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Chapter 4: No Cutting in Line

It has been a whole day since their meeting with Ziggy. After giving it some thought, Velvet finally decided to try out in competing in the cooking competition. Eleanor also decided to join in, since she is curious about the competition too. However…


Velvet sighed, frustrated from hearing Magilou's constant complaining.

The three of them were lining up for the participants' application for joining in the competition, and it can't be denied that the line is much longer than expected. But…

"Why are you even lining up?" Velvet asked, clearly annoyed by her troublesome companion, "You are not even interested in joining the competition."

"Well, it was either that or helping the boys earn some money at the market," Magilou said carelessly, "I needed an excuse to avoid unnecessary work."

"You really are the worst…" Eleanor said bitterly.

"I'm a witch, remember?" Magilou replied with a mischievous smile.

Velvet sighed again.

'Well, at least it almost our turn,' Velvet thought.

However, she noticed somebody with a hooded cloak walking past the line. The individual appeared to be a hunchback with a cane, and could have been mistaken for an old person if it weren't for how young her voice sounded.

At first, she didn't pay much attention to this person… until that person cut in line at the very end. The hooded individual immediately removed her hood and straightened her back, like it was nothing.

"What the-!?" Eleanor exclaimed.

"Hey! She cut!" shouted one of the chefs in line.

"Hi! I'm here for the-" started the line-cutter.

"It'll be 10 Gold to register," said the receptionist.

"Are you serious!?" Velvet complained loudly, "That woman obviously cut in line!"

The line-cutter looked back at Velvet nervously, but the receptionist just ignored Velvet's complaints (as well as the complaints of the other chefs shouting about the line-cutter).

"If I were you, I would hurry it up before a riot breaks out," added the receptionist.

"Oh! Right! Um… Here you go!" the line-cutter said as she handed the receptionist 10 golden coins.

"Alright, take this form and fill it out. Once you're done, hand it to the gentleman to my right," said the receptionist, as she handed the line-cutter her form.

"Is the old lady seriously going to ignore us?" Magilou grumbled.

"I heard that!" shouted the receptionist. She then looked at Velvet, shouting, "Next!"

On cue, Velvet walked over to the receptionist and paid her 10 Gold. It was fortunate that Ziggy gave her and her companions some of this world's money in exchange for their own supplies.

Velvet then got her form. She noticed that it asked for her name, her age, and her hometown. She doubted that these people would know she's from another world, but to be safe, she wrote down a fake hometown. However, the last thing to fill up was…

"Title?" Velvet muttered to herself, "What the heck does that even mean?"

"Allow me!"

Magilou then snatched the pen from Velvet's hand before writing down 'Lord of Calamity' in the latter's form.

"Hey!" shouted Velvet. Unfortunately, Magilou had already grabbed her form and handed it over to a knight working behind the desk before Velvet could get it back.

"You're welcome!" Magilou said with a giggle before running off.

'When I get my hands on her…!' thought Velvet furiously.

The knight then coughed to get Velvet's attention.

"Here is your registration number," the knight said as he handed her a wooden slip with a number engraved on it, "Don't lose it! If you do, tough bricks."

The knight then added, "And no, you can't change your title anymore."

"Thanks…" Velvet said with disdain, grabbing the wooden slip.

"Tomorrow, your orientation is at 6 am and the opening ceremony is at 4 pm," the knight said. If the knight noticed Velvet's attitude towards him, he certainly seemed to not care about it.

"Got it."

Velvet then waited for Eleanor to finish her form. Once she's done, the two of them headed to the inn to meet up with the others. Velvet also made sure to smack Magilou hard on the head.

"All's that is left is to wait for tomorrow, huh," Eizen inquired.

"Yeah. For now, I'll practice cooking at the Practice Kitchen," said Eleanor.

"Same here," said Velvet, "I need to figure out how to manage those Taste Gems while cooking."

"It's a good thing that Ziggy handed us a book on how to cook with Taste Gems," Laphicet added cheerfully.

"Yeah. But if anything, that only makes that guy even more suspicious," Velvet stated.

"He does act like he knows more than he is letting on," Rokuro admitted.

"Well, we can worry about him when we see him again," Magilou said with a shrug, "If he is joining the competition as he said, we'll probably fight him in a match or two."

"Eleanor! Everyone!"

Suddenly, someone called the group from behind them. To their surprise, the group saw Kamoana calling them. But it's not just Kamoana. Benwick, Dyle, Medissa, Grimoirh, the dogs Orthie & Russ, and even some of Eizen's crew were here too.

"Huh? What is everyone doing here?" Eleanor asked in complete confusion.

"Since the portal to Meirchio isn't that far from here, I thought it would be safer to have the group stay close to us, just in case the Abbey ever decides to attack Merichio while we were in this world," Eizen explained.

"You might have told us this ahead of time," Velvet asked while giving Eizen an irritated look.

"Sorry, it kind of slipped my mind," Eizen admitted half-heartedly.

"Well, since everyone is here…" Eleanor said, before lowering herself down to look at Kamoana face-to-face, "Hey, Kamoana, would you like to join us while Velvet and I cook?"

"Sure!" shouted Kamoana excitedly, "I would love to try out both of your cooking!"

"Then I'll tag along as well," Medissa said.

"Same here!" Dyle added.

"Me too, I'm really curious about this world and its crazy cooking magic," Benwick concurred. The other pirates nodded along.

"Then it is decided," Grimoirh said, also quite intrigued with the idea of Taste Gems too.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Rokuro said, "Let's head out to the Practice Kitchen!"

"Why are you excited?" Magilou asked, as she looked at Rokuro as if he was a kid at a candy store, "You aren't even joining the cooking competition."

"Isn't it obvious?" Rokuro said with a vicious smile, "It gives me a good excuse to fight some of the monsters there."

"I hope you weren't planning on having all the fun to yourself," Eizen said with a smirk.

"Want to see which of us can kill the most monsters?"

"You're on."

"Oh brother…." Eleanor said annoyingly.

All Velvet could do is place her hand on her head, feeling another headache coming because of those guys.

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