It was a cloudy summer day in Hyrule. High in the mountains of Upland Zorana, Link, the Hylian Knights were fishing off of Toto Lake. Sitting in still waters as the clouds rolled by on a gentle warm breeze. The soft buzz of crickets and dragons flies flitting about as his line laid still in the water. The rolling waters down the creek filled the air with nature's music and the worries and woes of life seemed to quiet for a moment. Link felt at peace. The scent of freshwater and fish-filled his nose and he reclined back lazily minding his line.

That quiet moment snapped as the splashes of the water began to echo. His fishing line went taught and the pole jumped in his grip. Link excitedly jumped up and started to reel in his line, the creature on the other end heavy and fought against his line. As a glimmer of scales shone under the water and Link jumped up to see what he had caught. With a mighty loud cry or victory, he hauled out massive Freshwater bass.

"Nice catch!" The boat leaned to the left and Link stumbled over dropping his fish back into the waters. Prince Sidon had come up from the water and was holding onto the edge of the boat flashing a sharp smile. "I almost hooked myself onto your line just a moment ago chasing that sucker." The prince laughed heartily.

"And now neither of us have it," Link replied pointing to the waters as the fish swam away. He tried to feign a stern look but could not hold it for long and started to laugh alongside his dear friend.

"And what is his highness doing out here in a small lake?" Link asked playfully.

"It's a beautiful spot to spend a beautiful day, and now I have some beautiful company. How are you doing Link! It's been some time since you were around these parts." The prince beamed at the knight and climbed into the boat alongside him. Link smiled and greeted the prince warmly.

"I thought it would be nice to return here and pay you a visit, but I didn't want to show up empty-handed," he commented, getting a good look at his friend. After all this time Sidon had not changed. He was still his dashing, energetic self.

"I didn't realize you liked to fish, you realize this is my spot right?" Prince Sidon asked as he traced circles into the lake's surface.

"I didn't realize this was your spot," Link replied, catching Sidon's gaze and giving the prince a coy smile.

"Well, I have been known to share. It will be our spot today Haha!" The Prince chuckled again, but crossed his arms and held his chin briefly in thought. "You said you were coming to visit me? But why?" He asked, rather touched at the thought.

"Do I need a reason to visit an old friend?" Link asked, "I missed you."

"Awe, I'm sorry I made you drop the bass, it was a nice one. Hey! I know! Why don't I jump in and scare them all into a net? You got one right?" Prince Sidon asked as he leaned forward making the boat rock again. The link was ready this time and remained balanced. He looked through his bag until he found his net. He pulled it out and started to detangle it.

"Here let me help!" The prince leaned forward and helped untangle the net. It was ravelled around itself multiple times, and some of the weights had looped into knots.

"You sure you don't have another one? Perhaps a newer one?" Sidon asked as he gingerly loosened up a tangled anchor to reveal a small hole. Link shook his head.

"Well, it will have to do. Lookout towards the ruin there, I think that's it's a favourite spot. When you're ready." The Prince put his hand on the edge of the boat ready for Link's signal. Ahead of the boat was a large brick structure of a temple that had fallen so many years ago. The etchings of the sheikah still faded into the rock. Moments later, as they waited in silence the large bass made its return. Link watched it closely and positioned the net. He nodded to the prince signalling. Link watched Sidon quietly slip off the boat, barely making ripples in the water's surface. After stealthily gliding through the water he approached their catch. Stalking the massive fish until he was close enough. Link held the net steady, his hand twitches in anticipation just before Sidon rushes out from his hiding spot. The bass swam straight up out of the water and into the air to try and escape. Link tossed the net entangling the bass. It thrashed around as it fell back into the water, splashing and kicking spray up at Link. He managed to pull the fish into the boat. This time he set it down and entangled it further so it would not flop out.

The prince surfaced from the water to see Link with a smile.

"Did you get it?" Link nodded back with a proud grin.

"Wonderfully done! Do you want to go again?" The prince was rather energized from the experience. Link shook his head.

"This should be enough," Link said. He had gotten wet from the splash of the fish and stared at the prince with a cute pout as the water glistened off his tanned face. Sidon has gotten a bit lost in Link's eyes for a moment. Forgetting to reply to the Knights comments, before he needed to smooth his fins back in the water.

"My apologies, I was thinking about something, hehe. Perhaps one fish is enough? I must admit, I missed you as well. It would be nice to spend some quiet time together without a whole lot of trouble attached to it." The prince said as he swam back up to the boat, hanging off the edge still cool dark water. Link removed his wet tunic and used the dry parts to wipe the water off his face. He leaned on the side of the boat bringing his face close to Sidon's.

"That's what I was hoping for. I learned a new recipe and wanted to try making it for you," Link said, the pout had returned to a smile.

"I'm excited to try anything you make." The prince smiled warmly at the knight, gazing deeply into his eyes. He leaned a little closer causing the boat to tip more and Link lost his balance falling into the water with a loud splash, the fish escaping once again. The boat capsized, sending Link under the surface making Sidon's heart skip a beat. A flash memory of the battle against the Divine Beast Vas Ruta aching his chest. Link diving into the water as a shatter of ice splintered them both.

"LINK!" He shouted and dove under the surface and grabbed the knight from the water and tried to swim him to shore.

"Are you alright!?" He panicked but quickly blushed at his overreaction as Link waded in the water just fine on his own.

"Yeah, I'm ok. Lucky I wasn't wearing armour, hmm?" Link replied. Sidon still had him wrapped up in his arm protectively.

"Haha." Sidon laughed at a loss for words. Link grinned and untangled himself from the prince's grasp and swam back over to his boat.

"Uh yes! Ahem. Let me help you with that." The Prince insisted and they grabbed hold of the boat and brought it back to shore but the drag was too much and it was exhausting the knight.

"Can you help me flip it first, please? It will go faster." Link asked.

"Why don't you just grab me and I'll come back and get it. I don't want to see you sink. Here hold on." Sidon floated next to Link and offered his arm. When he took hold Sidon propped him up in his back and swam towards the water's edge. Links fingers gently gripping the fins of his shoulders making the Prince blush. Sidon wanted to dive under the surface to let the cold water cool him down but they reached the shire too quickly with his swim speed.

"Here jump-off I'll get the boat." He said shyly, trying not to look at Link. The strange ache in his chest fluttering about wildly. Link should have changed into his Zora tunic he had back onshore with his spear and shield but instead found himself watching Sidon as he gracefully cut through the water. The speed and strength at which he moved, Link watched in awe. He followed the traces of red when Sidon dipped below the surface and eagerly awaited when he surfaced again. Sidon reached the boat and held on to the side, pushing it back to shore.

"Thank you," Link said gratefully when Sidon had returned.

"Your welcome, but perhaps maybe I spoiled the hunt," Sidon said as he crawled out of the water a bit exhausted himself from all the zipping around.

"Perhaps I shall buy something for us at the market? Come on, I hear the armoured fish is good."

After a trip to the market for rice and fish. Prince Sidon led Link to his humble abode. A quaint little House down the river next to the Kings keep. Well guarded but private. Despite the wet grounds, Link was able to make a cooking pit. He was still eager to make the dish he had learned, aiming to impress the Prince with something new and exciting. Sidon grabbed Link his requested pot and cooking tools, all finely crafted suitable for a Royal home. He sat to the side seeing a look in the knight's eyes as he went off on a crafting journey. The prince was happy to sit patiently and watch, maybe wash a few dishes here or there. Link started to steam the rice. While the rice cooked he prepped the fish and seasoned it with rock salt and spicy pepper. He shelled a blue snail and mixed it in with the fish and a wild carrot then roasted the mix in goat butter. The scent wafted throughout the area creating a warm and pleasant aroma and the prince could feel his stomach rumble. The odd guard or passer-by peaked curiously to see what was happening but did not intrude. Once the rice and fish were cooked Link plated them and presented the dish to Sidon.

"I hope you enjoy it!" He said, swaying a little.

"Link this smells fantastic! I know the perfect thing to go with it!" The Prince announced and went over to the cupboard and took out a dark blue bottle. "This Zora elixir crafted Starshine. Goes well with fish." He smiled and poured them both a small shot glass with their water. Link watched as Sidon poured the shimmering blue liquid out for each of them, brimming with curiosity.

The prince dug in as soon as they both sat, eager to try whatever Link would have made. Though his taste buds soared as the creamy spice took hold of his senses.

"Oh my! I absolutely love it! What is that salty creamy taste? I have never tried that before!" Sidon asked inching his chair closer to Link.

"Goat butter from the Rito Village, I thought you'd enjoy it!" Link said proudly. He leaned in closer and rested his face in his hand watching as the Prince enjoyed the food.

"Rito Village!? My sister spoke of that place. I sadly have never been there myself. Most Zora doesn't explore that far beyond our waters." Sidon held his fork on his mouth after the next bite. Savouring the most tender part of the fish as he investigated Link's face. The knight's eyes always glanced over at him, making Sidon turn away before he was caught staring.

"There is more if you'd like," he added and started to tuck into the meal to himself.

"Tell me a story about Rito village… and my sister. Do… do you remember any?" The Prince asked rather abruptly. Link thought for a moment before speaking.

"I have stories about both but sadly none together. The Rito village is high up and can get very cold. Mipha wasn't a fan of the cold so she never really ventured that way with me and when she did she only made it to the Tabantha stables. She preferred staying in temperate climates, much like you," he replied.

"Well, that makes sense. I always wanted to go out on grand adventures, but I feel like all the good ones you already went on." Sidon said with a sigh. "Well, perhaps I will make it to the top of Rito village and meet with the elder myself. Would be pretty wild seeing a Zora up that high. Almost as crazy as it once was seeing a Hylian here. I remember the first time I saw you, you were wearing this scrappy suit of armour with a hood, remember. I thought you could have been one of those Yiga clan fanatics or worse, some common farmer. Imagine a farmer taking on the great divine beast Ruta! Haha!" Sidon said as his face brightened, recalling the memory. Link laughed, Sidon was always so colourful.

"Yes, I remember how quiet you were as I recruited you to the cause. It was as if you already were going to help me, but you let me talk. In the end, the goddess answered our prayers and brought the champion to our door at just the right time. I'm so glad to have you back, Link, and now I get to be thankful for your suburb cooking as well!" The prince rejoiced as he raised his glass to the Hero. "To you! Link! The hero of Time." With a clank of glass on the table and a quick shot back into his mouth. The prince downed his drink with a hoot and slammed the glass upside down on the table. Link joined Sidon in the drink but was unable to finish it in one breath. He put the glass back on the table, still half full.

"You always have so much energy. Much more than Mipha, that's for sure." Link wiped the drink from his lips with his sleeve, "I can hardly keep up, but I think that's why I enjoy your company so much." Link took his time to finish the rest of his drink and enjoy his food.

"Some Zora thinks I talk too much, but I think what I like about you is that even if it was quiet between us. I would still enjoy being with you." Sidon added and smiled over at Link. The two of them quickly turn back to their food to eat in blissful silence for a bit. After filling their bellies, the Prince went over to cough as Link put the dishes on the sink. The Prince flopped down on a shay lounge made from a giant clam next to an interior waterfall. The soothing splash of water over his skin helped the Zora replenish his stamina after the long day.

"Link! Please don't bother with those and come sit with me." The prince beamed and motioned him over. Link left the dishes and sat down next to Sidon. The shay felt incredibly soft and Link sank into it closer to where the most weight was, which happened to be practically sitting on Sidon's lap. The prince tensed a bit but after a few moments, but the knight did not move and Sidon was happy.

"I never realized how warm Hylians are," Sidon said and nudged his leg against Link. Sidon shifted to face Link a bit more and held out one of his hands to him. "May I?" He asked. Link sat quietly as the Prince took his hands and held them tightly, that vivid warmth tingling his cold-blooded skin. "It must be nice being a Hylian. There are so many privileges and things I will never get to experience." The prince said, trying his best not to sound sad. The prince still had hold of Link's hands. Link laced his fingers between Sidon's. His eyes met the Prince's sad gaze.

"Why not? You could travel with me at…" Link trailed off.

"Do you really think I could?" The Prince asked and met Link's gaze. His big blue hues held all the hope and wonder of adventure. Sidon leaned in closer to get lost in them. Link nodded excitedly.

"As long as you aren't needed here. I'd love to have you travel with me!" He gripped Sidon's hands tighter, his mind raced thinking of all the places he could show the Prince. All the adventures they could have together. Sidon gnawed his bottom lip lightly as he thought deeply on it.

"I never knew it to be an option for me. To be so free, but would my father even give me permission? I'm old enough to make decisions for myself, by the goddess I took on the Divine Beast, slew Octogon's and more! Ha! I am a champion of my own people! I could champion the world!" The prince beamed in excitement at the idea. Link taken aback a bit as Sidon got very loud, he tugged his hands gently to keep him steady.

"Let us go tomorrow!" The prince lifted Link's hands to his chest, letting his fingers slip free to press his warm palms onto his skin. Link nodded in agreement letting his fingers linger on his pectorals. Link's lips were incredibly close to Sidon's now, and Sidon drew back shyly.

"That's settled then," Link beamed and pulled Sidon into a one-armed hug, with a laugh. Before Sidon could escape Link pulled out his Sheikah Slate and pulled up an image.

"That's the peak of mount La…" Sidon almost shouted but Link shushed him and started shuffling through the images showing a small frame by frame animation. Link watched Sidon's face light up with every photo he showed the prince and handed him the Sheikah Slate to get a better look.

"Oh, my goddess! Where is, this? Is that a volcano? Link where are we going to go first? I couldn't possibly pick!" The Prince rejoiced. His large frame wrapping around the knight as they cuddled up on the couch.

Link could feel Sidon squirm with excitement and he chuckled softly. Sidon leaned back into the lounge and pulled Link along with him. The two of them laid down next to each other huddled over the screen.

"Would you like to see a volcano? If that's the case I know exactly where we should go." He leaned his head on the Prince's shoulder.

"Oh yes! I hear if you slather your skin with fire elixir you can withstand the heat, I don't know how well it will work but I'm willing to give it a shot. If it gets too hot, I'll let you know." Sidon said and looked down at Link who smiled at him. The prince grinned back and snuggled him closer. "I'm so excited I don't know if I can sleep now." Link tried to settle Sidon down.

"You need to sleep. It's going to be a long trip and you'll need your energy." Link snuggled his head into Sidon and yawned. Sidon ran his fingers through Link's blonde hair, twirling the curls around his finger as he locked eyes with the knight.

"What if I want to stay up… with you?" He asked and tucked the hair behind his pointed ear. Link's cheeks went pink, the prince making him flustered with his gentle touch. Only the sound of moving water could be heard as Link stared into Sidon's brilliant yellow orbs. He bit his lip, pondering.

"What's on your mind?" Sidon asked and leaned In closer, his lips hovering closer to Link's, but he tilted away to kiss his cheek gently.

"We've been dancing around each other all day, so I have to ask." The Prince boldly said even ask his white and crimson skin turned pink. Link shook his head and then took Sidon's hand and pulled him downwards, kissing the prince on the lips. The prince kissed the knight passionately, their legs entangling around each other as Sidon laid Link under him. The prince wanted to return Link's desperate kiss but restrained his excitement. Simply happy to finally feel those warm lips on his own. they laid so close that Sidon was drenched in his warmth as it made his heart flutter. Link made his heart flutter, like the smotherwing butterfly on a summer's breeze. Link's lips tingled as they parted from Sidon's. He felt the rise and fall of the prince's chest under his hand. Link sighed a hot breath of content. His body felt light and airy, even with the weight of Sidon pressing against him.

"We should get some rest, but I would like… to be more affectionate with you openly." Prince Sidon said and gave Link a kiss on his nose. Link scrunched his face cutely as Sidon pressed the crowned jewels of the Zora against Link's forehead. "Let me show you to your room for the night. I heard the inn keep mentioning how well you slept on the water bed. I happen to have one myself." The prince got up and guided Link onto his feet. Whisking him away to the main bedroom where the lavish waterbed glowed under the soft natural lights. "I'll be in the guest suite tonight, enjoy your sleep, my hero." Prince Sidon said and left Link in his bedroom to marvel at his personal belongings. A beautiful guitar sitting in the corner made of various fish bones as well as ceremonial armour draped on a mannequin. Link crawled into bed and looked around the room, curiously. The high energy of the day finally collapsed on him and he closed his eyes, nodding off to sleep. All the watching how the moonlight glittered off the silver shining the colours of the northern lights against the tiled walls. The knight's final thoughts adrift about how much fun he and Sidon will have in the lands of Hyrule.