I was trapped and alone in the big city. This was a bad place for me to be. I'm a spirit fox, full of magic.

I am a spirit fox, called Kitsune in most circles. I have six tails personally. I'm not the most powerful, but I do alright.

I was quite startled, as you might imagine, when the strange muscle bound human stepped on my tail.

"Nyah!" I cried and leapt into the nearest light pole.

The human caught me in his strong hands and swept me into his arms.

"Are you hurt?" Rhetorical question. Metallic voice. He looked like he had absorbed the metal of the light pole to protect himself (and me!) from falling debris. He must assume I was a regular fox, as I had glamoured quickly and looked normal.

The absorption vanished revealed a handsome human face; well, handsome as humans go, I guess. He looked at me scrutinizing, staring at my face. He thought I was a regular fox, but he also thought I was injured.

He bandaged my tail. "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

I do not understand humans.

He put me in a very soft satchel to rest.

I clutched my hoshi to my chest. I had been captured!


Kevin knew he shouldn't have taken her home. He didn't have anywhere to keep a fox. And fox's weren't pets anyway.

Besides, it wasn't his style to take in a stray animal like this, it was weird. But he'd been the one to injure her! It was his fault; so he owed it to her take care of her until she got strong again.

Yeah it could be argued that he did save her. So they should be even.

Kevin looked down at the cute little fox, nestled in his bed in a den of pillows she'd created.

When he got close, she growled and snapped at him. Finally after some trial and error, he realized she liked Japanese candy, particularly Konpeito.

So Kevin had laid some out in a dish and some clean water for her.

After that she finally let him pet her and brush her, careful to avoid her injured tail.

"What am I gonna do with you?" Kevin said.

She was moseying around his place, gathering shiny objects—including most of his tedanite—and putting it in her nest. She then gathered it all up like a hoard and looked up at him, satisfied.

"You've got good taste, Vixen." Kevin laughed.

She just growled at him.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna steal your treasure." Kevin grinned, then muttered. "Unless I need to buy food."