Hey, guys. I've recently fallen in love with Roswell, and a new OC came to me. I hope y'all like Daphne, and her eventual romance with Kyle, which is something I hope I do well because I love Kyle and I thought he was robbed of having a love story. The rating will change in future chapters because smut is essential to me, haha.

The title is based on the song by Welshly Arms.

Chapter 1

Daphne Winters was starting her sophomore year at Roswell High tomorrow and, unlike most kids, she was actually looking forward to it.

Being at school was the perfect excuse to not spend time at home with her parents, who did nothing but argue all the time about the silliest things. Daphne couldn't understand how two people who hated each other had even gotten together in the first place.

She had tried her best to avoid them all summer, by spending time with her friends Max and Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin. Well, mostly Isabel. She loved Max and Michael, but they didn't share her love for shopping and sleepovers like Isabel did. "That's chick stuff", Michael had said once.

It was their last day of freedom, so the four of them had decided to hang out together at the Crashdown Café. Daphne sat in a booth next to Max, facing Isabel and Michael. Their waitress, an old woman named Agnes, handed them their orders and Daphne enthusiastically took a bite out of her burger. The Crashdown wasn't the best restaurant in the world, but the food was far from terrible.

What was terrible, however, was having to watch Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti liplock while she was attempting to write down somebody's order. Ugh, gross. Why do they have to do that in public? Fortunately, Daphne wasn't alone in her disgust.

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" Isabel exclaimed, addressing her and Max. "You both look like you're about to throw up."

"I won't throw up, but I might stab myself in the eye with a fork if those two keep groping each other." Daphne said, making Michael chuckle.

Max shifted on his seat uncomfortably. "My stomach is doing just fine, Isabel."

"Whatever." She responded.

After what felt like forever, Kyle kissed Liz goodbye and headed towards the exit. Daphne couldn't help but admire his backside as he walked.

"Okay, now I'm the one who's feeling repulsed." Michael said. "Kyle Valenti? Seriously, Daphne?"

Daphne blushed, embarrassed that she had been caught staring. "What? What's so wrong about him?"

"Well, number one, he's the sheriff's son." Michael replied. "Number two, he's a complete idiot, and number three... no, that's it. He's the sheriff's son and he's a complete idiot."

"He's not an idiot." Daphne stated.

"Oh, yeah? How do you know?" Michael scoffed.

"I just do, okay? Now drop it."

"Fine. But just so you know, I don't approve of your little crush."

"It's not a crush."

Of course it's a crush. She'd been into Kyle ever since the sixth grade, when she'd fallen down her bike on her way to school (her parents had forgotten to give her a ride), and he'd asked his dad to stop the car so he could help her get up.

Daphne bit her lip, remembering how his hands had felt against hers. He'd been a boy then, but now he was becoming a man. A very hot, popular man who was good at sports and making Daphne melt. Sadly, because of her alien status, she was forced to limit her interactions with him, so neither he or his cop dad would find out the truth. It hurt seeing him in the arms of someone else, but there was nothing she could do. It's for the best. Relationships usually end up badly, anyway. I can still admire him from afar.

"You were checking out his ass, what else am I supposed to call it?" Michael's mocking tone interrupted her thoughts.

They glared at each other for a few seconds, until Isabel's laughter broke the awkward silence. Daphne and Michael couldn't help but join her, and while Max didn't laugh, he grinned widely.

Daphne raised her hands. "Okay, that's enough about my non-existent love life. Pick on Max next time, Michael."

"Me?" Max questioned. "Why?"

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, don't act so innocent. I see the way you look at Little Miss Perfect Liz."

"I don't look at her in any way." He insisted.


"So, school starts tomorrow." Isabel changed the subject. "I hope you guys remember not to use your powers in front of anyone."

"I don't think any of us would be dumb enough to do something like that, Izzie." Daphne smirked. "Right, boys?"

"Of course not, I'm not some careless idiot." Michael said with his mouth full. "And neither is Maxwell."

"Right." Max nodded.

The group finished their food and drinks and as soon as they got the check, Daphne opened her purse and grabbed her wallet. "It's my treat, guys."

"Are you sure?" Max asked.

Daphne nodded, putting the money under her plate. "Yup, don't worry." She and her friends left the Crashdown and got into the Evans' jeep. Daphne's house was close to the restaurant, so it didn't take long for Isabel to stop the vehicle in front of the Winters residence.

Daphne sighed. "I wish I could stay at your place."

"I know, I'm sorry." Isabel lamented, squeezing Daphne's hand softly. "It'd be so much better if we could all live together."

The Winters girl smiled. "That'd be amazing, wouldn't it? I wouldn't want to have to wash Michael's clothes, though."

"Hey, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of my own wardrobe, Daphne!" Michael said, amusement in his tone. He knew Daphne was just messing with him on purpose.

Daphne turned to him. "Sure, Jan."

Michael rolled his eyes playfully and then his expression became serious. "Remember to take it easy. Call us if you need anything."

"I will."

She got out of the jeep and entered the house quietly. Her father, Christopher, was sleeping on the couch, which meant he and Daphne's mother, Dorothy, had gotten into a big fight. Again.

Daphne sighed and went straight to her room, locking the door. She took off her shoes, jeans, and shirt, and got into bed.

Her life wasn't that bad. Sure, her adoptive parents were assholes. And yeah, she was a sixteen-year-old alien who had to pretend to be normal in order to avoid trouble. But she wasn't alone. She had her friends, who were just like her. Everything is going to be alright. We're all in this together.

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