Kagome stalked off into the forest, her face set in anger. 'Stupid Inuyasha!' she thought. 'He's always such a jerk!!' She stomped through the forest, heading towards the well. She reached it and jumped inside, this time determined not to come back until Inuyasha apologized. He was always calling her useless and loud. She would show him.

Inuyasha crawled up from the ground, gritting hid teeth in anger. 'Stupid woman..... ' he thought. Miroku shook his head at the hanyou. Those two were always fighting about something.

Kagome walked inside of her house, kicked off her shoes, and stomped up the stair into her room. Her mother watched, shaking her head. It seemed that her daughter and Inuyasha had another fight...... When she walked inside her room she threw herself down onto her bed, closing her eyes and allowing sleep to take her.

Three days later......

Kagome was beginning to get worried as Inuyasha still hadn't come for her. Usually he was so impatient that he would run up to her yelling something like, "Oy! Kagome! You're so slow! We need to go find more shikon shards!" Then he would drag her back to the feudal era and they would search again. She sighed and looked back at her math book.

Because she was so rarely in school, she had to study every chance that she got. She gave up and slumped in her chair, unable to concentrate. It was kind of nice to get a break without having to run around in the forest, and she was happy that she could now sleep in her own bed. Standing up from her desk, she walked over to her bed and sat heavily on it. Reaching over to the small table next to her bed, she picked up the phone and dialed one of her friends.

No one picked up. She moved on, trying to reach a different friend, but still no one was home. After she had exhausted her resources she laid back down on her bed, deciding that she would just rest her eyes for a few minutes. Slowly, without realizing it, she slipped into a light sleep.

Inuyasha stood next to the well, looking around suspiciously to make sure that nobody was watching. There was no way in hell that HE would be caught making the first move to bring her back. He put his hand on the side and hopped over the edge, jumping into the well.

The bushes up the hill from the well shook lightly as Miroku and Sango chuckled, watching him from the bushes.

Inuyasha hopped up out of the well in Kagome's time, hopping quietly up on the roof next to her room. Her window was open, as always. Hopping inside, he was careful not to make any noise as he noticed her asleep on the bed.

He stood over her still form and leaned down, looking at her face closely. "Inuyasha," she breathed out, still asleep. He stiffened. Was she dreaming about him? He nearly choked when she reached up, grabbed him around the neck, and hauled him down onto her bed, directly on top of her. He looked at her and sighed with relief when he realized that she wasn't awake.

Even though she was doing this is her sleep, that couldn't help the blush that was now evident on his face. Kagome rolled in her sleep, unconsciously changer her and Inuyasha's position. She was now sprawled out across him, her arms still around his neck. He was beginning to panic. What if she woke up like this?! His face blushed an even deeper red as he noticed her chest pressed firmly against his own.

She nuzzled her face into the place where his shoulder and neck met. Inuyasha was reaching his hands up to gently remove her arms from around his neck when he froze. Her right leg was resting between his, nearly touching a............. delicate area......... This was bad. He grabbed her arms and carefully pried them from around his neck. She began to stir. Tingles ran up his spine when she breathed his name again.

He froze once again as her eyes began to twitch, foretelling her awakening. He had to get out of here and fast, but how could her get out from under her without waking her up. He nearly shrieked like a girl when she moved in her sleep, pressing her cheek against his. He felt his entire body tingle as her breath tickled his ear. He wondered what in the world she could possibly be dreaming about in order to be doing THIS. He tried not to let his imagination get the better of him.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice until it was already too late that Kagome was now waking up. His eyes turned to her in horror as her eyelids fluttered open. Her eyes were blurry, but then focused slowly. They widened in shock. He braced himself.

"KKKKYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Inuyasha!!!! OSUWARI!!! OSUWARI!!!! OSUWARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" He fell all the way through her bed and hit the floor hard. He let out a half groan, half sigh as he began to regain his breath. Just as he stood up a pillow collided with his head. He turned around and held his arms up in front of his face as Kagome continued to pommel him with her pillow.

"HENATI!" she cried.

"Oy-" he was cut off as she hit him again. "Kagome-" He jumped out of the way and glared at her. "You're the pervert!" he cried. She froze, pillow held up over her head.

He continued. "You're the one who grabbed me in your sleep and kept whispering my name!" Kagome's face turned a deep red.

"Did I?" she asked, lowering the pillow. Inuyasha glared at her. She turned a shade of crimson that she didn't think was possible for any human being. Inuyasha felt the need to smirk, but held it back for fear of another sit.

Kagome turned and looked at her bed, which was completely destroyed. "What were you doing in my room?" she asked, letting her bangs cover her eyes. To Inuyasha it looked like she was sad, but she was really covering her eyes to hide the smile that was in them because she had possibly caught him. His eyes widened almost imperceptibly.

"I was........ It's none of your business!"

"Oh, isn't it?"


She looked up and smirked at him which only caused him to turn even redder than he was. Kagome decided that she would let him go easy this time and walked over to her backpack.

"What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously, half expecting her to pull out some kind of modern torture device. She WAS crazy, after all.

She picked up her pack and turned around. "Well, we DO need to go find more shards don't we?" he nodded, his arms crossed in front of his chest. "Then let's go." She crawled onto his back as he hopped out the window and towards the well. Kagome smiled to herself, knowing that he had come to see her. That was enough of an apology for her. She knew that she would never get a real one, so this one would suffice.