It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Dragon Slayers are a menace to society.

While their magic may be unstoppable, they are destructive. Often destroying towns along with the bad guys. Little is known about their magic, the mages themselves claiming that dragons raised them. However, a dragon hasn't been spotted in over a millennium, and these Dragon Slayers are rather young.

Levy stepped out the vehicle to take in the surroundings of the town, Magnolia. She looked back at Lucy who was adjusting her top, "You know this town is kind of cute."

They walked through the town's main street, earning the looks of the townspeople. "Why are we here again?" Lucy asked.

Levy let her eyes roam the street, "Adventure."

Lucy nodded, accepting the answer. She knew how her friend was. Besides this little trip could help Lucy with her novel.

Romeo sprinted back towards Fairy Tail, "Lucy Heartfilia is here in Magnolia!" The guildhall went silent.

Natsu was the one who broke the silence, "What's that gotta do with us?"

Various voices spoke up at the same time agreeing with Natsu. Romeo slumped his shoulders, she was one of the 10 wizard saints, he figured the guild would care.

He went to find Master Makarov, maybe he would care. "Hey Mira," he greeted the barmaid, "Where's Master?"

Mira looked up from the cup she was filling with ice, "Oh, hi Romeo. He's in his office."

Romeo flashed her a quick smile before making his way to the master's office, "Thanks, Mira!"

When Romeo entered the office, he found the first master, Mavis, in the office too. "Hi, first master!" He greeted before turning to the current master, "Master."

"Child, please come in have a seat," once Romeo took a seat Makarov continued, "What troubling you?"

"Nothing actually. I just came to tell you that Lucy Heartfilia is in town."

Makarov's eyes widened, he turned to look at Mavis, who looked just as shocked. "Thanks for telling me, my boy."

Romeo nodded, "I knew you'd care." Romeo quickly got up and made his way back to the common area of the guildhall.

"Well, this is interesting," Makarov stated.

"What do you think she's doing here?" Mavis asked him.

Makarov shook his head, "I have no idea. Maybe she's looking into joining?"

Mavis nodded, bringing up her finger to lightly tap her lips, "Unlikely, but that is a possibility."

Levy got up from the couch and walked over to the desk where Lucy was writing, "You know what we should do?"

Lucy yelped nearly falling out of her chair, "Don't scare me like that! And what?"

"We should go to the Harvest Festival. Don't you think it'll be fun!?"

Lucy rolled her eyes, it was only their second day here and Levy already wanted to mingle with the locals, "Yeah, I'd be down."

"You're so supportive Lu-Chan!" Levy threw her arms around her friend. She appreciated having Lucy around to humor her. "Except you didn't even ask what it is."

"What is the Harvest Festival, Levy?" Lucy asked peeling Levy off her.

"It's an annual festival, hosted by the guild here, I think they're called Fairy Tail," Levy informed her.

"When is it?"

"This weekend. Jellal will be here by then too!" Levy plopped back down on the sofa she was originally sitting in, "So we can all go together."

Lucy didn't verbally agree, she simply nodded her head before turning back to her novel. Both Levy and Lucy unaware of what was waiting for them at the festival.

A/N: Obviously, this is going to be a P&P AU, kind of lol. It has the same outline and principles and Lucy is loaded. Honestly, I'm having a huge writer's block with my other fanfic so instead of being a responsible person and focusing I'm starting a new project. Disclaimer, I don't own P&P or FT. On a fangirl note, please read P&P it's so good. Like Jane Austen snapped.