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By: Jason Walters

Ok this is not going to the normal story style. This is going to more of a bunch of Ideas for Taylors that are heroes or villains chatting about their lives online in a weird multiverse message board. Different powers and trigger events that be talked about and their own words are what this is going to about. If anyone wants to take one of these ideas and run with it and expand on it please feel free to run with something. Some of these ideas I would love to see what someone can do that can write more than I do.

PRO Forum: Taylor Hebert for Taylor Hebert.

11:30 am. User: Maverick.

Welcome to everyone that got the invite to this special version of the PRO Forums that covers the multiverse and was sent out to different versions of myself Taylor Hebert. Thanks for accepting the invite and what this is about if talking about yourself and your powers and if wish to share how you got your powers if it changed from the locker that most of us seem to know about. Also, tell us about you and your world if it changes from the baseline that everyone got in the invite and the package about the baseline that happened to the baseline Taylor that seems to be the base of what we all seem to differ from.

My powers are very weird in that I have no control over them. I share a body with someone else that has control over what happens and it's like watching a movie at times and sometimes the other person does block out things from me to keep my mind my own. Let's just say this person is a huge party animal at times and some of the stuff that they do I just do not want to know about.

Let me start that most of my world does not change much from the baseline, the bay pretty much sucks with the Dragon, Nazi's and Skids running around. I am 15 years old and did not trigger with the locker. I am still friends with Emma and Sophia is not the uber bitch from baseline. Sophia is a ward and is still Shadow Stalker and joined by herself and not the hunting bitch from baseline. She is pretty cool to hang out with at least. It seems like no matter which world it is, Armsmaster still seems to be a dick no matter where he is. It was not the worst day of my life, it was one of the best days of my life which really puzzles a lot of people and drives them up the wall trying to even understand my power at all. I triggered at the age of 10 years old and let us say it really seems to have tossed people for a loop since I transform into a 22-year-old female that is named Alice Mitchell, call sign Maverick. When I triggered it was after getting in to ride the backseat of an F-14 tomcat with my Uncle who is in the navy. It was followed by a night of watching lots of Navy and Airforce movies when I triggered. It was one of the happiest days of my life for sure.

What showed up was Miss Mitchell who was an all-around fully formed with past memories and rank as a USA Navy Lieutenant and Pilot in the Navy. Minor things are she can change clothes on the fly which works lots of times for a uniform. She does not use a mask since it is stated that she is the costume of someone. She can also when needed and we are not sure how this works but can form a fully formed F-14 Tomcat fighter that is 6 foot long and fully works with VTOL for some reason. She can put other people into the backseat also which gets weird when you shrink. The fighter can use both lethal and non-lethal combat loads. She is the person to help out with combat air support with the local Hero's. We are a rogue with the local PRT. But we are supported by the navy since we kind of have ranked with them. It's really weird since I am both a minor and also an adult in my other form.

A little bit of information about my other half. She has brown hair and green eyes along with being a very willowy woman. She very much acts like the fighter pilot. It is very embarrassing by some of her actions. She is very outgoing and loves to party and shut down bars. She also loves to chase women and I am not sure how many times I have woke up to find her passed out with someone. At least she is not turned back into me after that. It's very hard when your alt form is a lesbian and you are very much straight. There are a few times that I have found myself waking up as her and not knowing where you are or what is going on. I pretty much turn myself off when she gets into one of those moods. At least she was very much aware of what she was doing when I was younger. Know it's pretty much…sigh.

The good thing is both of my parents are still alive and support me in this. Alice drives those nuts but they get along at least and she is very much aware of what happens to her affects me also. At least my parents like her and Alice does try not to drive them mad too much. There is one thing that is very annoying, Alice loves to flirt with Glory Girl which drives her nuts, and loves to tease her about being slow in the air. This has led to some very loud challenges between them both since both have egos as fliers.

12:41 pm. User: Three dudes.

As for who I am, I think that is pretty damn known by now. I am a 16-year-old version of Taylor and I live with my dad. Mom dies the standard way. We did not fall apart as mainline Taylor did. I never knew a version of Emma, never knew any way of that name or family. My best friend was David, He was older and very much the car guy down the street and pretty much took in a small girl and taught her everything you could know about cars. My trigger involved a car crash and a bunch of DVDs. I can't say just what during the event. But the police report said something about a car crash and lots of DVD's of top gear in the car. I was with David and we were going to a car show or something and had stopped to buy some Top Gear DVDs from the store.

I can say me also do not have to worry about needing an outfit to be a cape. I have one and can transform it into my cape form. I do have the downside of not being able to speak in cape form which sucks. But for some very weird reason, I seem to have 3 Projections that can speak for me and seem to at times have minds of their own.

Some say she likes classical music.

Some say she has balls of steel.

Some say she really hates this intro.

But the only things we know she is called The STIG.

Yep, I am The STIG. I also seem to have the chaps as my projections and they really do have minds of their own at times with what they do. As for where we came out to the world was one very special cast of the Urber and Leet live stream to the world. Let's just say the world went nuts with The Stig being a cape and the crew of Top Gear being a thing. The really amusing thing is that the three guys and the BBC thought it was funny and let us run with it as long as we do not do anything Villain. We also raise money for a couple of different charities.

As for my powers can call up the hard light projections of the guys who can act on their own and speak and interact with things. I can speak through them as needed and they tend to get annoying when I use them that way. They cannot be hurt in anyway but can pick up and use items for some reason. I can transform into The Stig. I can summon all kinds of cars or trucks to use and I am one of the best drivers around hands down. I can pretty much drive or fly anything it seems to superhuman skills. I am the bays most well know and best-loved rouge. The gangs have pretty much learned not to both us because they have come out on the losing end when you drive a truck through MedHall vehicle chasing Kaiser.

One of the best times was something that most of us have had at one point. Those damn Armsmasters panties we had hidden after having as a little girl came back to bite me in the ass. Somehow Mr. Clarkson got them and without me knowing about it asked Armsmaster to sign them and got the reaction on video. The video online went nuts and I do have to say they are framed and hanging in my room with a picture of the reaction.

6:34 pm. User: Maverick

I am sorry Three dudes, but I had to change your user name to Stig. It is much simpler for everyone to figure out who is posting on the forum.

7:59 pm. User: LT

Hey Stig, The video that you posted of Assmaster reacting to the panties is epic. The reaction and how the heck Clarkson got the video? And you come out on an Urber and Leet Livestream…Why does that anyway for your first showing?

8:04pm. User: Ranger

Maverick, thanks for the invite to the forums. It will be fun to chat with others about what happened to each of us and how we are dealing with things. I will post my world setup soon I promise. Lots of background info to make for one hell of an info dump since I have lots of extra details to share to understand why I am very different than most of you guys. Stig, how did the BBC and the guys from top gear react to you becoming them anyway, and did you have to deal with legal issues? And are you a member of a team or PRT or rogue?

2:49 am. User: Stig

Damn it Maverick. I can understand the name change. But I can still dislike it though.

LT, thank you for the reaction to the video. As for why I came out with Urber and Leet, that's easy. I was a fan of them and it was the best place to put together a funny Top Gear parody show since they had the gear and the know-how to do a show. I am what use were my powers in a fight, to be honest? I drive cars and summon them and have three guys that talk about shit all the time. The PRT just would not know how to use me at all and would not let me drive since I am not old enough to drive. I just turned 16 when I posted this. I am black, so that goes out the window for the Empire. The ABB is also out since what use is a driver most of the time? The dragon's driver? No Thanks. The Merchants are a joke and I really do not want to deal with Skids swearing all the time and the drugs. The Undersiders would be pointless since they have dogs to use for getaways and being bad guys. Besides, Tattletale gets on my nerves all the time, she really is a bitch with her know it all ways. Coil is a dick. Kidnapping little girls? Come on, that's the sign of a pedophile if I have ever seen one.

Besides, I got the boys to go straight after the first live stream and they have made more money running the show than when they were hoods. As for the BBC and the Top Gear crew? As long as we do the hero rogue thing they do now have an issue. We also have to do a parody of the show and cannot copy them. They were pretty cool about it. We have been on each other's shows a couple of times and it was fun mixing the reaction up for the crowd for which hosts were which. Besides, Urber and Leet are gamer capes so we kept the theme for our show and do gamer related stuff.

6:48 am. User: Ranger

Hey Maverick, when are you going to post the video of your other half prancing into Miss Piggy's office with a radio, beer and doing the scene from the movie of singing to her and asking her for a date? You talked about it when I sent you PM about something else.

7:35 am. User: Maverick

I hate you Ranger for bringing that up. Now I have to post the damn thing. I have no idea what the hell my alter ego was thinking about that one. I have no idea how the hell Assault found out about it since it was a spur of the moment thing unless she said something to him about it. But he was the one to record it and never lets me forget about it at all. No, The chief did not go out on a date and pretty much tossed her out the door herself and I mean picked her up and tossed her on her ass out the door to her office. Talk about getting shot down in flames though. It was pretty funny since it was not me that did it, just happened to my alter ego.

8:03 am. User: Maverick

It's fragging posted you Bitch.

8:23 am. User: LT

Talk about shot down in flames. Did not know the chief could swear that much.

8:26 am. User: Stig

(Munching popcorn) (Holds up a 7.6 from Hammond, 10 from Clarkson, 8 from Captain Slow) Judges notes, nice pitch, and nice throw with some flare at the end for the door slam.

9:00 am. User: Ranger

That was epic. Holds up a 9 from the judge.

4:40pm. User: Ranger

I am also named Taylor also and I am 14 years old. I have been a cape for the past 4 years and my trigger was much different from the normal types. Mine was started back in 1903 under President Theodore Roosevelt and Texas Governor S.W.T. Lanham. There was someone that could see the future during that time and somehow got the president to figure out what was going to happen in the future and somehow involved me in that deal. Somehow there was the thing that I would be the one to help save the world starting with a city and moving one after that.

The background was the president moved the order to form a special unit under the order of the Texas Rangers, The special paranormal battalion that would only be active starting in 2007 under a very weird setup. The unit was made up of people who were retired after spending time-fighting the Indian wars and settling the old west over the time past the civil war. They got both men and women along with some special types that were added in to the end. There were 100 men and women of all races and backgrounds that became part of this unit. They also had about 10 people who could call upon the magic of different types who added a special touch to the unit even though most people do not believe in it. I think we have a voodoo priestess, a witch doctor, a preacher man, 2 witches, One guy who uses playing cards for his magic, and four Indian shamans to round out the unit for the magic aspect and they really work well together for coming up with things to make up for our lack of superpowers. The battalion is broken down into units of 10 men who carry as a unit 2 double-action revolvers chambered in 45-60 from Colt, a Bowie knife, 9 carry an 1876 Winchester lever-action rifle, one carries a Sharps Big 50 rifle with a scope. Everyone also has issues with a double-barrel break action shotgun to use more current extra loads as needed. We also have horses that have some extra powers, they can run up to about 90MPH for up to 30 minutes, after that they have to slow down to about 40mph. They can fly up to 2 hours at 50mph up to a height of 2000 feet.

We have the motto that we live up to and lots of people in this era do not like it in any case. We are bringing you in, alive or dead, it's your choice. We end up putting a lot of people in the ground. We do not take shit from anyone and the PRT really hates up. It's a good thing we do not have to work under them anyway. I know someone if going to asking why I command such a unit at my age? I will get to that in a couple of lines. My chain of command is the police chief of the Bay. The above is the head of the Texas Rangers. Then we go to the president of the states. I know we skip a lot of steps and step on lots of toes but when the unit was set up in 1903 this is how the unit was to work when it came into being in 2007. Once we were started we came out to the police commissar and we work for the police only, not the PRT even though I am a cape. We brought a lot of firepower to the underfunded police and overworked unit. I have 100 men that carry a lot of firepowers then even the gangs had to sit up and take notice and yes, I have has so many head butts with Miss Piggy cause she is such a bitch who hates my guts and my unit cause do a better job then she can. We also have the head of the PRT also hating me also since I am not under her thumb. We work with law enforcement to clean things up, the PRT seems to like catching bad guys and let then go them go.

Let us start with how I became the head of a unit of the Texas Rangers at my age. I am also one of those people who have a body change power. I turn into a clone you could say of one of the most well-known actors that did westerns, The Duke. My cape name is Texas Ranger Rooster Cogburn, a one-eyed hard-drinking lawman with always has a hip flask of whiskey. He is in his early 60's and very good at this job and also being able to work with some people and wanting to shoot others when they get in his way. My powers are to transform into this hard-bitten lawman. I am a master you could say since the men and women under my command are projections of themselves that have been dead for some time. Any time one of them dies they reform 24 hours later and they really are pissed off and lots of people who kill my men end up dead for killing a lawman. They pretty are permeant and stick around even when I am not in my lawman state you could say. We back the cops up around the city and even asked to be used by other cities and towns for backup and training. We work with the FIB a lot. They are some very good folks.

As for how this came about. I was with my mom down in Washington DC while she was doing some research for a book she was writing on the old west. There was a letter that was found that had a date and time and my name on it. I read the letter and the next thing I know I was a new cape. Let's just say the paperwork and talking to people after that was big….and I mean big. It's not every day that a letter from the past causes a trigger event and has paperwork to back up the event with all the government seals and orders to follow. My mother and father were not very happy, to say the least, but came around after Rooster talked to them at length about what needed to be down to say the world. Who needs a mask when you have a total body transformation as a cape? I really only turn a couple of night a week and weekends for helping out, I have a very good 2nd in command that deals with the day to day stuff since I am a minor and have a life outside of dealing with the law. One thing I can say is that I have been to many end bringer fights and we provide air support to capes that cannot fly. We have lost much fewer capes when we show up and with our magic support we can negate some of the crap they do and while we do lose our support at times, we can afford to sometimes drive them away much quicker since they come back the next day. We try to hell to avoid losing anyone, but sometimes you have to make the call to lose someone to drive the damn things away and do some damage to them. Let's just say if they show up to the Bay, we have the place so warded up they will be in a world of hurt and we will have lots of time to do some really big damage with some rituals set up and ready to enact for that time. We have done some other cities the same way around the world. Most of the cities are capital cities of different countries. I think I will end on this note and let you all read about this and think about this stuff. Kinda heavy on my part of dealing with lots of adult stuff and turning in an agent of the law and being able to tell the PRT to go to hell for the most part on dealing with bad guy capes.

9:48pm User: LT

I just have to say that Ranger, You have some series issues that you deal with, and wow for the stuff you have dealt with over in your neck of the woods. Let's just say my life is pretty much a comedy for sure. I am called Tailor for some weird reason and my parents are both dead. They died in a plane crash and I live with my aunt along with my younger sister who is 6. I just turned 15 and I am friends with the trio who are nice and not the assholes most of you seem to have to deal with. Yes, I know all about Stalker. In this case, she is not the asshole here about the prey and such BS. I am the true rogue of the city for sure. I cannot become a member of the gangs or the PRT and wards because I cannot follow orders at all. My powers seem to have a mind of their own a lot of times. I am also a transformer type of cape that becomes someone else. In my case I have lots of shapes I can take on and lots of times my shapes can seem to come out on their own and run off to cause mayhem. My first form and base for that I use the most is Master Sargent Bugs B. Bunny of the USMC. The rest of the cast I can take is everyone from the loony tunes cast. Now you know why I cannot seem to follow orders very easily. My base form really likes to hunt Nazi's and Japs" his words".

Yes, I have had to deal with the Warner Brothers' legal team. They tried lots of fancy laws to get me to quit being a hero and not to use their characters. We came to easy terms. I have been on the cast of a few movies that we have made with live-action cartoons and many short cartoons like the stars. I pretty much when in my other form I can do anything toons can do as long as it's funny. That means no killing, but can make fun and totally make fun of and tie and other ways make sure humans cannot getaway. Let us just say that the bad guys in the Bay really hate me because I can fight any of them toe to toe and make fun of them and they cannot hurt me. Yep, I have fought Lung a few times along with Hookwolf and some of the other big names in the bay. I have also dealt with the 9 also and brought them to an end. I was not even aware of that one when some of my toons snuck away one day and later I heard on the new that Tweedy, The Warner Brothers and their sister Dot along with Foghorn and a couple of others went and dealt with them. The couple of things I can recall off the top of my head is that Jack pretty much killed himself after dealing with Foghorn after him talking for hours and pretty much tossing him around and calling him Boy for hours. The Siberian ended up becoming the pet of the big red hairy dude that wanted someone the pet and squeeze and call Fred. Not sure what happened to the rest of them offhand cause no one if telling me. I do not know how, but Bonesaw got to turn back in time just after her trigger event. She is now 6 years old again and has forgotten what she has gone through over the past 6 years, she is still a cape that has lots of medical know-how and helps out Ami heal people. It's funny being healed by a 6-year-old though for lots of people it's mind-blowing.

The very funny thing is that certain that many of the bay guys and good guys in my town have their personal toon that likes annoying or hanging out with them for whatever reason. And I will have to say it seems no matter which world it seems you see, Armsmaster is still a dick.

The Undersiders seem to have been taken off the market as bad guys and away from Coil by Granny, Not sure what happened there to cause it. But Granny just loves the Undersiders and loves to whack Tattletail with a rolling pin when she gets out of hand. They are now Goofy good guys somehow. I really do not have anything to do with them much, Granny seems to always be with them for some reason.

Armsmaster is pretty much deals with Foghorn a lot. It is very funny to watch. Assault is loved by all the tunes because he really gets into the spirit of them doing things. His wife Battery just seems to live with it somehow. Velocity is always finding Speedy hanging with him and for some weird reason, Speedy has taken to carrying a pair of straight razers he uses to shred people's outfits which leaves them not wearing much trying to muster being almost naked all of a sudden.

Oni Lee seems to find himself having to face off with DUCK DODGERS IN THE 26 ½ CENRTY. Lung seems to find he is facing a little yellow bird all the time. I think it has something to do with Japanese history. The Nazi party always seems to find them dealing with me as Bugs, hitting Hookwolf in his wolf form with a newspaper never gets old. Urber and Leet always love to film stuff which combines games and toons with me a lot. They have become one of the best rogue units in the bay after they had a little talk with me once. Those are just a few of the fun facts about my world. The EndBringers have had to deal with the toons also and the Smurf really hates when they show up because she cannot seem to figure out what they will do. And yes, the entire toon force shows up to annoy the hell out of the big party poopers. We have not lost any capes when we show up in force though. The damage is also pretty much very down also along with people being hurt. Have to love cartoon picnics for the win.

This chapter has some guests that posted some stuff on a couple of different places with different people and wanted to share what they posted along with reactions to them from other Taylors. Want to thank the following people: It's a cauldron_plot!, Simada from Spacebattles forums in that order. The Nachoman from is the last user in this post for stuff being posted. Thank you guys for letting me share this with everyone.

1:47 AM. User: Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn: (Verified goddess) (Queen of minds) ( Submit)

ndskaljbdibiswlabdhbwelfwabbdwadn MINE~

Gun Bunny: ( Gun Nut) ( Walking Armory)

Oh hell no, frack this!

More of us: (Verified copypasta)

Nope nope nope!

Golden Dawn: (Verified goddess) (Queen of minds) ( Submit)


7:59 am. User: Maverick

Welcome Golden Dawn, I hate when goddess types screw with my format for this board. Now I have to figure out what the hell happened and fix things damn it.

9:03 am. User: Stig

Hello Golden Dawn and someone else who breaks our lovely host. Sorry Mav, you had that coming.

9:10 am User: Maverick

Screw you stig, Screw you. Wait, My other half would love that damn it. Why the hell am I saying that damn it. Sigh…..

10:01 am. User: Ranger


07:07 am user: Para Bellum

Hello people like a lot of us, I am a 16 years old version of Taylor, I triggered in the locker, Emma still betrayed me, Sophia is still a bitch, Winslow still sucks etc...

Now the "fun" part of my story: my power is to summon/create an army, I am restricted to 10 000 soldiers vehicles, not into the count, now when I say summon that exactly what I mean, I summon what I like to call Heroes Units, these H.U are special because they are sentient, they have their own mind, their own history and attitude, for example, my first H.U is a SAS captain named Price is the one who taught me to fight and to shoot and how to train my body, as for when did I summon him it was after I got home, I had this feeling in my that tell me that I can summon someone, it was weird first when I summon him, one moment I was alone in my room bathing in my shame, anger, and sadness with a little voice in my head telling me to call a hero the next a soldier appears in my room asking me what are my orders after that I don't want to talk about it,

The second part of my power the creation part of it, well basically I create highly intelligent non-sapient soldier or grunt with a random name, and I can custom their appearance, how they look, and their equipment.

That is all, I want to talk about.

P.S: I made Sophia my bitch.

1:00pm User: Maverick

Welcome Para Bellum and that is a very cool power to be able to summon your own army for sure. You take the cake for "And what army are you going to call?" The one right behind you sucker. And just how did you bring the shadow bitch to heal?

2:04pm. User: Ladybug.

There is us, Taylor Anne and Taylor Rose Hebert. Or Taylor for short, because we've come to realize that pretending that we're still separate individuals is nothing but wishful thinking.

We are the hero "Ladybug" in our reality. Yeah: "hero" in singular: we are a Case 70. By the Case system of the PRT, that means we are a pair of twins who became conjoined or fused at the moment of our Trigger Event.

Our Trigger Event, by the way, was a variant of the Locker: the janitorial break room at Winslow's basement, plenty of duct tape, and a couple of buckets of fire ants. Yeah, our Sophia was as bad as what seems to be the average. Emma as well, although we are pretty sure those two were an item until they were arrested. Surprisingly, though, Madison kept a very detailed diary which she tossed at the prosecution and saw a good dozen arrests.

Our Protectorate and PRT don't seem to be quite as corrupt/incompetent as most of yours seems to be. Although it hurts us to see so many of your Armsmasters be complete arseholes and/or glory hounds, and your Directors Piggot is some anti-cape crazy far above her incompetence level. Our Armsmaster is fairly robotic, but still a good boss And Shadow Stalker was never a Ward, so we have absolutely no hard feelings with the team or the institution.

Now, we're the envy of most Case 70's because we aren't physically fused, and can in fact get away from each other the best part of a mile. We, in turn, envy Tandem: while those two girls can't get physically further from each other than to sleep in separate bedrooms, they aren't mentally fused like us, feeling and controlling each other's bodies and hearing each other thoughts all the time.

We are seeing loads and loads of greyed-out text in plenty of these posts. We guess that's all information censored by whoever created this weird mental forum. It scares us, looking hard at greyed out text makes us look at images of Endbringers and other S-class threats.

If you can read this, befriend the healer that may be called Panacea, Dryad or Marchioness in your world or at least try to talk to her about finances and the fact that it is preposterous to think that heroes don't make money out of their powers. Turns out that New Wave is rotten to the core, have fed her that tripe since she Triggered and have hushed deals for big bucks with every hospital she's allowed to visit.

Take care, everybody.

PS: It looks like Mum being an English teacher seems to be her most common profession. Have a little shame, all of you Taylor Heberts, and clean up your acts! Half of you seem to write in chat-speak, while most of the rest barely seem to bother!

2:30 pm. User: LT

Welcome to our newest members,

Golden Dawn, Wow…..really annoying our host with your first post. That takes guts.

Para, dude, that what I do seem to do along with Ranger but not as many people that we summon though.

Damn princess(Ladybug), Talk about a burn right off the bat with your post about the rest of us. Not all of us can type very all at the best of times. Try typing when you are in you are a small tweedy bird sometimes. As for seeing things? Sure you are not doing some strange shrooms or something? Now of the rest of us seem to be seeing grey boxes when doing this forum.

3:00pm. User: Stig

Ok, I have to quote LT here, Damn princess.

3:23 pm. User: Ranger

Anyone else seeing a theme going on here with a lot of us with shape changers and being able to summon other beings? Sounds like a ROB might be having way to much fun with us I think.

4:15 pm. User: Maverick

Welcome Ladybug. Try not to annoy everyone with your first post, please. I have not idea what is happening to you to see a text from the forum. But the way this should be working is you got a letter in the mail. Yes, the post office somehow mailed letters across the multiverse. Have to love that sometimes. Not even going to figure out how it works but I know there are some places that you can cross over and they do stuff like that. I took a place book out doing that after a higher power asked me to host this idea. No, I will not tell you which higher power did it or why. It is helping us out a lot and learn some stuff from others like us and give support in place to vent and see about how to fix things in our different worlds and learn something new about powers and each other and ourselves.

Are you sure that you did not end up with the gamer powers by chance? That's one thing that happens if you are seeing boxes with text and images. Also, the forums are not censored at all and you get to see everyone as people post. The only thing that gets some ban for is some posts that really tear each other a new asshole and the thing like child porn or stuff like that since most of us seem to be underage. We also will not talk to much about our sex lives ladies and gents for those we have not posted yet.

I have been told a couple of new members should be posting in the next few weeks from Goddess-chan, Arthur Prefect-our first male member so far. He does ask that everyone not make the joke about the number 42, He really does have the first-hand tale about that. We also have Pokegirl willing to post and her very edgy issue with her powers that really got her into hot water with everyone in her world. I am waiting to hear back from the weird version of the cape lawyer that I sent a message to. I have lots of other people that I am waiting to hear back from and others that I need to contact and see if they would be willing to share their story on here. Thanks, everyone and chill out and have fun, please.

8:37 am USER: Ladybug

Princesses, galls, and the few guys. It's bad enough that, masks-on, all our friends have to pretend that we don't mind.

And it isn't mushrooms, either. We actually thought it could be carbon monoxide in our bedroom at home, but inviting over Kid Win demonstrated that our home has no such issues. Our interface isn't a block of text in the air or something: we go to sleep, then we sometimes dream that we are at our computers browsing these forums, and then wake up in the morning knowing that we were back in the Taylor Hebert Forums, but we don't remember but the vaguest thing about it. And as to how it started: one day there was a diskette on top of one of our computers which said, precisely, "The Taylor Hebert Forums", but it was blank and we didn't think anything about it until we dreamed our first session that night.

As to censor out text: it has a pattern to it. It doesn't normally blank anything when people are just chatting, but it then goes crazy when somebody starts giving their biography, commenting on their past fights or past threats beyond their first few months as active capes, except for some of you who didn't start out anywhere in New England or have powers that simply don't lend themselves to combat. We imagine this ROB fellow must be censoring events that are still possible in our future. Which in this case means that we must be at the beginning of our own story?

And as to our story: we Triggered; a week later we were sworn into the Wards; a couple of months hence we helped capture Lung (high-level Changer: slowly turns into a fire-covered dragon and gets stronger the longer he fights); then a mad bomber in his gang went on a killing spree and we scouted her lab ahead of the operation executing her Kill Order; then we really began to notice our brains were scrambling each other and we had a breakdown; then we bounced back, befriended Dryad (we think most of you call her Panacea), and began dating Aegis.

That's our bio so far. No grand battles, which seems to be (in context) what many of your bios are all about: And that scares us, because we guess we are heading your way.

System crash…..system crash….

Rebooting in 5…..4….3…2….1…..reboot failed.

System backup coming online….

System backup failed…

System backup coming online…

System needs HALP now…..Paging ROB….Paging ROB…

Forums back online in 5….4….3….2….1…..system online and working.

1:37 pm User: ROB(system tech)

Ladybug, WHAT THEY HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SYSTEM? You were the last person to post and somehow you crashed the whole damn system including backups. I have no idea what the heck you're doing to censor yourself but the system should not be doing that at all. This really is something simple to let Taylors chat with each other and learn how to use their powers and deal with some of the crap on the different worlds. I am not even sure how the heck you're doing the dream thing since I know you were one that was more high tech and should have been a computer interface for the system. I know there have been some that will have this system in other forms than a computer system. There have been book form, painting form, and a few other wired and off-beat ways for local Taylors to interface with the forums and everyone will see things differently from their point of view. There will be talking painting or moving painting for those that are from a lower-tech base and if you want to share things, you will understand how to share the memory with everyone on here.

As for Ladybug, do you know I had to ask for help from three different goddesses of tech to get the system back online because I have no bloody clue how the heck you crashed the damn system? I have cleaned up your censored issue and you should not have any other issue. If you do it's all in your head. As for the rest of you, do not pile on her, I have already reached out and given her a boot to the head. As for who I am, I am a goddess from an alien set of worlds that is nowhere near human. I came up with this idea after a Taylor somehow reached out and touched my power somehow and this leads me to learn about you all and the different versions. I wanted to help my new high priestess learn new ways to help her world, but she died before this idea got finished. She had a horse and buggy crash killing her. So I am doing this in her memory. Thank you all and back to our admin to get things back to normal.

1:45 pm User: Maverick

Thank you ROB for getting the system back online and for not going too hard on Ladybug for crashing the system. Holy crap, you crashed a goddess powered supercomputer that crosses over to many different parts of the multiverse…Ladybug, what type of powers do you really have….I stand in dumbfound shock at that with how you pulled it off. (Hoists a beer just for you).

2:00pm User: Ranger

This beer is just for you Ladybug, first, you bitch at all of us for our grammar, and then you crash the system…..WTF? Remind me to never really piss you off…..

2:09pm User: LT

Well, Doc. You really and somehow managed to do something that all of me could not even think of doing at all. We all hold up a beer to you. Hope that was not too much of a boot to the head that our tech support gave you. Ok, I think most of us are not really drinking a beer for real, just our toasting you for doing the holy crap!

2:12 pm User: Golden Dawn

(Stands speechless with a beer in one hand.)

2:15pm User: Stig

Copies Golden Dawns line.

2:30 pm User Parabellum

Welp, I thought I had some firepower to crack shit open? This takes the bloody cake for sure and I cannot even touch this with a bloody orbital fire support role. Shotguns a beer in your honor.

2:45pm User: Pokegirl

I was going to make my first post about myself. I can not even think of anything after reading what happened to the system today. I have access to a bunch of high powered hackers, but it would take about a dozen of them to even think about dealing with this system. I will have to hold up a root beer instead of a normal beer.

7:30 am USER: Sister Anne (Taylor of Heir Berth), Empowered Witch, Nun of the Abbey of Arcadia, Church of the Golden Zion, in the Duchy of Brockton, Colony of New England. Anno Domini 1905.

I apologize so much for speaking up.

Here is my cell, one day I saw a shower of golden sparks deposit this book. This book that nobody but me can see and seems to be a collective journal and written forum for me, across many, many realities. This book full of wonders like Jules Verne himself was writing about me!

For almost three years I have been reading on all of the lives of the different mess across the worlds, never feeling secure to write about the quiet life of a quiet nun like me. It wasn't until Brother Kenta took a turn to teach and taught us Eastern philosophy that I finally understood that I too have something to contribute to these blessed pages. While I long for adventure, as most wizards and witches do, he taught us how much times of disquiet can also be a calamity.

In his home country of Japan, people curse each other's by telling "May you live in interesting times."

My own times are blessed by being uninteresting: the world is happy under the velvet glove of Her World Majesty Queen Victoria the Second. The flying capital of Atlantis continuously takes tribute from colonies in plenty and gives it back to colonies in famine. Wars are fought by champions instead of armies, and that if they ever get outside the Chamber of Nations. And the Imperial Air Navy is always vigilant, always ready to step in and help colonial governors and constabularies who may face miscreants, radicals, republicans, and traitors beyond their own capacity. As to us Witches and Wizards, we are detected as soon as we activate (what most of you call Trigger) then the circumstance of our Activation is investigated by the Imperial Air Navy while we are sent to evaluation. From then on we are given choices as to how to best develop ourselves and how to best serve either our region, our Nation, or Colony (not that there's a real difference), or to go straight to serving the Empire. I am for one considered a high-value asset and I am allowed to do whatever I want (where I prefer to study in my abbey) as long an I'm available to kill insect plagues that may threaten fields throughout the continent.

Although, as to my view into the forum, I too have issues with not seeing everything. I can see your biographies clearly and completely, but I see naught but bloats of ink whenever somebody describes engineering marvels beyond my world. I believe that, in the benevolence of the Golden Zion, I am not allowed to see things that would damage my world. Or perhaps his infinite wisdom wishes to see us discover those on our own, like your normal tales of flying in vessels faster than sound.

Sister Anne wishes all of you the best. Please all of you go on adventures while I go drown locust clouds in nearby rivers.

4:40 pm User: Maverick

Welcome, Sister to the forums. If you have anything that you do not understand and need someone to explain things that might not be from your world or even things that might seem like magic to you, just ask. Someone will try to help out our members that do not come from high-tech settings and sometimes forgot how to explain things to someone who does not get the ideas that we might talk about.

And that means you jokers cannot make the BURN THE WITCH joke. She might think we really want to burn her. She does not get the moving pictures thing for our world comedy and crass humor at times.

Want to thank Nachoman for the start and getting me going to get a new chapter done and get pokegirl to post on here with her background. I still have a couple of other people to post ideas for which will come up soon like the idea for the hitchhikers guide…..as a power….

7:09 pm User: Ladybug.

For one thing, thanks to ROB for unblocking our view.

For another, we are totally freaking out: we seem to be following the "mainline". We had our own kind of Locker (even if ours didn't happen until March 7 rather than the common January 3); then we had our first battle exactly on the dot for the main timeline: we scouted and ultimately collaborated on Lung's arrest on April 10. Next mayor event: Leviathan is supposed to come knocking on May 15! Tomorrow!

We are trying everything we can to wake ourselves up! We want to raise the alarm! We need to raise the alarm!

Besides, what could we do in this kind of engagement? We're scout and distraction specialists and are training hard on both intelligence and espionage, but when all the chips are down, we're nothing but two squishy humans who can control bugs and can teleport with minimal cargo, strictly line of sight. Even with normal rain, we're down to seeing strictly indoors and with teleporting a city block at a time. With Leviathan we'll be down to being pretty!

Not that we'll remember anything when we wake up, but: any ideas for tomorrow? We don't want to die, but we won't be the only Ward who cowers inside the PRT bunker.

8:10 pm USER: The Ratter.


Long time user, but always kept quiet. Also, one of apparently the very few guys on this thing.

I too can see now as well. It was too late for me, though: my Uncle Alan, my Aunty Zoe, my Dad, and my very adorkable GF Emma died three days ago. My big sis Zoe is missing, so presumed dead. And I'm also homeless: Leviathan came, but Scion didn't, so Leviathan had all of the time in the world to undermine the city and wash it into the bay. Some Southside and downtown shelters were actually designed for the possibility and floated, but in the Docks, they were little more than refitted fallout shelters and sank like rocks.

The only consolation I have is that it must have been either quick or painless: they ruptured and drowned everybody inside real quick, or they stayed sealed and everybody fell to CO2 poisoning, which Dad told me everything about: you just get drowsy, then fall asleep, then die.

And technically, I'm legally dead as well. I've seen myself in the "Missing, presumed dead" lists. Should I bother to correct that?

And I also don't know where to go, now: I've been an independent hero ever since I Triggered, but today I'm reading that Sophia Hess, the thug that harassed Emma so much must be the much-touted hero Shadow Stalker. Is the entire Protectorate nothing but thugs that like to tout their own horns? I'm traveling south, by the way, trying to get to New York. Do you know if I should bother at all with the heroes, or just try to get contracted by a farming corporation as a rodent control specialist?

Ladybug: by any chance, do you girls control crabs? I think I've seen crab parts on the beach. Not that I think it will make any difference: toward the end of the fight, Leviathan began killing people by pulling them apart by their blood. Turns out that his Manton Limit was purely him pulling his punches! Just get the heck out of dodge!

Pokegirl: in fear of being called a creep or something, what's with the name? I'm The Ratter because rodents in my area of effect like following my orders. Do you have Striker power where you poke people and it does something?

9:00 pm User: Maverick

Welcome to the boards Rattler. If nothing else making yourself known to the powers that be is both good and bad depending on how you wish to see it. You can get some help in the long term and have to deal with crap. It depends on how screwed up your PRT is, to be honest. Some are much better than others. Mine is pretty good to deal with. Rangers hate her because she is not in the chain of command and can pretty much tell the local leader to pound sand since she has a different commend chain. When your final boss is the President of the country, you can have a different outlook on dealing with people. I have seen one cape that pretty much wanted to have Taylor tossed into jail after getting into a fight with Stalker and both got ousted. The entire hero team and wards quiet or asked to be transferred. It seems Stalker in most places is an asshole no matter what shit happens. If you can get under Legend, go for it. New York seems to pretty mild for dealing with things from what I have seen. As you are the 2nd dude that we have had on here we also have Arthur who has not posted yet and I have been bugging him to post soon.

Ladybug, If you can get Ami to make some superbugs for you to deal with…..maybe Mecha sized bug to go toe to toe with Levi or deal with search and recuse since you can easily find people to pull them out and ask her to make some bigger bugs to haul people to help which would be the best bet if you could. Stay safe and let us know what happens. We will try to find some of the others that fought him and get you some tips tonight if I can. He is very hard to deal with and I have had tough times dealing with him. When I deal with him he seems to leave big pieces of himself behind. I would say to ask Loony Tunes for advice…but she might not be able to give you tactics that would work for your power set. I think we have by now watched the videos of her solo battling the end bringers and pretty much doing the same thing of shaving their head and the barber chair each and every time….and they keep falling for it for some stupid reason. I think this also the same reason they keep chasing her around the city and step on her and she just gets up and off again. It's the damn cartoon physics she uses which is both funny as hell, but annoying in the fact you can now borrow idea to fight them.

Also, note to add for you, our host one the system ROB hates you with every fiber of her being right now since you crashed the system. From what I can gather, it took 3 weekends of blackout drinking to even fix the system and prevent her from finding you in person to deal with you in some way. If you want to know how much drinking was done between the three goddesses it took to fix it? Figure out how much drink is made each year in the USA, and that is how much was drunk each weekend to fix everything.

Speaking of Pokegirl. She is one of our younger members to join the board so please keep in mind when dealing with her and her powers are really outside what some of us would even think of for coming up with and the trouble she has had because of it in her homeworld. She would very much be trump for powerbase from what we have chatted online over the past few weeks. Her powers are based very loosely off the Pokémon world….very loose.

For those who do not understand what I am talking about like our sister on here, I will do a very rough setup for you. The setting is based on moving pictures and games where you play a tamer who goes around finding different animals and catch them and tame them to use for your use. They are the stuff out of nightmares and stuff from fantasy-like dragons and ghosts. You use them for helping you find more creatures to use and trade them off for others that you can use and to sell for money. You also do battle with other tamers for prizes and money and to travel the world gaining things like badges to rise in ranks of some type and become higher in standing for things like big events and whatnot. The one thing the creatures have in common is that they have all kinds of cool things like shoot fire or transform or heal or something. And they are bloody well very cute. There is the line, to sum up, the idea is "Gotta catch them all!" I hope that gives a few members of her power set. I am meaning her powers are very loosely based on that setup.

10:30 am. User: Pokegirl

Thank Maverick for telling everyone about the very weird and really overpowered setup I ended up with. Let us just start that I am the world's biggest Madam or the biggest sex worker setup, I am not sure which. That leads to my powers and age. Because of my powers and what I can do with my age, I pretty much had no choice but to go public when it came to my powers. I am not quite a bio tinker like Bonesaw or Nerburg. I am not like a tinker like Armsmaster or Hero. My power kind of has templates that I can summon and use from both tech and my creatures….I am not even sure how to go from here at the moment.

I guess the best bet is to start with my intro of who I am and what I do I guess. My name is Lily Herbert. MY dad is in charge of the docks like a lot of you seem to have. My mother on the other hand… is a stay-at-home mom you could say. Do you know all the Blond jokes that get tossed around? Yep, she pretty much is that. I love her dearly, but she really is pretty stupid. NO one is sure how she passed High school and made it through the real world at times. Her is a case of her logic, 1+1=light? Yes, I do not get that myself and I am still in grade school. I live in the Bay like most of you and we no longer live in the same house that most of you have seen. I own a very large compound on the north side of the city which is very well guarded because of what I am and do.

I triggered at the age of 7 years old and it took a few months to figure out I had powers cause they did not show up in the normal way to start with even as tinkers did. My current age of 10 years old right now plays into a huge fact with my powers. When I told my dad about what my powers did she was very….not trilled in a good way. We did have to talk to the powers that be in the PRT and there is a reason I am not saying what my powers are just yet. There is a huge build-up to understand what I have to deal with and what I can do and not do. I have lots of people who love me and hate me at the same time and sometimes it the same group. My power is very scary if used the wrong way and left to fend for itself. I have more training in medical, the mind arts, business, and law to be able to just use my powers. Let's just say it scares the hell out of a lot of people what I can do with my powers and what I could do if really got pissed off at people.

Let's start with the tech side of my powers and go from there. Some of you might know more about the setting of Pokémon with the red and white balls that can house the Pokémon and the healing machines that heal them and some of the other support that might now make the rounds? Yes to making that all and using it. I have had more stuff that you can carry a backpack that carries more stuff than you could with more space on the inside than you thought with weird things that I am just going to call magic for easy speak. The balls work that way along with the healing machines and lines of support gear you can now own sold to the public.

And now to the living part of my powers where I ran into lots of issues dealing with the world and it was not pretty at first. It really is hard being a kid with this power setup. Grownups can be real assholes lots of times. For the record, I am still a virgin and have not interested in sex right now after having to deal with the aftermath of dealing with some rapes and all the study I have had to do with my powers. Yes, I have pretty much the understanding of a doctor with how much I know about the human body. I think I know more about the act of sex than most adults at this point. I am sure you are wondering why I am bringing this all up on here. That has to do my power; I did not get the Pokémon cute creature to deal with. Nope, I got to deal with Poke girls and all the shit that goes with that can of worms. No do you understand my issues? If you do not know that type of thing, all the things I can summon can in the form of some type of female creature. Everything from normal-looking female to bunny girls, robot style girls, half-bird, spider crossovers, to girls that can become one with a computer system. The downside is that is human under whatever they look like and what powers they have. The downside of the thing is they have all kinds of superpowers and are much tougher than standard humans. The other and biggest issue is they have to have sex on a regular basis or they lose their minds and become nothing more than wild animals. Now think about someone that is stronger than a normal human female and has the firepower to rip open a tank and pretty much wants nothing more than to mate with someone. Yep, that's pretty much sums up the downside. Know you know why my power scares the hell out of people. The girls are pretty normal under the skin and can breed in two ways, the first is to create a mini close though splitting of some time. The other way is the old fashion way of giving birth and carrying a child for 9 months. They grow up as normal girls for the first 16 years. When they turn 16 is when the fun starts and they have to start having sex to keep their minds. Some might need it once a week, others once a year, and others could just love it whenever they can get it. The different breeds have their own quirks for that. They cannot have children until the age of 30. There are some breeds that are pretty much clones and others that can look really different than others of the same breed. Sorry if I call them that, but my powers seem to have come with terms and everything from a different world and I just end up using that to talk about things and people have learned to understand that. This has led to lots of stuff my world has had to deal with and right now I really do not want to get into how things have gone. I will say that I can call up some really big firepower to deal with endbrings though. When you can call up a few hundred girls with lots of firepowers and can damage them. They have not become many issues after that. I have one breed that is the type that could easy to be a class S threat and be a mini end bringer easy. That's the type I only rarely bring out as they are very hard to control.

Hey Ladybug, I could lend you a couple of bug types for a deal with Levi if you wish? I will warn you that you will have your hands full dealing with them and you will have to keep them very happy after the fight. I hope you like girls that way if you want.

10:45 am User: Stig

OH SHIT! Did you just offer to let Ladybug have a couple of Black Widows? Holy fuck Pokegirl, you do not offer those damn things ever easy, and if you are making the offer and with what I know of that setting that is some damn big firepower. Yes, I admit I read lots of Poke girl fanfiction, sue me. What about lending her a couple of Izers or something that can fly would be better? As for the crossover to bring them over….Pokegirl has that covered easily. Or maybe Gunhero or something or really annoy everyone there with a Goddess type. They really are annoying for sure. Now you have me with thoughts of seeing ladybug as a tamer with having to deal with and keep with 6 girls in her harem. "Gotta Screw Them ALL."

12:45pm User: Mini-Goddess

Hi everyone, my name is Sara Hebert. I am also one of the younger members on here also at the age of 11 years old. I know most of us do seem to be the centerpiece on really changing our worlds for some reason. It must be our fate or just pissing off the Fates or something about being the person to change things. I have to say that with my trigger I really change the world in more ways than one. Both of my parents are history professors and experts in religious items. They were asked to come to Rome to the Vatican to check out some items that had been found in Japan and brought to Rome to be looked at. I have no idea why or how the items got there or why. Let's just say that I am not a cape or have the things needed to trigger into one. Nope, I triggered into something much bigger and better in some cases and with the changed the world. I triggered in Rome at the age of 7 years old in front of the highest members of the church. It was not good days after I touched one of the items that were being looked at by my parents. My parents were not anyone faith and really were into the history of many different ones.

I touched one of the items that were been looked and something started a huge chain reaction that wreaked the room and some of the items and had me floating in a pillar of energy for about 10 minutes before things settle down and I was out cold for a couple of days. A little while later a very different being showed up to explain what happened to me. I set off the wards on one of the items and let magic back into the world along with summoning the gods of old to allow them to walk the earth after being gone for ages. The person that showed up was the Japanese sun goddess herself since I turned out to be a new goddess that no one knew about. I am Sara, the Japanese Goddess of Sex, Fertility, and Healing. I know a very weird combo of areas of influence. I have been told under no way in heck that I am learning anything about my sex aspect or more of the fertility aspects of my powers till I turn 18; the big boss in charge of the heavens spoke that. That is one person you do not piss off in any way. The only thing from Fertility is blessing people so they have an easy time having kids. The healing I have the most access to and do help out the local Hospitals a lot with healing. I work with healing lots of kids in my city.

What happened is after that the pope had to explain to lots of people that the gods did and could now walk the world again. It was a very big deal with having the old gods showing up and really getting mad at some of their followers. Some of the gods were pretty cool and others were asked to leave and not to come back by world leaders. Zeus is one of them after hitting on a few wives of world leaders and being decked by some of the ladies he was going after. Let's say the guy is a huge dick and I have met him. I was 8 years old when I got to meet him and he had the nerve to hit on me and try to seduce me. The fucking bastard was willing to seduce the new goddess of all things. His wife Hera finally left him after that little stunt along with having most of the Japanese and Norse Pantheons howling for his blood. The rest of the havens have pretty much given him the cold shoulder after that.

That leads to how I changed the Bay so much for the better. It became the center of the boom of religion since that is the city where we lived in. A group of new followers of mine donated the lands to form a new temple for me and my family to live in along with clergy that any religion needs to have. The place was right across the street from Medhall, right in the center of the Neo-Nazi gang which was pretty funny, to say the least when the city says go for it to the building a Japanese-style temple and area right there. Kaiser was pissed off and could not say a damn thing when The ABB showed up one day and Lung turned himself and his gang over to me as temple guards and bodyguards. This was about a couple of months after the temple started being built. This was about 6 months after I become a goddess. I know have a Dragon and an Oni as bodyguards for me and my family and the Nazis have pretty much cannot do a damn thing since he is in their heart and we also have many gods showing up to train me in my powers and stay at the temple when they are in town. When you have the Greek god of war, Thor and a couple of other gods show up on your doorstep and tell you to deal with your followers. It was funny watching Kaiser's reaction on video that was broadcast over the net. New Wave pretty much has also changed a lot with them getting some big help since Brandish tried to attack Kali once and that leads to the family getting lots of mental help that was needed. The local PRT has also been expanded and helped out with a few gods showing up and willing to work alongside them. Ms. Pigget has pretty much had a coming to terms with the world since someone healed her by accident a while back. Not sure what happened but she did lose some years of her age and regained her fire for helping the troops under her.

As for a few of the other big names on my world, the S9 was wiped out by a group of demons on the order of the big cheese down stairs. She got a little fed up with them offering things up in her name and dealt with them. The only one to live was a little girl with them and she was cleaned up and had the memories of what she did wiped and dropped off with us to be raised again. She is a good person now that can help with healing people. The endbringers are left alive for one reason, Different gods love to come out and do battle with them and do not kill them and have fun kicking their ass and leaving them alive to get kicked again the next month. Not sure what happened to the golden boy, I was told do not to worry about it and left at that.

1:15pm User: Arthur

I am the other male member on the boards so far and I guess Maverick will not leave me alone to talk about who I am. I am much older than everyone here and I am the male version of some of you. My name is Arthur Prefect and I am married to Mouse Protector and we have two kids. That's all I am saying on that or anything about when we met or anything. I am also the world's first person to get powers. You hear all about the big three that made up with stuff. I very much kept a very low profile, to say the least because my power is annoying. But it's also what I did that changed the world. I have Scion living with me and I turned him into a party animal sort of. He loves to party on Friday night and can drink a lot of beer. I also have the Endbringers that seem to love hanging out also and not causing issues with everyone. My power is to come up with and sport Vogon Poetry. I can defuse any fight any time by just starting to say about a poem. Everyone runs screaming from me then. I live in England and stay in America a lot for reasons with Scion. I also have a robot named Marvin, Not sure where he came from, he just showed up one day. He really is depressing though. I do drive and own many Ford Prefects, it's the only car I can own when you have my last name. I also work with a case 53 named Zafad who has two heads. I write and keep up to date a book called the Hitch Hikers Guide to the multiverse. And yes the answer is 42. So deal with it. That's all I am going to say about myself. The endbringers and Scion love to have a once a month meeting with me to recite Vogon Poems, they seem to be the only people who love my work. I really do not understand why people hate my work though. The worst-selling book ever is my poetry book.

10:20 am User: Sailor Loony

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Taylor and I am one of you though I do not share the same name. I live in The Bay which seems to be very common on here for some reason. I am 13 years old and MY dad is a lawyer who is the DA for the city. My mother is also a lawyer for a firm in the city also who deals with biz law. You could say I am very much in the way of dealing with if I get into trouble things get big very much. They make sure to always be there for me and not let their jobs get in the way of being a family. I also have an older brother who is a member of the PRT in our city and is a mechanic for them. I also have a younger sister who is 10 years old and this how I meet my tutor in the superhero biz. MY sister and I were shopping when we got chased by some gang members and were trapped in an alley by them when a guy on a motorcycle shows up out of a hole in the air and knocks them out. The person has also knocked out himself. Just as he was showing up I started to trigger and somehow when he showed up things went very wrong. I somehow ended up with a weird copy of his powers. My trigger was screwed up because of all the magic that was in the air when he came through the portal to our world. I forgot to say that my sister also somehow triggered at the same time and we both ended up with copies of his power.

Who did show up? One Colonel Douglas Q Sangnoir of the paramilitary organization Warriors Alpha, they are a unit backed by their world's version of the United Nations to be super powered Police. Mr. Sangnoir is a mage with a broken talent that can only be used with music. He also has this weird person force field but we did not get that power. My sister and I got the copy of his magic talent somehow and when he came to he helped us out and got to meet our parents. They both helped him get settled into the city and help work with the PRT and be a hired cape for the city. He likes to make the statement that he is a superhero, not a cape which everyone in our world is called. He was also the person to train us in his power since we had a copy of his magic talent. The hero ID that I went with was that of a sailor scout based on one of the magical girls that he mentored a couple of times and with his hero name being Loony Toons, Sailor Loony seemed to be the way to go since he was my teacher. Yes, I have to short skirt and gloves. I use steeled toe boots for the base instead of those damn heels those other girls were forced to wear. I used a black on black for my uniform to blend into the background and ability to hide. My sister also went with the same style of uniform. We did not join the wards of our city since the rules and everything sucks about them. We formed a new team with some other people in the city and they are all older than me and my sister. Yes, we snagged the members of the Undersiders that seem to show up in most of your worlds before they could get tagged by that asshole Coil. I cannot say much about how things are different from your worlds and such, but we got to meet his boss, a real-life Goddess who kicks ass when showing up full-powered to kick the ass of an end bringer.

11:58 am. User: Not a hero

I have to say that I feel so boring and understated to everyone else on this forum. My name is Sue Young, I do not have any superpowers at all and we not have anything like the rest of you for heroes or bad guys. I live in Germany and I am Japanese my parents being members of the USA military. MY dad was a member of the US 5th division that spearheaded the last real action of WWIII. My world has been at war for the past 4 years and the shit has hit the fan. The time is late July of 2000 and the USSR have been at war with the Chinese and then the west. In the year 1997, the nukes started flying and we pretty much bombed ourselves back to the stone ages almost. The government for the most part has broken down and the only real type of government left is what is left of the army. I live with friends of my parents while my dad's unit was called up to go into action after the spring planting. My mother was killed a couple of weeks ago in a fight with marauders that were terrorizing a town near here. I am age 12 and it's been hard growing up in our world where you never know if you will wake up to see the next day or where you will get a meal. I just got word that my dad's unit was overrun in the last drive into Poland and the unit was scattered to the four winds.

We have called this war the Twilight war since this was the last time anything beyond local strongmen rules now since the government pretty much was wiped out. I have had to learn to be a farmer and how to hunt and survive in this world since it's the only way to see the next day. I know how to shoot and track and I have had to shoot other humans to defend our little town against those that would rape and kill us. I have no idea if my father is alive, dead, a POW, or what and it's the least of things to worry about right now. If you are wondering how I see this forum, it came to me in the form of a book to write in and interact with. It's funny to be able to read a book that shows movies and videos from other worlds and those that are better and not much better than mine. The weapon that I use for defending myself is a 30-06 Winchester bolt action rifle that my dad kept for hunting. I have to do the reloading of brass a lot and it's hard to find new ammo for it though.

1:14 pm User: Maverick

Well, I must say welcome to is our new members of the group. An out and out magical girl, someone is based on The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, a plain girl living in hell, and a bloody Goddess for real? And there are a couple of others that are going to post this week for their stories.

Sailor Loony, You got to meet Doug's boss? WOW, our host was wondering whatever ever happened to her, she just vanished from the multiverse and none of the gods have seen her around. Our host did get to meet Doug….the quote was she never meet such a raging asshole. Never meet the guy so I do have anything to say about it. I have gotten the thing that he seems to bounce all over the place doing things and looking for a way home. IT could be the same person or different versions of the same person since at least in one case he was a she.

Not a Hero, keep the hope up kid, and if we can make your life better with stories and such or a shoulder to cry on reach out and let us know. Sounds like the worst hell then some of us have had to go through. If nothing else, LT should keep you laughing with her videos she loves to post about baiting the dragon and kicking the Nazis when they are done. As for faith if you need religion then the best bet is to speak with Sister Anne or Mini-Goddess if you need some real god molding to deal with life.

2:30 pm User: The Admiral

OK. Yes, I have a weird title. But it fits with my powers and the way they work. I deal with ships and no they are not steel hull ships or even ship girls. I do not deal with blue water naval ships. All of mine are based on the black sea of the havens. I summon sci-fi based starships. If the ship has been in the media of some type, print, game, anime, movies, comics, I can summon a copy of it and my power changes me to have some type of look based on the uniform of the crew and captain. And yes, I have summoned the Death Star. The damn thing gets blown up every bloody time after getting off its one shot. It really is a once hit wonder for sure.

I guess I should give some more details about me I guess. My name is Iggy Anderson. I am 14 years old and not a member of the local wards. I am very much one of the city's rogues that can say I have kicked ass and support the local powers that be. I guess when you can have the most firepower to take down anyone you want. Not many people are going to disagree with you. Both of my parents are alive for sure. Dad is a cape and one of the bad guys. Yes, my dad is a bad guy and he is Hookwolf. How the hell he got with mom is beyond me and I have pretty much stated I really do not want to know about their sex life. The horror of thinking about that, GOD THE BLEACH! My mom is Japanese and works in city hall. How that worked is why I really did not want to know how mom got to have a kid with one of the most bent out of shape Nazi's. She is not a cape. She is the local Police Commissioner of all things and is the only person that will tell Hookwolf that she will cut off his balls during one of his rampages over a PA and he will rain it in. His boos really hate it and no matter what he has tried it does no good even showing up and speaking with her in person and she somehow tossed his ass out of her office without powers. No one is what she causes is knows she can do some damage and the Nazis and the other gangs fear her for that reason is she is normal and can kick a capes ass somehow.

How I got my powers? It was not the standard way that a lot of you guys seem to have gotten them. It was not by the trio of whiny bitchs that seem to be the leading cause of us getting powers. I have no idea who Emma is but I do know Shadow Stalker, that girl has some real issues in almost any world it seems. You are known to have the worst day of your life to get powers, not in my case. It was the best day of my life. I am a sci-fi starship nerd to the max. I have posters of all kinds of starships saved to use for models and doing stories. Dad somehow on my 11th birthday got me a signed copy of the first season of Star trek by most of the cast. I do even know how he did that but that was the best and really only good thing he ever did in recent years. That somehow triggered my powers and I gained the power to summon starships. That is about 6 feet long in scale and totally automatic for crew needs. I can run it with though standing outside and the firepower can be real or stun setting depending on what is needed and what I feel the need for. Yes, I have transporters on every ship regardless of the type of where it came from. To summon any ship I pull out a comm system from subspace and ask for the ship to show up and then yes I do have the uniform change to be the captain of the ship. Then I can get transported to the bridge and fight the ship by giving orders. I can also have the ship fight when I deal with things on foot. I have a few ships I use the most depending on how much firepower is needed or my mood. Ship one is by far the best and standard. NCC-1701 C is the flagship for any fleet I summon most of the time unless I am going for a theme in a day or fight. Then I will use a different ship for the flagship. Number two-ship is the personal flagship of his Imperial badass himself, Lord Vader. And yes, I can unleash the TIE fighters to use the extra firepower and scouts. I can also land the walker about her also, which gets unloaded by shuttles and then turn to the size of small dogs which can be very cool to bring out for ground firepower and scouts. Did I also say I look pretty cool as Darth Vader though…a bit on the very short side though, and yes I have the lightsaber. The third ship I use the most is the SDF 1 super fortress. The amount of mecha that thing can toss out of great. Though the main cannon really sucks for power-up time for anything and who needs that much firepower outside of an endbringer battle?

I have the waling feeling whenever I take the role of Admiral Kirk to drink and chase after other women which gets weird. You know how embracing it is to flirt with your mom in public and getting caught on TV. I was grounded for a week after spending the weekend in jail for that one just to teach me a lesson. When you get arrested by your mother on live TV public drinking of an underage child and well, I might have lost my uniform top in the same way and public nudity when I was 11. OK, I had just stopped a group of gang members and saved one Armmaster at the same time while this was being on live TV during a thing about the mayor and some awards thing. I can am not saying cause I was pretty drunk at the time. I just know it was something about the gang members being beaten and holding them in the brig and MR. Asshole being hurt and showing up to drop them off and the important thing was that I somehow caught ONI-LEE of all things and he was not going anywhere and thought that after having a couple of drinks to be the first person the catch the guy was worth it and showing up during a live press thing drunk and then flirting with my mom and somehow during this, I took my top off was not one of my greatest moments. Mom was very mad at that and for some reason, dad was laughing his ass off at that. I was not allowed to hero for about 3 months outside of public relations things with the Wards and PRT.

I have been to lots of Endbringer fights also over the years since I have one of the few ways to damage them and chase them off very quickly. This is where the Death star comes in and this is the only time I summon the damn thing. Every time I bring it out it gets blown up somehow. It can get one shot in with the super laser on an Endbringer and then gets blown up. I can summon lots of other ships during disasters and big fights and then let other people run one of the ships for search and recuse during fights. Transporters and big-time sensors make things very quick to use. And yes, I have let bad guys run ships before. They cannot backstab anyone or run off with the ship since it is my will that runs everything.

To answer one thing I know you all will ask, I do not have a fav of Star Trek or Star Wars. They have cool things for both and it like trying to say which one of your kids if you best. Red Dwarf is the best for screwing with people though. I use that ship to drive the Dragon Slayers up the wall with the AI onboard or the Heart of Gold with Marvin.

8:30 pm User: Jackal and Hyde

I guess we go from an uplifting post to a downright evil post. I am without a drought and outright a Villain of the worst type. I have no control of my power and it takes control and does its own thing at night and sometimes during the day also. I am never sure when it will take over or even drop its use and leave me to pick up the pieces. As for my forum name, I think it fit and I really did not want to use the name my power uses for its name which would have let it access this way to keep my sanity for a few more days at least. The way I have been able to access the forums is through my mind when My power takes over and I have some way to forget the horror it loves to do when it gets to use my body.

You have to be thinking I might be a serial killer like Jack Slash, nope. Maybe masters like Heartbreaker, nope. Something like a mass murder from a slasher flick, nope. Big-time bad guys like the Joker or Skynet, nope. I turn into a 5 foot looking Teddy bear that likes to drink, smoke, and watching porn when not out having sex with some underage kid. Yep, I turn into the dreaded Pedobear. I am not going to leave a lot of details about myself since it is way too depressing to say anything about everything that I have had to go through over the past few years and trying to get rid of my power or find a way to stop him. I have not seen my family in about 4 years since I got my powers through the worst way you could think of and even I cannot remember just what happened to cause this nightmare to start.

I can say I have been to most of the worst shit holes in Earth Bet and hang out with some of the worst bad guys there for sure. Smoked weed with Jack Slash and The little girl with the S9 is one of the few crazy that my power will not even think about touching…she is just that kind of nuts. He has partied with Heartbreaker for a couple of weeks once. He has snorted coke with a raging dragon a few times for sure. Pissed off a few Africa can warlords? Been there, done that. Gotten to see firsthand how Tentacle demons work in real life. I have seen the worst side of Humans in many ways in my life and I have not been around that long. Welcome to being a teenager for the first time. If I could get rid of my powers there is no way I could ever live a normal life at all with all the things I have seen done and places I have been. I have lost my mind many times and gone insane more than once. I am not sharing my name or age since if my power gets ahold of this it would not be nice and I really do not want to be the cause of the powers that be to crush everything looking for me to take out him because he ruined the childhood of our younger members on here. I can just see him getting the way to travel to different worlds not and that is just a nightmare that I wish on no one at all.

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I am going to step in and not let everyone post their thoughts on our last poster. I know that everyone is raging for sure and ROB is looking for some way to help her. The only thing I can ask is to try to send messages to help her keep her sanity for a little while longer at least and hope we can help her someway to live through this and get a life or at least end it in the piece.