Heyo, Kira here.

I want to apologize for dropping Glass. I promise, I will pick it back up again- it's just that this story is really intense, alot of it hits close to home (as far as topic goes, even if it's just a fanfic) so i find myself being incredibly drained when I think about it or how i'm going to have it play out. Thank you for being patient with me, I understand it's frustrating wanting content. Just here to say that Glass is not over with or abandoned. It will resume, I just cannot be sure when. Thank you for your support and understanding (: I will say ahead of time, Glass and its content WILL be extremely triggering- each chapter with triggering content will be labeled as such so y'all have a heads up and you can skim through the triggering sections where i'm sure you'll be able to put the pieces together later of what happened. I love you all, keep kicking ass and please stay healthy! Miss Rona ain't playing games.