Chapter 7

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As Ahriman walked through the corridor of what was clearly a spaceship as one can see the vacuum of space through a window he was passing through, he saw a few of his own kind, humanoid giants the same size as him, passing by. They all wore varying sets of armor with all sorts of horns and spikes all over them. They also had varying colors. Some had blue and gold. Others had silver and gold. While others were gold and black. None of them had the same set of armor appearance-wise and only the color of their armor can help identify where they belong. But regardless of where they come from, they all shared something in common with all of them. Cruelty to a fault and a need to kill. Some, however, just use that to their advantage, both their own and those around them. Another thing that they had in common was the general distrust to those that don't bare their colors and that they all were here, working together, solely because higher powers commanded them to do so. And Ahriman would be a liar if he also did not have the same distrust for those that didn't have his colors, but he needed them if he wanted to achieve his ultimate goal.

Ahriman then began to recall his own higher power, forcing him to come here.

The Eye of terror

42nd Millennium

In a galaxy far from where Ahriman is located in currently, war is waged, not just across the physical plane, but also the spiritual plane. War has raged in this galaxy for millions of years. So much so that to live for even a day in this realm would make most people lose their sanity, which to some, is considered a blessing in disguise. For there are countless ways in this realm that would make one beg for death or for any escape from the terrible way of life this realm has.

Most of these ways come from the realm's spiritual plane. Unlike those typically found in that of lesser civilizations, where they bring promises of a utopia society, free from poverty and war, this realm's plane was a mass of eldritch horrors that would cause one to rip out their own throat to avoid them. That is if their mere presence doesn't kill them first.

This realm goes by many names. The warp. The Immaterium. The Aether. Even the Sea of souls. All are appropriate for this realm, but one surpasses them all in meaning and purpose. To the inhabitants of those that reside in this realm, it is the realm of Chaos, and is probably the most important title for this realm is home to entities that made this realm theirs after their creation. The four Chaos gods that have made this realm theirs'. Khorne, the god of blood and butchery. He cares not whose blood is spilled over the countless wars that have been fought in both the warp and the physical realm, just that it does.

Nurgle, the Chaos God of Death, disease, and decay. He seeks to spread disease and plagues through all existence, so all can despair and follow his way of decay and stagnation.

Tzeentch, the Chaos God of change, sorcery, fate, and hope. Constantly changing the appearance of his followers and always fickle in giving gifts to his followers, be they mortal or beings of the warp, Tzeentch always plays the long game, seemingly planting the seeds of ruin on several unimportant worlds, only for those seeds to bore fruition towards the goals of the God of change. He desires nothing more than to continue playing the long game, for it is both a source of power and great entertainment for the god.

Slaanesh. The god of pleasure, sensation, and desire. Though all sounds harmless, they are nothing more than words that hide the darkness that is hidden within all the glamour and beauty that is of Slaanesh and their want for continued pleasure with the main source being that of the pain and suffering of those that it deems unworthy or even worthy of its gaze. And so their followers spread out across the stars, seeking to bring pleasure and glory to their patron, burning worlds in glorious displays of decadence and suffering.

All these differing ideals and wants put all the Chaos gods at odds with each other. So much so that it is of little wonder that, for most of their existence, they waged war against each other for dominance in the great game they play amongst each other for more power. For that was the greatest weakness of Chaos. Without a threat to their very existence, the Chaos gods will always attempt to bring the other three down, so they and they alone can become the dominant force in the warp and the physical realm. And even then, it's a losing battle. For how could one stand to work with beings that are so anathema to one's own desires and beliefs.

The only known being that had forced them to work with each other was the Emperor of Mankind, a being of so much psychic power and charisma, that he had created a mighty empire called the Imperium of Man, from the ashes of the previous human empire. With all his might, be it psychic power or his own human traits, he led a mighty crusade to not only reclaim the lost remnants of human civilization, be it actual humans or their great technology, but also to rid the galaxy of the Chaos God's influence. For that was his purpose, to rid humanity of the taint that was the Chaos Gods.

At first, the Chaos Gods ignored the being, seeing him as nothing more as an upstart that was pursuing a pointless dream and ideal, but then he used some of the power in their realm to create twenty beings of great power. And then used them to create mighty warriors that was unlike anything they had ever seen from the strongest subjects of his empire. These warriors were called the Space Marines, or Adeptus Astartes, and, with their mortal allies, they fought to help unify the scattered remnant of humanity under a single banner. Combined that with a vision that Tzeentch himself had witnessed of the Emperor actually achieving his goal, caused the Chaos gods to halt their fighting amongst one another and to actually work with each other to stop this being from achieving what he is setting out to do.

And they did. Through their great powers of manipulation, they turned nine of the Emperor's twenty beings, called Primarchs by the Emperor and the humans, and had them and their armies turn against the Emperor of Mankind and his Imperium in a bloody civil war called the Horus Heresy, named after the most powerful of the Primarchs that succumbed to the powers of Chaos, Horus Lupercal. The war lasted for several years, with each killing trillions of humans as each year passed. The war ended with the death of Horus on Terra, the homeworld of humanity, slain by his father. His death forced the traitors to retreat for victory was no longer possible without the aid of the Warmaster of Chaos. They retreated to the Eye of Terror, a region of space in physical space where the warp interacts with it, a sort of tear in the fabric of reality where the forces of the Chaos gods can do whatever they pleased. It is here, the survivors of Horus's rebels made their home after their defeat. It is here they lick their wounds, recover their strength, and hold grudges, not only the Imperium for defeating them, but also their fellow traitors, pinning blame on them rather than themselves.

And so, for the first years of exile, the traitors fought each other, the nature of Chaos amplifying their hatred towards each other as well as more aggressive traits. No stronger proof of Chaos's own destructive nature was needed when one could see such proof in the state of the Space Marine Legions that have affiliated themselves with a single Chaos god.

The 14th space marine legion, otherwise known as the Death Guard, became utterly eager to fight those from the 15th legion, the Thousand Sons. Though they possessed no love for the 15th, they found their use of physics powers to be abominable, even before they joined Horus and his rebellion, their hatred for them was amplified once they joined with Nurgle as the Chaos God of Disease was the rival of Tzeentch, the god of change, the patron of the Thousand Sons. Now it was next to impossible for the two legions to work with each other. Only their Primarchs, both of whom survived the rebellion, or someone of great power in the Eye of Terror can force them to do so. Even then, all it takes is the right push for the two legions to fight against each other in open conflict.

Because of this, rather than aiming their hatred at the Imperium, whom they all hated, they all fought and killed each other and the Chaos Gods simply allowed it to happen. Though the Chaos Gods could have prevented all this infighting, they choose not to. The goal of their alliance was to stop the Emperor of Mankind from becoming a threat to them. It didn't matter if he lived or not, just that he stopped being a threat to the Chaos God's own existence. Once that was achieved, the Chaos Gods broke their truce and allowed their followers to fight amongst each other and went back to fighting amongst themselves.

And that was the truth about the Chaos Gods, victory to them is endless violence in the galaxy for all that violence and despair gives them more power and entertainment. They didn't even want Horus to win his little war. If he did, they would have had a similar problem with the Emperor of Mankind. A being of great power that could threaten their existence, only it was something of their own making. Once Horus achieved their wish, the Chaos Gods discarded him like a broken toy, not caring that he would die without their aid.

And so, the Chaos Gods watched, amused at the petty squabbles of their followers, uncaring towards what happens to them so long as they aren't threatened with extinction as that would diminish their own holdings in the Eye of Terror and the Great Game. But then, from the ashes of defeat, a successor of Horus Lupercal came. It came in the form of Ezekyle Abaddon, first captain of Horus's own legion and was one of his most powerful servants. Taking the title of Warmaster from his dead father, Abaddon whipped and murdered his way to not only reform his legion, broken from the death of their Primarch, into something that resembled their former selves but to become the Warmaster of Chaos, so he can turn the incredible might of Chaos against the Imperium.

Seeing this, the Chaos Gods, amused with Abaddon and seeing his potential for giving them more amusement and power, gave him the same blessings that they gave Horus and watched as he gathered enough forces to conduct an attack on the Imperium, calling it the Black Crusade, named after the Black Legion, the renamed Sons of Horus after Abaddon forcibly reformed it. With this attack, Abaddon cemented his position as Warmaster of Chaos and as one of their most interesting toys at the moment. For, while he refused to be their servant, a foolish notion as all serve them in some manner or another, no matter what, he managed to gain their blessings for performing great deeds for either them or the various Primarchs that survived the Horus Heresy.

And for ten thousand years, forces of Chaos fought against the Imperium, neither doing enough damage to each other that couldn't be endured or cripple the other's ability to fight on, which the Chaos Gods wanted as more war meant more power of them, until Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, where he managed to destroy the planet Cadia, the Imperium's first line of defense against the Forces of Chaos. With it gone, another great rift formed called the Great Rift, a somewhat appropriate name as this one had cut the entirety of the galaxy in half, cutting each half off from each other aside from a few somewhat stable passageways that allow one to travel between the two halves. Without being attacked constantly by Chaos daemons of course. This would have been something of a celebration for the Chaos Gods, but other events had enraged the Chaos Gods.

The Imperium of Man had one of it's greatest heroes, Roboute Guilliman, the Primarch of the 13th Space Marine Legion, the Ultramarines, return to lead them in their darkest hour. With him came more powerful Space marines, the Primaris marines, equipped with new technologies and weapons that gave them an edge against the Forces of Chaos. Not only that, but the Eldar, a Xeno race with a disturbing likeness to humans, only more slim and pointier ears, were bringing about the emergence of their final god, Ynnead, the Eldar god of the dead. Though the other Chaos gods were unimpressed with either Guilliman or the Eldar, seeing them as simply delaying the inevitable, one has foreseen the dangers of both should they be allowed to continue. This god also saw an opportunity to strengthen its own position in the Great Game without drawing the ire of his brothers until it is too late.

It was because of this, that God was meeting with one of it's finest champions.

Deep within the Eye of Terror, Ahriman was waiting on a dry and desolate rock. Looking around, Ahriman looked around his surroundings, finding broken down buildings that were clearly not of human origins. This rock was home to an Eldar colony. He could tell by the smooth and organic-like buildings around him that are typical of Eldar architecture. It was an agricultural world most likely, providing food for other worlds ruled by the Eldar. The people may have likely been spared from the decadence that had spread amongst their kind during the height of their empire. The decadence that led to Slaanesh's birth and the state of the galaxy as it is now.

Just thinking of how the Eye of Terror came to be caused Ahriman to tighten his grip on the black staff that he holds before thinking on why his master called him. He was on the verge of discovering a way to cure his legion of the curse he, unwittingly, gave them ten thousand years ago. Right when he was on the verge of getting it, his master called him back, using his great powers of sorcery to forcibly bring him back to the Eye of Terror from whatever task he set himself upon. Annoyed, but knowing that he must obey his master's will, the figure waited on the world his master brought him to, wondering what was so important for his master or bring him here.

After nine seconds passed, he got his answer when he sensed a great surge of power condensing right in front of him. Sensing this, but also sensing the user of it, Ahriman didn't do anything as a massive rift tore from the ground in front of him. Out of the rift came misshapen daemons that screeched and moaned as they struggled to get out of the rift. Not paying attention to any of them, especially after they begun whispering to the figure, promising him great power should he do as they saw, Ahriman looked as a blue mist came out of the rift. Even as it came out, Ahriman could sense the great power it held. Greater than his Primarch. Greater than even the Emperor of Mankind. It was even greater than Abaddon himself. It was his master. And that caused Ahriman to momentarily look at the mist in a stupor. Why would his master show himself in person before him and use one of his own servants? Once the mist fully emerged from the rift, it dissipated, revealing a bipedal bird beast with nine heads, twisting and chortling around each other. Some of the heads spoke in feminine tones. Some of them masculine.

"Ahzek Ahriman." Said the voices in tandem. The name had caused the creation of more daemons to form and come from the rift that it created. "It is time for you to obey my designs once again." Looking up at the bird monster, not in fear, but in reluctance acceptance, Ahzek Ahriman spoke.

"What is it that you demand of me, Tzeentch?" Asked Ahriman as he looked at his patron. The one that caused his legion to turn from the Emperor's grace. The one that forced him to partake a ritual that both damned his legion and saved them from the Chaos god's gift. The Chaos God Tzeentch.

"As you know, Yvraine," Tzeentch felt the small rise of anger that came from his servant, something that caused him to be slightly amused at. "Has managed to find four of the five Crone swords that she needs to fully awaken Ynnead. She must now awaken Ynnead. I have seen visions of the Eldar god bringing the Emperor of Mankind back, fully invigorated." He then showed Ahriman his visions. Of Ynnead destroying Slaanesh. Bringing the Emperor back from the decaying state he was in after the Horus Heresy. And the utter destruction of the other Chaos gods and all their followers. Including his legion, the Thousand Sons, and himself. Tzeentch kept showing him more and more visions, others more different than the rest, but the outcome was the same. The utter destruction of Chaos and his legion. Though a part of Ahzek wanted this to happen, the fate of his legion was something that he refused to let happen, especially with all the visions showing that they would be hunted down like animals. Refusing to let his legion be destroyed, Ahriman looked at the mist and demanded what was needed to prevent such a fate from occurring. Chuckling a bit at his servant's eagerness, Tzeentch spoke. "There is a way to both prevent this fate from occurring as well as securing my own ascension over my brothers. Do as I say, and I will give you what you desire. A cure that the Flesh Change as well as restoring your brothers from the Rubric." Upon hearing that, Ahriman looked at his patron in shock.

The Flesh Change. The first step towards their damnation. During the Great Crusade, the one where the Emperor of Mankind had his forces spread out to both unify humanity in the Imperium and to find lost human technology, the Thousand son legion had suffered a disease that turned them into rampaging, unintelligent beasts. Their Primarch, Magnus the Red, had made a deal with Tzeentch to save his legion from the Flesh Change, not knowing the Tzeentch had been the one that implanted the disease in the first place in order to force the Thousand Sons to join him. This worked and the Thousand Sons went on to fight in the Great Crusade until the Heresy happened and their Primarch became a Daemon Prince, a being from the physical realm that has satisfied the Chaos Gods enough that they gave them immortality and power in the form of turning them into a Daemon Prince, which is when the Flesh Change occurred again, plaguing the Thousand Sons once more.

Not wanting this, Ahriman had plunged himself into his father's vast knowledge of sorcery and found what he thought would be a cure to the Flesh Change. The Rubric. Gathering all survivors on Sortiarius, the homeworld of the Thousand Sons in the Eye of Terror, Ahriman and like-minded sorcerers conducted the ritual, hoping it would work. It did and those that survived had their psychic powers augmented to new heights. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the legion, most of whom had little to no Psychic powers, were eviscerated, their souls reduced to mere specks of dust trapped in their armor for all eternity, becoming little more than automatons that obeyed the will of sorcerers, leaving only a handful of individuals left to instruct their trapped brothers, now called Rubric marines, into war. It was one of Ahriman's greatest regrets and he has spent ten thousand years since then to find a cure for it and the Flesh Change should it come again.

Though some call him mad for attempting such a thing, Ahriman didn't care. If he had to damn trillions of lives to save his legion, he would do so. And there was proof it could be done. Proof that was taken from him by Yvraine.

During the height of the 13th Black Crusade, Ahriman and his Warband, the Prodigal Sons, fought Yvraine and her people, the Ynnari. He had her cornered. She was at his mercy. But then, she gave him what he desired above all else. A cure for the Rubric. As proof, she restored some of his brothers from the Rubric, fully restored, using her considerable psychic powers, somehow, to restore them. Such a thing caused him to save her, but then she had one of her followers kill them all. The act had caused Ahriman to swear an oath of vengeance for her. While he was somewhat thankful for her in giving him hope that a cure is possible for the Rubric, he'll still give her an agonizing death for killing his restored brothers. Though she'll suffer eternal suffering by Slaanesh as all Eldar will when they die, he'll inflict terrible tortures on her for her actions. After she gives him what he wants of course.

And that was what he's done since then, attempting to find Yvraine and force her to give him the knowledge to save his legion. For over a hundred years, he tried, time and time again, to find her, but the Eldar has proven slippery, escaping his grasp more times than he counts. Each time causing him endless frustrations. During his latest search for her, Tzeentch had forced him away from his Warband as they attempted to locate Yvraine, offering the same thing that she gave him. This sounded too good to be true, especially from the Chaos god of change and deceit.

"Why would you do so?" Asked Ahriman. "The Flesh Change was of your own making. Why would you wish to undo it? And how would I know that isn't something that'll bring something worse than either? Why should I do this?" Instead of getting annoyed or angry at Ahriman's questions, all nine heads of Tzeentch looked at him and smiled somehow.

Whatever Tzeentch said to Ahriman to convince him of his genuine want to cure the flesh change is unknown. What is that Ahriman returned back to his Warband and informed them that their patron had given them a new task, one that promised the restoration of their legion as well as a chance to finally destroy the hated Imperium and the Ynnari once and for all.

Once he told the plan of their patron and after assuring their loyalty to both the plan and himself as well as telling them all their parts in the plan, he had his fleet ventured back to the Eye of Terror to gather more allies. As powerful as his Warband was, they needed more in order to fulfill all the objectives of Tzeentch. And Ahriman knew who to call, both for their skills as well as their ability to actually keep this plan a secret from the other Dark Gods.

It took many months, even years, to find the proper allies that fit the criteria of his master, but in the end, Ahriman acquired the chosen of Tzeentch and assembled a small, but powerful band of Chaos marines and warships, either acquired through promises of great power for their legions or through diplomacy with the leaders of their legions.

The warships weren't something to scoff at either. A handful of cruiser and escort class ships along with a single battlecruiser as a flagship marked the number of warships present in the Warband. With them was a great deal of transports ships, ranging from small troop carriers to massive cargo haulers, whose purpose would soon come to realize in due time.

Once he gathered the proper allies, the Chaos god Tzeentch sent them to a world deep within the Eye of terror, one that solely belongs to the architect of fate and is encompassed in powerful wards that nothing, not even the most powerful of Tzeentch's daemons can discern what goes on in that world and it's a system without venturing there themselves, to find an object that can help achieve their end goals.

What the assembled Warband found was an ancient, ring-like Xenos device, hanging above the world that wholeheartedly belongs to Tzeentch.

Prior to it's usage by the Warband, Ahriman noticed that the device was ancient, far more ancient than anything he has seen in his entire life. It used the warp as a means of power, so it couldn't be something made by the Necrons, a race of Xenos machines that have been causing trouble for the Imperium as of late, but it's sheer power and design was nothing like the Eldar. In fact, it looked even more ancient than the Eldar somehow.

How Tzeentch acquired it was beyond the vision of Ahriman and his Warband and the Chaos god of fate merely laughed as the device worked, opening a portal that led Ahriman and his assembled Warband to another galaxy, one far more peaceful and weak than the one they left. Once the portal closed, the forces of Chaos went to work in fulfilling Tzeentch's grand master plan.


His remembrance of past events ended when he entered the room where the meeting was being taken in. It was a large room, filled with blood and shadows all over the place, despite the red lighting in the room.

In the middle of the room was a table and four seats made specifically for his kind. Three of those four seats were taken by the leaders of the other legions.

One was taken by Neroth, his fellow sorcerer, if only in name. Another was taken by a space marine with silver and gold colors on his armor. He was no sorcerer, but he had a myriad of mechanical arms and tendrils over his back and chest. His helmet had multiple lenses, one bigger than the rest and nearly overtaken the left side of his helmet. The 3rd seat was taken by a space marine wearing armor even larger than the suits of armor wielded by everyone else in the room. Wearing blue and green, this one stayed silent as Ahriman took his seat. Even as he sat, Ahriman felt that he should remain on guard with these three figures. His psychic power was the greatest amongst the marines on the ship, but he still was wary of these three figures.

Neroth, the leader of the Black Legion personal, had made many dark pacts since becoming a Chaos Sorcerer lord of the Black Legion. Starting out as a lowly Chaos Sorcerer under the service of a chaos lord by the name of Eliphas, he abandoned his lord to die when it was clear to the sorcerer that his former leader was doomed to fail. He even orchestrated his death along with his loyal followers in Sub-sector Aurelia, leaking his position to an Imperium loyalist space marine chapter, the Blood Ravens, who used the sub-sector as both a home and recruiting site for their chapter. With the remaining assets of the Black Legion forces in the sub-sector, Neroth laid seeds of dissent and ruin for future use when the Black Legion returns to claim the sub-sector for themselves. Seeds that he used to cement his position as leader of the Black Legion forces in this operation. Ahriman had been there, a part of the conditions he had to fulfill to acquire the Black Legion in his master's plan, as he unleashed his carefully laid seeds upon the Imperial forces in Sub-sector Aurelia, watching as Imperial forces turned on each other and killed each other. Watched as Neroth murdered the governess of the sub-sector with such glee and satisfaction that he almost mistook him for a Night lord, a chaos legion that thrived in inflicting pain and misery on others. While Ahriman respected his ability to plan ahead, it made him awry of the Black Legion sorcerer and keep a close eye to him. Despite that, he was intrigued with the end goal of their operation here and was determined to see it through, so he could rely on Neroth to keep his blood lust in check enough to prevent people from determining who they are.

Moving on to the one wearing silver and gold armor, he was a warpsmith of the Iron Warriors, a chaos legion that was renowned for it's siege warfare capabilities and affinity for heavy weapons. A relatively new Chaos warpsmith, Warpsmith Volmas had command of an entire company of Iron Warriors, a full hundred space marines. How a warpsmith, whom usually don't lead warriors into battle as they usually they leave such logistics to chaos lord or warsmiths if they were Iron Warriors, managed to command such a large group of warriors is beyond Ahriman as usually they focus on creating machines fused with the powers of the warp than commanding mortal troops and rumors popped up that Volmas is actually a warsmith in disguise, his contributions to the operation here in this galaxy only helped those rumors, both on the battlefield and the usage of the spoils they've acquired from the Batarians.

But what mystery surrounded Volmas was nothing to Chaos Lord Xyphas, a Chaos lord of the Alpha Legion, which is regarded as the most mysterious of the Chaos Legions as barely anything is known of them. Even their own allegiance to Chaos is subject to suspicion. Specializing in covert operations, the Chaos Marines of the Alpha Legion were masters of subterfuge and misinformation, even doing so to their own "allies". Constantly changing names and alias, it was a difficult subject to figure out what an alpha legionaries' real name is. So, it's entirely possible that Xyphas is just an alias that the Chaos lord of the Alpha Legion made up to prevent people from linking him to other Alpha Legion operations. The fact that the Alpha Legion has access to advanced genetic face-altering technology, which they use to great affect, helped in that matter. Keeping an even greater eye on him and the other Alpha Legion marines, Ahriman wondered if bringing them into the equation was wise, but reminded himself that the Alpha Legion's inclusion was part of his master's plan, no matter how much he found working with them to be the opposite of beneficial.

Truth be told, Ahriman didn't want any of the other legions involved, believing they'll just ruin everything, but alas, his master insisted on their inclusion for a variety of reasons. Abaddon would have figured out what was going on with Ahriman and sent forces to discern what was going on, forcing Tzeentch to include his legion into the plan to prevent him from wasting resources and time on a plan that would ultimately benefit him. That and the fact he can keep the other Chaos legions from finding out of Ahriman's absences, particularly the Word Bearers and Death Guard, if only for a brief amount of time.

The Iron Warriors were here because they needed their expertise in fortress building and siege warfare in case, they ever faced obstacles in their way. Plus, aside from providing heavy vehicle and weapons, to which they all desperately needed to overcome a deficiency while they were here, which was the inability of summoning Chaos demons to aid them in battle for a myriad of reasons, they provided the means to truly use their spoils, mainly the humans they've captured, to their full potential.

As for the Alpha Legion, it was obvious. They somehow figured out Tzeentch's plan and invited themselves into it, offering prized technology and intel in exchange for a share of the bounty of this operation. Because of them figuring out the plans of his master and the fact he had very little knowledge on them, Ahriman was especially wary of them. But was forced to work with them at the time being.

Once Ahriman had taken his seat, Neroth spoke.

"Well, now that everyone is here. Let us begin." Said Neroth, looking over at Volmas, who then spoke, speaking in a heavily mechanized and metallic voice.

"With the recent destruction of the Batarians slave camps at the Ostak system, we now have hundreds of subjects that can be transformed to Adeptus Astartes. Those that are left can either be used as slaves for our mortal servants or be used as fuel for my forges." Said Volmas. "And I suspect we'll receive dozens more in the Bahak system."

"Indeed." Said Xyphas, his tone neutral and calm. "The slave populace in that sector has received the first seeds of dissent and hope." The Chaos said the word hope with a hint of disdain in it. "Our operatives have placed viruses and scrap codes into the Batarian networks and security. When the time of revolt comes, the Batarians will suffer the true human power and we'll have thousands of human subjects for your forges, Iron Warrior."

"*Chuckles* Even the weak have a use for us." Said Neroth, his amusement evident. "Now, Ahriman have you anything to add to this conversation or shall we begin the process of claiming the young for our legions. I do have several interesting subjects in mind to break and mold into warriors of the Black Legion." Ahriman just shook his head and thus the real conversation began.

This was part of their reasoning for being here. His master had created an intricate and multi-layered plan that, if thing's go his way, will see him as the victor in the Chaos God's great game. Even if some things don't go as planned, Tzeentch has planned his strategy well and is, if Ahriman can assume, overconfident in his ultimate victory over his fellow Chaos gods. Part of that plan was increasing the size of several of the Chaos space marine legions. Even a single space marine was worth over a thousand regular human soldiers, even more so with particularly powerful and special space marines, so increasing the number of the space marines, even if by a handful, was good for the chaos legions. That was part of their reasoning for coming here. To create more Chaos marines without the fear of the Imperium coming and disrupting their work. Prior to coming over to this galaxy and the formation of the joint Warband, they pillaged and captured many viable humans from worlds in the Imperium to create into Chaos marines along with other materials needed to create space marines, giving them a stock of viable humans at the start of their coming to this galaxy. A stock, however, that was running out and was partly the reason they're creating dissident in the Batarian slave camps. To get more viable humans and to do so without drawing much attention to them due to the Batarians own incompetence and xenophobia. None of them actually believe the lesser races of this galaxy can take them on, even with their limited numbers, baring perhaps the Tau, but they rather not waste time with the humans and Xenos than they already have to.

Though some of their ranks, mainly from the Black Legion and Iron Warriors, saw the humans in this galaxy to be of inferior stock to those in their own. That peace and their cooperation with Xenos has made them soft and corrupted their genes. They wanted warriors and those that knew how to fight from the day they came out of the womb. Those that were more pragmatic, however, were fine with using the humans of this galaxy, no matter how soft they are. If they can kill Imperium loyalists, then they can join their ranks. Besides, if anything, they can be a good bullet sponge when worse comes to worse.

Others, however, saw them as unworthy of their legion. Not just because of their heritage and soft upbringing, but because of the fact they're using gene seeds of other Primarchs to create them into space marines.

To create a space marine, one needed the genetic material of a Primarch to create the necessary organs needed to ascend a mortal human male into essentially a demi-god. All Chaos legions had the know-how to create a space marine, but they've lost the ability to use the gene-seed of the Primarch of their own legion.

The reason because their Primarch has been killed, such as the case with Horus and Konrad Curze of the Night Lords, or have been ascended into a daemon prince, destroying their genetic material as a side effect. Even though there is an organ implant that can create viable gene seeds within every space marine, the Chaos legions' constant exposure to the warp had corrupted these gene seeds, rendering them non-viable for usage in the creation of new space marines. The only exception to this was the Alpha Legion due to their amount of time they spent out of the Eye of terror compared to the other legions.

As a result, in order for their legions to survive, Chaos legion warbands constantly raid and pillage gene-seed storage facilities that belong to their loyalist cousins and using them to create new Chaos marines. This caused some animosity between veteran Chaos marines and those that have been created through the gene-seed of a loyalist Primarch. The veterans see them as inferiors or a mere bug that is tolerated only because they are the only way for a Chaos legion to survive. This behavior is most prevalent in the Iron Warriors, who only begrudgingly tolerate those in their ranks created from loyalist gene seeds.

Ahriman's own legion, however, also hated this process as well. With the ascendancy of their Primarch to daemonhood and the turning of most of their brothers into Rubric marines, which caused the destruction of their gene seeds, and their time in the eye of terror, the Thousand sons have lost nearly all of their gene seeds stock with no means to create more from Magnus the Red's gene line. Not only did some, if not all, of their rank loathed to use the gene-seed from those Primarchs that stayed loyal to the Emperor of Mankind, they also have ways to resurrect their slain sorcerers through complex spells that only they knew. Even then, many prefer using those with psychic powers over those that lack the psychic gift. So, many of the Thousand Sons were disgusted that they were recruiting those that lack psychic powers into their fold. Fortunately for them, these non-psychics were then subjected to the Rubric after full implantations of all space marine implants and armor, the spell Ahriman used to cleanse the Thousand Sons legion from the Flesh Change. With no psychic powers, these subjected to the Rubric were turned into Rubric marines, something none but perhaps Ahriman cared for this. Still, no matter their disgust with this, the Thousand sons will do this because their patron God commanded them to.

Even with the need of humans and gene seeds solved, the recruitment rates were rather low for all the Chaos legions. This was because not only was there an age restriction when a human male can accept the implant organs to transform them into an Astartes, the Chaos Marines were brutal and wanted only the strongest and cruelest of individuals into their ranks. So, after breaking and removing any sort of morality in their candidates, they then had those they picked for their legions be subjected into a brutal training regime that ensured only the strongest survived and didn't permit morality or mercy to anyone. Those that showed these traits will then face the wrath of the chaos marines in charge of overseeing the training of the chosen. The human males from their galaxy were good stock for such brutality but the humans of this galaxy, however, weren't because of the good conditions of most human colonies, even the living conditions of humans living as slaves to the Batarians lived in conditions that the chaos marines saw as nothing compared to the conditions they want from their recruits, which is partly why many of the chaos marines saw them as inferior.

The regimes varied between the four legions as well as their standards. The Thousand sons wanted those with the psychic gift or, failing that, those with biotic powers, finding them intriguing, even if some of their ranks saw them as a cheap rip-off of psychic powers. The Iron Warriors wanted the most logical and emotionally dead individuals for their ranks. The Black Legion wanted the most brutal and displayed good martial prowess. And the Alpha Legion wanted the most pragmatic individuals for their ranks. Regardless of the legion, only one in a group of ten survives their regimes in order to become full-fledged Chaos marines, but that was sufficient for the legions as they have plenty of humans from this galaxy to use, even if many of them saw them as bad stock to use, and because of the technological prowess of the warpsmith Volmas, who created some sort of device to create even more marines for them from the humans they decried to be unworthy to even be slaves for them or too broken to be anything else but dead weight. No one aside from Volmas knew how it worked and the warpsmith refused to reveal his secrets, causing some to speculate that he was the Warsmith Honsou, who created a similar device.

In total, utilizing these two methods, all four legions have created hundreds, even thousands, of Chaos marines for their legions, even with the poor stock they have to use, those from this galaxy that became a chaos marine were twisted and corrupted version of their former selves, their personalities and beliefs rewritten to serve the chaos legions. Such numbers would give them much prestige from their legions when they return back from their mission, but Ahriman knew that this wasn't the only reason that they were here. Tzeentch had spoken to all four leaders of the warband, telling them of the objectives in this plan, their role in it, and how to obtain them all. If all are meet, then Tzeentch's ultimate plan to become the victor in the great game and to destroy the Imperium of Man and all other threats to him once and for all will be unavoidable.

As the four Chaos leaders spoke amongst each other, they knew that eventually the time to acquire the next of their objectives will come and they'll be ready to move in on it.