Saw 4: The Final Game Chapter 15

Ten minutes ago...

Samuel held the papers in his hand that Amelia handed him. The paper had the words 'DNA Results' on them. The top of the page said 'Find my .' For Name, it said "Maya Jane Ory" in bold. In the middle of the paper were the words "Biological Father" and "Samuel J. Hoffman" next to it.

"Amy, this isn't funny." He said.

Amelia stood in front of him. "I'm not joking. This is 100% real... it's fate Dad. It's proof. This was meant to be."

He looked at the papers again and rubbed his face.

"She's your daughter. She's family, not just in the sentimental way. She's my sister." Amelia said.

Samuel made a face. "Not exactly. I mean, not biologically. Figuratively sure-"

"This is incredible. Last year, it was just me and you. Now it's all four of us. It's perfect. It's all coming together."

"Amy-" Samuel said. "This is all the more reason to take a break."

Amelia gave him a puzzled look. "Why?"

"This will take time to get used to. Time for her to accept this information. You better not be lying." Samuel said.

"I swear this is legit." Amelia said.

Samuel folded his lips inward. "We should take the summer off. Maya is graduating soon and-"

"No." Amelia said. "Her graduating only limits our time to do games in high school. Next year, she'll-she'll have to get a fake birth certificate or something so we can both go to school together-" she continued to take about future games for years to come.

Samuel placed his hands over his mouth and hid his face from her.

Presently, Amelia stood by the stairwell, with a duffle back across her chest.

Maya stepped into the room. "Oh. Amy."

Amelia smirked and tilted her head. "Maya."

"Listen, we have to go." Maya said urgently. She grabbed Amelia's wrists.

Amelia pulled away from her. "You take all this for granted."

"We don't have time. We can talk in the van." Maya said. She took a step down.

"You rigged the game. You took off. Do I even want to know where you went?" Amelia asked.

"I saw my mom." Maya said.

Amelia gave a small smirk. "Figures."

"Amy, we have to get going. Mark-" Maya said.

"Why do you want to ruin this?" Amelia asked. "Haven't we given you everything? A home. A family. I saved your life more than once."

"You kidnapped Sabrina and used her to save me. It was her bone marrow."

"These games are not ending! Not today!" Amelia said. "Mark is here. He's back. The games have just begun."

Maya's eyes began to water. "Look at what these games have done to you. You kidnapped those people and lead that hide and seek game all on your own."

"Exactly." Amelia said. "I could do this all on my own, but I chose to do them with you!"

"You're uncle tried to kill me!"

"Because you don't listen! You broke the rules!"

Maya shook her head. "How can you say that after everything?" She looked at her friend in a new light. "You're lost."

"What?" Amelia asked.

Maya grabbed Amelia head and smashed it on to the railing, knocking her out. "I'm sorry it had to come to this."

Samuel entered the room, rushing in. "I heard sirens. We need to leave." He saw Amelia on the ground and stopped.

"Leave her." Maya said. "She took Mark's side."

Samuel looked at his unconscious adopted daughter. "We never should have started these games."

Maya ran over to her room and pulled out a large purse, full of essentials.

She ran back to the van and Samuel met her there, alone.

As Maya drove the van away from the house, they heard the sirens in the distance.

After driving for a hour, Maya asked, "Why would you do all this for me?"

"You might want to pull over." Samuel said.

Maya pulled the car over in the gutter and put the car in park. She looked at him anxiously.

Samuel handed her the papers. She held them in her and hands and read it carefully. "Amy was trying to find my family?"

"Keep reading." Samuel said.

The skimmed until she saw it. His name. "What's your middle name?"


She covered her mouth. "How is this possible?"

"I met your mom high school. It was a long time ago. I had no idea-"

"When you took my stepdad-"

"I never saw her face. She was knocked out, remember?" He said.

"This is insane." She said.

"Or fate." Samuel said. "This could be a new beginning for us. No more games. We can move on."

She turned away from the paper, facing him. She considered his words.

The police showed up at the mansion and found the body of Mark Hoffman and three bodies in the extended basement. Amy awoke just as the police had surrounded her. She was arrested and escorted to a police car.

The next day, another state over, Maya leaned against her van, holding her burner phone. They had crossed over into New Jersey. Samuel slid the door open to the back seat. "You can do this." He said.

Maya nodded and took a breath. She dialed the number and it rang.

"Hello?" Jade asked.

Maya bit her lip. "Hey."

"Who is this?" Jade asked over the phone.

"Maya," she said. "Don't hang up."

"What do you want?" Jade asked. She sounded terrified.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for the part that I played in your boyfriend getting kidnapped. I'm sorry I deceived you." Maya said. She pausd, waiting for a response.

"And for getting my roommate killed?" Jade said.

Maya leaned her head against the van. She nodded and closed her eyes. "Yes." She took a moment before continuing. "This is all over now Jade. You'll see. And I'm sorry it took so long."

"To apologize?"

"To find them. To get you your justice." Maya said. She hung up the phone.

Jade looked at her phone with a puzzled looked on her face. She gasped and ran up to her dorm and pulled open her laptop. One of the tops stories was the most recent Saw attack. The list of victims was shown with their picture. Jade recognized Gabriel and Seth from that night so long ago. She had a flash of each of them from that night. She let out a small laugh when she read the article.

Sabrina went to the police immediately and told her story. The next day, she was front page news. She identified Amelia Hoffman, locking her up until the trial.

Maya drove the van to a familiar high school once more. She went around back and found Veronica in the theater. Veronica smiles and waved her over. The classroom was full of over a dozen students. They sat in a circle and played improv games. Luke was there too. He gave a friendly smile to her.

A couple months later, Maya graduated from high school. She got to graduate with a real high school. Samuel attended the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Maya hopped in the passenger seat of her van while Samuel drove them into the great unknown.

Author's Note

Thank you to everyone who reads this series. I'm glad someone is enjoying this new take on the Saw franchise. There will be three more stories: The Trial, Jigsaw, and Endgame coming this year (maybe)!