Chapter 123 Endgame

[Harry Potter
Level - Age -
Warrior Path Rank 79
Scholar Path Rank 85
Magic Path Rank 82
Tech Path Rank 71
Business Path Rank 63
Crafting Path Rank 77
Dragon Path Rank 75
Psionic Path Rank 79
Sex Path Rank 69]

Harry Potter looked over his stats screen and wondered if he broke it. He blamed it on the oversaturation of Power Cosmic. That stuff was weird but powerful. At this point, he probably had more of that ridiculous energy than the Silver Surfer did. Considering that Power Cosmic was the source of all other forms of energy and tended to shift around a lot, Harry was surprised that having unreadable stats was the only prominent side effect of his ransacking of the Dark Dimension's essence, converting into Power Cosmic, and absorbing it through thousands of years of Battle Meditation.

Harry would have liked to watch a movie, read a book, or just enjoy some time with his girls, but at the moment, he could only wait patiently. His wives were in fact waiting with him, but they were even more bored than he was.

After Thanos blind-sided him by making a move on Earth but going for Asgard instead, Harry decided that he had played around long enough. He paused and stayed paused for as long as he could stand it, thinking up plan after plan after plan after plan after plan. Then he mixed all the plans together. Right now he has 108 ways to defeat Thanos and 12 ways to defeat Hela.

The only reason both weren't already dead was that Harry noticed something while plotting, a design that came to him when he went over all of his resources and capabilities. This caused him to forgo all of his other plans and make a new one. Now, ending Thanos and Hela was only a part of the new plan. Hela had something he wanted, and it wasn't the Soul Stone. Taking it from her would require a different kind of battle, a complete and total victory.

This also meant he couldn't use the five Infinity Stones in his possession to open a portal, summon the pair through it, and dice them to pieces.

Would it be a hassle? Yes. would it be difficult? Of course. Would there be a cost? Most definitely. But most importantly, would it be worth it? Indeed.

The first step of this new plan required Thanos to die, but there were conditions. Thanos was a Chosen of Hela, so regardless of how he died, she would be able to bring him back as an undead. She would know everything he knew at the moment he died, so Harry couldn't tip his hand.

The best way to kill Thanos with one hand tied behind his back was a trap, and that's where Harry and his wives were, right now.

The group was miles below the surface of the planet Xandar in the large underground room where Harry built the machine that used the Power Stone to create Nova Crystals. Or at least, that's what everyone thought he did. The Power Stone here was a fake, but everyone thought that as long as the machine was producing Nova Crystals, the Power Stone 'powering' it would be real.

Thanks to the various misleads Harry had caused, everyone who kept track of such things was under the impression that the Mind Stone was lost on Earth. That the Space Stone was in the Asgardian Vaults. The Power Stone was on Xandar. And the Reality Stone was held by the Night Elves. It was recently shown that the Time Stone was on Earth and that the Soul Stone was in the hands of Hela, so at this moment, the presence and approximate location of all six Infinity Stones were known.

At least, that's what everyone else thought.

Thanos and Hela's next move could only be to obtain the Power Stone and Reality Stone respectively. The Reality Stone was more dangerous, so Harry knew Hela would go after it herself, which left Thanos to get the Power Stone.

Technically, he should have used that fancy chair of his to come and grab it as soon as possible, but he did not thanks to Harry's little prank. Everyone on Asgard, Thor included, believed the Space Stone was in the safe Harry gave Thor to put it in. Rather than immediately go after the Power Stone, Thanos would have spent his time opening the safe the Space Stone was stored in.

Harry now regretted not installing a camera on the safe to take a picture of the face of whoever opened it, so he could see their expression and save it for the posterity of future generations. That one look when Thanos put so much effort into opening it only to reveal a fake.

He'd figure out that Harry fooled them and he'd also guess that Harry did the same with the Power Stone, so he'd be cautious about showing up for this trap, but he would have no way to tell that the thing was fake. Why not? Because Harry had already replaced the original fake he made with another fake created by the Reality Stone.

Even Thanos would not be able to predict that the Reality Stone everyone in the Universe knew to be in the possession of the 'Night Elves' was also a copy.

And since everyone knew that the Power Stone powered the Nova Crystal generator, as long as the Technopathic Titan confirmed that the system was operational, he'd know that the Power Stone was still there.

So he would come for it.

The area itself was covered in nanite dust, designed to be inhaled, and would devour the person who inhaled it alive from the inside out. There was also another form of nanites made to get into Thanos's chair and disable that thing. There were twenty-five separate plans scattered around, and only one of them had to work for Thanos to get his purple ass handed to him.

The only problem was that Harry had no idea how long it would take Thanos to crack his safe. It had been three hours already and Thanos still hadn't appeared.

It was then that some alarms set up around the room went off, signaling everyone to get ready as Thanos pulled a Terminator Style Entrance and appeared next to the Power Stone in his chair.

He was reaching out for it the moment he appeared, giving no time for anyone to react.

Right before he touched it, Thanos and his chair teleported a few feet away and a foot to the right as a red beam of energy shot out from the Power Stone through where Thanos's head would have been.

Anyone who looked at the far side wall would notice a new hole that drilled out of the other side of the planet. The fact that Thanos's shield didn't try to stop it at least implied that the shield had a limit.

Harry called out, "And that's what happens when you try to take things that are not yours without asking. You didn't even introduce yourself."

Thanos glanced around the room's inhabitants. A flash of interest crossed his eyes only when he saw Harry Potter.

Harry asked, "How long did it take you to open up that safe by the way? I've been waiting for you for a few hours now."

Rather than answer the question, Thanos asked aloud, "Harry Potter. Where is the Space Stone?"

"You know, since I'm about to teach you a lesson, you really should call me Professor. And as for the Space Stone, it is hidden somewhere safe along with the Time Stone and Mind Stone. You'll never get them all, so you might as well give up now."

Thanos's gaze wandered once more around the room before he stated, "A trade perhaps. The lives of these women for the stones in your possession?"

Harry snorted, "You don't stand a chance."

The barest hint of a smile appeared before the Mad Titan replied, "We'll see about that."

Six spheres, black beyond description, appeared around Thanos.

The shimmering light of a shield appeared around him and vibrated against the pressure of the spheres.

No one needed to guess what they were as everything that wasn't welded down was sucked into the black holes his chair somehow generated.

The walls warped and folded in on themselves. Everything that approached the black holes shrank and vanished within as the tidal forces shredded everything that entered their small event horizons into oblivion.

So much for the nanites.

Harry fired chains of Dimensional Energy into the walls, roof, and floor, causing the black holes to shake and destabalize. He was using Time Lord Math to re-write the physics of the room and if Thanos didn't turn off the Artificial Black Holes, his shield wouldn't protect him when they exploded at point blank range.

Said black holes vanished a moment later. The Titan's confident smile didn't waver. The only noticable change was a hint of amusement that had been added to it.

Thanos then rose from his chair. What was disconcerting was that the shimmering shield around him stayed on his person even as he stood up and stepped off the floating piece of advanced tech. This meant that his shield was no longer tied to just the Chair's proximity.

Harry responded in kind by calling out, "Girls. Roast him."

Wanda lauched a wave of Destruction Magic, Rogue fired Scott's concussive force projection, Jean became a flamethrower of Phoenix Flames, and Jade fired a storm of Dragonic Chi Fire.

Thanos's personal shield withstood the attack, but sparks could be seen, implying that it was not taking the range of attacks easily. Regardless of how the shield worked, any form of shield would have trouble taking on multiple types of attacks at the same time.

While the girls tried to fry him, Harry and MJ in her Red Sonja form went for the physical attacks.

Red Sonja's Goddess blessed sword had a monomolecular edge, and such a thing was not blocked so easily. Harry on the other hand went for full physical might. Dragon Chi, Strength Energy, Dimensional Energy, and Enhancement spells from dozens of different magic styles that overlapped.

Had Harry tried to charge himself up like this before, he would have exploded. Now, he could probably trade blows with Thor and the Hulk without losing out.

Thanos brought out his own sword and used it to parry Jean's weapon, but his attempt to block Harry's punch didn't work out. Harry's massively empowered fist broke through the Mad Titan's guard and practically put a dent in the purple god's skull. Thanos staggard back a few steps and the flashing over his shield became more apparent, showing that it was reaching its limit.

The steps Harry had taken in this place earlier had sealed off Thanos's Sorcery, so he only had access to his physical, mental, and technopathic abilities, all of which were being bested by Harry and his wives. Even the chair's ability to teleport was being blocked at the moment by the chains Harry released earlier, giving them a strong advantage

At least for a moment.

Although Thanos was not sitting on it, the chair was as much a combatant as he was, and though it was blocked from making black holes and halted from teleporting, that didn't stop it from making other things.

A few moments after the crew started roasting Thanos with various energies, wormholes formed around the room and in front of the various energy attacks, intercepting them and causing their power to be redirected at each other.

Jean's Phoenix Flames could not harm those she loved, so there was no problem with them, but Wanda's destruction magic was even stronger than chaos magic and Harry had to jump in front of it to block it from evaporating Jean.

Jade just turned intangible when Rogue's concussive blast was aimed at her and Rogue teleported when Jade's magic was directed at her. Red Sonja avoided the attack with her plot armor.

Thanos used the moment to slash out at Harry, forcing the wizard to take a step back, but rather than follow through, Thanos thrust his hand into one of the wormholes and pulled it out, revealing the Power Stone he just tore from the machine on the other side of the room.

Harry shouted, "Don't let him get back to his chair!"

Jean, Rogue, and Harry combined their telekinesis and Wanda added her Chaos Magic to hold Thanos down while Jade created chains of Dragon Chi to wrap him up. Red Sonja swiped her sword at Thanos's hand to cut off the fingers that held the power stone.

Thanos shouted, "Enough!"

Before Red Sonja's sword could remove his fingers, Thanos's personal shield expanded like an explosion. It ignored the telekinesis and magic and expanded throughout the whole room. Harry and the girls were impacted by the shield which threw them back and disrupted their hold of Thanos.

The Mad Titan felt the power of the Infinity Stone in his hand and presented it to his chair. An opening formed that Thanos placed the stone into as it was accepted and absorbed within.

The chair glowed with power and Thanos calmly stated, "You cannot beat me. I am inevitable."

Suddenly, the lights on the chair dimmed. The floating function and just about everything stopped working as the Reality Stone Transfigured payload of tech devouring nanites consumed and replicated within the chair, destroying it from within faster than its automated systems could react.

Since the barrier was created by the chair, the chair's destruction removed the effect of the shield that had pushed them back. Harry got up and said, "We weren't trying to beat you. That's his job."

Thanos didn't even have time to turn his head as the crack of thunder echoed through the room the moment Thor appeared and smashed his hammer into Thanos's head.

Harry and the girls went back to using their abilities to restrain Thanos. His movement and strength were heavily reduced. His sorcery sealed. And his chair was now destroyed by a Trojan horse.

Although Thor was the one wailing on Thanos, he looked to be in greater pain. Thanos has essentially killed his father and Thor was releasing all the pent up emotions and roaring with every swing of his hammer. Lightning crackled from the Thunder God's eyes and sparks surrounded him. He didn't care that Thanos was bound. He didn't care that this wasn't a fair fight. To Thor, this was not a fight. This was an execution.

Still, Thanos gave as good as he got. His sword was still in hand and even restrained, he managed to block and parry a few hits. The lightning on Thor's body rolled off his form and concentrated into his hammer, causing it to glow as if it were a lump of pure plasma. With a hearty roar and all his might, Thor's next blow shattered Thanos's sword and broke the Mad Titan's arm, making him grimace in the strongest show of emotion he'd revealed yet.

He glanced at his chair and saw it disintegrating into dust as a look of acceptance appeared on his face. This seemed to piss off Thor even more, and three Hammer strikes later, Thanos's head looked like a misshapen raisin as he fell to the ground.

Thor halted for a moment and Thanos used the last of his strength to lock eyes with Harry and cough out, "See. You. Soon."

Jean quickly burned Thanos's body with Phoenix flames, but the moment they came into contact with his body, Harry and Jean felt the man's soul taken away, saved from the all-burning fires of the Phoenix. This didn't bother Harry as he suspected that would happen. Of course, when they faced Zombie Thanos later, he would be in pure soul form and not be able to run by fleeing his body.

Seeing the Mad Titan slain, at least for the moment, Thor stated, "Thank you, Harry Potter."

To this, Harry smirked and replied, "No problem. Hope you got warmed up though, because the party is just getting started."

Harry removed the dimensional chains he bound the room in and made a portal to the surface. Thanos's army was there, but so too was the Nova Corps. Harry didn't need to say anything as Thor started swinging his Hammer around and the others started flying up to the ships. The Nova Corps fighter ships worked in perfect tangent with the flying members of the Nova Force empowered peace-keepers and with the reinforcements of Thor, Harry, and his girls, the attacking ships were destroyed and the battle ended.

The citizens of Xandar cheered as the last of Thanos's ships exploded, but the fighters remained silent. The battle was over, but the war had only begun.

Several hours later, Harry and Thor sat in a conference room on the highest floor of the former Avengers Tower, now the headquarters of the Hero Association.

Every face in the room was familiar, but few would expect such a group to gather together. Dr. Strange, Loki, Dr. Doom, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Steve Rogers, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Bruce Banner, and Nick Fury.

Nick Fury, despite being the 'weakest' one in the room, spoke first after listening to Harry Potter's description of what was going on. "So, even though you killed Thanos, you suspect that Hela, someone you say is another iteration of Loki's daughter, is going to lead an army of undead to our planet to avenge Thanos and take the Infinity Stones you have in your possession. Is that about right?"

Harry nodded, "Pretty much."

Fury rolled his eye at Harry's nonchalant attitude and pointed out, "You seem pretty calm for someone expecting a situation worse than anything even I could have thought up."

Harry shrugged, "It's not my fault you couldn't come up with something like that. Read more books."

Steve Rogers asked, "How big of an army?"

Thor answered this time, "Every victim of Thanos's tyranny over the last ten thousand years. All those he has slain in that time are her's to call upon."

Tony asked, "Got any numbers?"

Harry replied, "A few hundred billion, give or take."

"Oh? Is that all?" Tony asked with as much sarcasm as he could fit. He then gave a mock glare at Harry and said, "I told you we should have made an Iron Legion."

Harry answered, "The chances of it getting hacked were too high. Besides, I have a few contingencies for this. I will fight Hela and I can take care of the cannon fodder, but her billions of zombies will have elites, the best of the best from the planets razed by Thanos. Not to mention that everyone who swore loyalty to her and died would also be able to come back as a zombie, including Thanos himself. We need to prevent them from destroying the Earth while I fight Hela."

Fury added his pessimism by stating, "That would probably be a few hundred thousand or even several million elites. The whole of the Hero Association can't take that on."

Tony asked, "What kind of contingencies do you have for that? Don't tell me you have another army of statues."

Harry shook his head. "Nope. I have something better." He pulled out his phone and typed in a few details. It was at that moment that the world as they knew it, ended.

Every person on the planet playing Immortal Realms was kicked out and received a message.

[The Game Service of Immortal Realms has been discontinued due to the end of the World. If you would like to protect the Earth, you may temporarily use the power and equipment of your in game avatar during the battle. Regardless of your choice, the game has ended. Thank you for playing. ETA: 27 Hours 22 Minutes.]

Tony played as well and took out his phone. Those with Brilliance Inc Phones and membership in the game got the same message sent to them via text. That Estimated Time of Arrival was how long it would take Hela to arrive according to his monitors.

Tony pointed at the text message and asked, "How the hell did you manage that?"

Harry brought up a file on the Holographic projector in the conference room and everyone saw an image of a large, strange-looking mirror. Harry explained, "This is the Black Vortex, a nexus of Cosmic Energy. Every Immortal Realms Headset was built with Unstable Molecular Fiber and a connection to the Black Vortex. It can only be done once, but each Headset can be used to draw Cosmic Energy from this Nexus and into the Player. It can grant them the power of the Classes they've gained up to level 300. The Headset will then turn into an exact duplicate of the Player's armor and weapons."

Dr. Doom stated blandly, "That explains a few things." He'd obviously tried to reverse-engineer the headsets, but they always encountered problems. He didn't even know they were made of Unstable Molecular Fiber as that material is very good at pretending to be other materials.

Fury took in a few deep breaths to stop himself from trying to tear off Harry Potter's limbs. Of course, he made a video game where the Players could gain the powers they had in the game. Why did he ever think Harry would make something normal?

Steve asked, "You are drafting civilians into the battle?"

Tony spoke up, "You haven't played? That game requires actual skill to play, so every Player will have lots of experience, especially if Harry supercharges them."

Xavier asked, "Are there any negative effects from using the energy of this Black Vortex?"

Harry shook his head, "No, it was a tool to promote evolution and I took it apart and rebuilt it to make it even safer."

Harry estimated it would take another day for Hela to arrive. She was flying the whole of Asgard and using it as a vessel.

During that day, no one got any sleep. Every News station and Radio confirmed Harry's message that a battle to decide the fate of the world was at hand and recommended to all Players of Immortal Realms to fight for their world.

Guild Leaders and the heads of skilled Parties were assigned an AI that would assist them with planning and cycling their players. Beaming Technology from the Stargate Universe would be used to move Players around and keep them safe. At level 300, the Players would be able to match the elites of the Universe, and the Undead Champions that were above the Elites would be handled by the Avengers, the Reds, and the Hero Association.

As predicted, Asgard appeared above Earth the following day, and in a grand gesture of power, Hela's voice sounded and could be heard and understood by every human on the planet. "Mortals of Midgard. Kneel. Surrender the Infinity Stones, Thor, and the one called the Professor, lest I end every life in this miserable world."

Not one to be outdone, Harry pulled out his cell phone and used it to hack every speaker on the planet from every pocketed phone, tv, radio, and everything else. His words were carried by magic to Asgard and by technology to the Earth. "Listen, Karen, if you think asking for the manager makes you mighty, then it seems that crazy hairdue of yours has rotted your brain."

The Universe's Mightiest Karen did not appreciate the planetary scale laughter that Harry's remark caused. Some part of her did wonder how all that laughter was somehow heard by her when she was in space, but that part of her was drowned out by the indignation of the insult. With her fury at its peak, she let loose the full might of Asgard. A massive rainbow bridge formed around Asgard and led down to Earth. It split up and bent space, allowing a single bridge to reach every corner of the Earth. Hela then opened her Domain and spread it around the bridge, directly summoning her hundreds of billions of undead to the bridge where they would march down to the Earth.

Due to the space bending properties of the Rainbow Bridge, the distance the Undead would need to march wasn't very long at all, and it would only take a few minutes for her billions of loyal zombies to flood the Earth.

However, before the Zombies could take their first steps, hundreds of massive portals appeared around Asgard and thousands of Replicator Ships flew through, surrounding Asgard and immediately opening fire.

The shields around Asgard held against the relentless fire, but the rainbow bridge did not fair as well, and shattered, preventing the armies from marching down. However, Asgard was not a land that could be taken so easily, as it was a land forged off thousands of victories and billions of corpses. The weapons of Asgard pierced through the defenses of the Replicator ships and shattered them into pieces.

This momentary victory was rendered moot as the pieces gathered around Asgard, outside the shield to create a country sized field. The field of replicator blocks started draining the systems of Asgard, taking down the shields and preventing the rainbow bridges from being released.

At the command center in the Hero Association, Harry stood with the strongest beings on Earth and said, "It's time."

Every Player willing to fight wore their headgear, and each one seemed to melt and fall to the ground before forming a full-body mirror. The mirror showed the person as their Player Avatar in full armor using the full power of their classes.

The moment they looked into the Mirror, they knew what had to be done. In order to receive the power, they had to speak aloud, "I 'player name,' will use my power to protect the Earth."

To all those who did, the mirror would wrap itself around the person and morph itself into their armor as the Player was granted the abilities of their class powered by Cosmic Energy.

Tens of millions of Players gained great power at that moment, and at the same moment, were engulfed in a blindingly white light and teleported to the surface of the replicator blocks outside Asgard.

Things like pop-up messages, group chats, and maps were available. They were told to charge on Asgard.

With the replicator blocks draining the power of Asgard's shields, Hela redirected her summoned forces of the undead to flood the field and rip apart all who opposed her. Even if they were defeated, she could summon them again from her Domain, so in her mind, their defeat was inevitable.

That thought of hers was short-lived as the replicator blocks on the field opened up and swallowed the undead. She had more undead than Harry did players, but Harry had more replicators than she did undead. The replicators did not destroy the undead it captured, only bound it tightly. Plenty of the undead were strong enough to break free of the binding, but the billions of cannon fodder undead were captured and bound so that only the elites were left. The Elites from 10,000 years worth of planetary conquest was still a vast sea, but it was matched and even exceeded by the Players. Thousands of drones flew over the battlefield to send data to the AIs managing the players. The battle was on.

Harry arrived at the Palace first via apparition. He did try to use a portal, but Hela's Domain of Death was more concentrated around her, and within the Palace, the laws of reality were hers to edit as she pleased, preventing him from using Sorcery.

Of course, the reality-breaking Chaos Magic that was Wizardry was fair game.

Seeing Harry pop into the room caused the self-proclaimed Goddess of Death to frown. Thanos had told her everything of their fight and she even called upon the dead that knew of Harry's abilities. Most of them were useless however since it was only recently that anyone even knew that Harry Potter, the Professor, and Obscurus were the same person. And even among those who knew, none were dead, so she didn't even know that.

Harry only glanced at her for a moment before looking around the palace a bit. The decore had changed and the ceiling had a different picture on it, one of Hela leading the armies of Asgard.

Seeing the blatant disrespect, the Asgardian Goddess of Death observed Harry for a few moments before sneering. She stated coldly, "You think your allies can walk into my domain and leave with their lives? I am the Goddess of Death! And by my decree, You. Will. DIE!" At the heart of her domain, her word was law. Or at least it was supposed to be.


[Instant Death successfully resisted due to Instant Death Immunity.]

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, the Karen Death Stare doesn't work on this manager."

This was also why his wives would not be participating in the fight. She could kill with a word and use the Soul Stone to manipulate souls. He was immune to instant kill magic and his soul wasn't even in this dimension, so he was the only person who could face her in her domain.

Hela's temper did not react well to Harry's casual belittlement. Whether as an enemy or ruler, she had never been treated with anything but the highest respect, yet Harry actually talked down to her.

As she rose from her throne, she paused for a moment as she saw Harry do something she did not understand.

Harry took an old school cassette playing radio from his inventory and placed a cassette within. Before hitting play, Harry said, "You know, I've wanted to go all out in a good fight for a long time. Don't disappoint me." Harry pressed down the play button and smiled as the theme song from Mortal Kombat sounded out, 'Test your might.'

Hela snarled. The roof and walls of the palace crumbled and reformed into tens of thousands of pitch-black necroswords. Her power over Asgard was absolute and every tree and stone was hers to command.

Harry took in a deep inhale and his throat and mouth glowed as the light from his lungs burned brighter and brighter. The full assault of Hela's wrath fell upon Harry and every cut and wound made by her weapons in her domain would never heal. No matter how strong he was, she was impossible to defeat in her domain and would be able to whittle him to dust. At least, that's what she thought.

The moment before Hela's swarm of death swords skewered Harry to pieces, Harry released a breath of light. His Sorcery was sealed and much of his equipment was mooted from the effects of the Death Domain, but that still left his Psionic abilities, Wizard Magic, Dragon Chi, and physical abilities. His Psionic Phoenix fire and Dragonic Chi magic fused in his lungs and the purifying effects of Chi Magic mixed with the death-burning effects of Phoenix flames and together it practically burned Hela's death domain as the endless wave of necroswords flashed out of existence like shadows before the sun. The flames were spread out and burned so brightly it was as if he was exhaling pure sunlight from the surface of the sun itself.

When the light faded, the necroswords formed from the walls and roof of the Palace of Asgard were nowhere to be found.

Harry pointed out, "If you want to fight me, you'll have to try harder than that."

A necrosword formed in Hela's hand, stronger and fouler than any she had used before. She slowly strutted forward and stated, "You cannot defeat death."

Harry remarked, "You are not death."

Hela sneered and vanished like smoke before she rematerialized next to Harry, her sword already swinging and its blade at his neck. Harry swayed with the swing of the sword and bent down before he threw his fist at her side. His immortal dragon chi-empowered fist was covered in phoenix flames and would have dealt a hearty blow to the self-proclaimed Goddess of Death had she not turned into smoke and dodged at the last moment. Her blade reappeared and swung at Harry's neck once more as she rematerialized and forced Harry to dodge again.

Hela's next teleport caused her to shriek in pain. Her back had been slashed by something and was burning with phoenix fire. She released a wave of energy which caused a dozen floating swords shrouded in phoenix flames to become visible. She had no idea how Harry had made something invisible to her senses, but she could edit the laws of reality within her domain to negate the effect, forcing the invisible swords to reveal themselves. Next, she drowned the phoenix flames on her back with necrotic energies. Even phoenix flames didn't burn eternally in her domain.

Even revealed, the swords still posed a threat as they moved around where Harry predicted her next teleport would come in, so she was unable to get close. Her strongest sword could not be thrown and was only powerful while in her hand, so she had to slow him down or restrain him to cut off his neck.

Harry conjured a massive sword and slashed down, causing Hela to dodge, but her own battle instincts honed from eons of warfare made her turn to the side just in time to dodge the next swing of the flaming sword from Harry who apparated to her own side.

His apparition was slower than her teleportation, so he needed a distraction, but it still worked in her domain so that was fine with him.

Swords of darkness and flame clashed over and over as both parties teleported around the space. Harry was slowly getting used to Hela's battle style but she was doing the same, adjusting her domain and technique every few seconds to get ahead and kill him in a single blow.

A few minutes into the battle, Harry tried to apparate but felt himself bounce off the space he tried to pierce.

Hela snickered. "You cannot rely on your tricks forever. This is my domain, and it was only a matter of time before I figured you out."

Harry didn't look impressed. Instead, he released the conjuration of the floating swords around him and pulled out a new one from his inventory. This one was made with the help of the dwarves. It used Uru from the Mjolnir he acquired in the Zombie universe and several materials he invented himself. The moment he removed it from his inventory, it ignited. It looked similar to Auron's single edge sword from Final Fantasy X. A phoenix decorated the hilt and handle while a dragon was engraved along the spine. The flames around it burned with a golden hue, and waves of lights threateningly hummed off its edge.

Hela unconsciously took a step back upon seeing that sword. It was something of a coincidence that Harry's strongest powers just happened to counter her. The purifying aspect of Phoenix Fire and Immortal Dragon Chi, brought to its highest concentration and focused on the edge of that sword shined brighter than the sun.

Harry would not deny that this sword was inspired by an anime where an ancient, hell flame-using swordsman focused all of the flames of hell into the edge of his sword. Harry's weapon was similar but focused and amplified the purifying aspect of the two different flames into a whole greater than the sum of its parts on the edge.

Harry used the moment of her hesitation to slash down. She instinctively turned to smoke, but the smoke ignited and the domain shuddered as her cry of pain echoed. She reformed a moment later, but her eyes locked on the sword as a hint of fear could be seen.

Harry nonchalantly remarked. "It wasn't just you adjusting to this fight you know. I'm known pretty well as a teacher, but I'm also a student, and probably one of the fastest learners in the Universe. I've been adjusting your domain as well and drawing up my own counters."

"That's not possible," Hela argued back.

"Ah, but it is. I've been adjusting this domain using calculations. Just because you've sealed the access to other dimensions to prevent sorcery, doesn't mean that your domain isn't a dimension itself. I don't like using Death Sorcery, but that doesn't mean I can't work with it. I'm pretty familiar with Death energy after all." In the tutorial, he could only use death energy. That was fine at the time as he was dead, but once he regained his life, he lost it all because Death energy belongs to the dead. Still, he was very familiar with it. He'd been using Time Lord Math to adjust this place through calculations, stripping the Goddess of Death of her own domain. That was also why he could only take this sword out now. He had only just figured out a way around her Death Domain's ability to remove the enchantments on his weapons and it would not have worked if he brought it out from the start.

Hela also took the lapse in the battle to check the surroundings. Her eyes narrowed in displeasure.

The Reds, Hero Association, and Avengers were suppressing her undead Champions, including Thanos. The massive assortment of elites were getting slain over and over. Even though they respawned at the outer edges of her domain to charge into battle after being killed, many had been dropped a dozen times since the fight between them had started.

Even the massive titan sized aliens included in her undead horde were being treated like field bosses by the Player Guilds that were organized and directed by Link and the other AIs.

Still, she did not let that bring her down. Hela stated, "Death is inevitable. No matter how strong your forces are, they will tire and die and join my own legions. You cannot win."

Harry raised his sword and stated, "Feel free to think so," and brought it down.

Hela brought up a pillar of obsidian to block the strike but Harry's sword passed through it with all the difficulty of styrofoam, thankfully without the smell.

Seeing that her defenses were not strong enough, Hela called back the souls of the cannon fodder undead trapped by the replicators and started burning them.

Harry called out, "You really shouldn't do that."

Hela ignored him and surrounded herself in sinister-feeling death energy that came from burning souls. She weaved it into armor and an even stronger looking sword. Several wolves and giant serpents that seemed to be made of pitch black bones formed from the energy and surrounded Harry as she swung her new sword at him.

Harry spun while stepping back to dodge her attack. A circle of light formed from his swing and burned away the desolate death energy constructs and he jumped and swung his own blade down at her. Hela used her new weapon to block it, and although her sinister soul sword did not evaporate from the power of Harry's weapon, Hela's strength was weaker than Harry's Immortal Dragon Chi infused maxed out Gamer Body and he swung through her guard and slashed against her armor.

Though she withstood the strike, the armor had a clear scar that shined brightly. A few more slashes and her new armor would be scrapped. Harry stated, "It's a waste of souls just to delay the inevitable."

Hela's eye twitched at Harry's use of her champion's line, but she knew it to be true. She dispelled the armor and asked, "Would you really kill me? I can revive myself from the lives of the soldiers of Asgard so the only way to kill me would be to kill all of them first. Your friends are nowhere close to freeing them."

Even if they were able to suppress her champions, the combined might of the strongest the planet had to offer was unable to completely defeat them and save the captured Asgardians.

The question was supposed to either provoke or instill doubt within Harry Potter. Instead, it made Harry look at her like she was an idiot.

Harry stabbed his sword into the ground and asked, "Kill you? Do you know who has the Reality Stone? The Mind Stone? The Time Stone, the Power Stone, and the Space Stone? If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead. Haven't you figured it out yet sweetheart? I've been toying with you, playing around. Do you actually think you have a chance? This game was over before it started."

That wasn't technically true. If he truly killed her, all that would happen is that she would be unable to leave her Death Domain. She had more options while alive, but it wasn't like she couldn't accomplish all her goals while dead. She just didn't like to lose.

It was then that Hela knew she'd fucked up. Seeing that Harry had not used the stones, she assumed he either did not have them or could not control them. But seeing his power in person, the latter was a ridiculous notion. Her power allowed her to kill any before her and the Soul Stone allowed her to manipulate souls. Said powers didn't work on Harry, but she had forgotten that her powers would not protect her from the Infinity Stones in his possession.

Seeing that the situation didn't make sense, she shouted, "You lie! Why would you wait if you had the power to defeat me this whole time? You are just trying to trick me!"

Harry shook his head and said, "It's because I can't take what I came here for if I kill you."

Hela was many things. Stupid was not one of them. Her blood turned cold upon the stark realization of Harry's goal. He didn't come for the Soul Stone. He came for her Domain. Harry had been slowly stripping her Domain from her control during the fight. She had been regaining it, but the possibility existed that he might actually take it from her.

Hela's Death Domain was something she had put everything into creating. It was created using a piece of her own soul as the material and she used the Soul Stone to craft it. As a soul plane made from a powerful soul, it could store souls, and she had used this to slowly grow her own power to eventually gain true godhood.

Hela, like every Loki, Thor, and Odin of the past, was a part of the Ragnarök Cycle and each iteration would die. She wanted to escape the cycle by becoming Death itself. If she lost her domain, she would have nothing.

Her fear quickly turned into rage. Every undead she had conjured dissipated and the battlefield around Asgard had fallen silent for a moment until the Players cheered, thinking that they had won.

Instead, Hela absorbed every soul back into herself and merged her power with her Death Domain. Then she started burning the souls. All of them. The death of a soul created an especially potent and foul death energy and the power gained from her actions warped space as her domain fully fused into her and the energy gained from the burning of souls elevated her power to the literal fifth dimension. In this Universe, Gods did not exist in the physical plane, but in the 5th dimension.

As Hela temporarily ascended to the 5th dimension using the energy of burning souls, her avatar in the current place reformed and said, "This is over. I will end you here and now." Her voice echoed through space with its hard finality.

Harry rolled his eyes, pulled out his cell phone, and said, "Bitch please, I ain't even warmed up yet."

With the click of a button, every Player started glowing. A flash of light shot out from the players and stretched across the battlefield before entering Harry Potter. After the flash of light left them, each player returned to a normal form and was teleported back to Earth using beaming technology.

In addition to being made of Unstable Molecular Fibers, each Headset for Immortal Realms contained one Obscurus Particle Harry had separated from himself.

When a player killed a monster, that monster was assigned energy from an energy well that came from the Black Vortex or something stolen from a star. In other words, Harry used the Players to perform indirect battle meditation using the game as a proxy. When the players killed monsters assigned to energy, the Obscurus particle would absorb that energy through a subspace connection and multiply. Said Obscurus Particles also gained the traits and skills and proficiencies of the Players through their gameplay.

The power for Players to turn into their game characters came from the Black Vortex, but the skill mastery was contained within the Obscurus particles.

At this moment, those Obscurus particles were saturated with cosmic energy from the Player's interaction with the Black Vortex, meaning that Harry was taking the equivalent of tens of millions of uses of the Black Vortex at the same time. Sure, he would not be able to retain that energy for long, but it would last long enough.

The super-saturated Obscurus particles merged back into Harry Potter and unsurprisingly, he exploded.

The explosion shook all of Asgard and destroyed much of it along with Hela's avatar.

Without her avatar on the surface, the beaming technology was able to lock onto everyone still within Asgard and teleport them out and to safety.

As for Harry, his vast sea of Obscurus particles vanished as he ascended himself into the 5th dimension.

Hela was understandably surprised to see him.

Since the supersaturation of cosmic energy was not properly obtained using battle meditation, Harry could not fully control his Obscurus particles, but he didn't need to. He could still shift his sea of particles into various forms.

Harry performed the conceptual equivalent of bitch slapping Hela across her conceptual face. She tried to craft her soul domain into a weapon to defend herself and attack, but unlike Harry, she had not planned for things to go this far. She only planned to rise to the 5th dimension and squish Harry's 3rd dimensional existence like a bug from on high.

Dozens of beings watched the fight with moderate interest from afar, but none would move to intervene.

Harry's conceptual swarm of power formed weapons thanks to his mastery over crafting and attacked using his mastery over warriors. Each path signified the equivalence of a Godhood and while Hela could only use her Godhood of death to attack and defend, Harry had more options. If it wasn't for the fact that his girls would not appreciate him doing so, he would have given her a nice surprise attack using his mastery over the Path of Sex.

Hela tried to kill him, but the trait of being immune to Death was granted by the Living Tribunal and the true Goddess of Death, making her attacks useless.

Instead, she tried to endure. She could tell that Harry was doing something similar to what she was, using borrowed power to elevate herself to godhood. If she could outlast him, she would be able to destroy him once he descended.

That plan had only lasted until she felt the equivalent of being electrocuted by something. The pain was indescribable and coming from everywhere at once. Her existence was being burned away somehow and she recognized that it was coming from Harry, though she didn't understand how he was doing it. What she did understand was that she would be destroyed if he continued and she couldn't stay here.

Hela ended the burning of the souls within her Domain and her form descended back to the material plane.

Harry's Technology Path granted him the ability to use technology even here, and Harry stole a copy of Merlin's Ori killer from the Stargate Universe. It didn't work quite as well here, but it could be used to attack higher dimensional beings. It took a few moments for him to calibrate the effect, but it worked, and she had been driven from godhood back down to mortality.

Harry descended back down as well, but only partially.

Hela returned back to the remains of the destroyed palace of Asgard and fell down. Harry appeared a moment later. She looked up and wondered why he was wearing glasses now.

Harry pushed up said glasses and said, "All is within my calculations."

Hela wearily asked, "So you predicted that I would become a god in the middle of the fight?"

Harry smirked, "I took into account the possibility. You have lost."

Hela sneered. "I will never give you my Domain. It is mine!"

Harry walked over to Hela and picked the weakened Goddess of Death up by the throat. Even if Harry had done nothing, the consequence of ascending using the energy from burning souls would have created a powerful backlash, but that compounded on top of what Harry did to force her descension made her too weak to even struggle.

Harry said, "That decision is not yours to make. You have lost."


[Invoke Right of Conquest?

Yes| No]

Harry mentally clicked yes and Hela screamed. Harry didn't need to kill her. Once he beat her, everything that belonged to her would transfer its ownership to him. Of course, it only worked under certain circumstances. For example, he couldn't use the Infinity Stones. He didn't know why. He figured it was like how a Game disabled trophies when you turned on the Mods.

Though not dead, Hela lost consciousness and Harry dropped her and waved his hand to open up his new Death Domain. Harry searched inside for a few minutes for the Soul Stone since he figured she hid it there, but then he spotted something he didn't expect.

Within the Death Domain was the Asgardian Book of the Dead, where every Asgardian's name was written next to the time they would die. Harry knew the book was here, but he did not expect that the pages would be turning themselves.

After thinking for a moment, Harry asked aloud, "What are you doing Loki?"

The invisible Loki reappeared and turned around, "Ah, just checking something. I see you have won, so I'll see my way out."

Harry sighed but didn't stop him. He glanced at the book and saw that Loki had erased his own name from it. Harry could add it back, but he didn't mind having Loki around for a while.

After searching for a bit longer, Harry found the folded space where Hela hid the Soul Stone and took it for himself.


[Quest Complete: Stop the Asgardian Goddess of Death
Reward: A message from Death
-Go ahead, you have my permission.]

Harry smiled at the reward. There was a very specific reason he wanted Hela's Death Domain. It had to do with Immortal Realms.

Immortal Realms allowed Players to learn different power systems for themselves and after gaining experience with them, those power systems could even be learned outside the game. In fact, the Players had a level cap of 300. After 300, you could only advance by mastering the power yourself without aid.

Many Players had learned their power systems in secret and those same players were invited to join the Hero Association. Most joined, but the ones who didn't kept their heads down since the fact that they had been invited implied that it was known they had powers.

Immortal Realms was a teaching aid, something to teach people how to become stronger. This would of course cause many problems down the line. Until now, Harry accepted that, but with Hela's Death Domain, he had all the pieces necessary to give Immortal Realms the greatest expansion a game has ever received.

Harry placed the Soul Stone into his inventory. Thanks to the Infinity Stone Perk, he could use them even while they were in his Inventory. Harry still had a few more moments of Godhood before his Obscurus particles lost their saturation of cosmic energy, so he concentrated all of that power into his idea, rose his hand in the air, and snapped.

The battle was over. Thanks to timely teleportations and management by the AIs, no Players died.

As for the Earth, the servers containing Immortal Realms had vanished.

A part of Cthon's realm, a part of Mephisto's realm, and a part of Nightmare's realm also vanished. Harry gained ownership of them through his negotiations with those entities during their discussion about Immortal Realms. Even though they gave those territories to Harry Potter, they did so while under the impression that Harry could not use them.

The entirety of the Negative Zone and the contents of the 2nd Dimension also vanished.

With the Infinity Stones at the center, a new Dimension was created using these as materials. This dimension was exactly Immortal Realms. All the AIs were given life and Link was made the God of this world.

Harry made it so that this dimension could easily be detected by any advanced civilization. After detecting it, it would be easy for any advanced civilization to interact with it, which would cause a portal to that dimension to appear.

If someone entered the Immortal Realms, they stopped aging, but they would be unable to have children. They could gain strength and power here but would return to their normal strength when they left. If someone died in Immortal Realms, their soul would go to the Death Domain inside the Immortal Realms. There, they could either wait to be resurrected or fight for a chance to revive themselves. If they ended up getting bored, they could also elect to go from the Immortal Realms Death Domain to the true Death Domain.

The only catch was that if someone died even once inside Immortal Realms, they would be unable to return through the portal to the real world after they were revived.

This was Harry's goal. The worst forms of warfare occurred once a civilization reached a certain peak, but Harry's game would make itself available to any such civilization and they would be able to kill themselves in the game where they would not truly die.

In this way, the most violent and warmongering parts of a civilization will naturally separate themselves from the peaceful parts.

The Immortal Realms was separate from the Universe, so even after this Universe ended, the Immortal Realms would still exist and be accessible to the next Universe. Its landmass was larger than the length between galaxies and could fit every sentient being in the Universe without filling more than a single percent of the space. For all intents and purposes, it was endless.

The only downside was that it delayed a soul's arrival into death's embrace, but Death gave him permission as a reward so that was no longer a problem.

While exploring his newly created world, Harry got a message from the sleeping celestial that told him to meet up near a bar.

Harry teleported over and the child form Celestial smiled and opened the door before walking in. Harry expected the celestial to ask what he had done since Harry had given him access, but what he did not expect to find was the bartender. The man was not one of the NPCs or AIs Harry and Link made. No, this guy was at another level.

The man behind the bar passed a glass over to Harry and said, "I just have one question for you, Harry Potter. Did you have fun?"

Harry smiled. "Yes. Yes I did."

The End

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