Ch 1

Not my characters just borrowing them for a little bit! Also I make no money on this. Shit, if I did I'd be more than coveting a certain pair of Loubitons! This story is AU.

I sat on my back deck after my run and enjoy the sun finishing its climb in the sky. It is early September and the tourists in the area will have gone home. Which works out for me. There is plenty of quietness for me to write my mystery novels. Which reminds me of my meeting today.

It's mid September and the sun is continuing to climb in the sky. After my run I enjoy sitting on my back deck and enjoying the sunrise. Running while it is still fairly dark out is for self preservation.

My cabin's property line stretches halfway around the like in bit directions. In the 12 years I have been here the house across the water has been empty till recently. I can only hope it won't be a rental and the lake becomes home to huge parties.

Walking inside I notice the blinking light on the phone. Picking it up I dial my dad. He's the only person that calls this early.

"Hi Pumpkin, you finish your run?"

"Yes, daddy. It is starting to be cooler in the mornings. It means fall is coming."

"I know you do honey. I called this morning because I have some news I need to tell you. Are you sitting down?"

I let out the breath I was holding and flip down on the chair. "I am now. Are you okay? Is Grandma Mazur okay?"

"Your grandmother and I are fine. It is actually about your mother. They are tying to release her early for good behavior."

With the mention of my mother some 12 years later she still had the ability to frighten me. Here I am 30 years old and she can still send me into this black abyss .