Friday-February 14, 2020

"Are you getting settled in?"

"Yep." I flop back on my freshly made bed, sighing happily. Any time I get to FaceTime Edward is great, but today is infinitely better because Alice and I have finally finished moving into our swanky new apartment thanks to his help. "I only have a couple boxes left to unpack."

He grins, one side of his lip lifting higher than the other. "I'm glad you're finally away from that jerk."

I roll my eyes, annoyed at the reminder of Emmett and his stupid antics. When I returned to Seattle, it was to find Alice directing her boyfriend, Jasper, as he hauled my belongings into her small, one-bedroom apartment. It had been tossed into the hallway by an angry Emmett and his hussy, Rosalie, after they got drunk the night before, on New Year's Eve.

"Me too." I smile. "And I appreciate your help, though I'm not sure two master suites were necessary."

"Oh, yeah they were." He waggles his brows. "I need Alice as far away from us as possible when I do finally get to visit."

"When do you think that'll be?" I ask, my hopes getting the best of me. We haven't physically been near each other since New Year's Day at the airport. I put on a playful pout. "I may be a little sour that you couldn't make it today."

"Believe me. I feel the same." He takes a deep breath, sighing heavily. "I promised my dad I was serious when I came back here, so I can't go skipping out when he needs me most." He smirks. "Apparently, Valentine's is a big day for weddings at the vineyard."

"Who knew?" I roll my eyes, giggling. "But seriously, how are you handling the change from naked man to suit and tie man?"

He chuckles, and it's a rough, sexy sound that makes me ache. "I much prefer suit and tie man, but what about you, Bella?" His voice drops to a low, sinful growl. "Which man do you prefer?"

A moan slips out before I can stop it. "This is getting dangerous," I say, fisting my hand to keep it from traveling south. "Especially if I'm not seeing you today. It's pure torture."

"For you and me both." He pulls the phone away, and I can't tell quite what he's doing, but his fingers are working away. He brings it back up as there's a knock on my bedroom door. "You should probably check that."

My brows furrow. "What did you do?"

"Go see." He shrugs, looking like a sheepish little boy. I get up from the bed and bring the phone with me. When I open the door, there's no one on the other side. "Look down."

My confused gaze trails from the phone to my feet where a small velvet box sits on the floor. A little gasp escapes as I snap my eyes back to him. "A present?"

"Pick it up and go back in your room."

I do as I'm told, wondering what in the world this small, square box contains. I sit on the edge of the bed, hesitant for some odd reason. My stomach is doing a weird dance and my mind is running through scenarios a mile a minute.

"Go ahead," he breathes, licking his lips. "Open it."

My hand shakes as I lift the lid, and both relief and elation sweep through me in overwhelming waves. A large square diamond pendant hangs on a delicate gold chain. I'd almost bet it's the necklace that goes with my bracelet. If not, it's as close of a match as he could find.

"I'll be back in touch at eight pm sharp." I'm brought from my musings by his rough voice. "Be wearing nothing but that necklace."

I gasp, but before I can respond, the screen goes dark.

Who am I kidding?

My only response would be … Yes, sir!

Okie dokie, here's the current sequel to LIS. It'll start here, with the Vday outtakes, then BETWEEN these and the Quarantine outtakes I've written a new chapter to connect them, and then I'll continue with the rest of the story where we left off with their side stop hehe. This will post weekdaily, just as LIS did, and you don't have to review what you've already read. My hope is that by the time next Wed comes, I'll have enough chapters banked to keep up.

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