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~ Endless Waltz ~

Once more
The music starts.

Couples glide onto the dance floor
With death.
The tune -
Grave and slow, at times
Lilting, almost playful
Clashing tones
It dies away, slowly, lingering.
The couples begin to drift apart,
Until there is no one left.

The room is empty.

And then
Once more
The music starts.
A sad, delicate melody.

Swirling gowns,
Shiny black shoes,
To the floor
There is a tension in the air,
Made of glittering sequined masks,
Yet so real.

The music continues, louder, more passionate.
They are stirred by the music.
Partners are switched
Vows are broken
Innocence is lost
One by one, the dancers drop to the floor, exhausted.
Those who are left feel only rage and
The music ends
As the remaining dancers tire at last
Fading into silence.

Once more the music starts.
The dancers begin to sway with the tune
With bright shining eyes.

But some are reluctant to continue.

They are weary.
They are aching.

Yet they cannot leave, while the music still plays...
They dance and they wonder
When it will all stop
Whether there will ever be an end.
For they are trapped:
They must all dance,
Forever dance
This endless waltz among the stars.

Inspired by Mariemaia's comments in Endless Waltz and just Endless Waltz in general. (I love that movie!! Well OVA, really, but still...)