Arthur took the small child on a boat, he learned what it was called. When he got on, he saw his brother and they ran and hugged tight. Arthur looked at them confused but dismissed it. They two talked to each other in one of their native languages constantly. It never ceased to confuse the Brit who had no idea what they were saying most of the time. Slowly he picked up on some basic words just like the two boys picked up some English.

"Welcome to the United Kingdom lads." Arthur said when they landed, bringing them to his house.

The two children just stared at him and Arthur sighed.

"Où est mon papa?" (1) Canada asked.

"You must learn English and soon if you're going to stay here. I'll get you started right away." Arthur muttered to himself, ignoring the child's question.

"Ya finally home are ye Artie." A loud voice came from the upstairs.

"Yes, I am Allistor." Arthur called up the stairs.

There was a stomping and a bright red headed man came down the stairs. He was wearing a blue uniform with white sashes crossing his chest. He had bright green eyes.

"Is Wales home?" Arthur asked.

"Not at the moment, Dylan (Wales) is out at the market." Allistor said.

The two children just moved closer to each other as the two men talked. They didn't know what they were saying so they decided to just stick to each other.

"Who are these two?" Allistor asked as he finally noticed the two children.

"This is Canada." Arthur motioned to the purple eyed child. "And this is my new colony. I've heard him be called The British Colonies." Arthur said.

"Is that my name?" the child thought to himself.

"Don't they need actual names?" Allistor asked.

"I think I'll wait and let them pick like we did." Arthur said. "For the mean time they are The Colonies and Canada."

Allistor nodded. "Do they know English?"

"No, they don't." Arthur said.

"Well, they better learn soon then." Allistor said walking into another room.

"Yes, yes." Arthur turned to the boys and motioned for them to follow him.

Getting the gesture, the two followed him up the stairs and into a room with a bed and a dresser.

"Yours." Arthur said.

"Mien?" (2) Canada asked, pointing at the room and himself.

Arthur, knowing a small bit of French, nodded. Canada smiled and turned to The Colonies and dragged him into the room. Arthur nodded and left the two to it and left the room.

"So, you are Canada now?" Colonies asked.

"Yes. And apparently you're Colonies now." Canada replied. "Do you know where my papa, Francis, is? I haven't seen him in a very long time."

Colonies shook his head. The two continued talking until Arthur came back in with another red head following him.

"This is Dylan. He will be your English teacher. He has the most patience out of all of us to teach you." Arthur said.

"Mornin'." Dylan said with a smile on his face.

"You'll start tomorrow." Arthur said walking out.

For the next couple of months, the two slowly but surely learned English. The yellow long-haired man, who they learned was France or Francis, came over occasionally. He took Canada back with him to France much to Colonies dismay. Apparently, Arthur was just babysitting for him. Colonies wondered why Arthur had him for so long then, not that he minded, he missed his brother something fierce. That didn't stop the two children from paying with each other every chance they got.

Colonies could slowly feel his people dying out and their numbers dwindling. His skin slightly lightened because of all the white men coming into his land and his hair lightened to a slightly lighter shade of brown. He knew his people were dying and getting hurt but he couldn't do anything because he was a child. A child stuck across an ocean from his land.

Finally, thirteen years after Arthur had brought Colonies over to England, he was deemed ready to go back to the colonies in 1620. He was fluent in English, with a British accent. And he had grown a bit, now the size of a five or six-year-old. And today was the day he was picking his name. Canada had already picked his, deciding on Matthieu, or Matthew in English.

Colonies and Arthur were sitting in the main area of the house with Allistor and Dylan.

"Do you know your name?" Arthur asked.

"I would like to be called Alfred." Colonies said.

The three brothers thought it over before they all nodded in approval.

"You will be called Alfred Jones, Colonies." Dylan said, a glittering white light twirling around his fingers.

He touched Alfred's forehead. There was a flash and then it was over.

"What was that?" Alfred asked.

"It bound you to your country. Now that you have a name, your people can influence you and your land is connected to your body. You are The Colonies." Allistor explained.

Alfred nodded in understanding. Arthur grunted and stood up from his chair. "Well are you ready to go now that that's over with?"

"Yes." Alfred said, pointing to his bag by the door.

"Good." Arthur turned back to his brothers. "Write me if you need help or something comes up. I shall be back in the next couple of months."

His brothers nodded and Arthur and Alfred left the house to go board the Mayflower. The ship sailing to their new home.

1) Where's my papa?

2) Mine?

If I'm wrong blame google translate