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Sakura slept in her bedroom, shaking and moaning. She tossed around and murmured something. She clenched her teeth and rolled over again.

*Dream* Sakura was flying in black nothingness. She heard electricity cracking and people screaming. Then she saw them. Ribbons. Those same long, white ribbons of Sue Yung's outfit. Sakura gasped, her eyes grew big. Not again.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of purple light.

Sakura heard Sue Yung's voice. "I'm sending some one, Clow Reed."

Clow reeds voice exclaimed. "What?!"

Sue Yung laughed. "Before you sent me away, I made a book."

"What?" Clow Reed asked. "Book?"

"Sure are think aren't you?" Sue Yung laughed

There was another flash of purple light.

Sakura saw two silhouettes. One was tall and looked like a girl, the other looked like a dragon. She saw a huge silver star coming closer and closer, suddenly she started falling.

"Good bye Sakura!" Sakura heard a girl yell. "Now Li will be next! All who stood before Sue Yung will perish!" The girl started laughing.

There was another flash of purple light and Sakura was standing on the radio tower, in the rain. Keroberous and Yuay were standing beside her. The two silhouettes were floating in front of them.

Suddenly a third silhouette joined the others. A purple crystal was sent spinning towards them-- *End of dream*

Sakura's alarm clock started buzzing. She jumped and turned it off. Sakura yawned and looked to Kero's room in her drawer. He was still asleep.

Sakura rubbed her eyes and thought. 'More dreams, I thought the quest was over.' she thought.

Six years had passed since Eli's test and Sakura thought things would finally be done and she could get back to a normal life. Sakura was sixteen and had been dating Li since she was twelve. - Li had convinced his mother to let him stay in Reedington-.

Sakura dressed in the High School uniform and started brushing her hair. 'I'll tell Kero about it when I get home, he was up late last night.' She smiled at her snoring guardian beast and grabbed her back pack.

"Sakura!" she heard her dad call from down stairs. "Time to go! Hurry, or you'll be late for school!'

Sakura ran down stairs and grabbed her lunch from her dad. She stuffed a piece of toast from the table and started strapping on her roller blades. Same old morning, but she was worried about those dreams. 'I have to tell Li,' Sakura thought. 'He might have some idea.'


Li walked Sakura home that afternoon. He could tell something was up. But why wasn't she telling him. He looked at her nervous and worried face, what was wrong. Li's mind turned to the worst. A new boy? She was definitely worried. His thoughts turned to the other night, his car-- 'Oh shit.' he thought. 'She'd better not be-- '

"Li." Sakura said. "Can I tell yo something?"

Li was worried about what, but answered. "Yes, anything." He put his hand on her shoulder. "Anything."

They sat on a bench and Sakura sighed. "I've had another dream."

"What?" Li asked. "But it's been five years."

"I know." Sakura said. "But it was weird. Like my dreams when I was being tested by Eli."

"Eli?" Li said.

Sakura nodded. "Yes, but you know when we went to Hong Kong and the issue with Sue Yung?"

"Yeah." Li replied.

"She was in it, and she was talking about a . . . . a book. For some reason, there were others in it too. It was so similar to The Eli dreams."

"Have you told Kero yet?"

"No." Sakura replied. "He was asleep, I'll tell him when I get home."

"Can I come?" Li asked.

Sakura looked at him strangely. "Are you trying to get laid again?" she asked suspiciously.

Li grinned embarrassedly, "No, no, no. I just might be of some help."

Sakura smiled. "I know, I was just teasing." she laughed.

Li took her hand and said. "Well, let's go, there's no time to loose."


A shadowed figure watched the happy couple from a Sakura tree. She sat on a limb and picked a flower from the tree and swished it in her fist. "Good bye Sakura. Sue Yung's revenge will finally begin." she said. "Li too, that will teach you to interfere with her and Clow Reed." She grinned and let the petals blow out of her hand. "The dark cards will destroy you and your magic."


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