ice effects around the borders with crystalized ice everywhere on the wall. Her dresser opposite of her bed, had a T.V. and VCR on top with different varity of candles all around. Next to the dresser was Shiva's desk with school books and folders on one side, and ice blue cordless phone on the other. Beside her bed is a nightstand, painted white, with a black alarm clock.
Throwing the pillows on the floor, Shiva placed the tape in the VCR. Maria sat the popcorn in between Shiva and her, and dimmed the lights.
After an hour and a half, Shiva turned back on the lights, and pressed the rewind button on the VCR.
"That was a good movie." Said Maria standing up to stretch and yawn. Shiva nodded then replied,
"Yeah, but its two in the morning. I have a karate class in the morning, so we should get to bed." With a nod, Maria pulled a blanket from the closet and stretched it across the floor.
"Are you sure you don't want the bed?" asked Shiva pulling back her comforter and sheets.
"Yeah, I'm good. Plus, I like the floor, it doesn't bother me a bit." Replied Maria taking a pillow from their spot on the floor. Placing the bowl, plates, and cans on the desk, Shiva turned off the lights and layed in bed. It took awhile before she fell asleep, but while she layed awake, she thought about one person that always filled her mind at night when she was awake: Chris.