Title: Pippin and the Beast

Author: Anemone Frost

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Pairing: M/P

Rating: R

Summary: 5/? Merry and Pippin have an erotic morning.

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Warnings: Sex

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Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien.

A/N: Thank you for all the reviews. However, this isn't exactly following Beauty and the Beast from Disney. Merry hasn't changed back yet because he didn't reciprocate Pippin's feelings. It's going to take a lot more than saying "I love you" to change Merry back anyway. *hint, hint*

Pippin moaned as he slowly woke, stretching his arms and legs, accidentally bumping Merry's thighs with the heels of his feet. The beast cocked one eye open and playfully growled at Pippin. The young hobbit giggled and shivered as the beast rose up.

"You've roused my slumber little imp," Merry snarled, "and I'm suddenly very thirsty."

"Not for my blood I hope," Pippin whimpered, suppressing a laugh.

"No, I have something else in mind," Merry chuckled darkly.

"No! Leave me alone!" Pippin cried.

The young hobbit squealed and bolted under the covers with Merry in hot pursuit. His claw wrapped securely around Pippin's ankle and he pulled him out, gently tossing Pippin onto his back. Merry loomed over Pippin's form, threw back the covers, and ran his claws up Pippin's quivering thighs. The young hobbit shuddered and clenched his eyes shut in anticipation. Cold air grazed over him as his nightshirt was lifted to his chest. A gasp came from him as a warm tongue slid over him. Merry's claws snaked up Pippin's chest and pinched at his hardening nipples, sending a pleasurable tingle through the young hobbit's body. His chest heaved as his breathing picked up and sweat broke out over his brow.

"Oh!" Pippin cried.

"You like that my tiny morsel?" Merry asked in between licks.

"I am not tiny," Pippin pouted. "Oh yes! Please! Oh I need—Ah!" The beast had slid a finger under Pippin. "Take me, please!"

The beast grunted in reluctance. He didn't want to harm Pippin, but he wanted to please the young hobbit. Merry grinned as an idea popped into his head, and he rolled Pippin onto his side, ignoring the confused look on the young hobbit's face. Pippin cried out when he felt the beast's tongue.

"Wh— what are you doing?" Pippin asked.

"You don't like it?" Merry inquired. "I can stop if you want me to."

"It's just— different," Pippin replied, biting at his lip. "No, don't stop."

Merry continued licking and stroking, making Pippin writhe at the sweet agony spreading over his body. He was close to release.

"Come for me my beauty," Merry commanded.

The young hobbit screamed as orgasm washed over him. Merry turned Pippin onto his back, smiling down at the panting hobbit.

"You taste sweet little one," Merry growled, "but I'm afraid that I'm not satisfied. I may have to eat you."

"Oh no!" Pippin whined. "Please, don't hurt me beast." He extended his hand to Merry's trousers, causing the beast to moan. "There must be a way I can change your mind."

"Maybe," Merry replied, smirking.

Pippin undid the lacings on Merry's trousers. Merry groaned as Pippin's lips closed around him. The beast threaded his claws through the young hobbit's cinnamon curls, clenching his fingers.

"Hm, that's good," Merry sighed.

Smirking, the beast swished his tail, sliding it along Pippin's back and rear. Pippin groaned at the ticklish sensation from the soft fur gliding over him. The smile on Merry's face grew, and he lowered his tail to run between the young hobbit's trembling thighs, causing Pippin to suckle harder, eliciting a groan from the beast as the sensual ache increased. Hearing Pippin's tiny moans drove him over the edge.

"Did I please you beast?" Pippin asked, widening his eyes to look frightened. "I hope you don't eat me."

"No, I won't eat you," Merry snickered.

Pippin laughed as the beast pounced on him, delivering long, soft licks across his face. "What do we do next?"

"Well, it seems that we're both very sticky and in need of a bath," Merry replied, removing the young hobbit's nightshirt. "The servants should have drawn the bath already."

The beast stood from the bed, cradling Pippin in his arms as he headed toward the bathroom. A gasp rose from Pippin's throat as he spotted Mirabella near the tub, running her hand through the water to test the temperature. She gazed up and grinned wickedly when she saw Merry holding a nude Pippin.

"Good morning lord," Mirabella bowed, heading toward the door. "I trust you slept well last night along with Pippin?"

"Mind your own affairs Mirabella," Merry grumbled, "and make certain to help Isengrim with breakfast."

Pippin blushed as the door shut behind the hobbit lass, and he gazed up at Merry with questioning eyes. The beast laughed, and lowered Pippin in the big tub. The hobbit sighed as the warm water seeped over his flesh.

"Don't fret over Mirabella," Merry stated. "The worst she'll do is tease."

Merry gradually undressed, averting the gaze the young hobbit was giving him. This would be the first time that Pippin would see him fully nude. There was a soft gasp from Pippin, and it made the beast cringe and lower his pointed ears in disgust, making him wonder if the young hobbit found him hideous.

"Merry, you're beautiful," Pippin murmured.

The rays of the sun creeping through the stained glass window made the beast's fur shimmer a dazzling gold, and his gray orbs brightened at the compliment. Merry smirked and stalked over to the tub, settling in beside Pippin. Gently, he griped the hobbit's shoulders and urged him forward, giving him enough room to slide in behind Pippin before pulling him back to his furry chest. The young hobbit sighed in content and nuzzled against the silky hair while the beast reached over for the soap, lathering up his claw with white suds. A frown formed on Merry's face as he heard Pippin giggle as he began to scrub his backside.

"What's so funny?" Merry inquired.

"Your wet fur," Pippin chuckled. "It smells like dead fish!"

Merry growled and playfully pinched the hobbit's rear, eliciting a sharp yelp. Pippin giggled mischievously as he treaded away from the beast and cupped his palm into the water, quickly raising it back up to splash Merry in the face. The laughter intensified from the young hobbit as the fur on Merry's face sagged from the dampness. Snarling, the beast pinned the hobbits hands above his head in the tub with one claw. The young hobbit shuddered and lifted his hips while moaning, silently pleading for more contact.

"I ought to punish you for saying such a thing," Merry murmured.

"You wouldn't want to do that would you?" Pippin asked, batting his eyes innocently.

"Imp," Merry snarled, darting out his tongue to lavish one of Pippin's nipples.

"Please, don't tease me. I can't take it."

"Then you shouldn't have made fun of me," Merry sneered, lifting the hobbit onto his lap, making both gasp in delight. "My feelings are hurt."

"No they're not," Pippin mumbled, getting his arms loose from Merry's claw. Water splashed over the tub as the young hobbit bucked against the beast's hips. "Oh, Merry, why won't you make love to me?"

Merry bit his lip at the question. He longed to give Pippin the true explanation, but he didn't feel that now was the proper time. Trying to distract the hobbit, Merry grazed his finger along Pippin's rear. Pippin's mouth opened in an 'o' of surprise. It stung at first, making Pippin clamp down on his bottom lip to keep from crying out. It felt odd but at the same time it felt wonderful since Merry was the one doing it.

The beast gazed over Pippin's face, watching for any signs of pain. The young hobbit's face was furrowed tightly, but he couldn't tell if was from agony or pleasure.

"How does it feel?" Merry asked, nuzzling Pippin's shoulder.

"Uncomfortable," Pippin replied, wiping away the sweat forming on his brow, "but now it's starting to feel good."

"If it hurts too much I can stop," Merry reminded him. "If you don't like it then tell—"

"I like it!" Pippin cried, worried that Merry would pull away. "Don't stop! Move!"

The beast twisted his finger, searching for the special spot within the young hobbit, and he grinned as a shriek echoed in the bathroom.

"What was that?" Pippin panted, gazing up at Merry in wonder.

"That was your sweet spot," Merry replied. "That is what makes lovemaking very pleasurable."

A sheen of sweat had broken out over the young hobbit's body, trickling onto Merry's fur. His chest was heaving heavily, and his eyes were glazed over. The pleasure coursing through his body was unimaginable but also agonizing. He loved and hated the feeling that he was going to burst.

"Harder Merry!" Pippin wailed. "I can't stand it! Please, it's torture! Oh please do it harder!"

"Rougher?" Merry inquired, baring his teeth at the young hobbit. "Is that how you want it?"

"Yes! Yes!" Pippin sobbed.

The beast complied. He gazed into Pippin's face, savoring the beauty of the young hobbit's features. Pippin's face was flushed, his mouth opened in gasps and inaudible words, and his eyes occasionally rolling back as his climax approached.

Using his free claw, he steadied Pippin's back as he leaned the hobbit back against the tub. Pippin's eyes were clenched shut and when he opened them, tears trickled down. Merry was terrified at the sight.

"Am I hurting you?!" Merry cried, stilling his movements.

"No—I'm happy," Pippin beamed, giving Merry a warm smile. "Oh, please continue. I feel as if I am going to explode."

"Darling," Merry whispered, lowering his head to lick at Pippin's lips.

He was startled when Pippin griped his muzzle and placed a gentle kiss on his mouth. He was tempted to pull away but he couldn't resist any longer when Pippin's tiny tongue grazed over his. Merry thrust his tongue back, plunging inside Pippin's mouth, savoring the sweet taste. Their tongues dueled together even as Pippin's moans grew to keening wails. Both let out satiated, but tired sighs as they slid further in the water, turning it cloudy.

"That was wonderful," Pippin moaned, massaging Merry's shoulder, "but I thought the point of this bath was to get cleaned up."

"I suppose we'll have manage," Merry answered, reaching over the side for a washcloth, scrubbing Pippin's belly.

"You know, you still haven't told me why you won't make love to me," Pippin stated, "and don't tell me it's because you can't control yourself. There's something you're hiding for me."

Merry shook his head but gave in. He would have to tell Pippin sooner or later. "You remember Ponto, do you not?" Pippin frowned and nodded. "Well, before I was turned into this monstrosity, I bedded him. Understand, I didn't love him, and he didn't love me—we just needed a good lay and when I couldn't find anyone else, I turned to him." He cowered in shame. "After I was turned into a beast, he didn't want to lay with me any more. I became enraged and took him against his will. I was rough—I hurt him horribly. I–I— I couldn't control myself. He hated me ever since, and I felt so guilty for harming him that I couldn't throw him out of the castle. The only reason he stayed was to make to me miserable, and I deserved it for what I did to him. Ponto didn't want me to be happy, and when you came along I suppose he felt that you were a threat to his plan. I never meant to kill him either. It's the beast in me. The emotions of rage and lust are so hard to control. If I ever harmed you I don't know— what I would do."

The beast broke out into tears, and Pippin immediately treaded over to him, nuzzling his damp cheek. "Don't cry Merry. Perhaps you've made some mistakes in the past, but I can tell that you've changed. For the past few weeks you've treated me with nothing but utter kindness. You didn't harm me at all last night or this morning. You were so tender, gentle—a monster wouldn't do that."

Pippin kissed Merry's snout and wrapped his arms around the beast's neck. Merry drew him in closer and lapped at his jaw. How he loved this little hobbit. He never wanted to let Pippin go.

To be continued.