Chapter 89 Thor, God of Thunder.

"Professor Potter, you got here quickly from New York."

Harry wasn't surprised in the slightest that as soon as he arrived at the site of the Hammer, he met a familiar face. "Hello again Agent Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division."

Coulson smiled and shook his head. Harry always addressed him that way since the first time he introduced himself to Harry with that very generous title.

Harry looked over to the site where the Hammer was and watched as Shield Agents were finishing up creating a nice big dome over the whole thing. Harry stated, "I asked Obscurus for a ride since this seemed more than a little interesting. That was only slightly~ cheaper than taking a Taxi from New York directly to New Mexico."

"Yes, well I suppose I'm not surprised you found out." Shield had been actively removing any proof of this from the internet since they initially got involved, but they couldn't hack ArcaneKnowledge, the website Harry setup in Kamar-Taj. The spell on the servers in that site would lead people to it who needed it while causing people who didn't need it to have difficulties finding it. Even if they did find it, Harry regularly updated the servers and they couldn't even be hacked using Technomancy.

Harry politely asked, "Can I see it?"

Coulson internally sighed. The fact that Harry specifically said he used Obscurus to get there implied a very thin threat. Obscurus could still be around or Harry could call him again. Besides, they weren't having much luck with the object of unknown origin to begin with and Coulson was going to start making calls about it soon enough anyways.

"Alright. Follow me." Coulson picked up a radio and stated, "Bringing in one Professor Potter."

Coulson just barely turned his head to the side to glance at something and Harry looked to see what it was. In the distance he spotted someone laying on top of one of the cranes used to set up the dome around the site. Harry waved in the direction of the guy he was pretty sure was looking at him through the scope of a sniper rifle.

Coulson started heading forward and said, "That's someone who wants to meet you."

"Oh? In a good way or a bad way?" Harry didn't feel like using a spell to check on who it was so he couldn't tell from that distance.

"That depends. You did make a short film of him."

"Ah. Mr. Barton. You don't suppose he'll forgive me for that little prank if I give him a Light Baton would you?"

"Perhaps," Coulson replied. During one of the times Pepper was at the Expo, Natasha had cut in line and bought a red Light Baton for herself, but Barton never got the chance to before they sold out because he wasn't stationed anywhere close to New York during that period. Coulson knew that Clint had been rather depressed about that and really wanted one, but he wouldn't tell Harry that.

Coulson's radio flared up, and Barton spoke up from the other end, [Give me a Blue one and we're square.]

Harry chuckled, looked in Clint's direction and said, "No problem." The man was probably reading their lips.

Coulson walked them past a half dozen layers of security before they arrived in the central area were a pedestal of earth remained after having the surroundings dug up. Standing valiantly on the pedestal was a short handled warhammer with a head bearing a shape similar to that of a sledge hammer.

Harry's senses could vaguely feel out the sealed might contained within. It contained Natural energy, the same type of energy Storm wielded. Though unlike normal natural energy which could power winds and rains and blizzards, this purer form only seemed to contain the energy of thunder and lightning.

"That looks remarkably like Mjolnir." Harry approached to get closer but did not touch it. He circled it a bit paying attention to both the hammer and the pedestal of earth that bore it.

Coulson asked, "You recognize it? What can you tell us about it?"

Harry didn't mind sharing, "Mjolnir is the weapon of the Asgardian known as Thor, son of Odin. He showed up on Earth multiple times between the sixth and tenth century. Specifically around the area of Scandinavia. It was said he bore the power of lightning and was worshipped as a god by the local Vikings."

Coulson stated skeptically, "But that's a myth."

"Anything is possible if you think about it. Perhaps not here, but every story ever written is perhaps true somewhere else."

After circling the Hammer, he got closer and observed the faint etching in the side. Harry spoke aloud, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

After he finished reading that, Harry took a step back with visible shock and said "Well shit."

Coulson, surprised at Harry's reaction, asked, "That bad?"

"I guess you could say so. This is Odin's work. He's never done this before. Do you know how this got here?"

Coulson answered, "We found a team who had monitored everything and borrowed their equipment and data."

Harry rolled his eyes at the word 'borrowed' and said, "Might as well take a look."

Coulson led him to another section and asked, "So if anyone can pick up that Hammer, they can possess the power of Thor. Lightning and stuff?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, but there is only one power of Thor and if Thor is not using it, I am curious as to why."

Coulson nodded and added, "Why does Thor no longer have it. Why is the Hammer here. Where is Thor."

"Yes. Odin has never done something like this before."

"You seem familiar with Odin."

"Odin is very old and if you know where to look, there are records of him all over the world. He once went to war with others and won and claimed this planet, which they call Midgard, his territory. Attacking Earth after that meant declaring war on Asgard and if the stories are true, they are a mighty force not to be messed with."

"So he's Earth's protector?"

Harry sighed. "He used to be. Odin is consistent but Earth is ever changing."

Coulson could tell that there was something Harry was leaving out but didn't push it. If it was relevant, he could ask the Professor later.

Coulson brought Harry to the room that as far as Harry could tell, contained a bunch of junk. "Who did you steal this from?"

"Borrowed," Coulson corrected. "Dr. Erik Selvig and Jane Foster."

"Selvig huh?" Harry inspected the equipment and was, at least marginally, impressed. "This wasn't made by Selvig, so I'm guessing Ms. Foster made it." It was a home-made analyzer with about a dozen different cameras of different types which could record different colors and used a program to analyze what was recorded to detect anomalies in space.

Harry spotted a notebook and flipped through the pages a bit. "I can get everything out of this in about an hour."

Coulson nodded and left the room after assigning a guard. The guard wasn't really there to watch Harry, it was just standard protocol.

Harry actually only needed three minutes to get everything but he respected whoever made this contraption and decided to upgrade it. He'd have to pull a few things out of his inventory but he'd make sure the guard didn't notice.

Part way through Harry pulled out a metal cylinder and tossed it behind him. The man standing soundlessly behind him caught it and turned it on. Harry could swear he heard the man smile. Harry added, "Charger is on the table to your left."

Clint took the charger and and put it in his locker before returning to his lookout point.

From the data Harry recovered, a wormhole was opened and something came through. Then a little bit later, another wormhole opened and something else came through. If Mjolnir was one of those things, Harry had a few educated guesses as to the identity of the other.

Deciding it was a good time to stop guessing, Harry cast an illusion spell that would prevent the guard from seeing what he was doing and called the Ancient One.

"Do you know why Odin sent Mjolnir to Earth?"

[I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you are there. This is a test for Thor Odinson and one he must pass. You cannot assist him in the coming trial.]

"So I should leave?"

[No, that won't be necessary. Just don't do anything to assist him that a normal human is incapable of doing for the next two days.]

"So something is going to happen I could take care of, but Thor needs to do it to pass the test?"

[That's right.]

"Can you just tell me what that is so I don't prevent it? I know you like to be cryptic but if this is as important as you say, then perhaps a few more details would be good."

[Very well. Thor must sacrifice himself.]

"Ah. Gotcha. Anything else I should pay attention to in order to prevent a worse off future?"

[Don't worry, as far as I can tell, this is one of only three more points that must not be changed in the days to come. The other two being my future apprentice's arrival to Kamar-Taj and the last being my death. After Thor departs, you can do whatever else you want as long as it does not prevent those two events in the future.]

"Hmm. Very well," and with that, Harry hung up. The Ancient One had seen thousands of futures where Dr. Strange was not her apprentice and where she survived in the future. None of them were as good as a future in which she died and Dr. Strange took her place. Her death was required in order to teach the future Sorcerer Supreme a lesson he would need in order to become the man he was destined to be.

Harry, as someone who had been to the other side, was not particularly caught up on the Ancient One not doing everything she could to prevent her death. She accepted death and even had a chance to make her death incredibly meaningful, so Harry respected her decision.

Cloud cover moved in as night came. Harry turned to look at the guard and asked, "Can you ask Agent Coulson to come back, there's something he needs to know."

The guard nodded and took out his radio to relay the message. A few moments later, Coulson returned and asked, "What do you got?"

Harry looked up to the roof as the sound of thunder echoed and said, "In private."

Coulson nodded and motioned for the guard to leave.

Harry continued, "The Hammer contains Thor's power but the power still belongs to him. It's reacting to him."

Another crackle of lightning sounded in the distance.

Coulson asked, "You're saying Thor is coming?"

"Sounds like it. This equipment registered two arrivals. If the Hammer was one, it would not surprise me if Thor was the other."

Coulson asked, "So Thor is coming to get his Hammer back?"

"I think so. This answers a few questions. I think this is a test of some kind for Thor. In any case, if your security spots a heavily muscled blonde man coming here, clear the way. It would not do us any good to have a prince of Asgard assassinated."

"You want us to let him in?"

"Getting in the way of a Test given to Thor by Odin doesn't have greater benefits than letting it go through."

"I can't leave that Hammer unguarded."

"Then I'll guard it. Clear the way and I'll stay in the main area."

Coulson considered it for a few moments and nodded before leading Harry back to the main room.

Coulson said, "I'm surprised you didn't try lifting it yourself."

Harry figured everyone here, including Coulson, had probably tried. "There is a man in Asgard capable of seeing and hearing things on other planets. I have no doubt he is keeping watch on this Hammer and I don't want his attention on me just yet."

"You think you can lift it?"

Harry shrugged but didn't answer. Asgardian virtues were different than the virtues of the present. Phil Coulson may be a good man, but he did not embody all the Asgardian virtues. For example, if Coulson needed someone to do something and that person refused, Coulson had no problem blackmailing them, even if they were a good person who didn't deserve to be blackmailed. Harry considered him a quintessential Slytherin which was one of the reasons he was a good Agent.

As for the question, Harry figured he might be able to lift it. Virtues in these days were a luxury of the strong. Few if any among the weak could afford to be virtuous for they lacked the strength to protect whatever reason they chose to be virtuous. Harry was both strong and rich, so luxuries like virtues were things he could afford to possess.

Still, Harry was invisible to Clairvoyance and Heimdall was probably staring at this room wondering why Coulson was talking to himself. If Harry lifted the Hammer, Heimdall would see the Hammer lift up on its own and cause a few questions Harry didn't feel like answering.

Harry got out a chair and a tablet and started reading in the room with the Hammer. He sat behind the pedestal so that whoever entered could get to the Hammer before getting to Harry, preventing any intruders from thinking of getting Harry before the Hammer.

The storm got worse and it started pouring rain. The sound of the deluge hid any tracks and traces, but Barton still spotted the blond intruder and by Coulson's order, they cleared the way for him to enter.

Harry smiled a bit when he heard an ATV outside crash in the distance. Seemed Thor wasn't enough of a musclehead to try to break in without causing a distraction at least.

Thor eventually entered and spotted both Harry and the Hammer. Harry neither looked up nor got off his chair. He did however say aloud, "You know, I'm pretty sure this area is off limits."

The muscle bound blond locked eyes on the Hammer and said, "I'm just here to retrieve what's mine and I'll be on my way."

Without looking up, Harry asked, "So rules don't apply to you huh? If you can't prove it's yours you're still trespassing."

Thor ignored Harry and approached the pedestal. Sparks of electricity shot from the Hammer to him making Thor smile. His power wanted to return where it belonged. Thor grabbed the Handle with an elated expression as he felt his power within.

The moment he tried to lift it and felt it's immovable weight, his expression dropped.

Harry put down his tablet and stood up. Thor continued to struggle to lift the Hammer and Harry started staring at him making the Asgardian prince feel more and more awkward.

Harry, having no problem adding salt to the wound, added, "You think someone who doesn't think the rules apply to him is worthy?"

Thor turned, his despair turning to anger as he nearly shouted, "You know not of what you are speaking!"

Harry calmly replied, "There are some markings on the side. Read them."

Thor frowned and took a look, noticing for the first time the sigil that had been added. His frown deepened in the next moment as he stared once more at his lifelong companion. After a few more moments, he released the handle.

Harry then asked again, "So, what are you here for again?"

Thor awkwardly turned to the side and sheepishly answered, "To recover a friend's property?"

"Your friend's name?"

"Jane Foster and Erik Selvig."

Harry nodded and said, "Alright. Answer all my questions and I'll make sure Ms. Foster and Dr. Selvig gets everything back. Follow me."

Thor, not expecting such a reply, was rather surprised and followed Harry back into a meeting room. Harry used a bit of technomancy to turn the listening devices in place off and a bit of magic to prevent eavesdroppers.

After taking a seat, Harry introduced himself. "My name is Harry Potter. I am many things, including a protector of this realm. It would be easier to protect this world if I knew the events that led a Prince of Asgard to lose his powers and be separated from his Hammer."

Thor was once more surprised as the previous mortals he'd encountered did not believe his identity yet this one recognized him without an introduction.

Thor, deciding to be civil to one who had already respected him in turn, told the story of the last two days, from his coronation, to the break in of the vault, to his assault on Jotunheim, to his banishment. He did not include the illegal acts of Jane Foster to ensure she was not implicated.

Harry asked a few clarification questions during the story and at the end, he shook his head. Harry stated, "Well, I can guess the actual reason why your father didn't take any steps to go against Jotunheim. Your father's ability to see all is not inferior to Heimdall's. I suspect your father knew exactly how those Frost giants broke in, even if Heimdall did not. He simply did not choose to pursue the guilty party as no one besides the Frost Giants were really harmed."

Thor asked, "Oh, and who would have reason to betray my Kingdom that my father would not seek to punish?"

"Considering the Frost Giants had no chance of success, you can't say the action was a betrayal of any sort. If anything.." Harry smiled, "It was more of a prank. Who in Asgard is capable of pulling such a prank? Someone your father would not punish even if he found out?"

Thor's eyes widened in shock and realization. A moment later he closed his eyes, released a painful groan, and face slammed the table.

Harry chuckled and said, "I doubt he expected you to declare war because of a prank, but you did. I can't exactly fault your father for his decision in banishing you."

In the next moment, someone Harry thought bore a remarkable resemblance to a sketch of D. B. Cooper, walked into the area.

The man wore a suit and looked at Thor and asked, "Why are you in here talking to yourself?"

Harry Paused to take a moment and figure things out. He guessed that this was Loki. However, even though he looked like he was there and Harry felt his presence there, the man couldn't see Harry. That, and there were no other disturbances, so no one had recently showed up by wormhole. No, this man was a projection. A projection across worlds. Still, a projection was just an advanced form of Clairvoyancy. Harry was invisible to Clairvoyants.

Harry unpaused and said quickly, "He can't see or hear me, pretend you are alone."

Thor looked up from the table rather confused and said, "I don't know what you are talking about. Why are you here?"

Loki cast his eyes down and said in a somber voice. "Father is dead."

Harry Paused again and considered it. He then unpaused and quickly said, "Loki is definitely lying. Odin left spells over this planet which would change if he died."

Thor's initial look of horror changed to one of confusion. He tried not to look into Harry's direction or ask for further confirmation.

Harry then said, "If you want to get back at your brother a bit, follow my lead. First, pretend you believe him."

Thor looks down to hide his face and compose himself. He asked slowly as if unbelievably sad, "How. How did father die?"

Loki, waiting for this moment, continued, "Your banishment and the threat of a new war. It was too much for him to bear."

Thor looked up a bit but could only give Loki a strange look.

Loki continued, "You mustn't blame yourself. I know you loved him. I tried to tell him so, but he wouldn't listen."

Thor asked with a bit of hope in his voice, "Can I come home?"

Loki shook his head, "The truce with Jotunheim is conditional upon your exile"

Harry smiled, "Definitely a lie. You should compliment him. Tell him how well he is already doing. Make it as awkward as possible."

Thor, being a rather flexible person, was fully capable of figuring out where Harry was going with this. Thor said, "My brother. Your first act as King has already done much good for Asgard and her people. I can tell you will be honored in the halls of Asgard for all of time."

Loki, obviously not expecting that, was completely thrown off and even took a step back.

Harry added, "Now go for the kill."

Thor gave a kind smile to Loki and continued, "Perhaps this really is for the best. Without having to fight all the time or lead our people, I can finally spend time on my heart's true calling. Knitting."

Loki blinked at that and asked, rather dumbfounded, "What?"

Thor continued, "Oh you know, knit one, purl two, it really is quite enjoyable and relaxing."

Loki's eyes widened to comical values and Thor continued, "Do visit when you have the time. I'll see if I can knit a sweater for you and Mother."

Loki looked as if he wanted to retort but his mouth only opened and closed several times. He lifted a finger as if to point something else, but let it drop. A moment later he awkwardly turned and faded away.

Harry erupted in laughter and Thor quickly joined him. Tears were streaming down both their eyes and Thor looked like he had trouble breathing.

It took a few moments for the pair to regain themselves and for Thor to ask, "How certain are you that my father lives?"

"Completely. At worst he's in the Odin sleep and your brother will sit on the throne for a few days."

Thor took in a few breaths to steady himself and asked, "What should I do now?"

Harry shrugged. "Live. Whatever your father sent you here for can likely only happen if you are mortal. Why else take your powers. So live as a mortal until you figure it out. For now, let's get your friend's stuff back. I'm done with my questioning."

As Harry got up to leave, Thor asked, "Wait, why couldn't my brother see you?"

"I'm blessed by some rather powerful figures. One blessing shields me from long sight, so much less your brother, even Heimdall is probably wondering why you've been sitting in this room, talking to yourself."

Thor looked very surprised at that. He was not aware such a thing was possible and could not think of a being who would grant such a blessing.

Harry left the room and met with Coulson who was waiting outside.

Coulson asked, "Did you find out anything?"

"Yeah, he told me everything. He really is Thor, but he did something which showed an extreme lack of consideration for mortals so Odin made him mortal and sent him to Earth to live as one. He has apparently also made friends with Jane Foster. I promised to return her stuff in exchange for his cooperation, and since I already got all the things I needed, I'll go ahead and return it. This can be considered the first interaction between Thor and modern earth in a while so it isn't a bad idea to make it a good one."

Coulson nodded, "That's fine. I'll need to report this to the higher ups."

Harry added, "Just Fury, and use a Brilliance Inc phone please. There are some higher ups I wouldn't trust to make the right decision if they know we have the prince of a foreign power in custody."

Coulson considered it and nodded. They had company phones were they knew could be traced and tracked, while doing so with one of Harry's company phones was considered impossible.

Although Harry was outwardly showing things were fine, he knew they were not. Odin had never done something like this before. There were reasons he was so consistent, and what he was doing now meant he was playing a dangerous game. That being said, the Ancient One already gave the all clear that it was for the best. If that wasn't the case, Harry certainly would not interact so easily with Thor.

Gods were not things a knowledgeable Sorcerer would deal with without thought. Still , if he was going to interact with him, he wanted to do it his way. The main reason Harry revealed so much to Thor was that he wanted to ensure Thor would not treat Harry as an ignorant savage or lesser being. Harry felt he had accomplished his goal for the day and wanted to spend the rest of the night studying Mjolnir.

It wasn't long after Harry started packing up Jane's stuff that Coulson showed up rather amused. He said that Miss Foster and Dr. Selvig had shown up for their companion, a Dr. Donald Blake. They had a fake ID card with his picture taken from a phone and everything.

Harry laughed. When they confirmed they had brought their van, Harry had some of the guards load the 'borrowed' equipment and return it to the van as promised.

When Harry saw Thor standing by Jane's side as she watched them bring her stuff back, he smiled and turned to Harry and said, "Thank you Harry for honoring your word."

Jane however frowned upon looking at some of her stuff and asked, "What did you do?" when she noticed some of it had been altered.

Harry answered, "I upgraded a bit of it. Consider it an apology for the hassle."

Jane, looking at the not yet seventeen year old Harry asked, "And who are you?"

Thor spoke, "Jane, this is my good friend Harry Potter."

Jane then went bug-eyed and asked in an almost whisper, "Professor Potter?"

Harry smiled, "Yeah, that's me. I added a few programs which would process the data a bit more efficiently, added some new lenses to get better data, and a new circuit board that won't smoke after being used for four hours."

Harry left before making it more awkward and returned to the site to break out his own equipment to study the Hammer. He couldn't care less about the metal or the natural energy within, but the Norse enchantments were personally cast by Odin and those were things he wanted a closer look at.

The next morning Harry got a ride into the town and headed over to the coffee place the guards said Thor was at. He had forgotten to ask Thor something the prior night and wanted to ask before he left.

Harry noticed Jane sitting next to Thor and called him, "Hey Thor, have a good night's sleep?"

Thor brightened and said, "Yes, it was most restful." Jane blushed which Harry noticed and smiled at, causing her to blush even more.

Harry brought out a laptop computer and cast a weak spell that would cause others to hear them speaking about random things. He asked, "Do you know anything about Galactus?"

Thor's eyebrow shot up and he asked, "What do you know of the devourer of worlds?"

Harry answered, "The system which shielded Earth from him had a problem a little over a year ago, so he showed up."

Thor asked with some skepticism, "And yet this world still stands?"

Harry then opened the laptop and pulled up the security camera footage of the Baxter building from the Fantastic Four plus Silver Surfer Vs Galactus Fight.

The fight actually only took a few minutes, but upon the video starting, Thor's frown only deepened. He recognized the Silver Surfer, Terrax, and Firelord, as well as Galactus himself, so he knew this video was not likely to be a fake.

This was the unedited version Harry sent a copy of to himself before editing himself out. So eventually the footage showed Harry showing up, threatening then negotiating with Galactus, and then pranking the man.

Jane, who sat at Thor's side watching this, asked, "I'm sorry, but did you trick him into pieing himself in the face?"

Thor too, was quite amused at the end.

Harry nodded, "Indeed. In any case, before Galactus showed up, I sent a message to Asgard informing them that Galactus would show up. But no one ever came and I had to do some crazy and ridiculous things to chase him away. Do you know why Asgard ignored the message I sent?"

Thor shook his head. "I was not aware of this. If you can send messages to Asgard, then perhaps when my father has recovered, you can send another. I'll ask him personally."

A moment later, Harry's phone beeped and Harry took it out. "Huh. Jane's equipment says the Bifrost opened again."

Jane looked shocked, but then a moment later, she almost shouted, "You bugged my equipment?!"

Harry rolled his eyes, "And upgraded. Free of charge."

Harry put away his laptop and left the diner followed by Thor and Jane.

It didn't take the group long to spot a band of four walking into town. One was fat enough to take up professional sumo wrestling. Another looked like he'd make a good pirate. The third male looked remarkably depressed and the fourth, a woman, was the first to spot Thor and run over.

Thor raised his arms and shouted, "My friends!"

Jane looked at the new arrivals, all clearly wearing armor and weapons not of this age. After they reunited, she spoke in almost a whisper, "I don't believe this."

The round one noticed her and asked, "Surely you've heard tales of Hogun the Grim, Fandral the Dashing, and I, Volstagg the Svelte?"

Harry gave the man who looked neither slender nor elegant a deadpan look and asked, "Svelte are you?"

Volstagg chuckled and replied, "Well, I may have put on a bit of weight from the last time I visited."

Jane stated, "But, that would've been more than a thousand years ago."

Volstagg replied, "Exactly! Those lovely herring people. They worshipped us!"

Harry shook his head and stated, "Mortals these days are very busy and rarely recall events that occurred more than a few weeks ago.

Volstagg gasped and looked down with sadness.

Thor ignored it and said amiably, "My friends, I've never been happier to see anyone. But you should not have come."

The swashbuckler look alike replied, "We're here to take you home."

Harry replied, "Has Odin retracted Thor's banishment?"

The round Volstagg answered, "Well.."

Harry continued, "Has Loki, who sits upon the throne, retracted Thor's banishment?"

Fandral answered, "Of course not."

Harry sighed and blandly stated, "Then you have committed treason." Harry looked at Thor, "Perhaps you are not completely at fault for your actions. With bad influences like these, I'm surprised you're not worse than you are now."

Sif drew her blade and held it to Harry's neck and stated, "Watch your tongue mortal."

Harry gave Thor a knowing look making Thor aware of the irony of this. He then calmly turned to Lady Sif and stated, "Asgardians must lack the gift of speech if they are unable to speak with anything but violence. I bet you're single right?"

Fandrall spoke once more, "We have not come to exchange words, we have come to return Thor to Asgard."

Still with a blade to his neck, Harry looked at Thor and said, "Your brother's pranks aside, your father sent you to Midgard for a reason. If you doubt the wisdom of the Allfather, then listen to these traitors to the throne and return. But I can guarantee that if you do so, you will die."

Thor considered it for a bit and looked at Lady Sif, "He speaks truthfully. Put your sword away."

Before anyone could reply, the Bifrost opened once more, this time in the middle of town. After the flash of light, what was revealed was a giant metal figure.

Thor shouted in shock, "The Destroyer!"

Shield Agents ran in front of it, pointing their weapons and threatening it to return from where it came. Predictably, it shot out a surge of energy at their car, causing it to explode.

Thor shouted, "We must get everyone to leave!"

Sif responded, "Get the mortals to safety. You can't help us Thor."

The Destroyer fired again at some Shield agents, this time it caused the surrounding to catch fire.

Jane as well as Jane's assistant ran into a Pet shop and moments later came out carrying animals. Harry figured that wasn't a bad idea and joined them in rescuing the pets. Harry figured this was the fight the Ancient One told him not to interfere with, so Harry would just let things happen.

Sif and the Warriors three tried various things but they all failed to stop the Destroyer.

It was then that Thor came up with a plan. He walked up to the Destroyer and offered himself to it. It smacks him to death to the cry of everyone present. Before it can finish the job by destroying his corpse though, Mjolnir flew to Thor's hand.

The return of the Asgardian's power restored his flesh and with a surge of lightning, his armor summoned itself to him.

Thor then proceeded to smash the Destroyer over and over until it was defeated.

Jane ran up to Thor to make sure he was okay after dying and probably to take a closer look at his new attire.

Coulson showed up not long afterwards, having already gotten a SitRep from the other agents.

He asked, "So what happened?"

"My guess? Those friends of Thor didn't trust the temp ruler, Loki, so they turned traitor and came here. Loki sent the Destroyer for them, but seeing them with Thor, may have thought Thor turned Traitor too. Technically this is their fault, though Loki did over-react. I'm guessing it runs in the family."

Coulson sighed and went over to speak with Thor.

Not long afterwards, Thor shouted into the sky for Heimdall to call them back. He figured that he passed Odin's test with the regaining of Mjolnir so he could return home now, but nothing happened.

After trying another few times, the sky changed to their relief. Knowing that the time for parting had come, Harry gave something to Thor and said, "If you need help for something, toss this at the ground."

Thor looked a bit unsure, but took it anyway.

He said his goodbyes and everyone backed away. A surge of rainbow light struck the group and a moment later, they were gone.

As they dispersed, Jane approached Harry and asked, "I saw you give something to Thor, what was it?" She was probably the only one who saw that.

Harry smiled, but didn't answer, leaving Jane to frown and leave in an angry huff.

The object Harry gave him was an Intergalactic Portkey, but one that could only be activated from one side. Once used, it would record the coordinates of a space and then return to Harry. In other words, should Thor use it, Harry would get the location of Asgard.

For now though, he'd be patient. He had no idea when or if Thor would use it.

For now, Harry returned to the Shield site to help pack everything up. On the van ride back, Harry took out his tablet to check the news and found something interesting. The Hulk had apparently fought the army and a group of tanks at Culver University. With that, Harry decided it would be a good idea to head back to New York. It seemed there were still things to do.

*Author's Notes*

Sorry for those who wanted changes. I did what I could, but this stuff really needed to happen. I'll make a few changes for the Hulk, but after that, I'll really start at it. I have a lot of crazy ideas for the Battle of New York. One of them is in fact stolen from somewhere else, but I don't think anyone would mind. After that, say goodbye to cannon.