The last thing Harry expected to see was a dark shape falling out of the sky.

Just a moment ago, Dudley was just taunting him, sneering about Cedric and his sweat-filled nightmares, of reliving the graveyard, the deadly red light, the pale, snakish face, all over again, and Harry had pulled out his wand in anger because he was done… then the bite of frost and fear settled in the night.

For some reason, there were dementors around in the alleyway. Dementors, in Privet Drive, the most un-magical, Muggle street there was around, and Dudley had knocked his wand out of his hand in a blind panic, stumbling like an oaf drunk on five gallons of Butterbeer.

He had just grabbed his wand (thank Merlin it lit up when he desperately said Lumos) from the ground and was running towards the cold breeze that signified the presence of dementors when the dark shape fell out of the sky. They collided and Harry went tumbling to the ground, the mass on top of him.

There must have been another dementor floating above him. He desperately flailed around, trying to get away from the thing

Then he suddenly realized that the thing that was currently sitting on his poor head weighed a lot. From the way that dementors floated around weightlessly, the thing on top of him was either a very overweight dementor or some random person.

"What the Hades..." the dark mass groaned.

"Get off," Harry hissed. He could still feel the cold in the air… there must still be dementors nearby… and then suddenly Dudley's high-pitched shriek pierced the air. He could feel the person stiffen, before rolling off of him.

"What was that?" the person asked sharply.

Harry didn't bother responding, pushing his glasses back on his face. He ran towards the direction of the scream, wand out, mentally pleading please don't be kissed, pleased don't be kissed-

The stars in the sky suddenly fell into darkness and turning the corner of the street, he saw the dementor gliding closer to Dudley's pale face, spindly arms grasping the boy's face and bringing him closer to the face under the hood…

"Expecto Patronum!" Harry shouted, pointing his wand forward. The silver mist slowly dripped from the end of his wand, surrounding the dementor. The cloaked figure paused, its face turning towards him, but it wasn't enough-

Think of something happy... think of something happy-

The Gryffindor common room, with its brightly roaring fireplaces, and flashy colors of gold and red burst into his mind, with Hermione's bushy brown hair peeking out of her textbook, Ron's focused face on the chessboard in front of him-

"Expecto Patronum!"

The familiar stag soared out of his wand and landed smoothly on the dark pavement. Antlers lowered, it charged forwards, throwing the cloaked figure off of Dudley. An enormous amount of relief swept through him… until he felt another cold presence behind him. He swiftly turned around and felt the cold, cold skeletal hands of another dementor grab his face.

He stared at the cloaked figure and another wash of fear cascaded on him. He could feel the warmth of the Patronus behind him getting closer, but the hood of the dementor was lowering and the stag wasn't going to reach him in time… the hopeless terror was consuming him like when Cedric was thrown across the graveyard in a flash of red light…

A wave of defiance rose inside of him. He wasn't going to lose his soul like a coward, he was going to face the dementor as his parents did against Voldemort.

He raised his head stubbornly, and he could see the dementor hesitate-

Then the dementor burst into dust.

Immediately, the sky lightened up a few shades of purple, and the void that used to be the sky started to fill up with stars again. Harry stumbled to his feet, dusting off his clothes disorientedly. The silver stag behind him disappeared, but not before its silver light revealed a person standing right where the dementor used to be.

Trying to shake off the lingering coldness, Harry raised his wand again, and whispered "Lumos." His wand lit up with a faint yellow glow, and he directed it towards the dark shape.

"Who are you?" Harry said. He swallowed back his torrent of questions threatening to flood out because he was pretty sure that disintegrating a dementor was supposed to be impossible. He wasn't sure if he should be more impressed, or more scared of the figure in front of him.

The person raised his head, and Harry could more clearly see his ocean-green eyes in the faint glow. Even more startling was the glinting bronze blade clutched in his hand.

"Is that a sword?" Harry blurted out. "Why do you have a sword?"

"Why do you have a glowing stick?" the person in front of him retorted, gesturing with his sword. Harry backed up nervously, well out of the crazy-sword-swinging-person's range. "Stupid Arai," the person mumbled.

"Arai?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, that thing that you managed to chase off with your glowy deer-thing. I just don't understand… that thing should only exist in Tartarus. And they don't look like Arai. Seriously, what's up with those cloaks?"

"That was a dementor," Harry said slowly. "I don't know where you're coming from, but a dementor is a Dark creature that sucks a person's soul out." He stared at the person in front of him, who slowly extended his sword out, holding it in front of him protectively. He never heard about any wizard carrying around a sword before, except maybe Gryffindor's sword, but that was made centuries ago.

He was pretty sure Muggles didn't carry around swords either. Maybe one of Dudley's annoyingly rich friends had a sword collection, but those were in glass containers. He remembered how Dudley would always arrive home when he was younger, whining about how he never had any cool swords, while Harry was making dinner.

Ah, the good old days.

"Uh… why are you staring at me?" The person awkwardly broke the silence that seemed to settle around them. His fingers were twitching on the hilt of the blade as if they couldn't be bothered to remain still.

Harry shrugged. "You're not from Hogwarts, are you?"

"Hogwa- what?" The person in front of him frowned. "I don't like pigs. Or warts." He studied Harry curiously. "But... I mean, I think I know who you are. You have to be a half-blood, like me. Maybe with some sort of magic ability?"

"Have to be a half-blood? What does that even mean?" Harry said, a bit coolly. If he knew about blood-status, then he probably wasn't a Muggle… but who didn't know about Hogwarts? And why would any wizard carry around a sword instead of a wand?

"That wasn't meant to be an insult. I- um, don't even know how I got here." Harry watched him turn around to study the neatly trimmed hedges, the orderly flowers on the lawns, and the shivering lump named Dudley still on the ground.

"Who's that blob on the ground?" the person asked.

Harry faintly grinned. "My cousin. He's a bit more whale than human."

The person grinned back at him. Then he turned to study the surroundings again, his gaze sweeping across the neat houses and porches that looked like they had their own Aunt Petunias, obsessively focused on cleaning up everything. "I'm guessing this isn't New York City," the person dryly said. "Unless the apartments shrunk a couple of hundred feet and traffic somehow disappeared, which is impossible."

He raised an eyebrow towards Harry. "Where in the gods are we?"

"Privet Drive, Little Whinging," Harry said. He added, "near London," when the person looked even more confused.

Even from the dim glow from his wand, he could see the person pale. "Of course. Hera again." The words were muttered so quietly it was almost inaudible, but Harry still heard the bitterness, so deep that he could almost imagine sinking into the dark depths and never coming up from it again. Nervously, he raised his wand a little higher, shifting his stance.

The person didn't seem to notice and instead seemed to deflate with a sigh. He sheathed his sword, and Harry could almost swear that it shrunk into a small object that he calmly pocketed. Raising two hands as if he was trying to calm a rampaging dragon (which in reality, would most likely result in a flaming-wizard desert), the person smiled grimly.

"So…" he said wearily. "My name is Percy Jackson, and I think I'm very, very lost."

You guys are going to be for a ride, I promise you all. This has been a story that's been lingering in my head for a while now, and honestly, I'm quite excited to start getting everything out there. I will tell you now that this isn't going to have a typical storyline- I'm mashing these two worlds together, and when I mean mashing, I'm seriously mashing them together. My goal is to make the characters grow in the new plot that I've woven together and to make their journeys as unique and intricate as possible, and I honestly hope that you all will enjoy it.

I've created a massive outline since I know that in the past, my updating schedules have been quite wonky... which is why I've written five more chapters in advance just so I have some actual meat down. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a chapter to you guys every Friday. Each chapter should be around 5k words- except this one of course, which is more akin to an intro than a full-bodied chapter.

Comments, compliments, critiques- I'll take all the c's. Seriously though, I will be grateful for any sort of input that you as readers can give- I'll be trying to improve as a writer as well, and that works best with feedback, positive or analytic.

Best wishes to you all, and stay safe!