Bianca was sat right next to Lena, while Jack sat next to Mrs. Kundera. Not being one to be rude, because she couldn't hold what Lena did against the European woman's mother. She extended her arm and "Hello, Mrs. Kundera! It's nice to meet you. I hope you're enjoying your stay in Pine Valley?" Bianca offered with a warm, welcoming smile.

"Thank you! Yes, I am but I think my daughter and me are going to make our new home here. It really is such a lovely place. Besides, this country has many more advantages then anywhere is. So many freedoms and privileges that just not offered anywhere else. However, that's not why you are here. You need to understand why Lena had to do what she had to. It was for me and to help me. She got involved with Cambias because he offered the kind of money she'd have to work numerous years to see. She needed to take care of me. Yes, she was sleeping with many of her victims-both male and female- but, that was because her boss orders her to. Yes, she slept with Michael, but she stopped after she started her relationship with you. Yes, she lied about me being life. But, that was to protect me. Yes, she had to steal that disk from your mother's vault. But, that was because she wanted nothing else to do with Cambias or his business. He is a ruthless young man and he'll do whatever he has to do to get what he wants. Including threaten to have me thrown into prison. Attempting to rape your half- sister and your mother. Lena made the mistake of getting involved with him in the first place, yes. But, you can't blame her for trying to protect everyone she cares about. She made plenty of mistakes in her life, that she'll regret-probably forever. However, from what I've heard and read-so have you." The middle-aged Polish woman stated very simply, not wasting any time.

"She's right. Lena did what she had to, and I doubt she enjoyed. We all have made mistakes. Don't you think it is time to forgive and work on getting to know each other better, letting the trust be re-built?" Jackson re-enforcing what Bianca already knew.

The whole time Bianca and Lena watched each other while they listened to what was being said. Bianca sat there unflinching and in thought for about 10 more seconds, before uttering a sound. Within those 10 seconds, she was to recall everything that happened from the time that Lena told her the truth, to press conference that exposed Michael and Lena, the way Michael had threatened Lena's mother right in front of everyone, saying if she testified against him then her mother was dead. Thought back to all the arguments Uncle Jackson gave for her forgiving Lena. The way Lena stayed away from her, just like she had requested. It'd been days since she seen Lena. When her phone would ring, she'd pick-it up after the first ring, hoping it was Lena. When she was out, anywhere, she'd hope to see Lena. However, Lena did show up in places that were innocent enough, but stayed away or just left when she realized Bianca was there. And at those time Bianca could swear she saw in Lena's eyes-first, happiness, then love, and then suddenly enormous pain and sadness when she realized that she had to leave. Bianca wanted to run after her so badly and had after a moment or two. Just to see Lena drive by with tears in her eyes.

"Okay! But, we are going to take things slowly. The trust is not all there. But, I am willing to give this relationship an honest chance." Bianca said to Lena, informing her that there were some ground rules. "Whatever you want!" Was Lena's only comment, but the smile that spread across her face shone of relieve and love. And Bianca couldn't help but to smile too. Reaching over to hug Lena, she whispered to her. "I know you did not sleep with Michael after we started to see each other and the only reason you lied to me was to protect your mother. And I know it tore you up. I know you were devastated to have to stay away from me too. And it tore me up also. But thank you for showing me how much you do love me. I really hope that we can get back to that happy time just before everything hit the fan. I do love you, Lena."