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This rated R because I am going to be telling a story about 2 women In-Love without to much gratuitous sex scenes. At the time of this story being writing, I might have include some spoilers (they are just here say at the moment, not to be taken as actualities) of things that could happen within the next 2-6 weeks (approximately). Adam Chandler, and Bianca have set the story takes place after Bianca discovers Lena's duplicity, Michael has been arrested and bail was made by Adam Chandler, and Bianca currently, refuse to forgive Lena. However, I am going to progress it along a few days, or weeks.

It was amazing at how well Michael Cambias paid her, enough to more than take care of her ailing mother and hiding. Lena was a finical genius; she had been taken Business and Economic Doctorate Honors courses at Oxford on scholarship, when Michael approached her. She was young and a hotshot itching to make her mark in the world, and she had no intentions of being stuck in dreary life, 9-to-5 and going home to a Labrador retriever at night. No the young Lena wanted to have a life of adventure with no ties. However, she did have a secret-her mother, the "Secret Police" woman, was still alive but in hiding. So, Lena wanted fun in the fast lane but needed to take care of her mother.

Michael seduced her (she liked the power over men, that she had) with his charm and wit, later she proceeded to make a pact, not only keep him in his bed, but to also work with him. She was merely 24 years old when she started to learn and manipulate. He was giving her more than enough money to keep her mom more than safe, but also, very very comfortable. She was an excellent strategist; she was a chess champion after all. Michael taught her very well, she learned very quickly. Of course, she was no fool. She was able to use half of the money that she'd keep for herself, and invest it very wisely.

Now, 6 years later. Lena sits at the far table with her mother facing the entrance to the Valley Inn's Dinning Room. Watching for trouble but mostly hoping to just get a glance of the person who changed her life forever. The one that made her want to settle down with a 9-to-5 job and come home to the Labrador retriever. The one that was keeping her in Pine Valley. Bianca.

Ever since, Lena realized what a fool she's been by working with Michael Cambias as a cooperate spy. The regrets of having done what she had to do. All the men and women that she seduced and used. But, above all of that. It was the lies she had to tell Bianca that probably hurt the most. She had to steal that damn disk for Michael to leave her and her mother alone. Bianca had seen it and that probably was the final blow that made Bianca loose all trust in her.

"What a fool I've been!" she muttered to herself. Lena has been in the habit of reflecting on the past and the consequences of that past. Had she known that she'd meet and fall in-love, she'd never have signed-on with Cambias. However, if it wasn't for that pact, then she would have, probably, never met Bianca.

"You're still torturing yourself, aren't you?" Lena's mother asked, looking up from her breakfast. She had watched her daughter be in agony over the guilt she suffered for about 4 days now. "She loves you. She's just hurt now. She'll come around."

"I don't think so. I hurt her badly. She doesn't trust me, anymore. And, I don't blame her. I lied to her." Lena offered the same lame excuse, again.

"Ah, but her Uncle Jackson has been trying to get her to come around. To see why you had to lie. Why you had to do what you had to do. Why she should give you and your love another chance. I've talked to him, remember when he called that one time when you were in the shower?" the middle-aged Polish woman was optimistically encouraging her daughter not to give up on love.

More to come.......