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Story Starts Here:

A blaring alarm rings out through a supply depot in the early hours of dawn. Meandering through the various isles of the large warehouse, Naruto exits from the timbre section with nothing but empty racks and shelves left in his wake.

On one of his palms, a web of seals vanishes to reveal nothing but clear skin. Once he reaches the end of the expansive facility, he turns around and marvels at his handiwork. For before him, multiple isles, walls, gondolas, and shelves lay barren of any useful supplies.

The faint wail of sirens encroaching on the warehouse brings him to look out through one of the windows. "Tsk. Pointless." Naruto muses aloud as he flickers away from the facility in a burst of speed. Only a current of whirling air remains in his wake.

A few minutes past sunrise, Naruto reappears within a grassy forest clearing. An accompanying gust of air buffets the surrounding vegetation. A myriad of crates, shipping containers, and other collected debris litter the landscape in the field.

Beside him, one of his duplicates actively converts and amasses chakra from a collection of emerald-hued Dust crystals.

"Any luck?" He inquires the clone. It merely shakes its head. "It's better. But, not by much." The duplicate states with a grunt.

It then gestures the original forward with its chin. "Come here. Might as well get a dose." Kneeling beside the doppelganger, naruto places his hand onto an offshoot of the circular seal array.

Instantly, it ignites and drives the raw converted chakra into his awaiting palm. With a sigh, Naruto's shoulders ease as his Tenketsu swell in the presence of the energy. "Good?" The clone prods with a slight smirk.

"Oh, you've got no idea." Naruto groans out through a slight grin. "Damn." He intones as the chakra is quickly assimilated and absorbed into his nearly barren coils.

Just as quickly as the sensation came about, it vanishes. The blonde reopens his eyes and sighs. He gazes down and pensively gauges and prods at a seal matrix around his naval.

"I suppose a drop in the bucket is better than nothing," Naruto grumbles aloud as a slight smirk crinkles the clone's cheek."It'll add up with time."

It then places unseals and places another arrangement of Dust crystals atop of the seal matrix. Then with a pulse, a barrier of holographic seals form around the collection of gems.

The blonde blinks and observes as the gems fracture and burst. Hundreds of vivid fractals promptly dissolve into Dust, then Aura, and finally a minute amount of chakra.

Naruto grunts once more while another potent stream of artificial chakra surges into his pathway system. "Shit." Once the light fades, Naruto directs his gaze to his doppelganger."You. Hm. You figured it out?"

He is met with a half-hearted shrug. "Partially. We can contain it, but we're still only converting about a quarter of it."

Naruto gives a slight nod at the additional information. "You think there's a way to improve it?" The duplicate unseals another set of crystals and places them down onto the roll of parchment.

It then gestures to portions of the seal's matrix on the scroll. "Maybe. We might be able to get a third out of the stuff. But, I doubt we'll be able to do much more than that."

"In other words, we'll just have to get more." Naruto muses as he lifts a Dust crystal from the pile. After a few moments of inspecting the gem, he tosses it back onto the pile and hands another scroll to his subordinate.

"Dust?" He merely nods and rises to his feet and then motions back to the scroll. "Yea. Just some fuel cells and batteries I found. See if you can squeeze out ant chakra from them."

The clone dutifully nods. Yet, it looks up to its master with a pensive gaze as Naruto steps over to one of the large shipping containers. In the early mornings light, the clone catches the glint of an anvil and a few other tools hidden within the shadows of its large steel doors.

From within a modest sized Police Warehouse, isles upon isles of large and slideable cabinets line up across its interior. A non-descript officer wonders past the numbered lockers.

Her feet promptly come to a stop before locker number D17. The brunette pulls out a slip of paper and looks at the inscription written within it. With a nod, she crumples the sheet back into her pocket and begins to heft a sliding shelf away from the others.

Entering the newly formed corridor, the female wanders past shelves of blue containers. After a few moments, she comes to a stop before a section of new containers swathed with numerous labels inscribed with a case number and a single name. Naruto.

The officer grits her teeth and snarls. With a shake of her head, she begins to rifle through the assortment of crates. In a matter of minutes, she pauses before a particularly lengthy blue crate.

Reaching in, a fresh set of tears track down the sides of her cheeks. With a shaky hand, her bland appearance shimmers and dissolves away to reveal heterochromatic eyes and strands of pink and chocolate hair drooping from her police cap.

Neo retrieves a bagged cane and bowler hat. An inaudible whimper escapes her lips as she shakily embraces the objects to her chest.

Yet, her eyes shift over to the name emblazoned on the crate. Naruto. Her eyes narrow and once more as a snarl forms across her lips.

On the northern coast of Patch, a pair of girls and their father exit from within a cab. In exiting the vehicle, Yang stretches out the kinks in her arms. A groan escapes her as a pop reverberates from her back.

"Oh, that's so much better." Yang murmurs out to herself. Ruby merely rolls her eyes and scoots out from behind her. With a nudge, she gets the blonde's attention and motions for her to follow.

"Common, we've gotta go." Together, the teens open and retrieve a few pieces of luggage and their respective backpacks from the back of the car's trunk.

"Thanks for the lift," Tai remarks with a smile while he hands the man a few cards of Lien. One of his hands rises to readjust a scarf encircling his neck. The ruffling the fabric partially reveals an appalling yellow and violet handprint blemishes the skin around his throat.

"Ah, thanks. You lot have yourselves a good day now." The driver remarks with a slight wave. At closing the trunk's door, the cabbie drives off to a woman, not that much further down the sidewalk.

"Well, you two have everything?" Tai inquires as he observes the pair heft on their respective packs. "Yep," Yang remarks while she runs her hand through blonde locks. "You ready, Rube?"

Said teen quietly nods and shifts her gaze over to their father or, more specifically, the fabric encircles his collar. Her father forces a strained smile and wraps an arm around the brunette. "Oh, cheer up, sweetie. It's your first day."

He releases a small sigh at the lack of response as Yang nibbles on her bottom lip at the exchange.

"Hm. Hey, Rube. You why don't we go check out the airship?" At that, a slight glimmer sheens the petite teen's eyes. "I, um. Okay." Tai offers his eldest daughter a grateful smile and gestures them forward.

"Well. You heard her, Yang. Let's go and see what they've got lined up at the gate."

"Alright. Forward!" She states bombastically with an exaggerated point towards the airport's main entrance. At that, she begins marching her way ahead.

Together, they venture to the stainless steel and glass airport. Up above the designated entrance, large blue letters spell out Athaid City Airport.

As the minutes drew on by, the group gradually make it past the security line.

They succinctly walk into the small lobby filled with seating and the occasional restaurant and bathroom. Down off to either side, a hallway that stretches a few hundred meters.

Dotting either wing and the lobby, are a total of ten gates with their designated seating areas. "Oh!" Ruby gasps as she darts over to the far end and nearly plasters herself against the window. "Ooh. Ooh. Ooh! Guys, look!"

Tai chuckles as a sizeable amount of tension evaporates off his shoulders.

All the while, a sizeable craft hovers down and lands upon its assigned pad. "We see it, sweetie." He remarks as Yang sidles up beside him and squeezes his hand.

"See, she's getting better already." Yang remarks in a hushed tone. "I sure hope so." Her father responds as his daughter takes a moment to inspect his neck.

The gaze brings him to readjust the scarf once more. Yet, she swats his hand away and fixes it for him. "Quit messing with it. Beside's, it'll be gone before you know it. Hm, and so to will her mood. Alright."

A slight frown form's over Tai's expression while he crosses his arms. After a few moments of silence, of the pair observing the petite brunette, Tai makes to speak. "How. Hm. How are you okay with this?" He states with a thumb pointing back to his neck.

Yang glances back up to him with a mask of a placid smile and a slight waver to her eyes. "I'm not. I've just gotta accept it, you know. " She states as she separates from him and offers a crooked smile. With that, she begins to make her way over to Ruby.

Coming up beside her sibling, the two girls watch as a boarding ramp extends out and connects itself to the airship's side. After a few moments, Yang nudges Ruby and gestures over to their designated gate. "Common, let's get our seats."

Nearing gate five, the family intermingles with a crowd comprised of students and parents lounge around the waiting area.

As they maneuver through the rows of chairs, Yang raises a brow to a group forming in front of a large wall-mounted scroll. "Hm. You think somethings up?" She inquires up to her father.

He narrows his eyes at the screen and walks up to the people surrounding it. Yang gestures for Ruby to follow suit and walk up beside their father.

"This just in, you are looking at the aftermath of another apparent dust heist. From our preliminary reports, it seems that, once again, the criminal, designated as Naruto, appears to be the perpetrator."

A few murmurs reverberate through the crowd. "Again?" Someone in the group remarks. Tai's hand tightens into a fist as Yang narrows her eyes. "You'd think they'd take care of the bastard by now." A girl, off to the side, exclaims with a snarl. Tai looks away from the footage of officers milling about the crime scene and down to Ruby.

He takes note of the slight quiver wracking her petite frame and takes hold of her hand. Gently, Tai draws Ruby off to the side and motions to a small bakery kiosk positioned off to the side.

"Hey. Uh. How about we get a snack or something while we wait. What do ya say?"

Stooping below a piece of yellow caution tape, Qrow casually hobbles across the pavement toward the depot parking lot. Within a few paces, the tall ravenette came up to a few officers discussing amongst themselves.

One lifts their head and gestures to the others of his group. Off to the side, a graying Captain puts away his scroll. "Qrow, I'd like to say it's good to see you again, but-."

The Huntsman waves him off and motions to the building ahead of him with his chin. "So, what's with the depot? He's after wood now?"

The Captain removes his hat and runs his fingers through his disheveled hair. "The hell if I know. The bastard fuckin tore up the entire town. For light's sake, he hit the docks just last week." He exclaims as he raises his arms into the air.

The Captain's gruff remark only served to narrow Qrow's eyes. "But, this isn't a Dust depot?" A younger officer off to the side chimes in. "Might as well be, all of the tools use Dust cells."

"Hm. is that all he took?" The older man merely shakes his head. "Nope, he's cleaned out the entire store with that accursed semblance of his. Though, it makes ya wonder what he's after, doesn't it?"

After a few contemplative moments, Qrow retrieves a little notebook and pencil from his pocket. "Or simply an opportunist." He remarks offhandedly while he deftly scribbles.

"Well, whatever the fuck he's doin, he's got all of Athaid up my ass. One way or another. T-This has to end." The elderly man growls out. He shakily retrieves a small cigarette to his lips and lights it with a Dust infused lighter in his off-hand.

Amid the man taking a hearty drag from his cigarette, Qrow scribbles a few brief notes into the pad before bringing the instrument to his mouth. His lips deftly snag it from his fingers and wield it similarly to his smoking companion.

"Hm. Hey, Cap. You've got any footage of the kid?" The officer taps his chin for a moment, before retrieving his scroll and digging through its stash of files.

"Uh, well, we've got plenty of footage. The brats bold, I'll give him that. Hm. Or he just doesn't give a damn." He remarks while he scans through the footage with a swipe of a finger.

Landing on the last batch of videos, he tilts it over so that Qrow could get a better look. The ravenette sidles up beside the man and tilts forward.

In the device's screen, the pair watch as Naruto turns away from observing his work and look out the window. He appears to scoff, and vanish in a blur of speed.

"Hm. You've got any angles from outside?" He prods the Captain. "Uh, yes. It's somewhere around here." The Captain muses to himself.

"Oh, here it is." Sifting through the footage, Qrow stops him on a particular shot. "There, can you go frame by frame?"

"Sure." The Cap mutters as he goes from one photo to another. Within the set of frames, a blur of movement could be seen darting southeast. The Huntsman nods to himself and jots down once more into his little booklet.

On the page is a rough sketch of Patch's northernmost port city of Athaid. A number of markers and arrows litter the worn page.

With a few swipes of his pencil, he jots down another dot and arrow.

When all of the marks are perceived together, they trend towards Patch's southernmost woodland. He nods to himself and puts away the booklet.

"Thanks, Cap. With any luck, he won't be an issue for much longer." The tension in the shoulders of the surrounding officers seemed to evaporate at his words.

The Captain nods and places a hand onto the Huntsman's shoulder. "Oh, I pray to light that your right. Patch needs that Grimm of a man dealt with. For light's sake, the mayor's alrighty considering shutting down the dust imports until this is resolved."

"If I have a say in the matter, that won't happen." The old Captain takes one last drag from his cigarette as he snuffs it against his boot. "I sure hope that you do. I just. I really do. If it goes that far-." The grizzled man trails off.

Qrow nods in understanding and moves off with a final wave to the gathered officers. Nearing a motorcycle on the far side of the lot, he retrieves a scroll from his jacket pocket.

As he inputs a contact number, he places the device up to his ear. "Yea, it's me. I think I've gotten a bead on his location. Hm. If I'm right. He's just south of the city." After listening to the other voice for a few more seconds, he grunts and shuts off the device.

Placing a key into the vehicle's ignition, he takes a seat. Retrieving his helmet from a clip on his bike, he secures it to his head. With a rev of the motorcycle's engine, he tears out of the parking lot and onto the open road.

Yet, just as he leaves, the sound of another engine resounds throughout the lot. However, there was nothing else enhabiting said space except for the slight shimmer in the air.

"Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin boarding for Sanus Airlines, flight three to Beacon. I repeat. We are-." The announcer proceeds on as Yang lifts a backpack onto her shoulder and snatches her suitcase's handle.

"You ready, Rube?" Yang questions as she motions for the three of them to head out. "Uh. I think so." She remarks while she nibbles on her bottom lip.

Her eyes dart back over to their father in the midst of righting himself up from his seat. "Alrighty. Let's get to it then." He states while wrapping an arm around Ruby's shoulder. "Come on, sweetie."

After a brief stretch of hesitation, the teen allows their father to guide them toward the boarding ramp. "Yang. You've got the tickets, right?"

The girl blinks. "Um..." She trails off with a dry chuckle. The color drains from Tai's face at her hesitation.

"Oh. N-No. No. No." He stutters out as he rifles through the assorted bags. "They have to be here somewhere?" He exclaims with a panicked fervor. Yet, his frantic search pauses in the midst of a giggle sounding off just behind him.

It was at that moment that Tai sighs and rights himself back up. "You know, the more you fall for that. The funnier it gets." Yang exclaims through a bout of snickers.

A slight snicker manages to escape from Rwby's hand covered lips. Yang smirks with her hand, absentmindedly fans her face with their tickets. "Right, Rube?" At her question, Ruby merely rolls her eyes and looks on to her sibling in a deadpan expression.

"Uh, huh. Sure it does." The brunette mutters and takes hold of Yang's arm. With a light tug, she pulls them toward their father. "Oh come on, it totally was." The elder of the two exclaims while they approach Tai.

The two merely share a collective sigh at Yang's expense as Ruby initiates a group hug. A pout blossoms onto the teen's cheeks as she looks away from the pair. Yet, the blonde could do little but give in to the group embrace.

After a few blissful moments, Tai clears his throat. "You two be careful over there, alright? The schools no pushover." Yang tightens her hold, momentarily on her father, before breaking away.

"You've got nothing to worry about Pops; we'll handle whatever they throw at us. Right, Rube?" Despite the passionate remark, Ruby holds her gaze on to her father with wavering eyes.

"You'll be okay, right? You know. H-Here?" She tentatively questions. "With. H-Him?" She gestures with her nose over to the wall-mounted scroll. Its large screen displays another anchor commentating over a live feed of officers combing through the empty aisles of the ransacked depot.

"Yea, I'll be fine, sweetie. I'm not one to look for trouble. Alright." For a brief moment, Ruby held their gaze before burying her head into his chest. A muffled sniffle escapes past his button-up as he marginally tightens his hold on her. "Promise, you'll be okay."

After a moment, he separates himself from the youth leans down to kiss her temple. "I promise, sweetie." He then proclaims in a hushed tone and motions for Yang to take her over to their designated gate.

Together, they head off toward the gate attendant and proceed to get into line. Just after handing the attendant their tickets does Tai see each of his girls give him a final wave. "Bye, Pops!" Yang shouts over the crowd.

An action that he enthusiastically reciprocates. "Bye! Oh, don't forget to give the initiation your all!" He exclaims over the commotion of the surrounding crowd.

"We will!" Yang yells out from the mouth of the boarding bridge. Not a second later, did the pair slip past into the enclosed walkway.

At their departure, Tai's shoulders fall a degree. "Hm. And there they go." He mutters forlornly under his breath.

Stepping off of his bike, Qrow extends out the vehicles kickstand. Just as he sets his helmet down, the man allows himself a moment to analyze the wooded environment around him.

"Hm." He muses to himself while he begins to step through the mossy woodlands. "He can't make this easy, can he." The Huntsman mutters to himself.

His right hand nonchalantly rests against the hilt of his retracted blade secured within the sheath on his lower back. With one final breath, he increases his pace and heads off southeast.

He clambers over another fallen tree and through the dense overgrowth for hours on end. He gradually stills himself before an open clearing. From his vantage point, a figure's hazy silhouette could be spotted amongst various objects strewn about.

"Is that a shipping container?" He inaudibly muses to himself. After a few moments of hesitation, Qrow presses forward through the treeline.

"You know." A foreign voice calls out from the clearing as the Huntsman freezes in his tracks. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever make it here."

Qrow narrows his eyes and tightens his grip onto his blade's handle in response. "So. You knew I was coming?" He remarks to the back of the blonde as he seemingly worked on a large unfurled scroll.

A snort escapes Naruto, all the while he seals away the large roll of parchment.

"It's hard not to when you ramble through the woods with the care of a green Genin." A frown gradually mars Qrow's lips at the unfamiliar word.

"Well, whatever. You've made yourself into a wanted man in the eyes of Vale and her territories."

With a swift pull of his blade, it shifts out and clicks into place to form a broad and large single-edged sword. From the weapons handle, the barrel of a gun traverses halfway down the blades base segment. "Now, are you goin to come in peacefully?"

Naruto raises a brow at the question. Just as the blonde makes to grin, he whips out his hand and catches a shimmering blur piercing through the air. The maneuver seemingly shatters the atmosphere into multiple dissolving shards.

The sharp sound of fragmenting glass fills the atmosphere as Neo's form materializes before them. "The hell?" Qrow murmurs out. The girl's multi-colored eyes widen while her extended arm is arrested in place by Naruto's hold on her umbrella. Its hidden blade is harmlessly held just inches from his face.

"And there goes the peace." The blond states with a predatory smirk dimpling his scarred cheek. Just as he whips his free hand to the side, a kunai manifests into his grip.

Yet, before Naruto could bring it up to bear, Neo reveals a cane in her off-hand and directs the tip toward his head. With the click of a trigger pull, a crimson flare launches forth from the rod and detonates on contact.

From the flash and turbulent smoke, Naruto skids back with narrowed eyes. "Hm." A faint matrix of seals coat Naruto's arm from within his singed clothes and subsequently fades away.

"Fuckin hell." In the midst of the chaos, the Huntsman leaps back and draws his collapsed sword. Its segmented blades quickly extend out and click into place. Qrow then directs an astonished gaze toward the new arrival. "The hell do you think you're-." He commences to say but is forced to evade an incoming kunai.

Just as the knife zips past his cheek, a nearly imperceptible blade of air gouges through his Aura and lacerates his cheek. "Gyah!" Qrow exclaims while stumbling back and clutching the bloody gash disfiguring the right side of his face.

Before he could reassess the situation, he is forced to dive to the side of whizzing kunai. "Shit." Roling to his feet, Qrow charges forth while he brandishes his sword. Naruto nonchalantly evades the swipe and deflects the sectioned broad sword with another kunai. "Direct strikes will only take you so far, genin." Naruto remarks as he kicks the man back.

Rolling past the offending limb, Qrow rotates and shifts his sword into a curved scythe. Backstepping away from the strike, Naruto's ear twitches.

He turns in response and observes as the multi-colored teen leaps at him with another thrust of her parasol.

Despite the incoming threat, Naruto's ears twitch once more as he disregards the woman. With a swift kick, he swipes through an empty patch of air.

At full extension, his foot shatters through another illusion and folds the petite girl around his limb. Both spittle and air burst forth from her mouth as she launches back from the impact and rolls across the grassy turf. Naruto snarls at the girl as she comes to a rolling stop. "You'd be best to learn that Genjustsu only works on the weak."

Neo reels from the impact while her surrounding Aura shimmers out. In the midst of shakily lifting herself from the ground, she flinches when a sharp clink of metal sounds out before her.

She blinks and spots the tip of a kunai a mere few inches from piercing her skull. Only the steel of Qrow's scythe inhibited it from doing so. He quickly diverts it to deflect another incoming projectile aimed for his torso.

"Get your ass up. I can't put him down and watch you." With that said, Qrow rushes forward. Through grit teeth, Neo lifts herself and retrieves her parasol. Succeeding after him, they advance the Nin in unison.

Simultaneously, Qrow veers left and targets Naruto's upper right torso while his companion directs a thrust to his left thigh. Naruto deflects and backpedals away.

Amid the assault, the whiskered teen lunges forth. Sidestepping the counter-strike, Qrow twitches his off-hand. Ensuing the gesture, a piece of turf gives below Naruto's lead foot.

The simple maneuver forces the whiskered teen forward and left his extended arm exposed. With a swift underhand slash, Qrows broadsword cleaves through Naruto's right arm. "Tsk." The Nin sounds out and narrows his eyes as he catches his own severed limb by the hand and bludgeons the stump against Qrow's skull. "Gyah. The fuck?"

Stumbling back, he catches sight of Neo just about to charge past him. He reaches out and grabs hold of her arm and secures his footing. "Here." He calls out with an ample twist as he launches her toward the blonde.

Sliding beneath an incoming fist, she lashes out at Naruto with a forceful kick to his sternum. The impact succinctly catapults the amputee to a large crimson tree. In the midst of the collision, Neo grabs hold of her umbrellas midsection and draws back her arm.

Then with a javelin's throw, she hurls the parasol through Naruto's heart and skewers him to the red maple with a wet thud. Once his form went limp, the pair allowed themselves a moment to lose the tension in their shoulders as they exhale.

It was at the haggard and wet chuckle that the remnant's residence veers their gaze towards the nailed man. "Y-You trul. Heh. Truly think. That. That this is enough. To. Huh. To stop me?" Naruto inquires with a bloody smirk and a cough.

With not much as to an ounce of pain, he begins to draw himself through the red-stained umbrella. Without a shred of hesitation, Qrow dashes forward and raises his blade.

Then with a swift horizontal swipe, a thin red line forms across Naruto's still neck. Just as Qrow begins to right himself from the assault, the whiskered Nin falls limp against the tree. His head soon follows and collapses to the ground with a wet thud.

"F-Fuckin finally," Qrow utters with an unsteady sigh. He then turns back to find the gritty smirk adorned on Neo's busted lips while a few tears slip down her cheek.

"You two done with your little moment?" Once again, the voice elicits a startled jump from both Qrow and Neo. Directing their gaze over to a corner of the field, they spot a rusted shipping container laid off to the side.

From within said container, a pair of sharp blue eyes observe them from the concealing shadows. "To think that you're the best Vale has to offer." With a tired sigh, the figure pats his thighs and eases himself up and onto his feet.

The man gradually steps out from the container and into the light. Both of the hunter's eyes widen as they observe another Naruto nonchalantly treading out towards them. "Yet, all you've managed was to kill Fuin restricted blood Bunshin."

He raises a hand while seals form around the deceased Bunshin. In that instance, the open clones seals ignite and dissolve away and allow for it to evaporate into nothing more than charred and ashen blood.

They each back away from the whiskered man as he levels his piercing gaze. Unlike his previous form, he twitches a finger and initiates an array of seals surrounding his body.

At their ignition, a mesh of grey Brigandine Anbu armor overlays and secures itself around his body. A wakizashi additionally materializes itself into his left palm.

Forming a partial ram seal with his right hand, multiple duplicates of himself materialize from the explosion of chakra vapor. "I'm done biding my time. No restrictions."

He gestures his Bunshins forward as seals materialize on their bodies. Their respective arrays visibly unlock and vanish back into their skin. "Raze the damn island." He then levels his gaze on the two Hunters. "And neutralize anyone who dares to stand against you."

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