Chapter 1

I woke up from a long and hearty slumber. I just had completed my school and was excited for a long vacation with my friends. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed the improving change in my body since I returned from rehabilitation. My hollow body started to look a bit healthy, my once bony arms were starting to look more muscular and with each coming day, I was starting to get delighted by everything. My once broken amethyst eyes now looked full of cheeriness and glee…

I hurriedly freshened up and sprinted to the bus stop. I reached just in time to catch the bus, sitting idly with no one to talk to, I started thinking about existence…'' What if we all are just in a simulation, with absolutely no idea of whatsoever is real…'', I thought. After some hours of stupid philosophy to myself, I slept off into a dreamless sleep."Buddy, hey buddy, wake up. Your stop's here.", said the person sitting next to me.

I got off the bus and reached my destination, the picturesque, Durdle Door. My friends had decided a post-school party and all of us were supposed to reach there by eight. But them being my friends, were 2 HOURS late!!!!

The party lasted till 1 and after that, we went our own ways. I don't remember the day after the party but I remember that day, the day that changed the face of the world.

Well, well before I start telling you how the world nearly ended, let me tell you who I am. I am Ryan Martin from the UK and then migrated to India. I am the member of A.V.H.O (Anti Vitas Hytuses Organization). Let me explain to you what Vitas Hytuses(also known as VH-19) is.

It is a deadly virus which started from Yemen. If we get infected by this, we first lose our control over our muscles and then quickly the virus goes in our respiratory system, causing asthma. Then it slowly inches itself towards our heart and causes severe inflammation and disrupting the electrical pathways that signal the heart to beat properly. Then the only thing left is to suffer in intolerable and excruciating pain for the few hours of life, we have and then finally die a horrid death…

Yup, a little teeny-weeny virus which couldn't possibly destroy mankind, well it NEARLY DID.