Yumi couldn't help but wonder how she got dragged into this. She was just a normal, everyday girl from Japan. A normal, everyday girl whose father got transferred to France for work. A normal, everyday girl who enrolled at Kadic Academy like hundreds of other students. A normal, everyday girl who would have called virtual worlds and evil computer viruses science fiction not too long ago. A normal, everyday girl who was now hanging upside down, wrapped in vines.


16 hours ago

"So you're telling us that these things can teleport us into a virtual world. Said virtual world housed an evil computer virus that escaped, and kidnapped Aelita's mother with it." Ulrich stated to make sure none of them were hearing things.

Jeremy, Aelita, and Franz had taken Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi to the factory to explain everything about Lyoko and XANA to the three of them. Yumi and Odd were accepting the story more readily than Ulrich only because of their previous experience, which Aelita informed them was real.

"You don't believe us" Aelita simply stated.

"If it was just you and Jeremy, no. But your father being here just makes it harder to wrap my mind around this" Ulrich stated, putting a up his forehead.

"I think you're all telling the truth. You wouldn't lie about something like this." Yumi said with more confidence.

"Me too!" Odd piped up. "This is so cool! So we get to teleport to another world and become superheroes! And we even get powers? Like walking through walls, disappear, and fly? That's just out of this world! Pun not intended but enjoyed."

Odd was bubbly with excitement, Yumi seemed a little nervous, and Ulrich just looked doubtful.

"How about a test run?" Jeremy suggested. "That might help ease any doubts you may having about Lyoko."

"Bring it on Einstein!" Odd shouted jumping into the nearest scanner. "Beam me up Scotty!"

Franz shook his head in mild amusement. The kids were going to make things were interesting around here, despite his hesitance to involves kids in this dangerous situation.

"I'll head up to the lab." Franz told the others. "Aelita, Jeremy, at least one of you should with them"

"I'll go." Aelita said. "Jeremy knows Lyoko pretty well, but I still know the sectors better than him. I can guide the others better from there."

"Then Jeremy and I will keep an eye out for you four on Lyoko." Franz responded. "Be careful of any monsters you run into."

Jeremy and Franz headed up to the lab to virtualize the four onto Lyoko while the rest waited in the scanner room.



The four of them were virtualized into the Forest Sector on Lyoko. Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich took some time to admire their outfits and weapons properly.

"Aww, I'm still a cat!" Odd exclaimed. "Hey Jeremy, Professor Hopper. What gives?"

Ulrich looked at his outfit and realized he was wearing a samurai gi, similar to a ronin style. Noticing the scabbard by his side, Ulrich pulled out the sword and gave it a few practice swings.

"Wow! This sword rocks!" Ulrich exclaimed.

"Not a bad look for you Ulrich" Yumi complimented him.

"Uh, thanks." Ulrich responded shyly and returned his sword back to his scabbard.

"Why does Ulrich look like a samurai? That's so much cooler!" Odd complained.

"I can answer that." Aelita stated from where she quietly let the others observe their new forms. "The computer reads into your subconscious, and provides a digital form based on your thoughts."

"I don't dream about giant purple cats!" Odd complained again.

"There's nothing we can do about it right now, Odd." Jeremy interrupted. "For now, just listen Aelita and enjoy the scenery."

"Hey, what's that?" Ulrich asked, pointing to an unfamiliar monster. "One of XANA's monsters?"

The monster XANA sent out was not one that Aelita had seen before. It had a brown torso with long, limbs that had metallic tips. The head was white with a long snout on it. The Lyoko symbol was at the top of the monster's head. The overall profile of the monster was narrow.

"I don't know." Aelita responded nervously.

The creature stood on it's rear legs and started firing lasers at them from it's front limbs. Odd was hit first and the others dragged him behind cover.

"Ohh, that stings!" Odd exclaimed.

"Anybody got a plan?" Ulrich asked.

"Yes. To destroy XANA's monsters, you have to hit the target-like symbol on their bodies. It's usually in different places on different types of monsters." Aelita explained to them. "Jeremy, is there anything else on screen?" Aelita asked, looking up at the sky.

"No" Jeremy responded. "I've got an idea. Yumi, Ulrich. You two can use your weapons to block the lasers. Distract the monster while Odd gets in a shot. Ulrich, follow Yumi's lead for now and do what she does when blocking. You've got an ability called super sprint, which is like super speed. It should help you out."

"Got it" Everyone chorused.

"Let's go Ulrich!" Yumi yelled and ran out from their cover with Ulrich right next to her.

The monster saw and started firing, falling for the distraction. Odd peeked out to see what was going on.

"Seems like as good a time as any. Bonzai!" Odd yelled.

Odd leapt out from behind the cover started returning fire of his own. It cost him a lot of arrow, but eventually, he managed to hit the Lyoko symbol and destroy the monster.

"Well that was fun."

Aelita continued to give the trio a tour of Lyoko and it's systems. All them fought some more monsters that were just patrolling Lyoko and managed to get some good teamwork going. After a few hours, they all left the factory and went back to their rooms and slept in their own beds.


4 hours ago

"Hey guys!" Yumi greeted the others at breakfast. She already ate at home and wasn't feeling hungry at the moment.

The other four returned her greeting and resumed eating their meals.

"Question. All of the Lyoko stuff actually happened this time, right? It's not another dream?" Yumi inquired.

"Yep!" Jeremy responded. "No erasing memories this time." He proceeded to drink orange juice from his glass.

"I asked the same thing when I got here." Odd told her. "Had to make sure after what happened last time."

"How does that work anyway?" Ulrich asked. "The whole return trip thing?"

"Yeah." Odd continued. "Like is it actually time travel?"

The three of them turned their attention to Jeremy and Aelita, who looked at each other and held a silent conversation. After a moment, the pair turned back.

"Well….we could just tell you the long version, but I'm guessing we'd lose you before we even started." Jeremy responded.

"Uh, we'll just take the for dummies version Jer." Yumi told him.

"Okay, it's not quite time travel in the traditional sense. That's still not possible, no matter what Back to the Future may have you think. Or Terminator" Jeremy said, ending with a look at Odd as the purple-shirted blonde opened, then closed his mouth.

"What the supercomputer does is take collide particles and sends us to back to the past, creating an alternate timeline tha-"

"Jeremy." Ulrich interrupted. "For even dumber dummies please"

"Our minds are sent back to our past selves. Nothing that physically happened to us matters anymore." Aelita simplified.

"Uh right." Jeremy blinked at her. "So it's not really time travel in the traditional sense. It's harder to send back something corporeal than it is to send back memories or data."

"Okay, I think I get it." Yumi nodded in understanding. "It seems kind of freaky though. And, maybe a little scary too. That seems like something someone could easily use to do whatever they want and get away with it."

"Yumi." Aelita directed at the other girl. "We haven't abused it and have no plans to do so. We only use it as needed because of how powerful time travel is. We always make sure it is absolutely necessary before using the Return trip. Most of the time, we do it because someone was in danger and to erase memories. We also put safeguards in place to prevent any unauthorized users from accessing that program. Imagine what would happen in the government got a hold of that technology."

They all gave a little shudder at the thought. Definitely not something they wanted on their conscious.

Jeremy looked at his watch to check the time. "Come on. We should get going. We've got class and Yumi has that field trip for science." The five of them picked up their trays and headed out to class.

1 hour ago.

Mrs. Hertz split the class into groups so that they could quickly collect the samples they needed for the class. While paying attention to the plant life, Yumi didn't notice a black smoke approaching the rest of her classmates. She only noticed when they all gave out strangled screams and pixelating. After standing there for a moment, they all attacked her. Yumi managed to push back her attackers ran deeper into the woods. During her escape, she noticed the Lyoko symbol in their eyes and knew this was a XANA attack, so she quickly texted the others. Turning, Yumi ran towards the factory, pulling her phone out as she ran.


"Aelita. We've got a problem" Yumi warned her.

Yumi was too busy with the call, so she missed the vines that had tangled around her leg and tripped. The next thing she knew, she was hanging upside from a tree, held aloft by a vine that was slowly wrapping around her.

"Oh great." Yumi muttered.


And that's how she ended up trapped in the forest without help, and a group of possessed human beings below grinning at her with evil looks on their faces. She hoped the others deactivated the tower soon. She didn't know what could happen to her, but she had a few ideas. None of which were pleasant. Suddenly, her entire class screamed out in pain and black smoke exited from their mouths. After the smoke left, everyone collapsed and the vine holding her in place loosened, dropping her to the Earth. She wasn't very high up, but she still landed a little rough and had a feeling she sprained her ankle. She would need to get that looked at. Her phone started to ring, and she answered it.

"Hello?" She winced from the pain a little.

"Yumi! Are you okay?" Ulrich asked in concern.

"I think so. Some small cuts and scrapes, maybe a sprained ankle but nothing serious. The class was possessed but no they are all okay."

"Where are you? I've been searching the woods, but I couldn't find you." Ulrich asked.

Yumi heard a noise and looked up to see some of the class waking up.

"Ulrich, go back to class. I don't think anyone saw or heard anything. My class is starting to wake up. So I've gotta hang up. Someone here will help me to the infirmary." Yumi responded.

"Alright. Let us know what happens and take care of your ankle." Ulrich told her and ended the call.

Yumi just laid back for moment and let out a sigh. So that's what it was like to fight XANA. This was going to be hard. All of this Lyoko stuff seemed like something out of a sci-fi show but it was real to her. If this was only day one, what would the other days look like?