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Author's Note: So, I wrote a little omake for a story called Daystar by WinterWombat of the same title and the little omake kinda grew in my head.

I want to say that if you haven't figured it out now, this will be a crackfic. If that is not your cup of tea or coffee, soda, beer, whiskey, or water you can bail right now. However, if this is your cup of your favorite beverage sit back, take a drink and enjoy. Furthermore, this is also inspired by RavensDagger and his awesome fanfic How To Train Your Endbringer since it was the very first Worm fanfic I ever read and the story With Friends Like These… by TheMadmanAndre. RavensDagger, TheMadmanAndre, and WinterWombat I thank you so much for your writings. I look forward to more of your works and I hope that you as well as everyone else enjoys this wild and crazy ride.

Married To The Simurgh!

November 28, 2013

Brockton Bay, Massachusetts

The Hebert Household

The dining room of the new home for Taylor Hebert and her wife was packed full with guests. It was filled with friends of Taylor and Danny Hebert, and family. This was the very first Thanksgiving to be celebrated in Taylor's new home and while the house was indeed large because it had to be, the dining room itself was indicative the people who called it home. The table expertly crafted, it was very wide and very long. It was made of a solid black stone that while polished to a sheen it seemed to absorb light so that there was no reflection of light back but it allowed you to see your reflection perfectly. The chairs were high backed and wide but still extremely comfortable, as if you were sitting on a cloud but still perfectly ergonomic and stable.

Atop the table was packed with multitudes of dishes of food, creamy garlic parmesan mashed potatoes with a gravy boat next to it, baked macaroni and cheese, green bean cassarole, multiple salads, grilled root vegetables, mustard parmesan roasted cauliflower, glazed carrots, roasted beets, grilled brussel sprouts with bacon, cranberry sauce, apple, sage, sausage and cornbread stuffing, multiple bread baskets with piping hot dinner rolls, and at the head of the table was the main attraction: A turkey. The bird had been carved, portions passed around to the guests at the table, everyone had served themselves of the bounty of the food at the table but no one had eaten yet.

Taylor Hebert stood up from her seat at the head of the table. She looked at the assembled guests. Her dad sat on her left side while her wife was on the right. Her friends were sitting on the left side of the table as well. Her wife's brothers were sitting on the right side too. There were two empty place settings next to the last brother. It was supposed to be for her wife's dad and his date but he apparently was late.

Everyone quieted down and Taylor spoke. "On behalf of my family, I thank you all for taking the time to join us for our very first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home. I'm know many of you had other Thanksgiving gatherings to attend but it means a lot to me that you have taken the time to join my wife, her brothers, my dad, and myself."

Taylor paused to look at her wife who was smiling back. A wing extended outwards from her wife to give her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Taylor looked at her wife's brothers that were sitting next to her. She still couldn't believe it. She was married to The Simurgh and Behemoth and Leviathan were her brothers in law sitting at the dining table about to join in Thanksgiving dinner.

Taylor continued, "These last couple of years have been insane and these last few months have been crazy. While Simmy and I are only married for a few months, it is impossible to hide this little bundle of joy that will be born next year." She gestured to her belly where it was obvious to anyone that Taylor was a few months pregnant. Then she continued again. "Amy, thank you for your gift."

Amy Dallon, otherwise known to the world as the cape Panacea could not resist a little snark. "Let's see if you are still thanking me when you have to wake up for the two am feedings and four am diaper changes."

Everyone chuckled and there were calls out of "Congratulations!" from all the guests.

Taylor looked at Behemoth and Leviathan. "Benjamin, Leeroy you two have been the greatest brothers in law. Thanks for coming to the wedding and building this house for Simmy and I. Words alone are not enough to express my gratitude but I am trying. When the baby arrives, I'm sure you both will be the best uncles in the world. Just try to keep the spoiling of the little one to a minimum, I don't want the competition between you two and my dad to go overboard."

Sitting next to The Simurgh were her brothers, Behemoth and Leviathan. All three Endbringers were no longer the humongous giants they once were, they had shrunk in size so that they could attend the gathering. Behemoth, now going by the name of Benjamin was still the largest at 9 feet tall, Leviathan at 8 feet tall was going by the name of Leeroy. When asked if Leviathan picked the name Leeroy because of Leeroy Jenkins or Leeroy Jethro Gibbs he just nodded yes. The Simurgh or Simmy as she was called was still the shortest but at a manageable 7 feet.

Above The Simurgh's head was a flat panel screen that she telekinetically kept in place. While she mainly communicated telepathically only about half of the guests were comfortable with that. So, the flat screen showed The Simurgh's words when and if she wanted to say something.

Taylor looked over to her father, Danny Hebert. He was looking to be in great health, he was no longer balding, the stress lines in his face were gone.

"Dad, I know it's been tough to see your Little Owl get married, and married to Simmy no less! But you've been so great through everything. I'm so thankful that you have been there for me and I now know you are seriously looking forward to being a grandfather!"

There were chuckles and a few laughs.

"We've come a long way Dad and I am so happy you are here today. You've done your job, I am a married woman now with a baby on the way so I officially give you permission to find someone you can share everything with. Time for you to get a girlfriend, Dad!"

There were more laughs as Danny's face turned red.

"I'll think about it ,Taylor.", Danny replied.

Taylor clapped her hands once and said, "Alright everyone, it looks like my father in law is going to be late, and he's already given the okay to start, so on that note, I hope you enjoy the food, there is a lot of it. Let's eat!"

Taylor sat down and dove in to her food as everybody at the dining table started to eat as well. Quickly, there were sounds of enjoyment from the guests at the table. She looked at Simmy who was just using her telekinesis to handle her utensils. Using that skill of hers, she used the butter knife to spread the butter on a dinner roll, then the roll floated over to Taylor's plate and she gave her wife a smile which was returned.

Behemoth and Leviathan finished their meals very quickly, and with a grunt from Behemoth, The Simurgh used her telekinesis to refill Behemoth and Leviathan's plates with second helpings of food. The turkey on the table was almost gone by this point since there we so many people. When watching Leviathan, he would touch the food with a finger and the food item would just disappear. Leviathan was silent just like the Simurgh but Behemoth would growl or lightly roar, but you could tell that they were communicating somehow to each other.

The screen above Taylor's head flashed and there was an audible beep. [The turkey is no more. Shall I bring the other one?]

Taylor looked up to the screen, then at what was left of the turkey which was pretty much gone by this point. She looked at Behemoth and Leviathan who she knew had large appetites and that the rest of the guests were still on their first servings. "Yeah, you can bring it out."

The platter holding the turkey was lifted in the air and it floated out of the room, into the kitchen. A new turkey ready and waiting to be served floated from the kitchen and landed on the table.

"Don't worry everyone, there's plenty of food!", said Taylor.

Victoria Dallon aka Glory Girl smiled at the sight of the arriving floating turkey and said, "How many turkeys did you make?"

Taylor said, "I made four, but I didn't do all the cooking by myself, Benjamin and Simmy helped too. Simmy is a great prep cook with her telekinesis, man she was amazing while Benjamin's a master with the oven and grill. This turkey here was cooked on the grill by Benjamin. He also grilled the root veggies and the roasted vegetables over there, so make sure you try some."

Brian spoke up next. "Did Levi-ahem, did Leeroy help?"

Taylor rolled her eyes. "No, he was playing video games with Alec the whole time." She gave a glare at the Endbringer but it really had no heat to it. People chuckled.

Alec raised is hand into a thumbs up gesture and said, "I needed a partner and since Leeroy was not doing anything he was the obvious choice. Leeroy was awesome."

Leeroy raised his own fist into a thumbs up gesture at Alec. Those that knew Alec and his love of video games chuckled that he was playing video games with the former Endbringer.

Lisa, formerly known as Tattletale and now going by the Cape name Insight smiled. "Only you Alec would play video games with Leeroy. How badly did you beat them?" Lisa's power would have told her but she tamped it down so she could enjoy the meal and the company.

Alec smiled, "Leeroy was badass on dps, while I did the tanking. We won all the maps we played."

Lily spoke up "How many maps did you two play?"

Alec replied, "Uh, 22. We would have played more but food was ready. If I don't collapse into a food coma afterwards we'll pick it up where we left off."

Taylor spoke, "Yep, the only thing that can get Alec away from the video game console, food."

"100% chance Alec plays video games after this." chirped one of the youngest guests, Dinah.

The screen above The Simurgh flashed and an audible beep. [Sleep is the other thing that can get Alec away from the video games.]

There were laughs from everyone at the table.

Everyone was having a good time. The guests were enjoying the food and giving Taylor, Benjamin, and Simmy the praise for cooking and while most of the people had moved on to second servings, Benjamin and Leeroy had stopped at five servings of food after a glare from Simmy.

There was a beep and the panel above Simmy's head flashed as she turned and glared at her brothers. [You two have had enough. Leave room for pie.]

Benjamin and Leeroy both nodded their heads and there was a sound from Benjamin that sounded like a hum almost.

Taylor grinned and said, "Benjamin is saying 'yum for pie'. Honestly, I think he copies Homer Simpson when it comes to food."

Benjamin nodded his head and the hum sound repeated.

The panel above Simmy's head beeped and more text appeared. [Dad is almost here. ETA 1 minute.]

Taylor wiped her mouth and said, "Then I better go greet my father in law and his date. Be right back folks!" Taylor stood up and left the dining room.

By the time Taylor reached the door, the doorbell rang and she opened the door. Standing at the doorway was her father in law and his date.

"Hello, David and Jennifer. We've already started eating but there is plenty of food and a place set for you both at the table."

David, the man also known as the Protectorate superhero Eidolon was doing his best to be nonchalant while his date was trying her best to be supportive.

Jennifer spoke first, "Thank you Taylor. O M G, you're pregnant!? You look amazing!" She sniffed, smelling the aroma of the food. I can smell the food from here, we've been eating all day but I'm hungry again!"

Jennifer walked in and David followed. He presented a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. "You're too young and now that you are expecting, this will do I trust."

Taylor smiled, "Of course. Can I take your coats?"

As David and Jennifer passed their coats over to Taylor, David said, "Congratulations Taylor. Not just on your wedding, but your new addition to the family."

"Thanks David. It means a lot." Taylor put the coats away in the closet by the door and led them to the dining room.

"Everyone, my father in law is here with Jennifer! David, Jennifer there's a place for you both right next to Leeroy. Benjamin helped with the grill and this turkey right here, he cooked it himself and it is so, so, good."

Simmy stood up from her chair and floated over to David and Jennifer. She hugged David first then Jennifer and the screen flashed with a beep. [Greetings, Father. Greetings Jennifer. Welcome to our home. Happy Thanksgiving]

David was returned the hug but if you looked carefully and you were aware you could tell it was a small struggle.

Benjamin and Leeroy had stood up and were waiting for Simmy and David to seperate and once Simmy had returned to her seat, Benjamin and Leeroy each took a turn giving a hug to David. David managed to keep his composure and hug each of the former Endbringers.

The plates for David and Jennifer were lifted telekintically and turkey portions were served on to them then placed back on the table in front of David and Jennifer. Simmy was looking at the two and smiled. She gestured to the both of them that they should help themselves of the various dishes.

The screen atop Simmy's head flashed. [We have Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple pies, as well as a Boston Creame Poke Cake for dessert. Be sure to leave room for dessert you two.]

David said with his best genuine smile, "Thank you uh...dear, we're uh….looking forward to it."

Jennifer nodded in acknowledgment. "Looking forward to it."

The dinner progressed smoothly as everyone enjoyed the food. Many of the guests had seconds or thirds before calling it quits to leave room for dessert. The various pies that Simmy had mentioned were brought out, cut into slices and placed on the table in front of each guest. The exception was Benjamin and Leeroy who each had a whole pecan, pumpkin, and apple pie along with half of a boston crèame poke cake placed in front.

Taylor looked with horror.

Vicky looked with part glee and part jealousy.

Amy wasn't looking, she was busy eating her slice of the boston creame poke cake.

Lisa was extremely close to a laughing fit that would knock her off the chair she was sitting on.

Brian stared in awe.

Alec was too focused on his own dessert to notice.

Dinah took one glance and quickly started on her apple pie, giggling as she ate.

Miss Militia took a quick look, went pale for a moment and focused on her own desert.

Danny just shrugged.

After everyone had finished with dessert, everyone moved to other areas of the house like the living room and the game room. Alec was the first one to the game room and quickly fired up the video game console to jump into an online FPS multiplayer match. Leeroy sat down next to him and picked up the second controller and joined in. A group followed in to the room and started watching. Another small group went to the pool table and a game of 9-ball was started.

Taylor, Simmy along with about half of the guests went into the living room and the giant flat panel TV screen that was the showpiece of the room turned on. The late Thanksgiving football game was on and it featured Green Bay vs New England. The small crowd began cheer for the "home" team of New England. Taylor moved through the room, pouring coffee or refilling a wine glass for her guests. Those that wanted a soda or bottled water were rewarded with the item floating in front at the precise moment they thought they wanted that item. Taylor checked in on those that were playing/watching the video game marathon or playing pool. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Her wife floated and placed a wing on her shoulder and wrapped her arm around her waist. Taylor paused to think about how all this crazy got started.