I zipped up my white jacket, making sure the velcro at the top was tight against my neck. Grabbing my sword in my gloved hand and my helmet under the other arm, I made my way over to where Haruhi was sitting. She looked really cute today in her spring-like outfit. To be fair, she looked good in almost anything.

"So," I asked. "What do you think?" I twirled around in my gear and struck a pose. She laughed at that and said, "You look like Tamaki-senpai a bit." I relaxed again and turned to face the open gym. People were warming up and it wasn't a huge crowd, but pretty big. My first big tournament. Surprisingly, I didn't feel nervous at it.

Or, at least, trying not to. I was just a little more excited to fence people and give it my all. I tried to explain the basics to Haruhi. I'm a foil fencer, meaning I have the advantage of rules and right of way on my side. My opponents would only be able to hit me in the torso region. You score a touch when you hit your opponent, and you have to get 15 points to win. You score a touch, the buzzer will go off. I won't explain all the rules. If you weren't a part of the community, it was kind of hard to explain all the little things that are involved in fencing.

On top of that, competitions were long. I had asked my coach how long they went on and he said around 3 hours? Depends on when you lost and were out of the running. After explaining the basics to Haruhi, we lulled in the conversation. "Are you nervous?" she asked. "No," I said simply. "I'm not. I'm… surprisingly calm, about the whole thing." I gave her a soft smile and shifted my mask tighter under my arm. "Well, I wish you the best of luck and hope you do well. You'll do great."

She was a really supportive person, which just got me right in the feels sometimes. No one was ever as kind or as caring as she was. I had told her that I had a tournament coming up and that it wasn't a big deal, but here we are. I had kept trying to talk her out of coming because I knew she would get bored of it easily within the first half hour.

Alas, it was for nought as she sat there, ready to cheer me on. She was a stubborn one. I gave her another quick smile and wandered over to my coach, who slapped me on the shoulder and gave a tight squeeze. "Hey, Sasaki. You're gonna be fine. Just remember the code, keep your feet moving, and have fun." I nodded solemnly at him but then quickly switched over to a slight smile. "You're up in a bit, so get ready and go warm up with D." I gave him another smile and made my way over to D, who was still putting her stuff on. I punched her in the arm playfully, and she pouted at me a bit. She punched me back, a little harder than I had. "You ready?" I asked her, handing her her mask as she tugged on her glove. "Yup!" she chirped and we went over to an open strip.

I had stretched before putting on my gear, so my muscles were loose and limber. Warm-ups were just simple rounds that had no real purpose except to get you in the groove, but they were fun all the same. I hooked myself up to the wiring and we both put on our masks before saluting with our swords. I fell into a stance as she did the same and began to advance on me quickly. I made my way closer to her, making sure to watch her closely. She darted and lunged towards me, trying to attack but I backed away and parried her attack, before lunging in...

I shrugged off my mask and shook my head to catch a breeze through my hair. D did the same and came up to me as I finished unhooking the wires and leaned on me as me made our way off the strip towards Haruhi. "That was fun!" she said. "You're gonna totally do fine today. And stop getting so nervous. Just fence like you normally do!"

D could always see through me after I fenced. It's like my body gave away my emotions. "Easy for you to say. This isn't your first tournament!" I shot back. She shrugged and stuck out her lips to look like a duck's. "True. But still, it's not like we're at the Olympics or anything." I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Doc always said to fence and give it all you got. Olympics or not. Anyways, I'll see you on the strip, okay?" I patted her on the head and she gave me her infamous imp-like grin. "Oh! Sasaki. There's one kid here," D nodded her head across the room to a tall guy who radiated cockiness. "I'd watch out for him if I were you." I nodded solemnly and patted her on the shoulder before coming to talk to Haruhi again. I sat on the ground next to her and kicked my legs out in front of me. I looked up at Haruhi, asking, "So. What did ya think?" grabbing my bottle and chugging some water down.

She opened her mouth but no sound came out of it. She merely left it open and shook her head slowly. "I... It's fascinating. You're doing such a cool sport." I nodded at that response and sighed after taking a long swing of water. "It's like playing chess, but with your body. I don't even know how I got into it, but it just feels so exhilarating." Which was true. I don't know how this body was interested in fencing in the first place. You were using a ton of different muscles in your body. I loved it. I stood up again, and patted her head, smiling. "Whelp! I have to go fence some people! Enjoy the show, Haru-chan!" I wandered off to gather with other fencers for the first round.

I was paired up with one of the newer members who was a lanky boy. I never bothered to learn his name, but he had been improving over the short time he was here. I beat him. Then there was a girl... Honestly, I won't bore you with all the people I fenced. They were great fun to fence against. Even more so that so far, all of them were right-handed fencers.

I'll let you in on a little secret, dear reader. Left-handed fencers had the upper hand when fencing a lot of times. As you probably know, the world is filled with more righties than lefties. And in fencing, you fence with your dominant hand. Thus, most righties fence righties and lefties are almost always fencing righties. So when a rightie has to fence a lefty... Let's just say they struggle more. Lefties get more access to their bodies when fencing a rightie than when both fencers have the same dominant hands. So for me, I was doing well. Of course, it isn't all about what hand you use to write, but just the fact that I practiced hours upon hours. I came here every night, 10 pm to 1 am. 7 nights a week. I was becoming a better fencer and was even thinking about buying equipment I could use at home. It was a big part of my life.

Anyways, I was fine with all my bouts except for the guy D had warned me about. I knew to watch out for him and he was the kind that looked like if he got his blade to touch you, it would definitely leave a bruise. He used his strength to make sure he could stick the landing. Luck was on my side, because he was also a rightie.

I placed my helmet on and saluted him, a little more aggressively than the others. So much so that I could hear my sword cut through the wind. I could see his stupid smug expression even with helmets on. I narrowed my eyes a bit and began to advance slowly on him as he took huge striding steps towards me. I see. He was gonna try and back me up as much as possible towards the edge. Coward. I held my ground as he lunged. Jabbing once, twice, three times.

I managed to parry the first two of his attacks, but the third one stabbed right into the side of my chest. Pain began to blossom around the area he hit me and I faintly heard the buzzer go off. I hadn't landed any points in him yet, but it was easy to see his strategy. He edged people close to the edge using his body as a dominance thing and tried to make you scared. I wasn't scared of him. I've faced down far worse than a cocky, but admittedly talented, fencer. I adjusted my mask and gripped my blade a little tighter. He sneered at the fact that he had gained points, and we both got into the starting position again. "Fence!" called the judge. He wasn't ready.

Before he gained his bearings, the buzzer had gone off and I stood in a guarded position again. "Halt! Attack left. Score is 10-13." He stood a little dumbfounded but shook his head and began again. "Fence!" A clash of swords and then a buzzer. "Halt!" I blew some wind upwards, trying to get my hair out of my face. "Fence!" He stabbed me right in the arm, and then again in the chest. Right where my heart was. Son of a b-! It hurt! A lot. I was definitely gonna need an ice pack after this. "Advance on the right, parry riposte, right of way to the left. Right. 13-13. Fencers ready? Fence!"

I lunged in fast again and ducked down, trying to get under him. No such luck. Off-target. The buzzer went off and a tear rolled down my eye as I started to feel the throbbing pain in my left arm. I closed my eyes for a moment before getting into position again. I couldn't let the smug bastard win. No way. "Fence!" I paused a moment as he came in for the kill. I backed away and did something Doc taught me that was used rarely. It's kind of hard to explain. As I backed away, I took a step forward as well and pulled my weapon next to my body, so it touched my side. It worked. He stepped right into it and at the last moment, I parried upwards. Right into his stomach as his blade angled upwards.

"Halt! Attack from the right. Parry from the left. Point. 13-14. Fencers ready?" I looked up at the clock hanging above us. Less than a minute. That didn't worry me. As Doc once told me, a lot could happen in a minute.

I walked back to the starting distance and looked at the judge for confirmation. "Fence!" he cried. This time, we went back and forth. If you have ever seen 'The Princess Bride' with the part where Inigo Montoya and Westley have the famous sword fight, it was kind of like that. This felt like it went on for a good half a minute. Feeling exasperated, I lunged. Deep. More than I had ever done before. I heard a "ding!" as my blade bounced off his bell and landed.





I could see my blade bend in an arc as it hit it's target. I cringed a bit, knowing that would hurt. Don't ask me how, it's a guy thing.

Backing away, I saw him double over and heard some cursing under his breath. "Halt! Back and forth for a while. Attack from the left, parry riposte and a touch. Point left. 13-15. Bout." I heard some clapping in the background behind me and turned to see my coach, D, and Haruhi all clapping. Some of the other fencers who got beaten by my current opponent were clapping and cheering as well.

I took off my mask and shook my head. I felt beads of sweat drip down my face and I smiled at my opponent. I held out a hand, and he looked up from doubling over. He shook it. Hard. I moved closer to him and whispered, "That's what all your touches felt like," and stepped away with a slightly evil smile. He staggered off to get ice for his poor manhood.

I walked over to my stuff next to Haruhi and dropped my sword to the ground. It clattered like a quiet bell and I grabbed my almost-empty water bottle. I dropped my helmet and shrugged off my sweat-stained glove on the other hand. Draining the container of its contents, I wiped my mouth on my sleeve with a contented sigh.

Haruhi gave me a beaming smile. She was so cute! "I knew you could do it!" she said. "What you did was so amazing! How are you that flexible?" I just shrugged and tossed my now empty bottle into my messy bag. "HELL YEAH!" A body tackled me from behind and I stumbled to keep my balance. Haruhi chuckled at the pair of us. D gave me a kiss on the cheek and cried, "I knew you could do it! That cocky bastard never stood a chance! You have to teach me how to lunge that low! And that other thing you did! God, Sasaki, you were amazing!" I just gave her a smile and shifted her so that she was piggy-backing on me. I glanced over my shoulder at her childish expression. "Of course, D. You know I would be happy to teach ya." She gave me a kiss on my other cheek and I just chuckled at her response. I turned to see Haruhi blushing red a bit. "Oh, Haruhi! It's..." "Wanna mess with her a bit?" the enthusiastic brunette whispered in my ear. My face remained neutral for a moment as my mind put on an impish grin.

"Excuse us for a moment, Haru-chan. I need my girlfriend to tend to my battle wounds." D gave the flushed girl in front of us a smile and Haruhi blushed a brighter red. "Of course, Sasaki." I think her brain was trying to wrap around this new lie we told her.

I carried D on my back all the way to the gym's small kitchen where we kept ice packs and first aid supplies. I placed D on the kitchen's island and she sat there, as I grabbed the first aid kit. I handed the container to her and she hopped off the counter to get ice packs. I began to shrug off my jacket and protective layers. Placing them on the counter, D dragged over the kitchen's single metal chair. Someone had brought it in from the gym outside and never bothered to put it back. It was then deemed the kitchen/injury chair.

I pulled off my sweaty t-shirt and put it on top of my other items. She sucked in a long breath. "You know how you're not supposed to bruise easily? I looked down to see purple and red bruises blossoming over my chest and arms. I sighed and grabbed an ice pack from the counter. I placed it against one of the bruises on where my heart was. I could feel the cold as the ice worked it's magic. D proceeded to pull out aloe and tiger bomb and mineral ice. She held the three in her hands and asked, "Which one? We have a ton of tiger bomb cuz everyone hates the smell and we're low on aloe. Mineral ice is eh."

"Tiger bomb," I responded. "Just let me put the ice packs on my chest first. You can put the stuff on my arm for now." She nodded and set to work on the bruise my arm now possessed. Tiger bomb smelled, but it somehow worked miracles on bruises. Plus, I was tired of aloe after that incident with my back. And Mineral Ice didn't work for squat. I don't care who you are. Imma fight you if you've said it works.

"So," I started. D started a low chuckle in her throat. "I guess we're boyfriend and girlfriend for a while now." She burst out laughing at what we'd done and I chuckled at it. The shovel just dug another layer into the well if lies. No one cared, so it's all good. It was quite funny. I was gay, but never told anyone at school. And I was attracted to the same sex as me: guys. Not the sex I looked like: a girl.

"This means I finally get to come over to your house, right?" D looked up at me with puppy eyes and she gently rubbed Tiger bomb into my skin. I sighed in defeat. D had been wanting to see my house in forever and almost managed to follow me home once. But I caught her a block before my place and sent her back the way she came. She squealed in delight and began packing up the medical equipment as I punched her for being too delighted. She was pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. My house was plain. Barely lived in. Nothing of interest at all.

Ugh. God, I smelled awful. A mixture of Tiger bomb and sweat? I needed a shower. "Hey, Sasaki-kun?" I turned to see one of the sabre fencers pop her head in the doorway. She flushed a bright red when she saw my half-naked body. Then again, that was all she could see. My trousers were hidden by the kitchen island. Plus, I was getting pretty lean from all the fencing I was doing. "Uhm... D-Doc wanted to see you once you're done in here." D skipped over to where I was and responded for me. "We'll be out in a moment!"

The girl left and walked off, flustered. D giggled a bit as she left and I slipped my shirt back on. "Poor kid. She needs to watch more mature stuff." my fake-girlfriend said. I grabbed my gear and bundled it against my chest, where breasts would be if I had them. D tried to pull the stuff out of my hands but I clutched it tightly against my chest. "D! Don't you remember? Haruhi thinks I'm a girl." Realisation dawned on her face. "So that means that she thinks we're dating and because you look like a girl, she thinks you're gay." I nodded and pointed out, "The thing is, I actually am gay." "But for guys." she added.

She let go of trying to pry my gear away and put on an impish grin. "Well! You're living an interesting life, Sasa-chan!" She skipped ahead of me out the door and I followed, shaking my head a bit. I plopped down my gear, noticing Haruhi was gone but her bag was still next to my stuff. I trotted over to my coach on the other side of the gym. He gave me a big smile and ruffled my head. Apparently, I won the last bout of the tournament and placed well. I was glad about that. That meant all that practice had paid off!

"So coach..." I started, pretending to play dumb. "Silly goose! You did amazing! You're gonna make a great fencer someday! Keep up the good work and maybe I'll teach you some more tricks." I smiled at that. "But be careful to watch your distance. That's why some of your opponents got touches on you." I nodded, already having made a mental note of that. "I know, but I was wondering if it's all over now? I smell like a… like… I don't even know but it's bad." He left out a hearty laugh at that and ruffled my slightly-damp hair again. "You're all done here, kiddo. Go home and relax. Take that shower you need! You did great." He gave me an honest smile and I turned to grab my things.

Haruhi came back and was striking up a conversation with Dopamine. D seemed to tower over the small girl. My fake girlfriend was pretty tall for the average person. They seemed to be getting along though. "Hey, Sasaki-chan! We were just talking about you!" D said, wrapping her arms around my waist. I pulled her off of me and began packing my gear into my bag. "All good, I hope." I responded. Haruhi nodded and said, "Nothing bad. D seems to have nothing but praise for you!" I zipped up my bag and shrugged on my baggy sweater, making sure to cover up my chest.

"Let's head back, Haru-chan. I'm famished and am in dire need of a shower!" I said. D tackled her arms around me again and begged, "Can I come over tomorrow then? It's Sunday!" I sighed a bit and shook my head. "Let her visit, Sasaki. You don't even have any schoolwork." Haruhi added. D turned back to me with puppy eyes and pouty lips. I sighed again and gave her a small smile. She lit up at that and squeezed me tightly once more before skipping away.

I rubbed at my temples a bit and Haruhi grabbed my bag, dragging it across the floor towards the exit. "Hey! Don't do that! You'll get it all dirty! " I picked up the ends of it with ease and she stumbled a bit as I took it from her. We got onto the sidewalk before she let go and I slung it over my back, adjusting the strap against my chest.

We set off for our houses and walked in a comfortable silence. We usually started out that way. Comfortable silence that leads to the elephant in the room. Haruhi usually started these conversations. I was never one for talking much. "I didn't know you were gay, Sasaki." Straight and blunt Haruhi. Never dodging around a topic. I stared at the cement as we walked down the middle of the street. I liked doing that. Just walking at dusk. There weren't any cars around, but there was always the inkling that you were doing something dangerous. "There's a lot you don't know about me, Haruhi."

She was about to say something else when I asked, "Hey, wanna get some ramen? To celebrate my victory!" She closed her mouth and gave me a bright smile.

We headed to a ramen shop nearby that I had been eyeing on my way home from school every day. Plus, I had a bit of the monthly income saved up so I decided to order more than I normally would when eating out. Haruhi told me she would treat me but I demanded to pay most of it.

As the steaming bowls of noodles arrived, I salivated. Haruhi giggled at my reaction and gestured for me to dig in. I swallowed back some drool and carefully lifted the first bite to my lips... So this is what heaven tastes like. Nothing can compare. I thought takoyaki was amazing, but this was out of its league. I took my time eating the bowl of noodles, savoring each bite. Turns out, the owner's son was a friend of Haruhi's so they gave us a discount. Plus, it seemed everyone loved Haruhi. While, with me, the owner was giving me some looks that I didn't like. Admittedly, I looked a bit like a rebel, what with my dyed hair,toned arms, and all black clothing. And the equipment that I had to leave by the door because the shop was too small.

By the time we were done, it was dark out. I grabbed my fencing bag and we headed the rest of the way back. I waved to Haruhi before she entered her apartment. I fumbled with my key in the dark a bit before it went into the keyhole. I stifled a yawn and flung my bag over my head, stumbling upstairs. I shrugged off my clothes and took a quick shower, not bothering to wash my hair at the moment. All that food was making me fall into a food coma. I didn't even bother to get into pajamas, I just bundled myself up in bed, naked as a new-born baby.

-It's Sunday My Dudes-

My eyes fluttered open, like in movies when they pretend a character was woken up. I looked over at my clock. Crap. Lunchtime. I slowly began to move around in my bed. I stared up at the ceiling, watching a piece of cobweb flutter around on an almost non-existent breeze.

My eyes shot open again. Shit. I stood up stiffly and bent my spine. I heard multiple cracks from it and sighed as the stiffness went away. I meandered to the shower, my feet seeped cold into my legs from the smooth wood floors. I turned on the shower and took a proper shower, making sure to wash everything properly.

Just as I was drying off my head, I heard a knock at the door. I quickly slipped on some sport shorts and draped my towel over my shoulders. The knocking didn't stop. That could only mean one person.

I opened the door and the impish girl tackled me onto the floor. I fell backwards as she put all her weight on me. "Hey! Who knew you lived so close to the gym!" She slid off me and got up, giving me a hand. I sat up, not taking her hands and wrapping my towel around me tightly.

"Jeez, D. Don't do that." She looked a little down at that, but perked right up again. "I brought Haruhi over as well!" She gestured to the annoyed looking Haruhi standing behind her. "I was grocery shopping when I bumped into Dopamine-chan. She basically dragged me here." I saw a grocery bag next to Haruhi and got up, gesturing for them to come in. "I'll be down in a minute. In the meantime, make yourselves comfortable."

I headed upstairs and hurriedly threw on my fake chest and a simple t-shirt. Making my way back down, I hear some twanging. I grabbed some snacks from the kitchen and headed toward the noise.

Entering the living room, D was strumming on my ukulele, not really playing a song or fingering any chords. It was cute though. Haruhi was smiling but also looking around at my bare living room. I sat down with them at the table and placed a bag of chips on the table.

"You have a nice place, Sasaki. It's very spacious." Haruhi started. "Yeah, but it's so dull! You need more decor and color! Make it unique to you!" D complained. Sighing, I gently took the ukulele from D and placed it in my lap. "I admit, my place is dull, but I just don't know what to put in it. The thing with the most decor is my bedroom, and even that is sparse." I strummed lightly over the strings, idly placing my fingers in different positions on the neck of the instrument. D jumped up excitedly. "Ooh! Can I see your room? Please?" She raced upstairs before I even got a word in.

I shook my head and Haruhi just smiled simply while munching on a chip. "You should play for the club one day. I've heard you play before. You're really good!" I looked down at the small instrument in my lap. "I don't think those guys will really like such a 'different' instrument from their classical stuff. Plus, I'm really not that good!"

D joined in the conversation, having stomped back down the stairs from my room. "Aww! I've never heard you play before! Do you think you can play a bit for us?" I kept staring at the instrument, not saying anything. "I'll be the judge of whether she is good or not! I have a pretty good ear for these things!" D smiled confidently. Haruhi put a gentle hand on my arm, and I jumped a bit at this action. "Please, Sasaki? I've only heard you one time, and it was really pretty. Please play a song for us?" I sighed a bit and pushed my hair out of my eyes. Thinking for a moment, I adjusted myself and struck a chord. I hummed the note and began a simple, yet sad song.

Dear Winter, I hope you like your name

I hope they don't make fun of you

When you grow up and go to school, okay?

'Cause Winter is a badass name

Dear Winter, I hope you talk to girls

Or boys or anyone you like

I just hope you don't stay in every night

'Cause I wish I was out tonight


It really doesn't seem like there's anyone for me

But dear Winter, I hope you like your name

I'm hoping that someday, I can meet you on this Earth

But shit, I gotta meet your mom first

Dear Winter, I hope you like this song

And even when you're 13

And you scream at me for parenting you wrong

I hope it's still a badass song


It really doesn't seem like there's anyone for me

But dear Winter, I hope you like your name

You know I cannot wait to teach you how to curse

But shit, I gotta meet your mom first

Dear Winter, don't move too far away

And please don't say I'm hovering

When I text you to ask about your day

I wanna hear about your day


Will we still hang out and talk when I'm no longer in charge?

Oh, dear Winter, I hope you like your name

I hope you let me take a shot with you on your 21st

But shit, you gotta ask your mom first

Dear Winter, I'm looking for your mom

I gotta find a girl that doesn't mind that I'm inside my head a lot

Winter, it won't be too long

First, I just gotta find your mom

The ending chords echoed in the drab room, seeming to fill it with something. Then there was silence. The tune was simple and sweet, but the lyrics were slightly melancholic. I heard D let out a quiet sigh and looked up at her. "That was beautiful, Sasaki. You should totally perform! I had no idea you could sing!" "I knew you could sing well, but I had no idea..." Haruhi trailed. I shrugged and stood up, placing the ukulele back in it's proper spot. I wanted to change the subject. This was getting too weird for me. They were going too much into my life. There's a motto I saw once: I let you listen to my playlist, I let you into a part of my soul. And the only person who should be getting into my soul and feelings is me.

"How about I give you guys a tour of my house, huh?" D perked up at that and Haruhi stood up as well, saying "Sure, why not?" I showed them my simple kitchen, single bathroom, my bedroom, an empty room I found no use for, and the backyard. It was tiny, but soon D began fawning over how cute it all was.

"She's like a Tamaki." Haruhi told me, as D proceeded to look at everything in my backyard. "Yup. She's a bundle of energy." "I'm glad you found a good girlfriend Sasaki. Just know that you should still have your studies as the priority." "Yes, mom." I chided, rolling my eyes and she swatted me playfully.

We all headed back inside and Haruhi excused herself to start prepping dinner. We said goodbye to the girl as the sun began to set in the west. D wandered back inside to the kitchen and I followed.

She pulled out a cake from seemingly nowhere and placed it on the table. "Ta-da! I brought a gift!" I punched her arm. "Idiot! You should've procured that when Haru-chan was here!" She smiled sheepishly and I just shook my head. "Well, I guess more for us then." D lit up at that and ran off with the cake towards the living room. I grabbed a plate, knife, and two forks. Walking in, I saw D eagerly waiting for me to cut the cake into two huge chunks. I sat down and split the cake, noticing it was a dark brown color and looked super smooth. I cut into it with ease and placed a piece in the singular plate, handing it with a fork to D. She began munching away immediately on the cake and I slid the box over to me, fork in hand. Dang, it looked great. I took a bite. "Chocolate?" I asked the girl. She nodded, her mouth full of cake. I took a couple more bites and tasted something different. I looked up at D with an eyebrow raised. She swallowed her piece and told me "It has a crunchy layer inside with caramel and whipped cream!" I nodded, pretending to know what that stuff was. I had no clue, but holy moly it tasted good. It wasn't terribly sweet, and the chocolate made it slightly bitter.

We ate in silence for a time. I preferred the silence, and D was too busy stuffing her face with cake to talk. She quickly finished off her half of the cake while I got up, grabbing cups of water for both of us. She gulped it down heartily while I sipped at mine. She thumped her glass down on the table and looked at the clock. "Shit! I promised my mom I would be back in time to close up! I'm sorry, Sasaki."

We both stood up and she headed towards the door. I opened it for her as she slipped on her sandals and stopped in front of me, pulling me in a tight squeeze before stepping outside. "This girlfriend charade is fun. I had a good time today. Maybe you can stop by the bakery sometime! I can introduce you to my family." "I'd like that." I said, and gave her a wave as she headed off down the street.

I closed the door behind me and instinctively locked it. I sat back down and finished off the rest of my cake, not finishing the water in my glass. I washed the dishes and went up to my bedroom, seeing as it was already dark. I switched on my singular desk lamp and the room lit up with a yellow glow. I let out a sigh and flopped onto my bed, hair splayed out. I felt the fake chest piece jiggle and I frowned, I slipped both it and my t-shirt off, letting my chest hit the cool breeze. I switched on my alarm clock and didn't even bother to take my pants off. Spending time with D was tiring, no matter how short it was.

True story, I actually scored a touch by hitting a guy in their manhood. It was quite funny, actually. They all need more protection down there. Also, did you know band-aids on a finger can be quite annoying when trying to type this all out?