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"Papa Mama Hurry up!, they've started already"

"Lulu calm down, it's okay they aren't going anywhere"

A high spirited young girl, urging her parents for one of the most important days of her life. A normal scene one can found in everyday life if not for the place they're heading to.

"Ahahaha, it's fine, isn't it? she has waited long for this time, it's okay to be high spirited."

Three of them arrive at their destination, a bustling place filled with other parents and their children. Crowding a building filled with pictures of adorable creatures, in the center of the entrance hall is a huge hologram of a good-natured old man surrounded by many adorable creatures.

A good looking female receptionist approaching them, and speak with a pleasant female A.I like voice.

"Good Morning Welcome to Oak's Institute we wish you a pleasant visit, how can we help you today?"

"I want a Pokemon!"

"Excuse us, we are planning to get our daughter here her first Pokemon"

"Certainly sir, a coming of age Pokemon for one Luluca Orion yes? all requirements have been fulfilled, you may proceed to the Laboratories for the Pokemon selection, please press the confirmation, we thank you for your patronage"

Your party will be teleported to Prof. Oak Lab, Proceed?


A clear blue window manifests in front of them, after confirmation they're teleported to the office.

Thought it named "Laboratory" in truth it's a vast ranchlike grassland filled with all kind of Pokemon, in center of that places stood one kind-faced old man surrounded by Pokemon

After materializing in places, the old man spoke with a jolly tone in his voices

"Hello there, very nice to meet you and welcome. My name is Oak and they call me the Pokemon Professor how can I and the Pokemon help you today?

"Hello my name is Luluca Orion, today is my coming age and I want a Pokemon!"

"How brilliant sure is, congratulation sweetheart now which one would be best for you my dear"

at his beckon, many primary pokemon manifest around them, the girl starry-eyed and looked so happy seeing many cute pokemon she likes, the pokemon are seemingly known the little girl is their prospective future partner they began to nuzzle her affectionately

her parents looking at her affectionately, seeing her beloved daughter playing with the creature known as pokemon incite some nostalgia for them

"To think it's been this long, 20 years and here I am just feeling like it's been yesterday"

"Time sure flies doesn't it, looking back at those years, running around, constantly trying to achieve and fulfill what we call dreams"

"I wonder since when it all started, not until I've seen that invitation anyways"

that invitation, one that has drastically change many people lives, that welcome them to the world they never tough possible, an invitation from one man.

(scene change)

"here I have the stages set, the world at ready, the prizes Glory, Fame, and most importantly Fortune, 1 Billion Credits, what lack is the pieces, the challenger, the player, the Trainers. To me, Trainers prove to yourself and the world, that you are The Best It Ever Was.

Writing sure is harder than reading.