"Hello little Iris, w-welcome to the afterlife. Unfortunately (sniff), you've died. It might've been short, but your life's now over…"

Someone suddenly spoke to me in a pure white room.

The sudden turn of events confused me. I remembered being warm and full, and good cuddles, and someone who made me feel safe, and then there was pain...

Onii-chan? Where are you onii-chan! Big sister? Where are you? Why aren't you here…

In the room was a table made of dark wood and a chair, and the one who announced that my life was over sat on said chair. The chair and table were elaborate and beautiful.

As for the person who sat on the chair, she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, with beautiful clothes, long blue hair and clear, smooth skin. She was even prettier than big sister! She seemed like onii-chan's hugs and mommy's milk and big sister's cuddles given form.

When she smiled, it made my worries all fade away.

"However, kn-know that it wasn't in v-vain. I know it must sound terrible (sob), but you helped inspire a great hero with your life. One who will never stop fighting, even if he complains the whole way. A super, s-super awesome hero who turn the world into a monument to remember you by. Take heart, knowing that somewhere, there is someon– that your onii-chan loves you so much that he will never forget you. That no matter how strong the enemy is, no matter what anyone has planned, the Billionaire Adventurer who loves you with all his heart will see you avenged with his own hands. And the one who killed you will not be able to stop him, no matter what dirty tricks he tries, because Kazuma's tricks are dirtier and scummier and better. And he will never, ever stop, no matter what… because that's the kind of hero your onii-chan is."

'Does he really? Does onii-chan really love me with all his heart?'

The beautiful woman touches her eyes and sniffs like she wants to get onii-chan's attention.

"Uh huh. He really, r-really loves you, Iris-chan. He's crying so much that he'll never be able to hold you again!"

Ah… onii-chan, I love you too…

"It's not much, but to... to make up for your short life, and as a special, one-time bonus extra from the Axis cult, may you be rewarded with a life of riches, happiness, everything you could ever want, all the talents and someone who'll be with you and make you happy all your life… but, ah, you don't need to go right away. How about you stay a while and I tell you stories about your onii-chan, the great hero who saved the world from the Demon King even though he was an Adventurer, the weakest class…"

The beautiful woman sat next to me and held me in her arms like mommy did, only better. She was almost as good as onii-chan! I listened as the woman told me the story of the great hero Satou Kazuma…


"Ohayo, Tomoyo-chan!"

"Ohayo, Sakura-chan!"