Chapter 5

January 17, 2011

The Rig

Brockton Bay

Alexandria, Danny and Taylor Hebert looked at the LED sign that had displayed The Simurgh's new conditions. The text had vanished and was a blank screen. Then, the LED sign flashed and the conditions were on display again.

[Condition 1 – I Will Reside In Brockton Bay. Location To Be Determined Later.]

[Condition 2 – Taylor Will Accompany MeOn Adventures. Adventures To Be Determined Later.]

Danny was about to speak when Alexandria placed her hand on his arm. "Please Mister Hebert, let me handle this."

Alexandria said, "Let's review where we are then. Your have proposed Peace upon marrying Taylor Hebert." Alexandria gestured towards Taylor. "Her father, Danny has stated that he cannot approve such a marriage without Taylor graduating high school and turning eighteen. Taylor has tentatively agreed but on the condition that you and the other Endbringers cease all attacks immediately and that no new Endbringers appear. You are prepared to accept Taylor's condition provide we agree that you reside within Brockton Bay and that Taylor accompanies you on….'adventures'."

Taylor looked at Alexandria and said, "Don't forget about your promise to help me."

Alexandria turned to look at Taylor and said, "I have not forgotten."

Looking back to The Simurgh, Alexandria said, "These 'adventures'….is this your idea of date?"

Both Danny and Taylor had a look on their faces that they were thinking exactly what that was. Taylor was even nodding her head slightly.

The LED sign flashed as The Simurgh turned slightly facing the open ocean. She gestured with her right arm sweeping across the horizon.

[Adventures Are Adventures!] [Fun!] [Excitement!] [Adrenaline Rush!]

From the laptop, music began to play. Looking at it, Alexandria saw that the media player was now playing a music track. She clicked on the media player tab but by now everyone could hear the trumpet blaring the signature notes of the main theme to Raiders of The Lost Ark. The music swelling as the volume slider was raised to the maximum.

[Adventure Is Out There!] [Adventure Awaits!]

The Simurgh turned back and was looking at the three of them, a smirk on her face. Alexandria closed the media player causing the music to stop and The Simurgh looked at Alexandria with a pout.

Taylor whispered something to Danny and The Simurgh's face brightened again but Danny said, "No, Taylor, The Simurgh will not be living at the house."

The Simurgh looked sad. She made a show of kicking an imaginary rock with her foot, while Taylor let out a breath slowly.

Danny added, "It's much too soon for that. After we finalize this...treaty, The Simurgh and I will be having a chat about the Rules For Dating My Daughter."

The Simurgh turned back from the ocean and faced Danny, she looked apprehensive with a hand to her mouth.

Alexandria cleared her throat. "Shall we continue?"

Danny, Taylor, and The Simurgh nodded their heads. The LED sign flashed,

[Of Course.]

"We've had proposals, and counter proposals. Let's see if we can have agreements and move this along. For starters", looking at The Simurgh, Alexandria continued, "Do you object to any of Danny or Taylor's conditions?"

The Simurgh placed one hand under her elbow to hold the other arm up so she could tap her chin. She did this for three seconds.

[No Objections Provided My Conditions Are Agreed To.]

Danny and Taylor looked at each other. Danny asked Taylor, "The Simurgh's conditions….do you have a problem?"

Taylor shook her head.

Danny held Taylor's hand. "Are you sure? You agree to marry The Simurgh after you graduate from high school and turn eighteen?"

Taylor nodded. "I accept."

Danny looked at Alexandria and The Simurgh, "If The Simurgh does not object to my counters and she agrees with Taylor's conditions, I believe we are in agreement."


The Simurgh looked directly at the roof camera for a moment.

For about a minute there was no noise, no sound other than the surrounding noise of the sea and the ambient noise around them. Taylor was the first to say something. "This is it? We….we….we have a deal?" Taylor looked anxious, worried, and hopeful.

Alexandria held her hand up. She was being talked to by someone over her commlink. She whispered words back to whoever was on the other line. She kept her hand up as she conversed quietly with whoever it was. Finally, her hand lowered. She looked at The Simurgh, Danny, and Taylor.

"After consulting with Protectorate leadership, the President of the United States of America, and a number of Congressional leaders, we have a deal. The treaty will need to be ratified with Congress...but I believe that will not be a problem."

The Simurgh rolled her eyes at the mention of Congress. The LED sign flashed,

[Boring.] [Treaty Will Be Drafted.] [Here.] [Now.]

The laptop display showed the cursor move to a word processing application and it was launched. The screen was now showing a blank word processing document and quickly the keys on the keyboard were being pressed as words started appearing on the document.

Alexandria said, "Actually, at this point I think an Ambassador or perhaps the Secretary of State should take over, as I am not..."

[Objection] [I, Ziz, Israfel, Ulama, The Simurgh Will Not Deal With Simpletons. Morons. Politicians.] [You Negotiated, You Will Complete Treaty.] [Do You Wish To Leave Task Unfinished?] [Would You Allow Idiot To Ruin What You Have Accomplished?]

The Simurgh narrowed her eyes and glared at Alexandria.

Alexandria cleared her throat. "My apologies. I simply wanted to….nevermind. I have been honored and privileged to be here at this monumental and historic occasion. Of course, I will stay here until it is completed. You must understand, that this treaty will need to be approved by political leadership."

[Treaty Will Be Approved With No Changes Or Alterations.] [This Is My Final Condition.]

Alexandria held her hand up and spoke quietly into her commlink. There was another discussion lasting for about a minute, once it was done Alexandria looked at The Simurgh and said, "The President and Congressional Leaders will approve the treaty once we have a final draft. Several world leaders from other countries would like to know if Peace will apply to their countries as well."

[Any Nation That Does Not Agree To Conditions Does Not Have To Sign Peace Treaty.]

[Any Nation That Does Not Sign Treaty Can Be Attacked By Unit 01, Unit 02 and Myself.]

[I Extend Cease Fire For Thirty Days So That Other Nations Can Review And Sign Peace Treaty.]

[After Thirty Days, If Treaty Has Not Been Signed, Hostilities Will Resume.]

Taylor looked up to The Simurgh with wide eyes and spoke up, "That….that's not right!"

The Simurgh gave a sad look but she pointed to her sign.

[It Would Be Their Decision Whether To Sign Or Not Sign Peace Treaty.]

[If They Do Not Sign, They Do Not Want Peace.]

Alexandria said, "Just for clarification, there will be no attacks from Behemoth, Leviathan or yourself once the treaty is signed? Furthermore, per Taylor's condition this Unit 04 and others will not activate?"

The LED sign flashed, [Correct]

Alexandria said, "While we do not have a say in what another nation may or may not do, we will extend every diplomatic courtesy to other nations and make sure they have an opportunity to review the Peace Treaty for themselves and they can choose to sign or not sign the peace treaty. Naturally we will encourage that the other nations of the world sign the peace treaty."

The Simurgh changed to a happy expression. Her wings extended and she raised her right arm and opened her hand. The clouds parted, and a perfect sunbeam landed on the group, bathing The Simurgh in a perfect silhouette. The LED sign flashed.

[There Will Be Peace!]

Taylor looked at her father. Danny reached out and pulled her in for a hug. The clattering of keys being pressed stopped.

The LED sign flashed, [We Must Set Date For Wedding. Wedding Date Will Be In Treaty.]

Danny and Taylor pulled apart and they looked at each other. Danny looked to Alexandria and The Simurgh and said, "Taylor's birthday is June nineteenth. I think...I think it would be best for the wedding to be...", Danny moved to the laptop and made a 'may I?' gesture. Getting approval, he opened the calendar application and quickly changed the date to June 2013. Danny then said, "Alright, so Taylor's birthday falls on a Wednesday in 2013. Something this big, I think it would be best for the wedding to be on June twenty ninth but the twenty second would be an option if that's what The Simurgh and Taylor want."

Taylor shrugged her shoulders. "Either one's good I guess."

Alexandria said, "Well, it would be up to The Simurgh and you, Taylor. You have a say."

The LED sign flashed, [I Choose June 22, 2013 For Our Wedding Date With Taylor's Approval.]

Taylor looked at the sign then she looked at the calendar. Taylor thought for a couple minutes then she nodded her head and said, "Alright, June twenty second."

The calendar marked the date and a notation was placed, "Wedding Day!" and then it was closed. The text document that was being typed up started up again as keys were pressed.

Unknown Alternate Dimension

Cauldron Headquarters

Doctor Mother was in her laboratory studying her notes and making new ones into her computer. A portal opened and a woman in a tailored black suit with her black hair pulled into a pony tail and a fedora atop her head walked in. She was holding a bottle of liquor, specifically a very expensive bottle of liquor and three glasses.

The woman placed the glasses on the table next to Doctor Mother, opened the bottle of liquor and poured the liquid into two of the glasses. She took one glass and handed it to Doctor Mother, who took it questioningly.

"Contessa, what are you doing?"

Picking up the glass of liquor she held it up to Doctor Mother in a toasting gesture. "Celebrating, Mother. There will be Peace."

"What are you talking about?"

"On Earth Bet, The Simurgh has come to Brockton Bay. She has come for The Queen. They will be married….eventually. Peace is at hand."

Doctor Mother continued to look at Contessa with a questioning look on her face. Then, the door to the laboratory opened and Kurt walked in. "Have you seen what's going on in Brockton Bay?"

Contessa poured more liquor into the third glass now and passed it over to Kurt. She raised her glass in a toast and waited for Kurt to do the same.

"To Peace.", Contessa said.

Doctor Mother and Kurt shrugged their shoulders and drank their beverages, Contessa did the same. Then she picked up the bottle and kept her glass. She looked at Doctor Mother and said, "I'm taking a vacation. Don't call me, I'll call you. Enjoy this for what it is. My most important advice I can give you all is, do not piss off The Queen. Door to Fiji Island, Earth Aleph."

The portal opened and Contessa walked through it, the portal closed behind her after her exit.

Kurt and Doctor Mother looked at each other and could only wonder what was going on.

Kurt said, "You need to see this."

He called for a door to the main control center and the two of the entered. Television monitors were displaying what they could of what was going on in Brockton Bay. But as The Simurgh had sabotaged the majority of the cameras that were filming and recording what was going on, they mostly showed old looping footage of what they had before the sabotage but with current audio from newscasters and from audio feeds of PRT/Protectorate forces and communications from Washington DC. This was in addition to the PRT camera footage from the roof of The Rig which they had access to.

Doctor Mother looked at Kurt and said, "What's going on?"

Kurt replied, "Apparently, The Simurgh came to Brockton Bay and asked for a parley. She claiming she wants peace and that she's proposing marriage to a girl named Taylor Anne Hebert a girl that lives in Brockton Bay to cement that peace. That's her right there." Kurt pointed at Taylor on the roof cam monitor. "Her father's next to her, and Rebecca's right there leading the talks."

The two Cauldron members could only watch and listen, they were still reeling from Scion's sudden crash and all of them were still trying to figure out what that meant. Now this event in Brockton Bay.

"What is going on?", asked Doctor Mother.


Brockton Bay

Conference Room 2

Eidolon walked in to the conference room to find Shadow Stalker sitting looking bored with her feet up on the table and reclining as far back into the chair as she could.

Seeing the Triumvirate hero walk in took Shadow Stalker by surprise. She did not expect to see him or be this close to the Hero at any point but this day was definitely strange.

Eidolon grunted and said, "Sorry for making you wait, I was following up with the others that had arrived before you. So, what can you tell me? See anything?"

Shadow Stalker had brought her chair to normal position and sat straight. "Um, I didn't see anything unusual, nothing that the briefing said we were to be on the look out for."

Eidolon growled. Then he composed himself and said, "You were deployed the furthest, you were out of contact for a moment. You sure?"

Shadow Stalker replied, "I was moving from one roof to another in my breaker state as I had said earlier, that's why I was out of contact. But, I did not see anything. I looked and found nothing."

Eidolon turned around, put a hand to his mask, and held it there. Whispering to himself so low that Shadow Stalker could not hear. Then he turned back to face Shadow Stalker and said, "Alright, go. Return to the rest of the fighting force. Stand by for further orders." Then he left, leaving Shadow Stalker in the conference room.

After a moment, Shadow Stalker got up and left the room as well and rejoined the other Wards. They were being kept separated from the older capes that had come to fight. She took note of the tension in the room. The big monitor showing the footage of the roof camera of the Rig displaying Alexandria, The Simurgh, and Shadow Stalker let out the breath she was holding as she saw Taylor Hebert and the man that she suspected was Taylor's father.

Moving next to Aegis, Shadow Stalker said, "Hey, what's been happening while I was out?"

Aegis whispered back, "Proposals from The Simurgh, counter proposals from Taylor and her father, then Ziz had her own counter proposals to theirs. We don't get to see and hear much, the audio feeds go straight to Legend and the video feed here is on a delay just because we're Wards."

"Is there going to be a fight?", asked Shadow Stalker.

Aegis replied, "The way things are going, I doubt it."

Shadow Stalker stared at Taylor's image on the screen. Then she looked at The Simurgh, and Shadow Stalker felt cold. The Simurgh was looking at the camera, and Shadow Stalker could not help but feel those eyes were looking right at her. It lasted for a moment but it was enough to give Shadow Stalker a full body shiver.

"You alright?", asked Aegis.

"I'm fine.", replied Shadow Stalker.

"You sure?"

"I said I'm fine.", growled Shadow Stalker.

Shadow Stalker remained silent and walked away from the monitor so she wouldn't have to see and feel those eyes staring at her.

Aegis just shrugged his shoulders and looked at the monitor. Shadow Stalker was just being her usual grumpy self.

Then there was a chime over the PA.

A voice started to speak, it was Legend.

"Attention all PRT, Protectorate, Heroes of Brockton Bay that have come from this city itself, from around the country, and from around the world to face The Simurgh. As you are aware, The Simurgh came here for a parley. Alexandria has been negotiating at The Rig all morning and into the afternoon. I am pleased to announce that a deal for Peace has been reached. I repeat, a deal for Peace has been reached. There will be no battle."

Everyone throughout PRT HQ broke out into cheers. There were high fives, hugs, people yelled, screamed, some jumped up and down in excitement. Heroes celebrated with villains, villains celebrated with PRT officers, it was a spectacle.

Legend's voice continued, "A treaty is currently being drafted, once signed there will be peace between humanity and the Endbringers. More details to follow, all Heroes that came here from outside of Brockton Bay, arrangements will be made to get you back home. The President of the United States will be speaking to the country shortly. Endbringer Truce protocols are still in effect for one week."

Aegis went through and hugged every Ward that was there, Gallant, Kid Win, Clockblocker, Vista, and Shadow Stalker. Browbeat was in a shelter with his family, Triumph was on The Rig. As he celebrated with each Ward, he noticed that Shadow Stalker while seeming to cheer, she seemed distracted. He'd worry about it later.

The Rig

Brockton Bay

The laptop keys were typing away, controlled by The Simurgh's telekinesis as it was creating the treaty document. The keys finally stopped and the LED sign flashed.

[Treaty Document Completed. Review. Print.] [Schedule Signing Ceremony For Three Days From Now.]

Alexandria looked at the laptop and started to peruse the completed document. "I will review the document now."

Alexandria started reviewing the document. There it was at the top, "Treaty of Peace". Alexandria couldn't help but take a deep breath, hold it and let it out slowly. This was historic.

She looked at the document carefully. The peace would be between humanity and the Endbringers. The conditions that Danny, Taylor and The Simurgh were listed in the treaty. It was a simple, straightforward document although Alexandria noticed something.

Alexandria looked up to The Simurgh and said, "What's this?"

The laptop floated up towards The Simurgh then floated back down to float in front of Alexandria again. Then the LED sign flashed, [Location Of My Home Is Undetermined.] [Have Three Possibilties] [Location Finalization Will Be After Treaty.] [I Am Simply Locking In Condition Of My Staying In Brockton Bay In Treaty.]

Alexandria asked, "Will Behemoth and Leviathan abide this treaty?"

[Yes.] [I Can Promise That Unit 01 And Unit 02 Will Abide Treaty.]

An alert came over Alexandria's commlink. "What is it?", she said.

"Ma'am, a FedEx delivery truck just dropped off a package at the bridge guard shack. The box is of medium size and the shipping label says it's from The Dollhouse has a 'Deliver To S. Murgh.' on the box. The driver explained he was under strict orders to drop off the box no later than when he dropped it off."

The Simurgh looked at Alexandria with an anticipatory look. Taylor was looking at The Simurgh with a questioning gaze.

[My Package Has Arrived?!] [Excellent!] [Please Bring!]

Alexandria said, "Someone will be coming to pick up the package."

Armsmaster's voice came over the channel. "I'll see to it."

Alexandria looked over to The Simurgh again and said, "What's in the box?"

The Simurgh smiled. [Nothing Bad.][It Is For Me.]

Minutes passed. Armsmaster's voice came over Alexandria's commlink again. "Box has been scanned. No threats detected. Contents are clothing."

The Simurgh did a little twirl. Taylor looked at The Simurgh and arched an eyebrow.

A couple of minutes later Armsmaster walked out onto the helipad carrying a sizable box. He placed it on the ground near Alexandria, saluted and left. As he was leaving, The Simurgh looked happy and she floated the box up and it started opening.

The LED screen flashed,

[When You Absolutely, Positively, Have To Have It On Time, Call Federal Express.]

The box open, a garment floated out. It was a beautiful dress, it was golden in color, it looked very sleek and elegant. Within seconds, the dress was on The Simurgh and she looked amazing. The Simurgh preened and Taylor couldn't help but gasp at how beautiful The Simurgh looked. The dress conformed to The Simurgh's body and it flowed around her legs and the bottom of the dress seemed to shimmer from the sunlight when The Simurgh moved.

The LED sign flashed, [Clothes Acquired.] [Now, To Make This Official.]

Then The Simurgh moved around to face Taylor directly. She knelt down and from somewhere within the thick long flowing mane that was The Simurgh's hair a small blue box emerged. The box floated down to where Taylor could grab it but she didn't. The box opened and a beautiful ring with a very large diamond on it was in the small ring box.

The LED sign was moved slightly then it flashed, [Taylor Anne Hebert, Will You Marry Me?]

Taking a deep breath, looking resolved, Taylor nodded her head, then she said, "Yes. Yes, I will marry you."

The ring floated out of the ring box and into The Simurgh's hand, she slid the engagement ring on to Taylor's finger and smiled. Then The Simurgh bent down and kissed the top of Taylor's hand.

Taylor blushed.

The Simurgh stood and floated back up. The LED sign flashed, [You Have Made Me Very Happy Taylor!]

The Simurgh did a little twirl followed by a little dance and her face was pure joy. If she were capable of speech she would be 'squeeing' right now. Instead, he LED sign flashed out the following:

[Squeeeeeeeeee!] [Squeeeeeeeeee!]

[Squeeeeeeeeee!] [Squeeeeeeeeee!]

Alexandria arched an eyebrow, Danny shook his head and Taylor was gaping with an open mouth.

Regaining her composure, The Simurgh smoothed out her dress and the LED sign flashed, [Ahem. I Shall Return In Three Days.] [09:00 EST] [Treaty Can Be Signed Then.] [Cease Fire Shall Remain In Place.]

The Simurgh floated backwards, her wings extended, then she gave Taylor a curtsy followed by blowing her a kiss. Then The Simurgh floated higher into the sky.

As The Simurgh started to fly away, the white flag she brought with her floated up to return to The Simurgh's hand and the LED sign flashed, [You Can Keep This Until I Return.] [No Touchy.] [That Means, You Armsmaster.]

The Simurgh left the area faster than she had ever left any attack site ever before.

Dragon's voice spoke to Alexandria and in PRT HQ at Brockton Bay and at the main HQ in Los Angeles. Her transmission was also heard at the Pentagon and in the White House Situation Room. "The Simurgh has left the area, she is returning to orbit." There was a brief pause and Dragon spoke again. "Now she is in orbit directly above Brockton Bay."

Alexandria looked at Danny and Taylor Hebert. She gave Taylor a smile and said, "Thank you, Taylor. You may have saved humanity today by your sacrifice. A debt we can never repay you has been earned by you, we will strive to be worthy of it."

Gesturing with her arm towards the door that led into The Rig, Alexandria said, "Please, let's go inside so we can talk about making sure Taylor is safe and taken care of."

Alexandria had grabbed the laptop before it could have fallen as The Simurgh had flown away, the LED sign had been moved by The Simurgh to lean against the wall next to the door.

Danny and Taylor walked towards the door and Alexandria opened it and led them into The Rig. A quick journey through the building that included a tinkertech elevator that was not only the smoothest but the fastest elevator Danny and Taylor had been on and they were led to a conference room.

As Danny and Taylor sat down, Alexandria said, "It has been a very...historic day, and you haven't had anything to eat or drink since this all started Would you like something? The kitchen at this location can make practically anything, or if you like I can arrange for takeout."

Danny and Taylor talked briefly then Danny said, "As much as I would like a beer or something stronger right now, a clear head is needed. Takeout would be appreciated, Taylor told me she's craving Italian."

Alexandria smiled at both Danny and Taylor. "Let me make a phone call. I know a place. Are you craving anything specific?"

Taylor said, "I would like some spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread."

Danny said, "Fettuccine Alfredo would fine."

Nodding her head, Alexandria picked up the phone that was on the conference room table and placed a call. She spoke quickly and hung up.

"The food will be on its way soon. In the meantime, I'd like to talk about my part in the treaty, my promise to help you. Will you please tell me what it is you need from me?"

Alexandria had opened the laptop again and it was on, she returned to the PRT file that she had seen earlier when looking up information on Taylor Hebert after The Simurgh had made her demand for peace. Having read the report already, she had an idea of what Taylor was wanting.

Taylor took a deep breath and said, "I was a victim of a...prank….no...this was not a prank. What was done to me was...a...vicious attack at my school on the first day back from Christmas break. I opened my locker to find it filled with….with..well basically it was filled with blood, insects, and used feminine hygiene products. I stared in shock and before I could do anything I was hit from behind and shoved inside and left to die. I know who's responsible, the problem is that nothing is being done about it. I want justice."

Alexandria said, "Well, if it is being investigated by he police..."

Taylor cut her off. "You're Alexandria, if you were to say something, they'd have to take notice. I almost died! I was in a coma for a week! The school isn't doing anything, the police aren't doing anything! Please!"

Danny reached over and hugged his daughter with one arm. Looking at Alexandria Danny said, "Alexandria, my daughter's right, if you were to take an interest in the case, that might bring out people willing to talk and motivate the investigators into doing a better job instead of letting it go cold."

Alexandria leaned back, she rested her elbows on the table then raised her forearms and then steeples her hands in front of her. If what her gut and her thinker ability was telling her, a certain Ward that was mentioned in that report was up to her neck in what was done to Taylor. Alexandria knew something was rotten and she quickly realized that The Simurgh had promised 'to help'. What that 'help' was going to entail Alexandria shuddered at the thought. So, Alexandria realized she would have to take action before The Simurgh did because she knew that with The Simurgh now engaged to Taylor Hebert, The Simurgh would and could do anything to make Taylor happy now.

Alexandria was about to speak when there was a knock on the conference room door and it opened. A PRT staffer entered carrying bags with takeout trays inside along with canned drinks and said, "The food you ordered is here. I'll just place it on the table."

Alexandria said, "Thank you, that will be fine."

Once the staffer did that, he quickly left. Taylor was apparently quite hungry and had stood up and started looking for her food. She found it quickly and took a soda as well then passed her father's food over along with a soda. The last bag was obviously Alexandria's. With everyone now in possession of their food and drink, a break was obviously in order and the three dove into their dishes.

The lunch break was short, Taylor wolfed her food down and she saw the small mini fridge against the wall. "Is there water or a cokes in the fridge I can have?"

Alexandria replied, "Help yourself."

Taylor went to the mini fridge and opened it. She took out another coke and opened it then sat back down in her seat.

Taylor said, "The food was really good. Thank you."

"You're quite welcome.", replied Alexandria.

With the food finished, Alexandria set her takeout dish to the side and looked at Taylor and Danny. "After consideration and given that I have given my word to assist, I will be speaking with those investigating your case and see if I can motivate them to redouble their efforts into getting tangible results. Now, you've given me general information about what happened. I will need details, you said you knew who attacked you. Could you please tell me more?"

And so Alexandria sat and listened to Taylor's story. Her story of being physically and emotionally harassed and abused, ignored in addition to having the people that are supposed to watch out for her fail her.

Alexandria looked at the PRT report and noted the name of the agent that completed it and filed it. That's when she noticed that the agent was claiming to have visited Miss Hebert at the hospital after she woke up from her coma and 'found no sign triggering' according to the report.

When Taylor was done Alexandria took a moment. Then she asked, "Miss Hebert...Taylor, I need to ask you a question. Did you speak with an agent of the PRT at any time after you woke up from your coma?"

Taylor leaned back and blinked quickly. Then she shook her head and said, "No. I did not speak with anyone from the PRT after I woke up. Far as I know, my dad didn't speak with anyone from the PRT either.

Danny said, "No one from the PRT has contacted me or Taylor, until today that is. Why?"

Alexandria said, "I wish I could elaborate but I cannot. It will be an internal PRT matter. Taylor, Danny, I have given my word and I will help Given the nature of what your daughter has endured, I think the first thing I will do for you both is refer this incident that took place at Winslow to the FBI."

Both Danny and Taylor looked at each other then at Alexandria questioningly. Danny said, "The FBI?"

Alexandria nodded, "Yes Danny, the FBI. Your daughter was the victim of a bioterror attack." Glancing at the computer screen even though she didn't need to, she look at both father and daughter again. "Blood, used feminine hygiene products, and trash were allowed to fester causing an insect infestation over the Christmas break, and you were clearly targeted. That means that whoever did this could face federal bioterrorism charges. You have named the possible suspects, so I will see what the investigators have uncovered and with the support of the FBI behind the police, justice will be coming."

As Alexandria said those last words, Taylor and Danny could feel the weight of those words, Alexandria was going to help them and both father and daughter could feel that hope.

After the moment passed, Alexandria said, "With this out of the way for now, I need to talk to you both about your Taylor's future. Your daughter's name is going to become public soon. The PRT and the Protectorate will be keeping your daughter's identity secret for now but within the next twenty four to forty eight hours Taylor's name will be revealed. Even if we were lucky and could keep Taylor's name out for the full seventy two hours before the signing ceremony, Taylor's name will be revealed in the end. This means that Taylor will need to be protected. The Simurgh says she will be setting up a residence in Brockton Bay, the treaty did not specify a location yet. I am...sure that The Simurgh will be protecting Taylor from harm."

At that moment, the laptop beeped and a PM appeared on screen. A PM from someone with the user name Winged_One with the text saying "I will Protect Taylor and Danny Hebert. Trust me. :)"

Alexandria's eyes were hidden by her visor but the went wide at seeing the message then she scowled. Apparently The Simurgh had an internet handle and just sent her a text on a private PRT network.

After the pause, "As I was saying, I am confident that The Simurgh will be protective of Taylor and I think she will extend that protection to you as well Danny. After all, you're family. But, we must take Taylor's safety seriously."

Taylor interrupted, "I want out of Winslow, but I need to….go there one last time. For closure."

Alexandria said, "Being removed from Winslow will not be a problem. Your father will no doubt want you sent to a better school, but with The Simurgh going to reside here, I don't think sending you to a school outside of Brockton Bay will make her happy."

Alexandria frowned again when the laptop beeped and another PM from Winged_One appeared with the message 'It would not make me happy indeed."

Alexandria closed the PM and said, "As far as schools go, there will need to be arrangements not just for Taylor's security but for the school's. Naturally, Arcadia is closest to you but special arrangements could be made for you to go to another school."

At that moment the phone rang. Alexandria answered the phone on the first ring. "Yes?" A pause. "I see, thank you."

Hanging up the phone Alexandria said, "The President is going to be addressing the nation shortly."

Danny and Taylor looked at the wall clock which showed it was almost 3pm. Alexandria grabbed a remote and turned on one of the wall flat screens. The news anchor on the screen was talking but the volume was muted. Alexandria raised the volume and the news anchor's voice could now be heard.

"...We are now turning our coverage of The Simurgh's appearance here at Brockton Bay to The President of the United States who has an announcement."

The broadcast feed switched over to the Oval Office where the President of the United States was sitting at his desk. The President spoke, "Good Afternoon, as many Americans know by now, The United States was visited by an Endbringer this morning. Specifically, The Simurgh landed at Brockton Bay, New Hampshire. Protectorate, PRT, Rogues, and Villains appeared at the city to fight The Simurgh. However, before the fighting began, it was noticed that The Simurgh was waving a white flag and a tinkertech device that allowed her to communicate. This device stated that she was requesting a parley."

The President paused then resumed speaking. "After consultation, Alexandria of the Triumvirate took the lead and the initiative to represent humanity and speak with The Simurgh. I must commend Alexandria for being so brave to do this on humanity's behalf. Alexandria bravely flew out to the PRT base located outside the Bay and met with The Simurgh to find out what The Simurgh wanted. Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to tell you will be monumental, historic, and life changing. What Alexandria found out was that The Simurgh wanted Peace."

The President paused so that people watching could let that last sentence sink inter their minds. "That's right, people of America, people of the world, The Simurgh was in Brockton Bay to discuss Peace. I cannot discuss everything that was talked about on that platform where Alexandria and The Simurgh had their discussions and negotiations over several hours but in the end, a deal has been reached. Congressional leaders and myself were kept appraised of what was happening and we were informed at all times as to how the negotiations were progressing. Once the deal was reached, the Congressional leadership and I along with members of my cabinet quickly agreed with the proposed terms. The Simurgh has left Brockton Bay and is currently back in orbit, but she has informed us that she will be communicating with Behemoth and Leviathan, and in three days time a treaty will be signed by myself and several world leaders that I will be inviting to attend as well as The Simurgh. Both Houses of Congress will need to vote and approve this treaty but I expect that to be a formality. Peace between Humanity and the Endbringers is at hand."

Leaning forward slightly, the President continued, "i am not just speaking to the American People right now, I am speaking to the people of the entire world. A dream for billions of people is coming true. A peace treaty between humanity and The Endbringers is at hand. With Scion currently missing, this great news is just what we need at this time. The Simurgh has declared a cease fire prior to her returning to orbit and we will extend that cease fire ourselves. On my authority, I am extending Endbringer Truce Protocols within the United States and US. territories for the next thirty days. With peace at hand, this will bring up many questions, those questions such as the future of the Endbringer Truce among others will be answered in time but they will not be answered today. Today we can rejoice that Peace is at hand and when the Peace Treaty is signed, humanity can celebrate. My family and I are looking forward to that day. Thank you and may God Bless America."

The broadcast switched back to the local news anchor who had a surprised look on their face. A couple seconds pass and finally the news anchor looks into the camera and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, that was the President of the United States and in a momentous and historic announcement from the President, he has announced and confirmed that what happened today at the Rig in Brockton Bay was that peace negotiations took place between The Simurgh and Alexandria and that a deal for a peace treaty has been reached and that a treaty would be signed in three days time."

The news anchor put her hand to her ear, nodded her head and said, "Citizens of Brockton Bay, we are receiving word that the Director of the PRT-ENE is about to make a statement. We are going there live."

Again the camera cut to a new view of the press room for the PRT-ENE at the downtown office. The podium was empty but within a few seconds Emily Piggot, the Director of the PRT-ENE walked slowly with her cane supporting her to the podium. She took a moment to adjust the microphone then she looked into the main camera.

"Good afternoon. As the President has already spoken, I will only be making a brief statement, I will not be taking any questions at this time."

"Today is a day that many citizens of Brockton Bay initially dreaded this morning, to be the site of an Endbringer attack. However, this day is about to end on what no doubt is a historic and monumental occasion. As Heroes, Villains, and Independents were gathering here at the downtown PRT HQ building to assemble, plan, and attack The Simurgh, we were made aware of The Simurgh approaching with a white flag of truce by Dragon. We also were able to see that The Simurgh had a tinkertech sign stating she wished to parley. After discussions with the Triumvirate, Alexandria volunteered to travel out to the Rig to begin talks. At the time, we did not know what The Simurgh wanted, just that she wanted a parley. After Alexandria arrived at the Rig, the Simurgh stated that she desired peace and was open to the possibility of a complete cessation of hostilities by her, Behemoth, and Leviathan."

Director Piggot took a sip of water from under the bottle that was under the podium hen put it back. "Negotiations began between Alexandria and The Simurgh and after several hours of discussions, a deal was reached, and a treaty was drafted. This treaty is being sent to Washington DC in a special courier aircraft where both Houses of Congress will review, vote and pass this treaty so that the President and the world leaders he has invited to attend the signing ceremony can sign this historic peace treaty at that time."

Director Piggot paused then continued, "Details about what was in the peace treaty will be revealed soon. I cannot discuss any of the treaty particulars until I am authorized but this is a great day. Heroes from around the city, country and the world made it to Brockton Bay to face The Simurgh and we are grateful for their attendance. Thankfully, there will be no need for a memorial of the fallen. Citizens of Brockton Bay can rest and relax with the knowledge that the city will not suffer the fate of other Simurgh attacks and that the future is indeed bright. Per Presidential decree, the Endbringer Truce Protocols are in effect for the next thirty days. Once the blackout order regarding the treaty is lifted, the PRT will release additional information at that time. Thank you."

Alexandria turned off the television.

Alexandria looked at Danny and Taylor. "Well, we still need to discuss those outstanding issues but the two of you have had a….interesting day. Why don't we pick this up tomorrow morning at the Downtown office?"

Danny and Taylor spoke briefly then nodded.

Alexandria said "Very good, we will make arrangements for you to get to your home in an unmarked car. May I suggest you and Taylor take your own vehicle to this address, park in the parking garage and your ride will be waiting to bring you to the Downtown office."

Danny took the slip of paper from Alexandria, took note of the address and put it in his pocket.

Danny said, "Okay, I guess that means we'll see you tomorrow then."

Alexandria picked up the phone and placed a call. Then she gestured for Danny and Taylor to get up. Leading them out of the conference room, the Triumvirate heroine escorted them to another elevator which they took to one of the lower levels. Waiting was woman in a camouflage jacket, brown pants, and a green shirt. Both Danny and Taylor noted the handgun in the holster at the woman's hip. The woman had long brown hair pulled into a braid.

"Mister and Miss Hebert, I will be your driver.", their driver said.

Alexandria said, "Danny, Taylor, this is Agent Hannah Washington. She will take you to your home. Good bye for now, I will see you both tomorrow, Agent Washington here will pick you up in the morning at the location I wrote down at 8:30 in the morning."

Danny reached out to shake Alexandria's hand which she did. Shaking her hand, Danny looked at her with hope and said, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Taylor was looking between anxious to leave and sad she had to leave because it was time to go. After Danny was done shaking Alexandria's hand Taylor moved and gave Alexandria a hug. Looking up she gazed into Alexandria's visor and said, "Thank you."

Alexandria smiled and hugged Taylor back. "No, Taylor. Thank you. Your life is about to be very different, perhaps even more difficult but I am confident that you will rise to the challenge. I will see you both tomorrow. Agent Washington, I leave them in your care. If anything happens, contact me directly. I mean it….anything at all."

The woman nodded her head and said, "Yes ma'am. They will be safe with me."

With that, agent Washington gestured to Danny and Taylor to get into the small nondescript sedan that had no markings whatsoever. With a nod to Alexandria, agent Washington turned and got in the car. Within seconds they left the garage and traveled across the light bridge and were now on their way home.

Danny and Taylor were mostly quiet on the trip. Agent Washington did not engage with them in conversation but Taylor was still feeling nervous so she was the more talkative. When she did try to talk to Agent Washington, the agent basically kept her responses to 'yes', 'no', and an 'I can't talk about that.'

Traffic was heavy in some parts of the route home, light in others as word of the peace treaty was spreading, the Endbringer shelters were opening, letting people out and people that were trapped at work were now on the way home. But as they moved through the city, signs of celebration were already starting to appear along the blocks of the city as they traveled near the Boardwalk.

Soon enough, the nondescript sedan pulled in front of the driveway of Danny and Taylor's house.

Agent Washington turned to look at Danny and Taylor. "Here we are, I will see you tomorrow at the pickup location. Take care. If you need anything, you have the numbers to call."

Taylor smiled and said, "Thanks, see you tomorrow."

Danny said, "Thank you, and I guess we will be there waiting for you tomorrow."

Agent Washington laughed, "I will be there before you, trust me."

Taylor was already walking up the driveway towards the house. Danny smiled and said, "I've seen the traffic in the morning, good luck."

Closing the door, Danny walked up the driveway, grabbing his keys for the house. Agent Washington waited until both Danny and Taylor were inside and then quietly pulled away.

After about a minute, a beige colored mini van pulled into the Hebert's neighborhood and parked up the street. A few minutes later, Agent Washington walked down the sidewalk and entered the minivan from the side.

Exchanging greetings with the people in the back, Agent Washington said, "Just thought I'd check in before I head back, no sign of being followed on the way home. No sign of anything out of the ordinary. So, keep an eye on things and Alexandria told me to tell you to call her if anything arises."

One of the agents looked away from the monitor screens and said, "We got it, the drone Armsmaster issued us was already on scene, it's very quiet and it's really high. So, I don't think the average person's gonna see it. Camera's are really good. Look, you could see the license plates on all the cars easily."

Nodding her head, Agent Washington said, "Alright, I need to head back. Miss Militia will be nearby on standby while guys have first watch. Good luck."

"Roger that.", said one agent.

"Thanks. See ya.", said the other.

Agent Washington left the mini van and walked back up the street, got back into her car and drove off to return to the PRT, this time to the Downtown location. She kept her radio on to the team assigned watching the Hebert house to make sure everything was alright all the way back. Once there, she would change out of the civilian clothing she was wearing and return to her costumed identity of Miss Militia and take a position near the house but away from the neighborhood so she could respond quickly in the event the agents called for support.

The Hebert House

Brockton Bay

Danny and Taylor Hebert walked into the house, Taylor walked to the couch in the living room and collapsed on it and let out a deep long groan. Danny had moved into the kitchen and Taylor could hear him open the refrigerator and grab something. When Danny returned, he was holding a bottle of beer and a can of Coca-Cola, then he saw Taylor with her eyes closed.

"Want a Coke, or did you want me to make you some tea?"

Taylor sat up and took the canned beverage from him and said, "I'll take both, this first though."

Both Heberts opened their beverages, Taylor eyed her father as he took a drink of beer.

"You know I need this right now.", said Danny.

"And I don't? I'm engaged to an Endbringer.", replied Taylor.

Taylor reached out towards her dad, beckoning him to let her have a drink of beer.

"When you're twenty one.", he replied with a small smile.

Taylor let out an exasperated growl. "I won't even be able to drink at my own wedding!"

Danny smiled, "Maybe that's a good thing. Your mother and I had a lot to drink that day and night. I can remember most of it though. The fun part."

Taylor's eyes widened. "Dad! Stop!"

Danny chuckled. Then his eyes took note of the large sized tablet on the coffee table that was not there when they left this morning. There was a red bow taped in the corner along with a post it note.

Danny pointed at the tablet. "Taylor? What's that?"

Taylor looked and said, "Looks like a tablet."

Danny gave her a glare. "I know that. Where did it come from?"

Taylor shrugged then got up from the couch to look at the large sized tablet. It was quite big, the screen was more than fifteen inches as she judged it, maybe seventeen inches Taylor thought. She looked and read the post it note. Then said, "Um….it's a gift for me.'s from The Simurgh. The note says she fixed the truck for you and that she also upgraded my computer in my room."

Danny's eyes went wide as shot up out of his chair and ran to his truck. The truck appeared to be no different in appearance. Reaching into his pocket, he unlocked the driver side door and opened the truck The inside looked the same. Then he reached under the dash and pulled the lever to open the hood.

Walking over to the front of the truck, Danny reached for the unlocking latch and then lifted the hood of the truck. His jaw went wide in shock. The engine was cleaned, the entire bay was pristine, he took note that his truck basically got an overhaul and upgrade.

Danny whispered, "Holy..." Then he looked up into the sky, took a deep breath and said, "Um...thank you."

A piece of paper fell from the inside of the hood and landed on the top of the radiator. Danny picked it up and looked at the paper, it was a note that said, "You're welcome! See you soon Dad-in-law." There was a winky face drawing of The Simurgh's head at the bottom.

Taylor had gone to her room and saw the impressive looking desktop computer with a very large flat panel display, there were accessories as well such as a wacom tablet, her mouse was very fancy with lots of buttons on the side, a headset with microphone and very large speakers atop the desk. A bow and post it not were attached to the corner of the monitor.

Looking at the note, "New computer, and I upgraded your internet. It was way too slow. Also, new TVs for your house. When I return, we'll have lunch! Hugs, kisses. Simmy." There was a chibi drawing of The Simurgh at the bottom.

Taylor turned and sure enough at the other end of her room was a fifty inch flat panel TV. Her jaw dropped at the new tech in her room. Then she spun and went back downstairs. Her jaw dropped when she noticed what was in the spot occupied by the old TV.

Danny was coming in through the front door and when he did he saw Taylor was pointing at what he now saw was a giant sixty five inch TV where the old one used to be.

Taylor said, "She put a fifty inch TV in my room with a brand new computer. Check your bedroom dad, I think she may have put one there too"

Danny's was shocked. ", let me check real quick."

Danny went to his room then came back out. "Yep, new TV in the room." He shook his head and chuckled. "She overhauled the truck too."

Taylor said, "Really?"

Danny nodded and said, "Yep." Then he added, "Let's take a break, we can talk about things in an hour or two. Movie?"

Taylor nodded, "Movie. I'll find something funny."

Looking through their movie DVDs, Taylor found an old comedy. "Hey Dad? How about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?"

Danny smiled. Then he did an air guitar motion with his hands and said, "Excellent!"

Taylor rolled her eyes. "I….I….I can't even!"

Danny laughed and said, "I'll be back with popcorn and more drinks. Get the movie ready."

Several minutes later, with popcorn and drinks within reach, father and daughter sat on the couch and enjoyed an old movie. They needed to talk more, but right now they needed a break.


Brockton Bay

Conference Room 1

The conference room was almost full, sitting a the center of the table was Director Emily Piggot while at one end of the table Legend was sitting and at the other end was Alexandria. Sitting across from the Director was Eidolon. Deputy Director Rennick was sitting next to Director Piggot while the few remaining seats were occupied by Assault, Battery, and Dauntless. Armsmaster and Triumph were still on the Rig but were present by video call. Miss Militia was driving the Hebert's to their home, Velocity was out on the streets.

Chief Director Rebecca Costa-Brown was also present by video call along with the world renowned tinker Dragon. The last two wall monitors displayed the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the Speaker of the House, and the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate.

More than anything in the world, Emily Piggot wished she could pour half a bottle of bourbon into a glass and drink the whole thing. If someone would have told her that this would have happened, she'd have placed the person in Master/Stranger quarantine immediately but here she was.

The President was the first to speak, "Director Piggot...Emily, to everyone there in Brockton Bay, thank you all. Alexandria, thank you for taking the lead and negotiating on our behalf."

Everyone in the room thanked the President for his kind words.

The Senate minority leader said, "When will the Peace Treaty document be arriving in Washington?"

Director Piggot said, "The Treaty document is due to leave for Washington within the hour Senator. The document will be taken in a convoy to Portsmouth International Airport where it will fly out on a G-4 aircraft escorted by a flight of F-18s and Alexandria will be on point along with Legend and Eidolon. We are taking no chances that something should happen Senator. Once the aircraft lands at Andrews Air Force Base, the treaty document will be taken directly to Congress and delivered to the House leadership."

The President said, "Any chance we can see a copy of the document now? We could only see what was viewable from the roof camera of the Rig. So we were unable to see the laptop screen in great detail."

Chief Director Costa-Brown said, "The document was scanned and Director Piggot has informed me that she has sent electronic copies to your inboxes as well as the Secretary of State. You should check your computers."

The political leadership looked at their computers, and soon each leader gave a satisfied look at finding the document in question in their inbox.

The President said, "Ladies, gentlemen, I don't need to remind you all to keep this quiet for now. We don't need any leaks to the media. What I want to know is, how fast can the House and Senate get together and vote to pass this treaty so I can sign it in three days?"

The House Minority leader said, "Well, we need to evaluate this document and make sure it is in the best interests of the country. We don't want to rush into this."

The Senate minority leader said, "I concur with my House colleague, we need to examine this thoroughly. Before the Senate can vote on the treaty I move that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee convene to look at the document and discuss it. Alexandria will be called upon to speak before the committee since she was there and we will have questions."

There was a look of disbelief from the President, the Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, and the House and Senate majority leaders. The assembled heroes in the room did their best to keep their faces in check while Director Piggot clenched her teeth. The Chief Director seemed to show no reaction on her face but her eyes narrowed.

Eidolon muttered something and the President caught it. He said, "What was that Eidolon? You agree with their comments?"

Eidolon looked at everyone in the room, then he looked at the President and said, "Respectfully sir, I have to agree. We need to examine and make sure that this is right. The Simurgh is someone….no...she is something we cannot allow….just say 'okay peace now' just because she wants to have peace."

Legend leaned forward from his seat and said, "You can't be serious! You want to reject this peace treaty? You want to keep fighting the Endbringers? For God's sake man, we've been fighting them for almost twenty years and we haven't killed one yet! The Simurgh said that there's seventeen more waiting to activate! Seventeen! You want to fight 20 Endbringers? You realize that just three of them are killing us all, and you want to just keep fighting!?"

Eidolon said, "It's The Simurgh! She's lying. This is all a plot of hers and we need to reject this treaty and keep fighting. We need to investigate this Taylor Hebert and find out why The Simurgh wants to marry her for this peace treaty. What makes this girl so special that The Simurgh wants to marry her? Can anyone answer that?"

Eidolon got quiet after that. Everyone looked at him questioningly.

Dragon took the initiative to speak. "I monitored the entire city and detected no signs of The Simurgh's Scream. With the drones that both Armsmaster and myself were able to deploy along with the Heroes that went out into the city itself, along with followup reports from deployed PRT and other first responders there was no sign of any tinker activity. Given her own statements where she stated she would not violate he flag of truce, if you look at the evidence, The Simurgh did not violate the flag of truce."

Eidolon snarled, "Don't give me that! She was doing something!"

Alexandria spoke, her voice level. "Eidolon."

Eidolon turned his head to look at Alexandria and was about to say something but he got quiet. Then he quietly said, "I've said what I have to say and I stand by it."

The Senate minority leader said, "Does anyone else feel the same? Should we just rubber stamp this so called peace treaty or should we do our jobs and make sure it is in the best interest..."

Alexandria interrupted the man. "Excuse me Senator, but this peace treaty is not a political question. It is a question of survival of the human race. Everyone in this room and present by video call knows what I am talking about. The Endbringers are killing us. They are killing humanity. You bring up a valid point Senator, but we need to face the fact that with Peace being offered, we would be fools to reject this peace treaty. The Simurgh has proposed to Taylor Hebert and Taylor Hebert has accepted that proposal of marriage. There is also the fact that with the revelation that Peace was actually made to the general public already and they are anticipating a future without Endbringer attacks. What political future will you have when it becomes public record that you voted against the peace treaty. We must look beyond politics, we must look for Humanity's future."

The room was quiet.

The President said, "Well said Alexandria. Well said. Everyone, I have to agree with Alexandria. We need this Peace Treaty. Miss Hebert is making a sacrifice on humanity's behalf, a debt that we will never be able to repay. Director Piggot, see to it that the treaty document makes it to the House without issue. Madam Speaker, leaders of the House, and Senators, I want both houses to vote and pass that treaty so that I can sign this document in three days per The Simurgh's deadline. That will be all."

The President disconnected his video feed. The Secretary of State said, "The State department will be examining the document as well, we look forward to working with both Houses in getting this treaty approved." Then, she disconnected the video feed.

With the President gone, there was no need for the Congressional leaders to say anything else, they said their goodbyes and disconnected as well.

With the politicians gone only Armsmaster, Triumph, Dragon, and the Chief Director were still connected by video call. The Chief Director said, "Well, it has been an eventful day. Emily, you have the transport of the treaty document arranged?"

Director Piggot said, "For the most part yes, we will finalize them and get the document to Washington DC very soon."

"Excellent. Call me if you need anything." With that, the Chief Director disconnected the call.

Emily Piggot looked tired. She looked at the assembled heroes and her Deputy Director and said, "Alright, let's finalize the transport of the Peace Treaty so that some of us can go home."

The assembled people in the room listened as Alexandria took the lead and outlined how the transport of the Peace Treaty document would be handled and transported to Washington DC.

Slightly later than planned an unmarked car left the Downtown PRT office with an escort of three other unmarked cars. Above, the Triumvirate were flying overhead providing cover. The convoy of cars arrived at Portsmouth International Airport, entering through a private entrance and driving right up to a waiting Gulfstream IV aircraft that was already pre-flighted and awaiting the passengers and valuable cargo.

Deputy Director Rennick exited his vehicle with a briefcase chained to his wrist. The agents escorting him boarded the plane with him and within moments the executive jet was moving down the taxiway to await clearance for takeoff. Soon, the jet was airborne and making its way to Washington DC. It was decided with the Triumvirate providing the escort, there was no need for another escort of F-18 Super Hornets.

The very important plane landed at Andrews Air Force Base with no problems. The Triumvirate maintained their overwatch on the convoy as it arrived at the Capitol building and landed to join the Deputy Director in turning over the Peace Treaty document to the Speaker of the House and the House majority and minority leaders that were waiting, along with a number of media that were present but cordoned off near the steps of the capitol building. With the transport of the Peace Treaty complete, the Triumvirate left flying into he air to head t their respective cities without comment to the media and once they were out of sight from eyes and cameras, a portal opened and the three superheroes entered the portal which closed right behind them.

Author Note: So, here we are...Chapter 5. This took longer than planned but, on the bright side this chapter is the longest so far! :) I did not want to break this up into two chapters as I thought that would break up the flow.

So….I gotta ask because I gotta ask….which nations do you think are NOT going to sign that treaty under the pretense of 'this is not real'?

Peace is at hand, but what's this? A House member and Senator don't want peace? Why is Eidolon so angry? What will that mean for he world when Endbringers no longer do any Endbringing? For now, the secret that Taylor is marrying The Simurgh for peace is closely guarded, how long that will last, we shall see.

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