A/N Pookie sorry about your toosh maybe these two chapters can cure that. on the other hand maybe not (HEHE) *twitch* well here it is.

"No" I can't place that accent but it seems familiar maybe English. Did I know anyone in England?
"So would you care to dance?" Buffy immediately turned red.
"Umm.. ok"
This beautiful man is soo familiar I can feel him through me he gets to me just like Angel even more so and I have only known him for these few second. I hope Angel won't be upset, besides its just one harmless dance. He took me into the crowd so I was up against him and I could help but get this tiny feeling in my gut like I new this body and this person. "Oh.. Sorry what's your name?"
"S..Simon" He started to sway me to the music a soft slow song bye Dido "White Flag" He put his arms around me and I felt like I was home. He looked like he was home too.
I hope that poofter stays on the phone long enough to finish the song. She is too good to let go of. Spike pulls her closer and she lays her head on his chest. He looks into her eyes and gives her a quick kiss on the lips and then he is gone. That was too hard to do but I saw Angel walking back into the building and the last thing I need is to get into a fight over what is good for Buffy I know I should stay away but she keep pulling me back. I'm going out for a smoke maybe that will help eith my Buffy addiction. He looks over at Angel and Buffy, Stupid Poofter. And slams open the door.
"Who was on the phone?" Barely listening Why did Simon leave so fast? Maybe I can see him again. I slipped him my number in his coat pocket. I know I shouldn't have but all I want is to talk to him and that's it he just feels like home there's no other way to describe it. Well. maybe sexy, hot, mysterious, lonely, lost puppyish, sexy blue eyed blonde. Simon he just feels like home. ARHH I have to talk to Willow later. Simon . Spike.Simon... Why did I think Spike? I don't know any Spike do I? Angel just finished talking on about Fred and her caller who needed some advice that only Angel could give. And Angel was telling her what to say to this poor guy "I think his name was Angus. Anyway it's solves now. Do you feel like dancing?" Buffy remembered their previous dance and got all red. Well so did Angel. "YES!" Both were laughing on there way to the dance floor by Willow and Xander.