Title: The Vessel

Author: Katharine

Rating: G

Summery: The Force's monologue to Qui-Gon as he dies.

Author's Note: This story is based on the series of vignettes by Lady Celebare, called I Am, , in which the Force speaks to various characters. Since she has abandoned the series, she was nice enough to let me do Qui-Gon.

And thanks to my beta reader Jess who is always helpful and wonderfully supportive.

Disclaimer: Any recognizable names belong to George Lucas. I have no special permission to write this story and am not making any money from it.

I'm sorry I have to hold you so hard now, when in a few moments I'll have all of you, forever. It's better this way, believe me. If I didn't, you wouldn't have lived this long, and you would never have seen your Padawan again. Now he will be with you when you die, I will flow between the two of you, and he will be the last thing you see.

Besides, you always wanted it this way. You always craved my voice ringing softly in your blood. You are not the most gifted of my children, but you may love me the most.

You have suffered, but you have also felt happiness most beings will never know. You have experienced joy you would never have known if you had not been a Jedi and my servant. You are a creature of vast hope, and that has made your life bright.

You relish my light like it was ripe fruit. I revealed to you the crushing miraculous beauty of small ordinary things, like a stone sitting on a tabletop in the sun. When you were lonely, as a child or a master, the essence of a plant, rock, or star would pierce your mind, open you, and remind you that separation is an impossibility.

When you struggled with your temper, I spoke to you like a soft, soothing wind whispering in your ear. Calm, inhuman words fell on your mind one by one, telling you to quiet. And even when I was not gentle and soft voiced, you listened with all your earnest heart.

Sometimes you fought what you heard, tried not to believe it. I've given you vast empathy, and then made you kill. I've made you love what is fleeting. I've taken many of the ones you love. I've spoiled your friendship with Obi Wan, several times, although never irreparably. I make your heart beat now when it shouldn't, make your burnt lungs stretch and breathe, and bludgeon your brain with Anakin's importance.

But you followed eventually, no mater how it hurt. You can be stubborn, but you cannot resist. You followed feeling calm and free even when you were in anguish. Because you are a part of me and I am a part of you, as personal as your soul.

There have been times these past few days, since you first saw Anakin, when your intuition drove you so hard you thought I might break you. And now I have. My voice and your caring harrow you.

And it hurts. You are too weak and maimed inside to scream. You are in pain, half out of your head with it, but all you need to know now is that you love him and listen to me, and both those things are rooted so much deeper in you than conscious thought. Touch him, speak my will, then I will let you go and catch you.

The End