The Parr family were now living a peaceful existence in their new home. They were still a super family and after their last great adventure they felt as though they deserved a break. But, as is often the case, when one has great power, their often comes a great responsibility, and evil never takes a vacation.

"You think we'll ever just be able to take a breather and this world will be able to stay saved for a little over a month?" Helen asked her husband.

"Y'know, before the kids were born, I asked the same question, and then of course, we supers had to go into hiding and were not permitted to even do our superhero work," answered Bob.

"Yeah well, being there for the kids was easily the best mission we ever had," agreed Helen, she looked outside to watch her children playing together. Jack-Jack was now three years old and had managed to get some control of his powers, but they were still a tad wary of his capabilities because he was mischief in human form.

Dash was still into athletics and true to the promise he made when he was significantly younger, he kept his powers in check to ensure nobody suspected anything. Violet was now in high school and she still dated Tony. She had recently convinced her parents that she could handle a dog and they now had a Saint Bernard whom they had named Lazer. Jack-Jack often rode on the big dog's back, which provided no shortage of photos.

Suddenly, their television made some kind of beeping sound. Bob and Helen knew that sound all too well. They rushed over to the tv and turned it on. Onscreen was their old friend Rick Dicker who for years had ensured that their true identities as supers was under lock and key, as the saying goes.

"Bob, Helen, I really hate to do this to you both so soon after your previous mission but we may need your help again. Bon Voyage, the French villain has re-emerged," he told them.

"Bon Voyage! The last time I saw that guy, he escaped from me! But that was over a decade ago! Why would he suddenly make his face known again? Especially after all this time?" exclaimed Bob.

"Well, when you guys get here, we'll give you the basic debriefing. Like I said, I hate doing this to you but you're among the best we've got, and Bob, you've fought Bon Voyage before, so you understand him best, which is why we're contacting you," explained Rick.

"Well, alright Rick, considering I've got some previous grievances against the guy anyway, I'll help you out, as long as Helen is with me," agreed Bob.

"Every step of the way," said Helen.

"Right, but let us get the kids, they're going to find a way to sneak into the mission anyway and we'll meet up with you and everybody for the debrief," added Bob.

"Most encouraging, we will be ready for you when you arrive," said Rick with a smile before the screen went black.