"Miku? Where are you? We're already at the stadium!"

13-year old Hibiki Tachibana stood waiting in line to the the stadium that Zwei Wing were going to perform. There were hundreds of people, maybe even thousands.

"Sorry, something came up..."

"Eeeh?! Why? You were the one that invited us here!"

"My aunt in Morioka got into an accident, so Dad's gonna drive us there now."

"But we barely know these singers!" Hibiki whined.

"I'm really sorry."

Hibiki sighed in sadness as she hung up the phone. "I'm starting to think there's a curse on me..."

"So she couldn't make it?"

"Yeah, she's not coming, Rui."

Rui Tachibana groaned in irritation. "Making us wait for this long and then not showing up? I'm gonna kick her ass the next time we see her..."

"Ahh! Oneesan, don't do that!"

"I keep telling you not to call me oneesan. We're twins."

"But you were born a few seconds before I was! Those are very important seconds!"

"Jeez..." Rui said, turning away to hide a smile.

Backstage in the stadium, preparations for the concert were well underway. Though sitting against a shipping container was a blue haired girl wearing a huge white hooded coat. She had a nervous expression on her face.

"It's hard to fill in the time, isn't it?" Came a voice. "Just before the show starts is the hardest."

Another girl in a white coat came over, sitting on a crate nearby. She had long red messy hair.

"I'm dying to go wild on stage, but no, he won't let me." She complained, scratching the back of her head.

"I see..."

The red haired girl look down. "Ne ne, Tsubasa. Don't tell me you're nervous."

"Why wouldn't I be, Kanade?" She said. "Sakurai-san said today's especially-"


Tsubasa looked up in shock as she felt a flick to her forehead. Kanade grinned and laughed.

"Why are you so serious?"

"You know the full reason why, Kanade." Said a voice quite similar to Tsubasa's.

Walking over was a giant man in a red suit, as well as a girl that looked just like Tsubasa, except she had shorter hair and a pair of headphones around her neck.

"C-Commander!" Tsubasa said.

"Well, if it isn't old man Genjuro!" Kanade said.

"Oy, don't forget me!" Tsubasa's double said.

"I could never forget you, Maia." Kanade said with a grin.

"Kanade, Tsubasa." Genjuro started. "I trust you understand that today is-"

"Of paramount importance, yeah. We know. No sweat." Kanade interrupted, waving a hand in dismissal.

Tsubasa also nodded, though she looked nervous.

"Come on, Tsubasa!" Maia said, putting her in a headlock. "You heard Kanade, lighten up!"

"Gck! Let me go!" She said, flailing.

"If you won't listen to Kanade, maybe you'll listen to your precious oneesama!" She said with a grin.

"You're older by eight seconds!" Tsubasa shot at her, trying to escape the grip.

"Hey, I learned a lot in those eight seconds!" Maia said with a grin.

Kanade and Genjuro just watched as the twins were flailing around.

"I always say, it's really weird knowing that Tsubasa and Maia are twins." Kanade said. "They're so different."

"Indeed." Genjuro said. "But those two have been close ever since they were little. I daresay Tsubasa's bond with Maia is stronger than her bond with you."

"Nah, I know blood ties are stronger than anything." Kanade said. "Though it seems pretty nice, having a sibling."

"Anyways, Kanade." Genjuro said, turning to her.

"I said it already, we got this." She said, flashing him a grin and a thumbs-up.

"I'll hold you to your word then." Genjuro said with a smile. "Since the show tonight will decide the future of mankind."

"Maia, stooop!"

"Call me "oneesama" first!"

Genjuro's phone started buzzing, and he picked it up.

"Cheerio! Sakurai Ryoko speaking! We're done with the preparation."

"Got it. We'll be there soon." He hung up. "Maia, let's go."

"Okay~!" She said, letting go of Tsubasa. "Break a leg out there, you two!"

"Heh, leave the stage to us!" Kanade said.

Genjuro gave an approving nod as he and Maia walked away. Tsubasa regained her bearings before sitting back down.

"I keep telling you this, Basa." Kanade said. "You got a great sister."

"I know. Sometimes she just shows too much love." She said, though she had a small smile.

Kanade grinned. "You should smile more often, Tsubasa. You're a lot cuter that way."

Tsubasa blushed. "K-Kanade."

"Well, let's leave all the hard stuff to the Commander, Maia and Ryoko," Kanade said, stretching. "And do what we do best on stage! ...hm?"

Tsubasa was still looking unsure of herself. Kanade went behind her and gave her a hug. Tsubasa gasped at the sudden gesture of affection.

"You take things too seriously, Tsubasa." Kanade said. "A reed before the wind lives on where oaks fall."


"You're my partner, Tsubasa. None of this is fun if you look like that." She said, grasping Tsubasa's hands.

Tsubasa leaned back, enjoying Kanade's warmth. "If we don't enjoy it, how could the audience?"

"Right? You see?"

Tsubasa turned to face Kanade, a bright smile on her face. "I'm sure it'll work out as long as we're together."

Kanade gave a proud and approving nod.

"Let's go, Kanade!"

"Yeah! We're Zwei Wing, the two wings that can fly to the ends of the Earth." Kanade said, standing up.

"We can overcome anything!" Tsubasa said, taking her hand.

Hibiki and Rui had just gotten into their seats as the stage lit up. Hibiki had lit up a glowstick and started waving it as Kanade and Tsubasa dropped down onto the stage.

"Huh, impressive wire work." Rui noted, leaning back in her seat. She looked at her sister, who was cheering as the song started. Almost the entire crowd was singing along with the idols.

I don't understand all the hype about this. Rui thought. If they're singing along, it must be a song that had released already. So you could just listen to this online or something. So why go through all this?

She got her answer as the song entered its climax and the ceiling opened up to reveal the golden sunset. The roof had transformed into a set of bright wings, creating a beautiful show.

Whoa... that's actually really cool! Rui thought, a smile making its way to her face.

"Oh, you're standing up, oneesan!" Hibiki said.

What? Rui realized that Hibiki was right. She was now on her feet, but couldn't remember getting up.

Was the song really that captivating?

"You really liked it, didn't you?" Hibiki asked with a smirk on her face, as the song ended.

"N-No, of course not!" Rui stuttered, turning away.

Hibiki just chuckled as she looked at the idols again. She had never felt such an experience in her life, and her heart was pounding. So this was what a concert was like. No wonder Miku had wanted to invite them. She only wished her friend was here with them.

Rui turned back to see Hibiki was captivated by the show. She smiled. At least she's happy.

"We're not done yet!" Kanade shouted.

If it was possible, Hibiki's smile grew even bigger. But they would never know what Kanade meant.


A huge explosion went off in the center of the stadium. People started screaming and running.

"What the hell?!" Rui looked around in confusion. "What's going on?!"

Huge glowing creatures dropped into the stadium and roared. Rui's eyes grew wide as the people started screaming in fear.

The Noise had arrived.

Rui quickly turned around and ran, trying to tune out the screams of death surrounding her, but then she stopped.

"Hibiki!" She realized.

Turning around again, she ran back through the crowds. She didn't care that it was possibly suicide. She needed to find her sister.

"Croitzal ronzell Gungnir zizzl~"

Rui looked to see that Kanade had jumped off the stage and started glowing. Armor formed on her body and a huge lance was summoned. Kanade grabbed the lance and charged at the Noise.

What the heck...? Is she... singing and fighting?

Kanade stabbed and slashed the Noise, all the while singing a song. Rui shook off the confusion and looked around. Thankfully most of the crowd was gone now, letting her search more freely. She saw that Tsubasa was there, garbed in a similar armor to Kanade, except she had a sword instead. They were clearing out the Noise, making it easier for her to move.

"Hibiki!" Rui called, running around. "Hibiki!"

There! Hibiki was just standing in shock at the events unfolding, having not moved from her seat. Rui ran up the stairs as fast as she could, trying to get to her sibling. She kept shouting at Hibiki to run, but Hibiki was still stunned.

She only moved when the stands beneath her crumbled, sending her down into the ground.

"Hibiki!" Rui switched directions and started running down the stairs at full speed. She didn't think Hibiki was hurt too badly, but she couldn't be sure form this distance. Rui screamed as she saw the Noise start moving towards her sister.

But Kanade was there, slicing them apart. "Run!" She called to Hibiki.

Hibiki stood up, but winced as she held her leg. Kanade gasped as the Noise started to gang up on her, unleashing their full assault. Her armor began to crack.

"Kanade!" Tsubasa called.

The full power of the Noise's attacks broke parts off of Kanade's armor. The shards flew everywhere...

...and right into Hibiki's chest.

Time seemed to stop as Hibiki hit the ground. Rui's eyes were stricken with horror, and Kanade dropped her weapon.

"Don't die!" Kanade yelled, running to Hibiki and picking her up. "Open your eyes! Don't give up on life!"


Kanade turned to see Rui.


Rui fell to her knees as she saw her sister's blood pool on the ground. Hibiki slowly opened her eyes.

"Hibiki!" Rui yelled, rushing to her sister's side.

Kanade safely set her against the rocks and picked up her weapon. Rui could only cry as she tried her best to stop the bleeding. Hibiki turned her head to see her sister.


"Don't talk." She said, trying to keep her voice from breaking. She took off her coat and wrapped Hibiki in it. "Save your strength."

"H-Hah... I haven't... seen you cry... in so long..."


Rui grasped Hibiki's hand in hers.


Rui turned to look Kanade, tears flowing down her face.

"This is all your fault!" She screamed.

Kanade didn't turn around. She picked up her lance and faced the Noise.

"Hey, you're her sister, right?"

Rui was taken back by the question. Kanade didn't even sound upset or angry at the accusation. Rui felt her anger drain.


"Take good care of her." Kanade said. "And I'm sorry that happened to her."

Kanade started to walk towards the Noise horde, stopping and raising her lance. Her armor was starting to crumble, and Rui spotted a single tear hitting the ground.

She began to sing. It was an eerie, yet beautiful song. Kanade started to glow.

"No, Kanade!" Tsubasa yelled. "Don't sing that!"

Rui was entranced by the song. Hibiki was barely holding onto consciousness, but heard Kanade's voice.

"I can hear her song..."

The song ended. There was a brief moment of silence, before a huge wave of power was unleashed from Kanade, destroying all of the Noise in the vicinity.

Everything after that was a blur. Hibiki leaned on her sister's shoulder, slowly closing her eyes. The last thing she saw was Tsubasa holding a fallen Kanade in her arms.


Lydian Private Music Academy was a prestigious school. Thousands of girls would apply, but only a select few would be accepted.

Hibiki Tachibana was now 15, and was a student with her friend Miku Kohinata. It was a nice school life, but there were a few issues.

The first was that Hibiki couldn't seem to keep out of trouble. Bringing a stray cat into the classroom on the first day of school probably wasn't a good idea.

Hibiki lay down exhausted on the floor of her dorm room. "The first day in school felt like a hundred climaxes in a row! I'm sure I'm cursed..."

"Half the curse comes from being a goofball." Miku said, as she started unpacking some boxes. "And the other half from sticking your nose where it doesn't belong."

"Call it helping others! It's my hobby, you know!"

"You've got to draw a line somewhere." Miku said, stacking some magazines. "Normal people don't just lend their textbooks to others."

"I'll just borrow yours!" Hibiki said, laughing and moving towards the table.

"Idiot..." Miku said, with a blush.

"Whooooa!" Hibiki held up a magazine that had a promotion of Tsubasa Kazanari. "Her CD goes on sale tomorrow!"

Hibiki squealed and held the magazine close. "Tsubasa's so cool!"

Miku chuckled. "You enrolled at Lydian because you heard she studied here, right? You must really admire her."

"Yeah, but I've seen no sign of her yet." Hibiki pouted. "She's famous, so I don't exactly expect her to meet with me, but..."

Hibiki looked down her shirt at the scar on her chest. Reminiscing about that day. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the door opening. There was only one person it could be, and Hibiki stood up and smiled.

"Welcome back oneesa-ehh?!"


Rui Tachibana kicked off her shoes, moving towards the bottom bunk. She had a nasty bruise on her cheek, and her knee was scraped.

"I'm gonna hit the hay early, if you don't mind."

"Rui, you always do this sort of thing." Miku said with a huff.

"Oneesan, what happened?!" Hibiki asked, rushing over. "You left after orientation and I didn't see you anywhere!"

"Nothing happens after orientation so I just ditched." Rui said, closing her eyes. "I was walking throughout town, checking out random spots before I found a bunch of jerks harassing a girl."

"Did you call the police?" Miku asked, as she pulled out the first aid kit.

"Hell no. I just made sure those assholes would never be able to have kids."

"Ehhhhh?!" Hibiki said, shocked.

Miku just sighed as she pulled out the ointment and started dabbing the bruise and scrape. "I was just telling Hibiki that she always puts her nose into trouble, and then her big sister comes in as a bad example."

"I'm not her big sister." Rui groaned, wincing at the stinging ointment.

"Technically you are, by a few seconds." Miku said.

"Jeez..." Rui sighed, before yawning.

"Oneesan, you really have to stop doing these things!" Hibiki said.

"Hibiki, just let me sleep." Rui said. After Miku finished applying the ointment, she turned further into the bottom bunk. "I'm seriously tired, so you and Miku better not try anything funny on the top bunk."

"Ehh? What do you mean funny?" Hibiki asked, completely clueless to what her sister meant while Miku turned red as a beet.

Rui eventually dozed off, lightly snoring. Hibiki sighed.

"Oneesan always does these dangerous things." Hibiki said. "I really wish she would stop getting herself hurt."

"This is Rui's own way of helping people." Miku said, putting away the first aid kid. "Just like you have your own way."

"I know." Hibiki said, watching her sister sleep. But oneesan only started acting like this after the what happened at the concert those years ago... maybe if I can ask Tsubasa-san, I can find out what happened.

"The JSDF Disaster Relief Squads guided the people to safety, and damage was kept to a minimum." Miku said, reading an article on her phone. "It happened pretty close by."

"Don't bother, Miku." Rui said, rapping her fingers on the table. "You know she barely listens when she's stuffing her face."

"Ah ahnt lithening! (I am listening!)" Hibiki said through a mouthful of rice.

While she did listen to what Miku said, eating took up half of the priority. She really wanted to give Miku her full attention, but the food the academy provide was too delicious to ignore.

"Hey, that's Kazanari Tsubasa!"

"She's a real celebrity. It's so hard to just talk to her."

"She's the nightingale of the school!"

The chatter kept going on, and Hibiki stood up, but didn't expect she'd come face-to-face with Tsubasa.

A very awkward silence was throughout the cafeteria, as Hibiki couldn't form the words she wanted to say. Her hands were shaking, and she was sure that she would drop her food any second now.

Tsubasa merely put a hand up and pointed to her own cheek. Hibiki realized that she was pointing out the rice she had stuck to her face.

Rui stood up. "Oy. What's with that look you're giving my sister?"

Tsubasa's neutral expression didn't change, though her eyes slightly narrowed at Rui. The two kept up the small staring contest, before Tsubasa simply continued walking. Rui smirked, assuming she won.

"Tch, who does she think she is? Looking down on people like that. She pisses me off."

"Oneesan! I don't think that's what she was doing!" Hibiki said, wiping the rice off of her chin.

"Maybe I should kick her ass." Rui suggested, chuckling and cracking her knuckles.


"Waaah, that was terrible." Hibiki said, putting her head down on her desk. "She must think I'm a weirdo now."

It was the last period of the day, and Hibiki and Miku were just passing time. Rui had ditched the lesson partway into the class.

"Does it matter?" Miku said, jotting something in her notebook. "She's right."

"Are you gonna be done with that anytime soon?" Hibiki asked.

Miku didn't give her an answer, as she realized something. "I just remembered. Tsubasa's new CD is going on sale today, right? But then again, why buy CDs in this day and age?"

"C'mon, limited edition CDs come with all kinds of bonus materials!" Hibiki said.

"So it won't sell out?"


Hibiki's look changed to that of panic, and she hoped that the minutes in class would pass by faster.

Rui walked out of the convenience store. In her hand was a wafer card pack for Kamen Rider Ganbarazing.

"Let's see if my luck has changed." She said, as she tore open the pack and kept her fingers pinching the edge.

"Come on come on..."

She flipped to the last card, and a huge grin broke out on her face.

"Whooooa! Kuuga Ultimate Form! The one with Agito Shining and Ryuki Survive on the card! Whoo-!"

Rui quickly recollected herself, remembering she was in a public place. She looked at the card in her hand.

Maybe my luck has changed around. She thought, before carefully slipping it into a card sleeve and safely putting it in a box within her bag.

But then Rui realized something with her outburst earlier. It was too quiet. It was early in the afternoon and there was complete silence. She could hear the crunch of the wafer echo throughout the street.

That doesn't make any sense. Unless...

Carbon dust blew in the wind, and she noticed several piles on the ground.

She knew what this meant.

Now, the normal person would run to the nearest shelter.

But Rui? She turned on her phone to try and find Hibiki. They each had trackers on each others phones, in the case of an emergency. She found the red blip on the map that showed her location. Quickly zooming out, she found the blip that showed where Hibiki was.

And she was running in the direction away from the shelter.

"Shit!" Abandoning all common sense, she started running towards Hibiki's location. "What is that idiot doing?!"

Tsubasa Kazanari ran into the base. "What's the situation?" She asked, quickly putting her bag down.

"We're focusing the signals to triangulate their location." A man with light brown hair said.

"Man, the Noise are a real pain, aren't they, Basa?" Maia said, putting on her headphones and typing up a few things on her laptop.

"I'll never understand how you take things so calmly." Tsubasa said.

Maia simply made a "rock on" hand gesture.

"Dammit, where is she?"

Rui kept on running throughout the city, looking for her sister. The red blip was constantly on the move, and Rui groaned every time it picked up the pace. She kept ducking into alleyways to hide from the Noise. Looking at her phone again, she saw that it had stopped moving on the roof of a nearby power plant.

There are abandoned buildings nearby. Maybe if I can get to their roofs, I can jump over the gaps to get to Hibiki.

Rui kicked down a boarded up building and started running up the stairs. She wondered why that there were no Noise stopping her.

She got her answer as she saw through the broken windows.

Hibiki was with a little girl, surrounded by dozens of Noise.

"No... not again... Not again!"

Rui picked up the pace, with every flight she ran up, each window she passed, the noise drew closer and closer to her sister.

She finally made it to the top, and looked across the rooftops. It wasn't too far of a jump, but it was a nasty fall. It wouldn't matter anyways, as the Noise were already too close.

No... no, no!


She screamed the last one as the fear set in once more.


"Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron~"

The fear was replaced with confusion. A singing voice? Was that... Hibiki?

A bright orange light glew and Rui put her arm up to try and block the light. Narrowing her eyes, she saw that a pillar of light shot towards the sky. But where was it coming from?

Looking closer, she saw the source.

"H-Hibiki?" She asked in confusion.

"The signals have focused! We've located them!" A woman with dark blue hair said.

"We're detecting another powerful signal in addition to the Noise!" The light brown haired man said.

"Compare it to the records! Quick!"

A woman with glasses studied the screen. "Wait, is that... an Aufwachen waveform?"

The holographic screen had one word smack dab in the center.

"Gungnir datto?!" Genjuro shouted in shock.

Tsubasa's eyes widened, just as surprised, but for different reasons.

"Whoa..." Maia pulled off her headphones. "Well... ain't that interesting?"

Rui watched as her sister fell forward, screaming in pain. She could only watch in horror as she saw machinery of some sort rip out of her back before the shot right back in.

The smoke cleared, and Hibiki now was garbed in black and yellow armor, with a bodysuit of orange underneath. Getting up, she had a wicked smile on her face, and her eyes glowed red.

"Hibiki...?" Rui breathed out.

A/N: Yup. That's right. I'm working on a Symphogear fic. I don't think it really needs to be said what the idea is gonna be.

Rui and Maia were based off of the alternate Hibiki (A Light That Pierces the Clouds) and alternate Tsubasa (BAYONET CHARGE) in Symphogear XDU. You can piece together how they'll act by searching them up.

The idea came to me after seeing tons of fanart of the girls interacting with their alternate selves. So then this idea came together.

So yeah. I don't know what else to say, really. Just stay tuned for a lot of twin goodness.