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Chapter 1: Petty Argument

"Goten, would you cut that down?" Trunks asked as he glared over at his friend. Goten laughed as he tapped his hand on the dashboard of the car.

"C'mon Trunks, this is a hot song" he said as he continued to drum on the car. Trunks sighed as he reached over and cut the music off.

"Thank you but I'd rather drive with the music off" he said as he placed his hand back on the steering wheel.

"Why are you so jumpy? You seem tense to me" Goten said as he sat back in the seat. Trunks stifled a laugh as he glared at Goten.

"Of course I'm tense. Have you forgotten that my wedding takes place in a few days?" he asked as he looked at Goten.

"So, mines is coming up as well" Goten said as he glared at Trunks.

"Yea but yours isn't until next month. Mines is rolling up on me and I still have things to do and so does Cheena" Trunks said as he slowly stopped the car at a red light.

"Ha, I'd like to see you get Cheena to do something since she is so lazy" Goten said as he placed his hands behind his head.

"She is not lazy and what about your wedding to Miyuki? How are you two doing with it?" Trunks asked.

"I'm not worried about it and neither is Miyuki. We'll deal with everything that needs to be dealt with when the time comes" Goten said with a smile. Trunks smirked as he started up again and drove on.

"I have a feeling that Miyuki doesn't feel the same way. I bet she's just as panicked about it just like Cheena is" Trunks said.

"No she isn't. She's calm and relaxed" Goten said. Trunks shrugged his shoulders as he looked over at Goten.

"If you say so but I still doubt it" he said. Goten just laughed as he pointed in front of him.

"There's the shop" he said. Pulling the car to the side and parking it, the guys got out and walked inside. Trunks smiled as he saw Goku and his father sitting down in the chairs.

"How's it going?" he asked as he looked at Goku. He was reading a magazine while Vegeta had his arms folded across his chest with the usual frown on his face.

"About time you showed up here boy" he said as he glared at Trunks.

"Sorry about that dad but I had to do a few things over at Capsule Corps" Trunks said with a smile. Vegeta growled as he looked over at Goku who was still into his magazine.

"Cooking Magazine? Dad, why are you looking at that?" Goten asked as he read the cover of the magazine.

"Because I want to see what kind of food they have in here. Maybe Chi-Chi can cook some of it" Goku said as he looked at Goten. Trunks just laughed as he spotted a man coming towards them.

"Hello and what can I do for you today?" he asked.

"We're here to get fitted for our tuxes. I called you on the phone" Trunks said.

"Ah yes, I remember. Well come this way gentlemen and I will have you fitted in your tuxes. I have two new workers and they should be coming soon to help you out" the man said. Trunks nodded his head as he followed after the man with Goten behind him. Goku stood up with the magazine but Vegeta snatched it away from him.

"Why'd you do that?" Goku asked as he looked at Vegeta.

"Leave the book and just walk Kakarot so we can get out of here quicker. I have better things to do" Vegeta said as he followed after Goten.

"Better things like what?" Goku asked as he followed after him.

"None of your business now shut up and just walk" Vegeta snapped as he continued on.

"Aw Vegeta, tell me" Goku said. Vegeta just mumbled under his breath as he continued on.

On the other side of town, in a bridal shop, Cheena smiled as she stood in front of a three faced mirror.

"What do you think Miy?" she asked. Cheena had a long veil on her head, a strapless white gown that was low cut in the front and flowed all the way down covering her feet entirely. She had a long tail in the back of her dress that she tried not to step on as she spun around. Stepping out of the changing room, Miyuki smiled as she walked over to the mirror and stood beside Cheena. Miyuki had on a long dress that had sleeves off the shoulder. It was V-shaped in the front with a slight puff towards the bottom. She model around in the mirror then looked at Cheena.

"I just love this dress" she said as she looked Cheena over. Cheena just smiled as she looked in the mirror.

"Che, that dress is too cute. It fits you well" Miyuki said with a smile. Cheena smiled as she spun around.

"I'm trying not to step on the tail of this dress. Can you imagine when I walk down the aisle with my dad that I trip and fall. Oh man!' she said as she shook her head from side to side.

"Well it would be funny if you did fall in front of everyone" Miyuki said with a laugh. Cheena narrowed her eyes as she looked at her friend.

"Yea well, I'll make sure to say the same thing when you walk down the aisle" she said with a laugh. Miyuki was about to respond when a scream cut her off. The girls looked to see Chi-Chi and Bulma running towards them.

"Cheena!!" Chi-Chi yelled as she spun Cheena around.

"Uh…….mom, how did you get back here and what are you doing here?" Cheena asked as she looked at her mother.

"Bulma and I brought Marron here for her brides maid dress since 18 and Krillin are out for the weekend. Cheena, you look so beautiful……wait, where are your gloves?" Chi-Chi asked as she looked at Cheena's hands.

"I decided not to wear gloves" Cheena said. Chi-Chi eyes went wide as she ran towards the front of the store.

"I NEED WHITE GLOVES NOW" Cheena heard her yell. Sighing, Cheena looked at Bulma. Bulma laughed as she looked at Miyuki.

"You look great as well Miyuki and Cheena I'll take care of her" she said as she left the back. Sighing Cheena flipped her veil over to cover her face.

"How come you don't want gloves Che?" Miyuki asked as she held her hand up to show the gloves she picked out.

"I just don't want gloves for some reason. I didn't know she was going to show up. I could of brought Marron down here without mom here" Cheena said as she flipped her veil behind her.

"She's just trying to help Che. I wish I had someone all over me like your mom is" Miyuki said. Cheena laughed as she looked at her friend.

"Well in a few weeks you will cause she will be all over you about how your hair is going to look, what you can wear, what the guest will eat. I wonder sometimes whose the person getting married" Cheena said as she turned back towards the mirror.

"How is your hair going to go?" Miyuki asked. Cheena shrugged her shoulders as she pressed her hands against her stomach.

"Out I guess. Do you think I look fat in this thing?" she asked as she continued to push her stomach in. Miyuki rolled her eyes before she picked up the bottom of her dress and walked back towards the dressing room.

"I'm not hearing you right now cause now you are talking nonsense. I'm going to go try on my bridesmaid dress" she said as she closed the door behind her.

*Well I don't think its nonsense* Cheena said as she turned around to see her mom returning with Bulma and Marron and a pair of gloves in her hand.

"Put these on" she said as she handed Cheena the gloves. Cheena sighed as she looked over at Bulma who shrugged her shoulders and mouthed I tried.

"But mom, I really don't want to wear gloves. I've decided on that" Cheena said as she looked at her mom. Chi-Chi frowned as she pushed the gloves towards Cheena.

"Put them on!" she snapped. Cheena stared at her mom just as Miyuki came out of the dressing room.

"How do I look?" she asked as she spun around. Before Cheena could respond, Chi-Chi spoke up.

"You look wonderful and I love the gloves" she said. Looking down at her hand, Miyuki laughed.

"Oh, these go with the wedding dress I had on earlier" she said as she took the gloves off and put on a pair of blue ones to match the dress. Chi-Chi smiled as she looked at Miyuki then Cheena.

"See, Miyuki is wearing gloves with her wedding dress" she said as she placed the gloves in Cheena's hands.

"I'm glad Miyuki wants to wear gloves with her wedding dress but its not for me. I've decided on that mom" Cheena said as she handed her mom the gloves back. Chi-Chi frowned as she looked at the gloves.

"You are going to wear these gloves. They go with the dress and they make you look much better" she said.

"So what are you saying about how I look now?" Cheena slightly yelled as she looked at her mother. Chi-Chi was about to respond when Bulma stepped in between her and Cheena.

"Marron has her dress and everyone is set so lets head on home. We still have other stuff to plan" she said. Cheena stared at her mother before picking up the bottom of her dress and walking into the dressing room. Miyuki sighed as she walked into her own dressing room and changed as well.

~Over at Tux R Us~

"Excuse me sir but can you hold still?" a man asked as he tried to measure Vegeta's inseams.

"Where are you sticking that tape measurer?" Vegeta asked as he grabbed the mans arm.

"Well sir, I need to see how far I have to stitch the seams" the guys said as he again tried to measure Vegeta but Vegeta grabbed his hand.

"You're not sticking that thing anywhere near me" he yelled.

"Dad, would you let the man measure you?" Trunks asked as he stretched his arms out wide.

"Yea Vegeta, the sooner you let him measure you, the sooner we can leave" Goten said as he watched the man measure the length of his legs. Vegeta growled as he let the man's arm go so he could measure him.

"Well I have all the measures for you sir. You can pick up your tuxedo in a few days. I'll call you when we have it done for you" the man said as he looked at Trunks. Nodding his head, Trunks looked at himself in the mirror. He had on a nice black jacket on with a white shirt and black slacks. On his feet were a pair of black polished shoes.

"Cheena is going to pass out when she sees you" Goku said as she started to take off the tux he had on.

"I don't know about that Goku but I'm sure she'll like how I look" Trunks said as he started to put on his own clothes.

"I think Che and Miy went to pick up their dresses or something like that" Goten said as he started to put on his clothes as well.

"Yea, Bulma and Chi-Chi went with them" Goku said as he finished getting dressed. Trunks and Goten both looked at Goku with worried looks on their faces.

"Mom went with Cheena?" Goten asked finally clearing the silence. Goku just nodded his head getting quick glances from Goten, Trunks and even Vegeta.

"I think we better hurry up and get back home" Trunks said as he handed the man his tux. Goten nodded his head as he did the same.

"Why?" Goku asked. Vegeta laughed slightly as he tossed his clothes to the guy in front of him.

"This is going to be interesting" he said as he left the store. Trunks and Goten followed after him with Goku bringing up the rear more confused then ever.

~Over at the Bridal Shop~

"Is this all of it?" a woman asked as she looked at Cheena. Cheena smiled as she nodded her head. She looked at her dress that was hanging beside the woman beside the counter.

"Ok, I'll just ring all this up for you" the woman said as she smiled at Cheena. Before Cheena could speak, Chi-Chi intervened.

"Don't forget the gloves" she said as she placed the gloves on the counter. Cheena growled slightly as she pushed the gloves to the side.

"I don't want gloves" she said as she looked at the woman, motioning for her to ring up the dress.

"Cheena, stop being so stubborn and take the gloves" Chi-Chi said. Cheena's eyes went wide as she turned towards her mother.

"Stubborn? Me? And here you are……." she started before Bulma spoke up.

"Cheena, just take the gloves so we can go, please" she said. Cheena looked at Bulma then at the woman.

"Ring it all up" she said through clenched teeth. The woman nodded as she rang everything up. Cheena had a scowl on her face as she watched the woman ring up the gloves. Seeing the price, Cheena quickly pulled out her credit card and handed it to the woman.

"Cheena, do you think we should get jewelry as well?" Chi-Chi asked as she looked at the case beside the cash register.

*We? What is this we she's talking about?* Cheena asked herself as the woman handed her credit card and receipt back to her. Signing her name, Cheena grabbed her dress and quickly walked towards the door.

"Cheena, let's get some shoes as well" Chi-Chi said. Cheena just growled as she pulled the door open and walked out. Miyuki and Marron quickly followed after her.

"What's wrong with her?" Chi-Chi asked as she looked at Bulma.

"She's…….just tired" Bulma said. Chi-Chi smiled as she walked towards the door.

"Let's get home so I can finish planning the wedding" she said. Bulma just sighed as she followed after her, leaving the store as well.

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