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!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! This story contains dark themes, including severe beatings and hints of rape. If either offends you, DO NOT READ!!

Bulma sat in her rocking chair, quietly humming to herself as she reread her favorite book, the cackling and popping sound of the fire in the background. Minutes later, she sighed to herself as she put the book down.

"What a great book," she commented to herself as she stood up and yawned. As she looked around, Bulma could not help but frown a little. Trunks was staying at the Son's house for the night, and Vegeta was…well, actually, Bulma was not really sure just where Vegeta was exactly. 'Probably off training again,' she remarked to herself. Wherever he was, Bulma was home alone and she hated it. She loved being busy and being surrounded by people, not alone in her ridiculously large house.

Another reason why Bulma hated being alone was because it meant that Vegeta wasn't there. True, she was used to Vegeta leaving whenever he please for however long he pleased, but Bulma still felt like a part of her was missing whenever he wasn't with her. She loved him more than words could say, and couldn't imagine life without him.

Yawning again, Bulma decided to head up to bed. It was not until she was halfway up the stairs that she realized she had left the lamp on. Cursing, she turned around to go back down only to smack into what felt like a steel wall. Startled, she looked to stare into the smirking face of her prince. Grinning, Bulma wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a quick kiss.

"I was wondering when you might be coming up,…" she said seductively before gasping when his arms came around her in a not too gentle hold.

"Vegeta-" her protest was quickly swallowed as his lips came crashing down onto hers in an almost brutalizing fashion. Bulma winced slightly as she debated whether or not to kiss back. Something was wrong about this kiss. Vegeta was almost never this demanding or harsh, at least not at first. His kisses always started off slow, sensual, and teasing, leaving her begging for more. And even when he did demand, it was never brutal. Vegeta more or less made love to her mouth; this felt like it was being raped.

Finally, Bulma was able to pull her face back. As she gasped for breath, she looked into his eyes in question.

"Vegeta, what – " she broke off again as she looked backed into his eyes. Something was wrong; this wasn't Vegeta. These eyes were full of evil and wickedness.

Who are you?" Bulma demanded as she tried to pull away, only to succeed in having herself squeezed even more. She let out a whimper of pain as 'Vegeta' answered,

"Why, I am your husband, babe. Who else would I be?" Bulma's predictions were confirmed as soon as his mouth opened. First, the voice sounded almost robotic. Second, Vegeta didn't talk like that; he always said "mate," not "husband," and he never called her "babe".

"No you're not, let go of me! No one treats me this way!" Bulma struggled wildly to get away, now scared to death. She didn't know who this was or how he made himself look identical to Vegeta, but Bulma could sense that he was dangerous.

The imposter merely laughed at Bulma's weak struggles; that is, until her struggling caused her to almost hurt a certain part of his anatomy. He suddenly went very still. Bulma used this opportunity to shove him as hard as she could; his lack of grip on her caused her to tumble down the stairs. Seeing her possibly only hope for escape, Bulma attempted to jump over him and make a mad dash for the door. Her chances dimmed when her foot was caught and she was slammed down into the ground, her nose breaking with the rough contact of the ground. A cry of pain escaped her as blood streamed down her face.

Before Bulma could even begin to move, he quickly reached over and grabbed onto her hair, yanking her head back with a vengeance and forcing her to stand up. As he held her up by her blue locks with one hand, he used his free hand to deliver a full force blow to her stomach. Bulma was too weak and in too much pain to do anything but wrap her arms around her stomach and fall to her knees, sounds of pain escaping her mouth.

With a satisfied smirk, he bent down and forced her to look at him.

"Will you behave now?" He asked smugly. With tears still running down her face and trembling, Bulma looked at him with hatred and pain in her eyes before spitting blood onto his face. She knew that meant her doom, but she couldn't just roll over and let him do this to her. His face clouded over before he once again grabbed her hair, this time dragging her up the stairs. Despite her obvious pain, Bulma screamed and thrashed anew, yet to no avail. She found herself dragged up the stairs and into her bedroom – the bedroom she shared with Vegeta. His lingering scent in the room overwhelmed her as his imposter brought her to face him again.

"No!" she screamed once again desperate to get away from him. With new anger surging through his veins, he threw her into the wall, causing an indentation in the wall. Whimpering, Bulma let herself slide down the wall, leaving a streak of red. She was concentrating on remaining conscious so hard that she failed to notice that he had left the room. Too late, she realized, as he appeared back in front of her. Lifting her up by the front of her shirt, he threw her onto the bed. She landed with a bounce and just lay there, too weak to do anything. Producing a roll of duct tape from behind his back, he quickly tied her arms and legs to the bedpost, leaving her spread eagle.

"Why?" Bulma managed to croak out. "Why are you doing this?"

"You are the one weakness to Vegeta," he said softly in a voice dripping with hatred. "Plus, I want you. I have always wanted you, and deep down, I know you want me too."

Bulma choked, unable to believe what she was hearing.

"I would rather die a thousand torturous deaths then want an evil snake like you!" Although she tried to make it sound alive with authority, Bulma's voice was webbed with pain and hurt. His face twisted in anger as her words sunk in.

"I didn't want to you hurt too much more, princess. I had hoped to make this an enjoyable experience for you as well. Now, you little bitch, you will know what real pain is!" Bulma's eyes went wide in mortal fear as he tore her clothes off.

"Vegeta…." She whispered as he started to crawl on top of her.



Vegeta froze in mid flight as a pathetically weak cry ricocheted through his head. He immediately recognized it as his mate's voice, but he also realized that it was full of pain.

"Onna!" Vegeta desperately tried to reach her through their bond. When he heard and felt nothing but emptiness, he began to worry. It wasn't until then that he felt the pain she was feeling rush into him. He had to gasp and grab his stomach at the amount of pain that he was feeling.

"Onna!!" Vegeta cried again. "Who's hurting you? What's wrong?!" Again, he received nothing but eerie silence. Wasting no time, he turned around and flew as fast as he could towards Capsule Corporations.

'Where's the clown Kakarrot and his instant transmission when you need him?!'

After what seemed like an eternity, the domes of Capsule Corp. finally loomed into sight. Landing on the ground, Vegeta burst through the front door in a desperate search for his mate. His blood ran cold as he saw random things thrown about the room and bloodstains on the ground



Bulma's eyes flew open as she heard Vegeta's bellow. Panicked, she bolted up, realizing that she must have blacked out at some point and her bonds had been cut. Pain racked through her body as she moved but she didn't care.

'He's back, oh God no! Please God help me!' In pure panic, Bulma stumbled into the bathroom. She climbed into the bathtub and closed the shower curtain before crawling into a bloody, shaking ball. 'Please, don't let him find me!'

"Bulma!" she heard the voice call out again. Although she should have recognized the voice as the real Vegeta's, she was too terrified. She rested her head on her bloody, trembling arms as more tours poured out of her eyes and her shaking increased.

'Maybe he won't find me. Maybe he'll just go away!' Bulma tried to reassure herself over and over again, yet all hope of that happening was erased as she heard the bathroom door open followed by the sound of the shower curtain being shoved aside.

Vegeta was frozen in place for a few seconds at the sight that lay before him. He had though that she would be in bad shape when he saw the condition that their bedroom was in, but nothing could have prepared him for this.

His mate, his sweet, gentle, little mate, was curled into the far corner of the bathtub as if she was trying to hide from someone. She was naked with bruises and dried blood all over her body as fresh blood continued to trickle from various wounds; her hair was matted with it. Vegeta could feel the anger and rage start to swell up inside of him. Whoever did this to her was going to pay.

Silently, Vegeta climbed into the tub and kneeled in front of her. As gently as he could, he took Bulma's chin and tilted her face up towards his. He took a sharp intake of breath as he stared at her.

Like the rest of her body, her face was covered in blood, both wet and dry, and alive with bruises. One eye was swollen shut and her upper lip was busted open. What infuriated him the most, though, was the look in her eyes. They were full of pain, as could be suspected, as well as suspicion and fear.

She was afraid of him

Fury and hurt seemed to flow heavily throw him then. How could she think that he would hurt her? Even on Namek when they hated each other, he never touched her. Why now?

Bulma tensed as she felt Vegeta touch her. Her heart seemed to stop from fear and she was sure that her eyes were betraying what she felt to him. Was this the real Vegeta? The question was killing her.

"Who did this?" the deep rumble escaped his mouth in a deadly tone that made Bulma shiver. Was he serious? Or was this all a trick? Her heart was pounding and her head felt as if it was about to split. She saw the fury in his eyes that, if this really was her prince of Saiyans, he was furious at her. A sudden feeling of shame overcame Bulma. He must think her weak now; no wonder he looked so bloody mad! The knowledge overwhelmed her and she suddenly could not stand to look at him anymore.

"Stupid baka!" Bulma cried, shoving Vegeta away from her as she stepped out of the tub. "As if you wouldn't know!" Bulma had to bite her lip to keep from crying out with the excruciating pain, but she was desperate to somehow elude him. She stumbled into the bathroom before the pain became just too much and she all but fell into the corner. Less than a second later, Bulma heard and felt Vegeta's hand slam into the walls on either side of her, thus trapping her.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He demanded in a rage-filled voice. Rather than answer or look at him, Bulma buried her face in the corner of the walls. All she wanted to do was close her eyes and wake up from this nightmare; to start the day over, when she woke up in Vegeta's arm, oblivious to anything but her love for him. But that wasn't the case and she was forced to further endure this nightmare from hell.

Frustrated that she wouldn't even look at him let alone answer him, Vegeta grabbed Bulma's wrists and forced her to look at him.

"Answer me," he growled. Still, all that Bulma did was stare at him, her baby blue eyes searching out his onyx orbs. Vegeta couldn't stand the look of sadness and betrayal that flooded her eyes; he wanted the spark of life back. Almost desperate, his hands went from her wrists to gripping her upper arms tightly.

'Damn it, I demand that you answer me!" Immediately after he touched her arms, Bulma began to scream in cry in pain. Realizing what he had done, Vegeta let go. Bulma collapsed into his chest, sobbing and once again coughing up blood. Vegeta stared in horror as the red substance left her lips. All that he wanted to do was comfort her, but he feared that he would end up hurting her. Yet here she was, crying hysterically into the crook of his neck. Slowly and hesitantly, he lightly put his arms around her waist, just enough to hold her but not enough to hurt her. He was startled when he suddenly felt her arms snake around his neck and cling to her. Kissing the side her head, Vegeta rested his head atop Bulma's as he tried to calm her down.

The tears kept coming, no matter how much Bulma tried to stop them. The fear and the pain of everything that had happened in the past hours escaped as she clung to her husband. Now she knew that this really was Vegeta, her Vegeta. Guilt overcame her again, except that this time it was because she doubted him. Pain continued to from her body. Now she wasn't sure if she was still crying from fear and guilt or because of the pain.

Vegeta's heart continued to pound in his chest. He looked calm and collected on the outside while he was going crazy on the inside. He was still terrified of what had happened to her. Dear God, he could have very easily lost her! That thought sent panic and rage through him. He desperately wanted to know who did this to her but he made himself wait until she felt that she was ready.

"Vegeta…." Bulma tried to start but found her voice to be nothing more than a squeak. She swallowed hard before beginning again. "Vegeta…he…..you….he was you…" she let out in a whisper.

Vegeta tensed noticeably. "He was you…." The words echoed through his head. 'No…it can't be…they are all dead! How is this possible?' Questions ran through his mind as he continued to soothe Bulma.

"Shh, it's alright. He's not here now. I won't let anyone hurt you again. Bulma…." Her sobs slowly started to calm down and Vegeta continued to rub her back. Right when he was about to carry her to the bed to let her lie down, he flare in ki caught his attention.

He froze.

He lied to Bulma. The imposter wasn't gone.

He was standing right behind him.

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