Disclaimer: This is set in a universe entitled Death Is So Red, and what follows is a canon-divergence fic, from the 55th Games and beyond. 74th Games won't happen - it's AU since the 55th Games, here on out.

PART 2: They That Are Told To Survive.

Jordyn. District 6.

The Games begin two months after the 55th ends.

There was a justification provided: as always. To remind the Districts that there is no reprieve from retribution for the First Rebellion's sins, it said. The 56th Games will commence immediately.

Jordyn's heart grips as the metal words scorch through the speakers. Even though everybody around her scoffs, and then they go on scraping porridge slop into their trays, the dread knots her throat together.

She ascends the metal steps, up into where her war room is. Her mind pounds wildly.

Their unilateral decree isn't so much that there was no Victor the last time. Or, at least: not truly. It isn't so much for retribution, either. They'd quite like to suppress all sorts of revolutionary sentiment; they'd quite like to push up a front, too, push up a threat. They've put the First Rebellion in there; as if they'd do that, they'd quell what was burgeoning.

Jordyn eyes the Games, again-once-again. Traces her fingers over the map conjured up, now; she hasn't asked how District 13 had acquired the Arena prototypes, yet, but she figures it's a question she'll be able to deal with later.

It's something special, this year: the soft-dusk sun, dousing the tranquil forests in amber as if they'd reflected the glow of the Capitol's gold coin. Flora and fauna prance across the earthly yolk, but they're soft, all soft as if noise would scatter the forests into ashes. Jordyn's stomach twists together, and her heart throbs in her throat, because if she forgets the yellow and the animals and the warmth it looks—it looks just the same.

There's a force field, still, cast over the Arena. She traces her fingers over and lets her breathing slow. It's shimmering invisibly, crackling intermittently, just like last year. And Jordyn wonders just where it can short.

A/N: This is a mini partial SYOT for the 56th Games! :) I call this a "partial" SYOT because the tributes from the 55th Hunger Games will be present, due to the overarching revolution throughout the Death Is So Red universe; however, They That Are Told To Survive will very much be about your tributes. It's also a mini SYOT, for around 5-6 spots, because I'm still inexperienced in juggling multiple storylines. :)

You don't need to read the previous fic (They That Are Broken By The Night) to know what's going on, but you can do so if you want to get a feel for my writing style + what this fic would eventually look like!

I'm looking for Career tributes! I'll be exploring the mindset of your Careers, in the format of They That Are Broken By The Night. However, please be aware that it isn't going to be your typical Games — as there will be no Victor, for a relatively specific reason. Also: this isn't the end of the tale for your tributes; because there's a subplot that's gonna go on. :)

This is not a first-come-first-served, as due to the nature of the fic, I'll be picking in-depth + nuanced Careers. Give me Careers that can grow. Give me Careers that hurt. Give me abnormal Careers; insane Careers; driven Careers; happy Careers. Give me neurodivergent Careers; queer Careers; diverse Careers; anything that I can develop! I'm looking for 5-6 Careers to study. :D

So, if you're interested, the submission info's on my profile — please PM me your tributes with the form provided! Additionally, if you guys are able to, please submit to Josephm611's open SYOT, Premonition, if you can — they're currently looking for tributes, and they also have absolutely amazing writing!

What did you guys think? First impressions? Anything about subplots? Speculations? :) Let me know!