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A Canadian witch is the new DADA Professor. Her style of teaching has never before been seen in Hogwarts. Her methods are questionable. And, there is also a strange suspicion that she is insane. So, what happens when she befriends Severus Snape and Sinistra?? And Severus and Sinistra hate each other. Poor Severus might lose the only friend he has. Well, asides Albus Dumbledore. And Severus' only argument against the stealing the only friend away thing is: "I saw her first." SS/OC

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Severus Snape strode into the Leaky Cauldron, black robes billowing around him. A few heads looked up briefly, then went back to their food. Severus calmly took a table at the back of the room. He spread today's copy of the Daily Prophet out on the table. The front page headline screamed YOU-KNOW- WHO SIGHTED NEAR LONDON! Below the headline was a blurry photo of Lord Voldemort. Severus snorted softly and ignored that article. He knew more about Voldemort than that reporter did.

The door opened, but Severus paid no attention. When he heard the noise get slightly louder, he glanced up. The person, or rather woman, who walked in was wearing Muggle clothes. Severus didn't know what was so interesting about that until he saw the wand hanging from her belt and the two geese standing beside her. Severus shrugged and turned back to his paper. There are odd folk in the Wizarding World; he didn't know why anyone would care about a witch dressed as a Muggle with two pet geese.

"Sir, after you are done with that paper, may I borrow it?" Severus looked up. It was that witch with the geese.

"Why don't you buy your own? There are copies available here," Severus asked, curious.

"I'm flat out broke. I don't even have two knuts to rub together," the witch said with a wry grin.

"Why don't you get a job?" Severus asked.

"What do you think I want the paper for? To read? No, I am going to look in the classified section and find a job," she said.

"I see," Severus said, then flicked the paper around so it was facing her.

"Thanks," the witch said, flipping through the pages to the classified section. When she got there she swiftly began to read, "nope. Stupid. Too low pay. Ewwww, plants!" she murmured, "Ah, here we are, Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Decent pay, this will do."

"Do you know that that job is considered cursed?" Severus asked her thinking, 'Merlin, she's going for the Defence Against the Dark Arts job!'

"It is? Cool, all the more fun!" she said.

"What country are you from? It has been many years since Hogwarts had a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor last more than one year," Severus informed her.

"In answer for your question, I am from Canada. And I don't care how long other Defence Against the Dark Arts professors lasted for. I don't see how it affects me. Maybe they were all idiots. Or maybe the 'curse' only affects English Witches and Wizards. I'm Canadian."

Severus moaned in his head. Dumbledore will hire her. She's cheerful and optimistic! "Actually, one was a follower of Voldemort and was being controlled by him, one was Lockhart," at that the Canadian Witch shuddered, "and he IS an idiot. Then there was a Werewolf, "Severus had to stop because his companion was laughing.

"You're joking! A WEREWOLF teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts? Irony!" she laughed.

"I'm not joking. The most recent Defence Against the Dark Arts professor was a Death Eater," Severus summed it up.

"Well, I am not a Death Eater, an idiot or a Werewolf. I'll be fine," she replied.

"What's your name?" Severus asked, sick of calling her 'the Canadian Witch' in his head.

"René Remfair," she told him and held out her hand.

"Professor Severus Snape," Severus emphasized 'Professor' so René would call him Professor or Professor Snape. He shook her pro-offered hand.

"Would you mind if I sat here? I hafta fix my résumé to suit the Defence Against the Dark Arts job," René asked.

"I don't mind," Severus said and René sat down.

"Oh, by the way, she is Kokanee," René pointed to the goose on her left," and he is Molson," she pointed to the goose on the right, "They are Canadian Geese."

"Anything ELSE you have that deals with Canada?" Severus asked sarcastically.

"Why yes, they are named after two beer companies from Canada," Severus stared at her, she named these geese after BEER companies?

"I take it you like beer," Severus remarked.

"Nope. Beer is gross," René mad a face, "I just like the Molson Canadian commercials and I have been to Kokanee B.C. My wand also deals with Canada.

"Really," Severus drawled sarcastically.

"Yeah. 12 inches, maple, Roc feather," René grinned.

"What does all of THAT have to do with Canada?" Severus asked, 'I think it is safe to say that she is insane.'

"Hullo! The maple tree is Canada's, er, whaddaya call it? I don't remember. Well a maple leaf is on the flag. Yeah," René trailed off.

"You mean that the maple tree is Canada's National Tree," Severus told her.

"Yah! That's it!" René said then turned back to her résumé. She pulled out a pen from her purse and her wand from her belt. She started taping the paper and writing down information.

"Why is it so bloody dark in here?" René muttered to nobody.

"Lumos," Severus said and held his wand over her paper.

"Thanks. I would do that myself, but I need my wand to change crap around," René said looking up at Severus. He swiftly took in her appearance. Slightly curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned with a light dusting of freckles across her nose and under her eyes. René also used the light from Severus' wand to examine him. Longish black hair, black eyes. Damn. I always fall for the tall, dark and handsome. Well, he's got the tall and dark part down, but the handsome?? He has greasy black hair, yellowish skin. Well, I will defiantly not fall for him. Unless he is reeeeaaaly nice.

"I like England. English accents are so cool and sexy," René said, then her eyes widened, 'why the hell did I just say that?'

"I would like to know that too," Severus said, amused.

"Um, could you repeat everything I said before?" René asked, her cheeks turning quite red.

"You said: I like England. English accents are cool and sexy. Why the hell did I just say that?" Severus repeated.

"Damn. I was hoping that I never said the English accent thing aloud," René moaned.

"What English accent thing?" Severus said, his face a mask of confusion, but his eyes laughed.

"Thanks," René said, turning more of a normal colour.

'Why am I being nice to her? If she was ANYONE other than Voldemort, Death Eaters above me or Dumbledore, she'd be running in fright. But I was JOKING with her! All I know about her is that she is Canadian, has pet geese, wears Muggle clothes, her wand and that she says things without thinking. Merlin, am I under Imperious?'

"Done. Couldya proof it for me?" René asked.

"Sure," Severus wanted to know about her, and the résumé seemed like a good choice. He read it over, finding only a few mistakes. He handed it back to her.

"Thanks a lot Professor Snape. Now I just gotta get outside and mail this," René smiled brightly at Severus.

"Don't go to Muggle London. Someone with an owl, two geese and a stick stands out really well. You'll get quite a few stares," Severus advised.

"I seem to collect lots of stares in the wizarding world as well," René said inclining her head at the most of the population in the Leaky Cauldron.

"That's because you are sitting with me, having a conversation that doesn't involve insults and not running away in tears," Severus dryly stated.

"Bad reputation, huh?" René grinned.

"Depends on how you look at it," Severus smiled lightly.

"Ya like being by yourself, eh?" René said. Severus nodded, "Sorry about bothering you then, you were the only one with a paper."

"It's all right. I would rather be interrupted and knowing the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor than waiting for Dumbledore to tell us. That man really likes to tease everyone," Severus shook his head.

"You know Dumbledore?" René asked.

"Of course. I am a pretty good friend of his," Severus said.

"Whoa, could you put a good word in for me?" René said, quite surprised.

"As far as I know, you are the only one to apply for that job. If you actually know anything about the Dark Arts, you'll be fine," Severus said.

"Sounds cool. Where could I go to mail this?" René said, holding up her résumé.

"How about you give it to him in person?" Severus asked.

"Sounds cool," René said, "How will we get to Hogwarts? I know you can't Apparate."

"Correct. I don't have any Floo powder, and I am assuming that you don't have any either," René nodded, "so we'll go by The Knight Bus."

"Oh God! The North American one makes me sick!" René moaned.

"Do you have any other idea?" Severus growled.

"Um, no. Damn," René groaned.

"Well then, that's our only option," Severus smirked.

"If I throw up on you, it's your fault!" René snarled.

"Well then, I advise you eat now and skip supper," Severus smirked, 'oh, it is sooo fun annoying people!'

"Mmmmm. Lunch would be nice. hint, hint," René smiled weakly.

"You owe me," Severus replied with a sigh. He signalled for a waitress.

"What would you like today, Professor?" the waitress with no name asked.

"The usual," Severus replied.

"And you, miss?" the waitress looked at René

"Whatever he is having," Rene said with a shrug.

"All right," the waitress left to get their food.

"What's the date?" René asked Severus.

"August 22nd, why?" Severus responded.

"Mom insists on me mailing her once every week. Time to write another letter filled with lies," René sighed. She grabbed a napkin and scrawled on it, Dear Mom, I am doing really well here in England. There is this great job in the Daily Prophet and I am going to try and get it. It's much better than my other job as a waitress at the Leaky Cauldron. Yours Truly, René.

"It isn't good to lie to mothers. They tend to find out, then," Severus dragged a finger across his throat.

"Too true. I hope to get the Defence Against the Dark Arts job before they want to visit me," René said unhappily.

"Here's your food," the waitress had returned and handed Severus and René their lunch. René didn't even look at it. She just began to eat it as if she hadn't eaten for a week. Then again, she was broke.

"Slow down, you'll get sick," Severus said. René stopped eating for a second, looked up and said,

"You can put your wand out now," she went back to eating, if you could call it that. Severus stared at her, then looked at his wand.



"Where's a good place I can mail this?" René held up her napkin/letter.

"Over here. You'll need an owl," Severus said and walked towards an owlery.

"What the hell would I need an owl for?" René asked.

"To mail your letter," Severus turned and stared at her.

"Um, that's what Kokanee and Molson are for," René stared back at Severus.

"Why do geese deliver mail?" Severus asked, amazed.

"Better than owls," René glared at him.

"Why?" Severus asked sarcastically.

"They ain't nocturnal," René stated.

"Okay then. This is a stupid argument," Severus said.

"Yah tellin' me?" René smiled.

"Lets just mail your. letter," Severus said.

"Right," René turned and walked in the owlery. Owls hooted and the two geese hissed back.

"Oh, shut up both of you," René said annoyed and picked up Molson. Kokanee honked, "I can only carry one of you at a time. Go bother him," René jabbed her finger in Severus' direction. Kokanee walked over to Severus and honked.

"She wants you to pick her up and carry her," René explained.

"I guessed as much," Severus bent down and picked up the goose. Kokanee honked happily.

"Lazy little bugger," Severus glared at Kokanee. Kokanee bit his nose.


René ignored Severus and tied her note to Molson's leg. She threw him out a hole designed for large owls. Molson honked because he managed to get himself stuck.

"Stupid goose! Lose some weight!" René shouted, then magically made the hole wider so he could get through. He flew off in a western direction. René turned around and saw that Kokanee was now sitting on Severus head and biting his hands whenever he tried to pick her up.

"Nice hat," René stifled giggles.

"Get that stupid bugger off of me!" Severus growled, shaking his head.

"Nah. I think it looks cute," René grinned. Severus glared at her.


Severus held up his wand and the Knight Bus landed with a bang.

"Where to?" Ernie asked.

"Hogwarts," Severus stated and took a bed near the back. René followed him. The Knight Bus took off and René fell on her ass.

"I think I'm going to be sick," René moaned, then promptly threw up on Severus. Kokanee's honking sounded remarkably like laughter.

"Shut up," René and Severus said at the same time. René threw up again.

"Take this," Severus handed her a potion. She promptly swallowed it. The potion burned out the taste of puke and settled René's stomach. It also knocked her out.

"I love that side-effect," Severus said as he stopped René from cracking her head against a bed. He picked her up and put her in a bed. Kokanee hissed at Severus and fell asleep on René stomach. Severus laid down on a bed of his own.


"Hogwarts!" Ernie called out. Severus sighed and looked at René. She was still asleep.

"Wake up. We're at Hogwarts," Severus nudged René.

"Give me five more minutes," René moaned.

"No," Severus smacked her arm.

"Was that compeletly necessary?" René yelled.

"Yes. Come on. We're at Hogwarts," Severus growled.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," René sat up and Kokanee fell with a honk to the floor. René picked her up. She and Severus walked to the front of the bus. Once again, Severus paid.

"You owe me so much," Severus growled as he walked off the bus after her. But René wasn't listening.

"Holy shit!" René breathed, staring at Hogwarts. Kokanee honked her agreement. The Knight Bus took off.

"Welcome to Hogwarts."


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