Author's note: Not much is known about the Goddess Danu (Celtic Origins), for she does not appear in any literature of mythos. She is survived by the People of Danu, so that is where we know she was one of the Celtic Goddesses. I took some liberties with the prayers. They may be to another goddess, but since Goddess Danu is considered the mother of all Celtic Gods and Goddesses, I felt it was okay.

Hermione Jean Granger had a secret, and it was far superior to any other secret that had ever graced Hogwarts' hallowed halls. There was no doubt that Hermione was a muggle-born witch, but what the entirety of the wizarding world did not know was that the Gryffindor Princess, the Brains of the Golden Trio, was not only a muggle-born witch. She was a descendent of the Celtic Gods, more accurately, she was a descendent of the Celtic Goddess Danu. If the wizarding world found out her secret, she would either be killed for her power, or she would no longer be just the Gryffindor's Princess. She would be princess over all wizarding kind. That was not something she wanted to happen.

Being a descendent of Mother Danu, as her mother had taught her to call her, meant that while the common magic ran through her veins from a squib in her ancestry, she also had elemental magic that did not need to channeled. In fact, her elemental magic was so powerful, that she wore the symbol of the Triple Goddess on her body in some way every single day of her life. The symbol was even on her while bathing and sleeping. The symbol controlled Danu's powers that ran in her veins. The powers Hermione was most inclined to were her water powers and her shape-shifting abilities. Her parents had bought a sailing boat that could handle going out to deserted areas of the ocean solely so she could swim undetected. The dolphins would swim with her, pulling her through the water, deep-diving with her, and Hermione never had to panic about running out of air, her body simply took what it needed from the water around her.

Just because Hermione could shapeshift when she turned fourteen at the beginning of Fourth Year did not mean that she was allowed to, and that was what the Triple Goddess symbol she wore suppressed. Hermione had horrible self-control when it came to turning her back on her abilities. When she was stressed, all she wanted was to go running with the wolves in the Forbidden Forest or go cutting through Great Lake as a mermaid.

Surviving the War without anyone finding out who she truly is was a feat that she only accomplished because of the communion with Mother Danu that she kept. Almost every night while on the run with Harry and Ron, Hermione would walk out of the enchantments and protections, which they had tasked her to cast due to her knowledge. She would find the nearest body of water, strip down to nothing, step into the water, draw the Triple Goddess symbol across her chest and forward in mud, and offer Mother Danu her thanks and beg for strength. Mother Danu's power always answered her during those nights, and the water would whirl around her, cascading over her body to the beat of Hermione's primal magic. The mud would soak into her skin; a sign that Mother Danu would protect her. Before heading back to camp, she would summon the wind to dry her hair, forcing the wind to beat her body so that she would look just as she did before the ceremony.

The worst night of the war, the night that had found Hermione being tortured and left bleeding on the Malfoy's drawing room floor was four nights after her last communion with Mother Danu. In times of peace, Mother Danu's protection needs to only be asked for perhaps once a year, but Hermione's constant danger called for more, for not only did the communion grant Hermione protection, but it also allowed her to gain more elemental strength with each moment.

Hermione thought of that night often. The night where she almost gave away her deepest secret. If Voldemort had found out, he would have wanted her for himself. He would have wanted her on his side, and most likely not only on his side, but by his side as his wife. The thought always caused horror to run through her. Her only saving grace was that Draco Malfoy had been so horrified by her torture and so beaten down by his own, that he did not even notice the surge of heat that she had channeled to him. He did not notice that Hermione had given him, however momentarily, her power. For that was her duty as a descendent of Mother Danu. The power had to continue on. For the power of Mother Danu kept the world more balanced, kept nature happier. If Hermione had been killed that night, Draco would have awoken the next day to a whole new power. But Hermione had not died, and the power that she had given to Draco had kept her remaining elemental power from flaring out when Bellatrix had ripped the Triple Goddess necklace off.

That night was the reason she had chosen to testify on Draco's behalf, and also the reason why he was no longer Malfoy in her mind, but Draco. He did not have any ties to her; he could never sense her. Hermione, though, could sense his anguish and pain every single moment if only she wished to listen for it. Hermione often didn't listen to Draco's emotions because she felt it was an intrusion of privacy, but she knew how tortured he was but what he had done to keep his mother safe, and she could not stand by and watch him be sentenced to Azkaban. Afterall, he was only a child fighting their parents' war.

Hermione was exhilarated to be boarding the Hogwarts' Express one last time. She had made the wise, adult decision to work for what she would receive in life and not settle for the jobs the Ministry had offered her. If she was going to fight for what is right in the world, she had to do so by her own merit (and perhaps a bit of help from Mother Danu). Hermione also loved that Eighth Years did not have to abide by the archaic school uniform. She was free to wear her skater skirts, skinny jeans, jumpers, leather jackets, thigh-high boots, and lace anything to her hearts content. She knew her friends would think her clothes had been hexed, but she frankly didn't care. She had to keep so much of herself a secret, and she was tired of everyone thinking she was the picture of properness.

So, that morning she had put her wild curls half-up into two buns, painted her lips a deep burgundy, painted eyeliner wings so sharp they could cut, and donned one of her favorite outfits: Thigh-high black tights, a grey skater skirt, and an emerald lace sweater. Her shoes were tougher to pick out, but she settled on her grey, three-inch heeled, ankle booties. She honestly wasn't surprised that no one had fawned over her on the platform. No one had recognized her, not even the Weasleys.

Hermione decided to walk the train a few times before settling in with her friends. She hadn't played with her powers nearly as much as she would have liked to this week, and she could already feel the pent-up energy in her veins. She would have to shift and run with the wolves tonight. Once she came to that conclusion, she decided to head to the compartment that she knew Luna, Ginny, Neville, and Seamus had commandeered for them. That arrival, however, would have to wait, because none other than the adorably handsome Theodore Nott decided that he simply must have this "transfer" student.

"Excuse me, Miss! I've seen you walk by a few times. I'm Theodore Nott. Would you like to sit with us, rest those pretty legs of yours?"

Hermione couldn't help but to smile at his antics. He may have complimented her in a slightly cringy way, but she knew Theodore would never hurt a fly; it simply wasn't in him. She decided to see if Theodore would recognize her face, since he obviously didn't recognize the rest of her appearance, though he had no reason to. She turned towards him and gave her one of most dazzling smiles. (One does not simply hang out with the Fae without adopting their seduction techniques.) She knew immediately that he didn't recognize her with her eyeliner and lipstick on. Honestly, why were boys so blind. She had gone to school with him for six years. They had hung out in the library to study, in secret of course because of the idiotic house rivalries.

"Why, Theodore! I'm almost offended you don't recognize me! Don't you like my true look?" With that, Hermione spun around in a circle, her curls she hadn't put up twirling around her. She may have also channeled some of her wind to really make her skirt twirl with her.

Hermione was beyond pleased to hear the gasps that came from the nearby compartments. She wasn't expecting to suddenly feel Draco's emotions overwhelming her system. She was, in fact, so surprised that she stumbled a bit into Theo. That gave her away, and Theodore chuckled out a laugh.

"Merlin, Hermione! I barely recognized you! What have you done with the proper Hermione who loved her uniform?!" Theodore still had her by the elbow he had caught to stabilize her. She beamed up at him at his surprise. This was exactly what she needed. She was so excited to answer that question.

"Oh, Theodore. If I tell you, do you promise to spread the word?" She laughed at Theodore's dumb-struck look. "I will just take that as a yes. I killed her, Theodore. She's dead and buried. All you are left with is the real me. Hope you enjoy!" And with that, Hermione leaned up onto her toes and gave Theodore a light peck on the cheek.

As she turned to finally make her way to her friends, she was again overwhelmed with Draco's thoughts and emotions. She could tell he was flabbergasted and also turned on. God. She needed to shut him out. It looked like not only did she need a good run with the wolves tonight, but she also needed to hold communion with Mother Danu, perhaps she would bring someone along this time. She just really wanted to share this wonderful power with someone. She shouldn't have to enjoy it all by herself. But she knew she wouldn't. She knew she likely never would. But hiding her powers always made her feel alone.

Once reaching their train compartment, she simply slid the door open. Seamus was closest to the door, saw the darkness and greenness of her outfit, and did not hesitate to tell her that snakes were not welcome among lions and eagles.

"Seamus, honestly. You would think after sharing a common room and fighting a war together you would recognize one of your fellow lions." Hermione just walked past him and sat herself beside Luna. "Hi, Luna. Hi ya, Ginny. Neville, are you going to put down the herbology book?"

Neville looked up and gapped at her. He knew that Hermione had just greeted him, but the girl, no, woman he was looking at was not in the style of the Hermione he was used to. Eventually, he simply shrugged, said a bright hello, and then went back to his book. Hermione deserved to do whatever she wanted. He wasn't going to stop her.

"I see that you are your true self today, Hermione. I have never seen you look more radiant. The Wrackspurts seem to have finally deserted you."

"Why, thank you, Luna. Did you have a good holiday? Ginerva Weasley, do close your mouth. That really is unbecoming."

Hermione walked into the Eighth-Year dorms and was excited to see that Headmistress McGonagall had done the room up tastefully and did not outlandishly deck the common room with gaudy versions of the house colors. Instead, McGonagall had chosen deep versions of the house colors that melded together wonderfully with the old stone of the castle and the deep mahogany of the furniture. The couches, chaises, and wingback chairs were all in a deep navy blue, bordering on midnight blue; the draperies were such a deep burgundy that they looked black on the inside of the folds; the area rugs and throw blankets were of the richest emerald; the pillows were of the richest marigold; and the room was tied completely together by accents of gold and silver. The harmony of the room was the harmony that Hogwarts should have always been suspended in, but the ludicrous of blood purity got in the way of the school being what it was truly meant to be. Honestly, if purity of magic meant anything, no one would taint themselves with dark magic.

Though she really wanted to admire and further investigate the space, she could feel her magic overwhelming here veins. She needed to release the power inside of her before she slipped up. The Triple Goddess symbol could only contain her magic to a certain point before it came bursting through her anyways. So, she forwent her curiosity and headed to her dorm room to change into her leggings, trainers, and running tank top. She also took down her hair. It may seem odd to run with her curls down, but she wouldn't be running in this form, so she didn't see the logic in wrestling it all up.

Hermione was exhilarated to run with the wolves again. Hopefully, they still remembered her and did not mind that she had been gone for so long. She hoped Ostana was still the Alpha; she was a fair and just leader, and Hermione had asked Mother Danu to guide and protect the packs of the forests. She had not seen Ostana or any of her pack at the Final Battle, so she had hopes of finding them tonight. Hermione smiled to herself when she emerged back into the Common Room and was about to head out when Theodore stepped in front of her.

"Damn, Hermione. You really are changing up the look this year. I know you said you killed the old Hermione, but hopefully this new Hermione still likes to study… I need to…" Theodore reached up to rub the back of his neck, a movement Hermione recognized to mean that Theodore was wrestling with himself. He took a deep breath and rushed to finish his sentence. "I need to prove I'm not my father and that I want to live in this wizarding world." Theo glanced back at the Slytherins that had grouped together. "We all want to live in this world… without the weight of our parents' sins."

Hermione smiled to herself. She had never thought of any of the Slytherins as just their parents' sins. That simply is not the way of her powers. Some of her ancestors had used Mother Danu's powers for horrible, unspeakable things. She had been horrified to learn that the Burning of Alexandria had been committed by a scorned Daughter of Danu. The amount of knowledge that had been lost that day out of anger was disgusting, but Hermione would never embody that Daughter of Danu.

"Theodore," Hermione started but was immediately interrupted by the man himself.

"Will you please just call me, Theo, already. We've been friends long enough." Hermione sighed and tapped her foot impatiently. She wanted to run with her wolves.

"Fine. Theo. Of course, I will study with you. But I need to be off. I have things to do tonight. I'll sit with you tomorrow at breakfast. Screw the table system." Before he could answer or anyone else stopped her, she jogged out of the Common Room, only changing her pace when she had to wait for the staircase to reach her. When it came to the staircase, Hermione always wondered why she didn't just go to one of the many towers and fly down to the ground or fly into the forest. She may hate brooms, but that was only because she knew what it was to fly without one.

When she reached the grounds of the castle, she took off sprinting, feeling the air against her face and whipping through her hair. Nothing was more exhilarating than the freedom she knew awaited her. Perhaps she would explore the Great Lake this coming weekend. She wished she had spent more time in the ocean this past summer, but she had never found the excuses to escape the grieving of the Weasley's and everyone else around her. No matter, before she knew it, she was a ways into the forest. She ceased her running and got her bearings. She was near her ideal spot in the forest for her communion, so she chose to do that first.

She kicked off her trainers, and then peeled the rest of her clothes off before stepping into the cool spring. The water responded to her presence, and lapped up against her, gliding over her body up to her bare hips, even though she was only submerged a little past her ankles. Slowly, Hermione knelt in the water, feeling its pleasure at having her home. She scooped up mud with her left hand and drew the Triple Goddess symbol onto her chest. She rubbed the remaining mud into her left leg, for the Earth should be a part of her for the prayer she planned on offering tonight. Hermione then repeated the process with her right hand but drew the symbol on her forehead. Then, she lifted her head to the moon and began to pray.

Bright and fiery arrow, blaze kindly into my life.

Mistress of Poetry and Craft, dance on my tongue and in my hands.

Guardian of the wells and waters and herbs, warm my hearth and open the doors to compassion.

Thank you, Mother Danu, for the nourishment of food and words, for the protection of your cloak, for the peace that abides you care.

At this point in the communion, Hermione was encased solely in water. Though no air met her lungs nor danced across her vocal cords, her voice rang strong and true to her Mother.

Let your love and light shine upon my path and penetrate my mind, body, and spirit.

Mother Danu, my heart is your heart. My power is your power.

Walk with me in solitude and howl with me in joy.

Guard me and your powers as I move through this world.

With the end of the prayer, the water rushed around her while three blasts of flame lit around her, forming a triangle. As the water rushed down over her body, the flames flared, forming the trinity knot around her. The Triple Goddess symbol and the mud on her thighs had already been absorbed by her body. The wind already drying her hair. As Hermione basked in the release of her power and the control that would be granted to her, she felt a familiar presence at her back. It seemed that Ostana and the pack had survived and come to see their friend. Hermione instantly transformed into her Gray Wolf form and knelt to Ostana.

Rise, my child, this is not a time for us to play like the humans. We are whole, and we shall run and howl with joy this night. Ostana's lilting voice rang through Hermione's head, and she immediately leapt up to play with her friend she had missed so dearly.

Hours later, way past even the extended Eighth-Year curfew, Hermione was transforming back into her human form and reluctantly dressing herself. She wanted to stay out here—with the pack that had always accepted that she was other and never showed any fear. She knew she had to return to the castle, though. Her secret was a tough one to bear, but she would hold it until the day she died. Even if it meant she would always feel alone.

Hermione made her way up to the castle, bending light and causing gusts of winds to keep the professors on patrol from noticing her. The only being she could never avoid was Mrs. Norris, but turning into a cat to play with her once or twice a month normally got Mrs. Norris to turn the other way. Hermione always thought it hilarious that everyone thought she was a rule follower. She was anything but.

The next few weeks passed fairly uneventfully. She ran with the wolves almost every night, and she swam in the depths of the Great Lake before dawn three times a week. She felt more herself than she had in ages. Naturally, she was questioned by all of her professors on whether or not she was doing okay, and she had to grit her teeth and explain that this was who she truly was and yes, she was fine. The only person who seemed quick to accept these changes was Luna. This resulted in Hermione spending more and more time with the waifish Ravenclaw. As much as Luna was odd, she was also extraordinarily intelligent; she always provided a new light for whatever research Hermione had encased herself in that week.

Hermione thought back to the first week back and grimaced at the memory of how rude people were being to Draco. She found herself tuning in more and more to Draco's emotions and thoughts. She would be crumbling under the cruel hexes and even crueler words that people were flinging his direction. Every night, she would check in on him and normally found him overwhelmed with negative emotions.

She tried to live up to who Mother Danu would want her to be, to use this connection to help Draco, but she could only do so much. Draco was always suspicious of her. He wanted to be left alone. Only when he absolutely could not figure out whatever they were going over in Muggle Studies did he come to her and ask for help. She always did so gladly, sending silent hexes directly at anyone who raised their voice or wand against him. Although, to be quite honest with herself, they weren't necessarily hexes but more encouragements to the elements. Her favorite in-the-moment retaliations were that based in fire. The person would be blasted with pure heat straight to the chest; it was their own fault that they got burnt. The more aggressive their treatment of Draco, the more aggressive her retaliation. The Patil twins had both been sent to the infirmary with burns to their chest, and they both found themselves lost in a cloud of humidity that only they could feel. No matter what they tried, the humidity would stay with them until Halloween, or they apologized to Draco, but she knew they wouldn't.

As it was, she was sitting on a rock overhanging the Great Lake, passing the time until her birthday celebration. The creatures of the Dark Forest could feel the magic swelling, and they were all excited for her communion with Mother. The forest would be reborn by such a magical occurrence. Hermione had not done her birthday communion with Mother the year before, instead just talking to Mother in her favored way, through the water. The creatures always got excited for her birthday, for not only was their home revitalized, but their connection to nature was revitalized. It would be strange for her mother to not be in the forest with her, though, but she and her mother had combined Elemental powers to cloud Hermione from her parents' brains. For all her parents knew, they never had a daughter.

Hermione was pulled from thought when she felt the air stir around her, giving her a heads up about an approach. She wasn't too worried, for only the air stirred, so whoever was coming was no threat to her. She was, however, slightly surprised when a barefoot Luna settled down next to.

"Hello, Hermione. Your new look really lets your powers shine." Luna then dreamily looked out over the lake, seeming to disappear into herself.

"Oh, thanks Luna. It just is the real me. I like getting dolled up and looking fierce. I think I was scared of people not taking me seriously if I dressed like this before. But I'm a war heroine, and I will dress how I want." Hermione said simply, staring back out over the lake. She sighed internally and supposed that she wouldn't get to disappear into the depths of the lake before the ceremony tonight. She was lost in her wallowing when she heard Luna take a deep breath in, causing the water to get more aggressive down below. Hermione was instantly on alert. Water reacted like this when she was in danger. What on Earth was Lune about to say?

"Happy Birthday, by the way, Hermione." Hermione just stared at her, and then down to the roiling water beneath them. She also could feel the sparks dancing through the air, waiting for her to direct her Fire to the enemy. "You can tell the Elements to calm down, Hermione. I'm no threat to you or the Power of Danu you hold in your veins."

Hermione's jaw dropped. She could feel the Fire crackling around her and could feel the water starting to rise. She took some staggering breaths and willed the Elements to calm. They hesitated, but with Hermione's instance, they settled down.

"How… how did you know?"

"Oh, it was quite easy to figure out. I thought I figured it out my second year, but I confirmed it my third year. I knew I was right on your birthday, and then, at the second task, you seemed almost reluctant to get out of the lake, even though everyone was freezing. You weren't. You look at the lake with longing, like you wanted to dive back in. You should get better at excuses, though. People are wondering why you are always running, but they never see you on the grounds."

Hermione just stared at her friend. She had felt so alone in her power for so long, and here Luna was saying that she knew, that she HAD known for the past four and a half years! Then, she realized that it was Luna, and of course, she would know that the Mother Goddess has descendants. She knew of creatures that no one else in the wizarding world did, creatures that Hermione had interacted with on every single one of her birthdays since was five years old. Then, a thought popped into her head.

"Luna, would you like to come to my birthday communion with Mother tonight? You can't tell anyone. In fact, I don't even know how the powers will react, but they listened when I willed them to calm. They must know I am safe with you. And honestly, I don't know if anyone would listen if you tried to tell them my secret. But I have been alone in this for so long, and now that I have sent my parents away and can't get them back, I can't even turn to my mum for help. Doing a full birthday communion without her with me will feel so wrong. I don't want to be alone. Please, Luna, say you will come with me tonight. The Elements will accept you. I'm sure of.."

"Hermione. Please breathe. I would love to come. Should I bring anything for anyone? I imagine the creatures all come tonight, don't they?" Hermione watched as Luna's face lit up with realization. "Will… will all of the creatures be there? The… the ones that everyone picks on me about, but… you never did. You only rolled your eyes once people were berating me." Luna was truly animated now, talking quickly and grabbing Hermione's hands in her own. "They're real!"

"Yes, Luna. All of them are real. They only show themselves to me on my birthday, but I'm sure they would love to see you. After all, you are their firmest believer besides your father." Hermione was full of mirth. She had yet another reason to celebrate her birthday this year. "We will be out all night, though. I will have fire to keep me warm, and it should warm you as well. Are you sure you want to come?" Hermione was full of doubt, now. This was a long commitment, to come to the communion. She didn't want Luna to get bored.

"Hermione. Nothing would give me greater pleasure or be a greater honor than watching you commune with Mother on the most powerful night of your year." Luna beamed at Hermione, and Hermione beamed right back.

The night found Hermione and Luna walking into the Forbidden Forest. Hermione was wearing a navy, long light robe tied loosely at her waist, and Luna was wearing an equally light dress that also had embroidery up the peasant sleeves. Luna seemed just as at ease in the depths of the forest as she was sitting in the Great Hall. Luna just kept pace with Hermione and hummed to a tune only she could hear. Hermione was pleased to feel the Elements welcoming not only herself, but welcoming Luna into their power.

"Luna. I just want you to know. It might look like I'm drowning or on fire… but I will be fine. That is what a birthday communion with Mother is." Hermione was nervous. The Elements would be incredibly strong this year. Not only had she come into her wizarding magic, but she hadn't had this communion with Mother in two years. She didn't know exactly what would happen tonight.

Upon entering the clearing where her favorite spring was, she noticed that even the centaurs had deemed her communion worthy of their time. Hermione was honestly overwhelmed with the number of beings around her. To her credit, Luna looked astonished for only a moment, and then glided over to stand with the unicorns. She looked like she had belonged beside them her whole life. In fact, one of the unicorn foals laid down and encouraged Luna to sit with her back up against the youngster. Hermione smiled, knowing that out of all of her friends, Luna would keep her secret and also marvel at Hermione without fear. Hermione knew she would still be Hermione; Luna and her would just have a deeper bond.

Hermione allowed her robe to open, after all of the time spent in different forms and nude during her regular communions, she held no shame for her body. She walked around the edges of the spring, and channeled her Fire to three different points: one small fire lit at the North, one on the South East, and one at the South West. She knew they would flame up at engulf her in a Celtic Triple Knot during the ritual, she just hoped that it didn't last for long. While the fire never hurt her, she never could overcome the natural human fear of being swallowed by flames.

Once the Fire was placed, she walked into the spring, allowing her robe to flutter open, revealing her tanned skin to the moonlight. She slowly turned in a circle, summoning dirt to stand at South, North West, and North East, but a little further out than the flames were. These placements would anchor the Elements to remain contained, allowing Mother Danu to honor her daughter, and revitalize the forest and beings without damaging anyone. The Air would come in from the East and West to end the communion, but the communion could last all night depending on the strength and importance of the messages Mother Danu had to give.

Hermione then summoned a knife. Mother never required a blood offering. In fact, Hermione's mother had been horrified by Hermione's choice to carve the Triple Goddess symbol into her hip, but Hermione had continued to do it when she saw that the Forbidden Forest showed her more love after she willingly offered her blood to the ceremony. Hermione also felt connected to the forest and the beings that dwelled within because she chose to not heal the cut with magic, but allow it to scab over and scar.

Once the symbol was cut into her flesh, she vanished the knife and cast her robe out of the spring. She stood, palms facing in front of her, arms spread wide, and head tipped. Hermione allowed her Elements free. Tonight was not a night for communicating with Mother using words. Tonight was a night for Mother's power to lead the way, and all Hermione had to do was allow her powers to be free.

The flames reared up, twisting into shapes that made every being in the clearing gasp, for the shapes in the flames were scenes from the Final Battle, a moment no one wished to relive. Luna watched on as the water started winding its way up Hermione's legs, caressing every part of, almost seeming to disappear into Hermione's being. She saw the fire started to swirl around her friend, jumping from point to point, switching between the horrors of the school year during Voldemort's reign. Luna saw herself trapped in Draco Malfoy's dungeon. She saw Hermione splayed across the Malfoy's drawing room floor. She saw the power in Hermione jump to Draco Malfoy. She saw Neville, strong and defiant Neville, pull the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat and slay Nagini. She saw Hagrid carrying Harry's body. She saw Molly cast Bellatrix down for daring to aim a killing curse at Ginny. She saw Voldemort crumble to the ground, dead in the way that a mortal man dies. Every being in the clearing held its breath as they relived the nightmares of the past few years, but then, the images vanished, and a Triple Knot of flame rose around Hermione, who was already entombed in water. No one in the clearing realized that those images had leapt in front of them for two hours, for time had stood still for all of them.

Luna was in awe. She always knew that Mother Danu lived on in someone, somewhere on the planet. Before she met Hermione, she never dreamed of being at a Birth Communion. She wished she could tell her father, but Hermione could be in danger if any information got into the wrong hands, and Luna was not willing to sacrifice her friends to bring joy to her father.

The Fire and Water were dancing together, twining over Hermione's body, becoming one with her hair. In fact, Luna could no longer see the chestnut curls, for they were simply the blue and red orange of the fire. Luna couldn't help but panic when she saw Hermione throw her head back causing her back to arch unnaturally and scream. Hermione had promised that she wouldn't be hurt, but that scream… it was the same scream she heard ripped out of Hermione's throat at the Manor when Bellatrix had tortured her. Just when Luna had reached her feet and the other beings in the clearing were preparing to tear Hermione out of the communion, the Fire and Water dropped around Hermione.

Luna made to rush forward to her friend, but one of the unicorns stepped in front of her. Luna immediately saw why. Hermione's head was thrown back, and Light was pouring from her mouth. Water rushed out of Hermione's hands, and vines crawled across the ground. Over the next two hours, trees that were damaged over the course of the war were healed and grew exponentially. Beings that had been injured, at any time, were healed. The unicorns' horns glowed brighter, their tails sleeker. The Centaur's were gifted with clearer sight to the Heavens'. Luna could feel all of her creatures that no one believed in leap in joy at the power coursing through their bodies. The wolf pack gathered around the edge of the spring, howling at the moon and the Mother's power. Luna herself could feel her magic buzzing through her body like she had just had ten Pepper-Up potions.

At dawn, the Light and Water slowed and stopped coming from Hermione. Her body immediately began to collapse, but before she could hit the ground, a wolf had rushed forward to break her fall.

"Ostana… did you feel it? Could you feel it? This year… Ostana. The Power. Mother Danu. She has truly blessed us this year. Ostana…" Luna heard Hermione trail off and watched as her friend's eyes closed. She then immediately rushed forward and grabbed Hermione's hands. It was Firenze who stepped forward to speak to her.

"Luna, my dear child, do not be afraid for your friend. This is the most powerful Birth Communion she has ever had. She has healed us all in this forest. She has brought us back to our glory. She will be tired. Return her to her room so she may rest. She will need to sleep, but she will be fine."

Luna stared between Firenze and Hermione. She didn't know what to do. Hermione had said that she would be fine. This was not fine! At her hesitation, Ostana knudged Firenze's flank.

"My child, this normally only lasts up to three hours. Do you know how long Hermione held the Elements in control and within herself?" Luna just numbly shook her head. She had been so in awe that the time seemed of little consequent. "Hermione of Danu held the Elements in control and within herself for over seven hours. Mother had much to say. Please, bring her to a place so she can rest. Ostana and her pack will bring you up to the entry way of the Dungeons so that they may bear your friend's weight for you for a bit."

With that, the pack of wolves came forward, one carrying Hermione's robe. Luna got the message and clothed Hermione. Then the wolves were nuzzling and gently pulling Hermione to lay across Ostana's broad back. Lune just slowly got to her feet and followed. Never in her life had she imagined that she would see the power that Hermione had held within herself that night. She was exhausted from watching it; she couldn't imagine how exhausted Hermione was. She was just glad that her friend didn't seem injured