Saw 4: The Final Game Chapter 1


Maya Ory - Maya Ritter

Amelia Hoffman - Madeline Carrol

Samuel Hoffman – Julian McMahon

Mark Hoffman – Costas Mandylor

Mara - Isabelle Furman

Griffin - Stephen Kramer Glickman

Adrienne - Zoey Kravitz or Francia Raisa

Chapter 1

Missing Teens Found

4 Dead

1 Survivor

Last Friday, a group of teenagers disappeared after a football game. Friends last saw them at the Waffle House. The group of five left in a car together, heading over a party. Their said reported that they never showed up. When they didn't hear from any of them, friends and family went looking for them. Their car was found on the side of the road on Saturday morning, but no passengers were inside. The police were called and the investigation began. After searching the neighborhoods all day, there was no trace of the six North High students.

Among the missing was football player Jeremy Young. His body was found in a crippled position. His skin was pale and his body was mangled. An Autopsy revealed that he was poisoned.

Alicia Perez was a Volleyball player with a scholarship to Yale. Her body was found with multiple stab wounds in the back.

Ian Tran was head of the school's year book committee. Dental records confirmed his identity as the burned body found in the old house.

Leslie Johnson was an active theater member. She co-starred in North High's fall production and was set to play a major role in the spring musical. Her body was found with marks around her neck. Investors believe she was strangled.

Lily Harris is a part of the costume department for the North High's productions. She was the only one to survive the weekend's tragedy.

Lily went to a nearby house on Sunday afternoon, and the police were contacted. Lily led the police to the old house where the bodies were found. She described why happened on Friday night and how her classmates died.

"Ian was driving his car and suddenly they had a flat tire. We didn't know what we ran over. Then the car spun off the road. He slammed on the breaks and I thought we were all okay. Then we all felt very tired. Like we were drugged... we woke up in a garage. A video played. We had 2 minutes to find a hiding spot. That song played. Ready or Not from that movie. The others didn't recognize the song. I knew I had to his in a good place. There was just a hallway and a bedroom. The garage was empty. The button wouldn't work. The hallway had a box and curtains with a boarded up window. The bedroom had a bed, a closet, and a wardrobe.

"Leslie his under the bed. There was this empty wooden box. Jeremy got there first. So I had to look somewhere else. I saw Alicia hide behind the curtains, and thought about Narnia. That was a game of hide and seek. So I ran and hid in the wardrobe. It was small space. As I tried to fit in there, I saw Ian hide in the closet. Then the song ended and we waited.

"From inside that small wardrobe I tried not to move. And I tried to not breathe too loudly. I heard footsteps coming from down the hallway. The footsteps stopped and I heard struggling. They were suffocating Alicia! It seemed to fast when the sound of her struggling stopped. Her body dropped to the ground. Then the footsteps continued.

"I head the creaking of the box being opened. Jeremy said, "You?" Before something was thrown at him and the box was shut. A small boom went off. I thought it was a bomb.

"Then the killer entered the bedroom. There was another squeaking sound from the bed. They used a lever to make these knifes come down and impale Leslie. He screamed. I could feel her pain. She was suffering.

"The killer went over to the closet and pressed a button in the wall. These torches went off inside the closet. He cried and screamed. The room smelled horrible. It wasn't the smoke, but the smell of melting flesh that overpowered the room.

I thought I was next. The footsteps came right up to the wardrobe. And then, the back of the wardrobe opened up. The wall in that room was cut open too. It led to another room. A video played, congratulating me for winning the game. The room had a sink and some food-sealed. There was a map on the floor of the area. There was another door out of the house. I took the map and ran as fast as I could. The map help me find the nearest house. The family let me inside and called the police.

Lily's testimony will prove prominent in the case. As for suspects, Lily has her own idea.

"Jeremy's last words were 'You?' It was someone he knew. Someone we all knew... we were an unlikely group of friends but we had our common interests. We made these new friends at school. These two girls. Knew them for about a month. One was a bit creepy. I thought it was a joke. But it was them. They did this. This is the work of that new Saw team."

That article was the headline in the local newspaper. The newspaper was dropped on the front porch in a suburban home. All across town, people read about the latest attack. The newspaper made its way all across the tri-state area. It even made its way to the Stanford University Dorms.

Jade Montgomery saw the newspaper in the common room. It sat on the table next to a dirty breakfast plate. Jade put her cup of coffee down and read the article. She pulled out that page and stuffed it in her pocket.

Jade met up with Daniel outside. They walked side by side as they headed to class. She pulled the article out of her pocket. "They did it again."

He glanced that the article before he held it in his hands. He shook his head and crumpled it up.

"Hey!" Jade said.

"Why do you I read that stuff? It only upsets you." Daniel said.

"Maybe I just hope one day those articles will reveal that they've been caught." Jade said. "And maybe I can console any survivors of theirs."

Daniel sighed and looked away. "This happened three states away. They can't keep this up forever..."

"Maya is a senior now. Amelia is a junior. This could go on for another year." Jade said. "There attacks are more and more frequently. With us, I mean, with me, Amelia planned with for months. Now, they are putting together traps in a week's time."

"Yeah, they're psychopaths." Daniel said. "The last thing I want to hear is how they tortured more people. That's not comforting. It happened to more people. I don't want more people to know what we went through."

Jade turned away, hiding her face. "Not everyone in those traps are innocent."

He gave her a weird look. He stared at her, waiting for a response.

"I mean, not you, but others." She pulled him aside, away from anyone walking by. "I wasn't a good person in high school. I let my best friend torment other people, even our own friends. If I had stopped her or ditched her... none of this would have happened. Amelia wouldn't have targeted our group. My first roommate wouldn't be dead. Maya wouldn't have joined the Saw team-" Jade said.

"You can't blame yourself for that." Daniel said. "You has no idea Amelia was manipulating you all."

Jade nodded. "I know that, but I still wonder what could have been."

He moved his lips to the side. "We can't dwell on 'what ifs,' because we will never know those answers. The only 'what ifs' we should worry about are the future. What if we eat tacos tonight? What if we watch Netflix at my dorm after class?"

Jade smiled and leaned into him as they walked to their class.

Kellina Vazquez was enjoying breakfast with her family when she saw her dad reading the paper. She noticed the headline on the front page and stared at it. She held her spoon with cereal on it in the air, halfway to her mouth.

"Kellina?" Sofia called.

She blinked and faced her little sister. "Yeah?"

"Pass the butter." Sofia said.

Kellina grabbed the plate of butter and passed it over to her. "Anything fun happening at school Sof?"

"We have that field trip on Friday. We're going to the Egyptian Museum." She answered.

"You must be excited." She put on a smile.

"Eh. It's not like they have a real mummy in there or anything."

"If there was, it would kinda creepy." Lucas said. "What if the spirit of the mummy came back and it haunted the place."

Kellina chuckled. "Oh please. Like that would happen."

Across the states, Veronica Martinez heard about the tragic event on the news. She shushed her parents and listened attentively to the report.

"Is it those same girls who kidnapped you?" He dad asked.

"It was wasn't just two girls." Veronica said. She sat on her knees in front of the television screen. "Shush."

"They didn't mention any other people. That survivor girl said it was just two girls." Her mom said.

Veronica ignored here comment and watched the rest of the story. "They got away."

"Would you get ready for school?" Her mom said. "This will be on the news again tonight."

Veronica got up and packed her backpack. She put some make up on, slowing holding her bottle of liquid foundation. She put the bottle down and rummaged through her make up bag. She pulled out some eyeliner and mascara and tossed them in her backpack.

Luke Parsons heard the news report on the radio on his drive to school. Sitting in the passenger seat he turned away from his dad driving the car. His dad soon changed the station. "Lousy commercials." He said.

Luke shot him a look, but softened. "Yeah." He mumbled.

His dad put on a rock song as they drove to Luke's high school.

Another state over, inside an old mansion, Amelia Hoffman and Maya Ory we're unpacking in their large room. They looked different from the time they kidnapped Veronica and Luke. Amelia has shorter hair, cut down to her shoulders. Maya got an ombré hairstyle. They both held one end of a 24" TV and placed it on a dresser.

"Now we can watch all those movies on our list." Maya said. "On a big screen."

Amelia beamed and plugged in the cords. "Just remember the more furniture we get, the harder it is to travel."

Maya spread her arms out and lied on the bed. "This place is gorgeous. Can't we stay until my graduation?"

Amelia laughed. "We're taking online classes. There's no school around here. This is...spring break."

"For three months?" Maya asked.

"No." Amelia said. "Just for the next game."

Maya rolled over and grabbed the laptop on the nightstand. She logged in and looked at her class schedule. "Why did I let you guys talk me into these classes?"




"Because it's helpful." Amelia said. "Now that you're cured, you can be of more assistance. You can help us built traps, not just come up with ideas." she stood by Maya and played with her hair. "The new look, looks great."

Maya looked up at her and smiled. "You too." She types a few things on the laptop and added, "it takes a while to get used to the lighter hair. I keep forgetting that it's there."

"Yeah. When I look in the mirror, I sometimes think, where did it go? Then I remember." Amy said.

Maya gave her a small smile and went back to her laptop.

Meanwhile, Samuel was working on the latest trap. He screwed in the final nail and stood back. He pulled a lever and large spikes raised up.

Amelia and Maya watched Battle Royale that first night in their new home. All the students had to kill each other until only one was left. The students all have shock collars on and were stuck on an island.

"Ooh there's an idea." Maya said aloud.

"We can't buy an island." Amelia said.

"I meant the collars." Maya said.

Samuel stood in the doorway, and cleared his throat. "Don't stay up too late girls. I'm going to the hardware store in the early morning for supplies."

"This is research." Amelia pointed out. "Not a sleepover."

He looked over at Maya.

"We were just talking about shock collars, like in the movie." Maya said. "Maybe putting them on players for a game."

He looked over at the TV and stared at the paused screen. After a moment, he nodded. "I suppose I could make those, with the help of my brother of course."

"It will be so great to have Uncle Mark here." Amelia beamed.

"When is he moving in?" Maya asked quietly.

Ding dong

"Right now." Samuel said. He left their room and rushed downstairs towards the front door.

Samuel opened the large front door to the mansion, revealing his brother behind the door.

Mark Hoffman smiled up at him. He was carrying a duffel bag across his chest and holding another gym bag in his hand.

"Come on in." Samuel said. He stepped out of the way, making room for Mark to enter their new home.