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The first night in the dorm was hard for Rose; she would find herself constantly looking around the room fearing the behaviours of some of the girls. Daphne and Rose who had hit it off quite well at dinner promised to look out for eachother but Rose was more worried about Pansy who she had seen hanging on Malfoy's every word.

The next morning Kingsley's reply was delivered. To Rose's surprise Kinglsey was his usual supportive self; he promised her that nothing could stop him caring for her and it warmed her heart. Now she would just have to work out how to speak with Harry and Hermione. She did not want to lose them as friends she had enjoyed talking to them on the train, Neville too now she thought about it.

Rose was brought out of her thoughts by the dark skinned male that was watching her at the opening feast. He had taken the seat next to her and was once again looking at her with an inquisitive look.

"Your last name is Shacklebolt right?" Rose who was not expecting this question gave a little smile but nodded.

"I'm Blaise. My family knows Auror Shacklebolt. My father sits on the Wizengamot and also the Board of Governors. My father has suspicions that I want your opinion on. Can you meet me by the Black lake this afternoon? We have a free period."

"I suppose I can meet you but I am going to be honest I would prefer to bring Daphne with me. It's not like I don't trust you but I do not know you well and just want to make sure I'm not walking into something I cannot handle."

"I am fine with you bringing Daphne. I have met her and know her family's ideals. I assure you i mean you no harm as long as your interests stay neutral or good I suppose."

For the rest of the breakfast, talk turned to studies and life before Hogwarts. It was a pleasant chat and Rose felt better about the meeting later that day.

The first lesson was Charms and as Rose entered the class room, she was very excited to show off her skills. Not wanting to look like a suck up Rose took a seat in the middle of the room and waited for the professor.

The lesson was enjoyable and Rose learnt more about wand movements and the importance of clear vocalisation when casting. Rose had learnt spells at home with Kingsley but had not had much practise in magical theory.

Professor Flitwick was a short wizard, Rose thought he must be at least part Goblin. From the start of the lesson it was clear that the short Professor knew his stuff. His explanations were clear and Rose felt it was very interesting.

Defence was the next lesson and the one Rose was looking forward to the most. Kingsley had always instructed her most in Defence and she was hoping to expand that knowledge. When Rose entered the first thing she noticed was the room was filled with the smell of garlic.

The Professor was named Quirrel; his teaching seemed rigid and slow. He seemed knowledgeable on the subject matter but his voice was a cure for insomnia for sure. Quirrel recounted some of his own tales before telling them to open their books and read the first chapter. The chapter was a bit of a dull read and seemed to be a list of prominent Wizards that developed jinxies.

Rose was glad when the lesson was over. She didn't feel like she had learnt much but hoped that was just Quirrel starting off slow. With this thought she cheered herself up and headed down to the Great Hall for lunch.

Lunch was nice and simple but still exceedingly good. Rose finished fast before heading back to her dorm. There she found Daphne and filed her in on Blaise. Daphne agreed to go with her but before they left Rose started writing letters to the Gryffindors she wanted to stay friends with.

It felt a little awkward writing letters rather than going to see them in person but Rose did not think it would be a good idea to go and see them. She did not want to give Malfoy any fuel to burn her with.

After writing the letters Rose called her faithful companion, a large dark brown barn owl she had rescued after it was attacked by another animal in the wild. She had found it on one of their camping holidays in the Lake District.

"Deliver these to the common room not the dining hall okay Timbur." Her Owl nipped Rose's finger affectionately before flying off. Rose watched him leave for a short while before going back to Daphne.

It was another twenty minutes before the two girls sat by the lake waiting for Blaise. Rose was feeling quite calm despite having only a vague idea of what Blaise wanted to discuss. As the two girls waited they enjoyed pleasant conversation.

As Blaise approached the conversation died. He was seemingly alone and this Rose thought was a good thing. The two girls made to stand as he came close but he dismissed them with a wave of his hand and sat next to them.

"Father believes a few things that could get us Slytherins into quite a bind. The first being He Who Must Not Be Named is not actually dead. The second is that Harry Potter will be important when He Who Must Not Be Named does return. If this is true we would be forced to choose sides and my father wants to know if his suspicions are right. As the niece of a great and well known Auror we wondered if you could shed any light?"

Rose had a look of confusion on her face for a short while that was quite a lot to take in. Rose was surprised to see that not only was Blaise waiting for an answer but it seemed Daphne was as well.

"Well I know nothing about Harry Potter and his role in anything to come. Uncle King doesn't really speak of him much. When I was younger I, like many girls, loved his story but I grew up. King does believe that You Know Who will come back. He said something about the Headmaster making sure he did not drop his guard? But that is honestly all I know on that matter."

Rose chose not to tell the other two about what the hat had said to her choosing to make sure their loyalty could be trusted. She really wanted to trust them. Kingsley had, however, always told her to be careful with who to trust and how soon she gave that trust.

"So Dumbledore and your uncle Kingsley both believe he will return then?" Rose was surprised to see that it was Daphne who had spoken and not Blaise. Blaise seemed to be taking in what he had heard.

"I am pretty confident that King at least believes it and he did hear it from Dumbledore."

"I appreciate you giving me the information you know. Would you object to me telling my father what you said?" Blaise finally spoke.

"I do not mind you telling your father but this should stay with the Neutral and Light families. We don't need the dark families finding out and trying to find their leader." Blaise nodded and gave her a little smile.

"I promise to tell no one other than my father. I will request he keep it quiet too. Maybe we can meet again? I had fun talking to you both even if the topic could have been better." Rose smiled at Blaise's words. With one look at Daphne who nodded Rose spoke again.

"How about you hang out with us here? You don't have to go if you do not want to."

Blaise looked taken aback at first by the request but happily agreed and so the three spent time relaxing by the lake. Rose could not miss the way Blaise and Daphne connected pretty fast. This made her smile a little and the others looked at her questioningly. Rose chose not to answer their looks and changed the subject.

After a few hours by the lake the three friends went back to the castle hoping to get a headstart on the Charms homework they were given. In the Library Rose saw Hermione. Hermione who saw Rose did not say anything to her instead looked back down at the book she was reading.

Rose was feeling a little put by Hermione's reaction and just hoped her letter to her would help fix the way things are. In order to distract herself she led her new friends over to the opposite side of the library and started their homework.

The next day was Herbology, Transfiguration and worse double Potions. Rose thought the only good lesson in that list was Transfiguration. Snape, head of her house, was someone she did not want to be around. Kingsley had mentioned he was an ass to most people. Hopefully because she was in Slytherin she would be fine.

Herbology turned out to be long and uneventful. Rose was very glad when it was over and she could go to Transfiguration.

Transfiguration turned out to be a great class. Professor McGonagall was a really good teacher, her instruction was clear and she was unbiased to all students. By the end of the class Rose had a sharp needle she had transfigured from a matchstick earning her ten points for her house to which she was very pleased about.

After a quick lunch it was down to the dungeons for Potions. Rose sat close to the back of the class hoping she would go unnoticed. This was the first lesson Rose had with the Gryffindors. Rose tried to catch Harry and Hermione's eye. Harry smiled at her and Hermione looked like she could not decide what to do.

Snape took attendance when he spotted Harry's name he started to lay into him asking questions that he would not be able to answer. She, herself only knew the answer to one. Hermione seemed to know the answer to all as she had her hand in the air and was practically bouncing for attention.

Rose was very happy that she went completely under the radar in the class. She received no compliments but she received no negative comments either. This was more than good enough for Rose and she did quite well. She may not have been the best in class but she was happy to see that her potion was right.

With potions done Rose dropped off her bag in her dorm before heading to dinner. Sitting on her bed was a beautiful snow white owl. When Rose approached the Owl flew over with a look of importance on its face.

"Hey there is that letter for me?" The owl let out a playful hoot and held out it's leg. Rose took the letter and before the owl took off she stroked the bird's pretty feathers.


I did not expect a letter off of you. I want you to know that I'm not as prejudiced as Ron or even many Gryffindors. Growing up with muggles means I never cared for house rivalries. On the train you seemed very nice and no matter what house you are in I would love to be friends with you. Ron is being a git about it but it is none of his business. I think Hermione will come round but she is a book person and a lot of books claim Slytherin produce dark wizards. Feel free to approach me at any time and I will do the same if that is okay.

By the way your Owl was beautiful.


Rose smiled at the letter and placed it in her case making sure to relock the case with a complex lock Kingsley had taught her. With that done she went to the great hall for dinner as she entered she waved to Harry before sitting at the Slytherin table. Rose did see Ron complaining to Harry though she knew not what he was saying.

"So you're friends with Potter?" Daphne asked when Rose sat down.

"Yep, I met Harry on the train and we decided it didn't matter what house we are in we want to be friends." Daphne seemed happy with this response and it was not mentioned again.

That night Rose wrote a reply to Harry letting him know she would approach him and she didn't care what house he was in either. Rose also asked him to work on Hermione.

The next day was going to be a really slow one. They had double History of Magic and in the night they had Astronomy. Rose had never cared for the stars and wished she could skip Wednesdays.

It turned out to be a slow day with the only upside being that Hermione smiled at her instead of looking away the second their eyes locked. Rose was more than happy when the day ended and was thoroughly looking forward to the next day where she would get to have her first flying lesson.

Once again that night the snowy white owl was on her bed and waiting. Rose was enjoying this back and forth. It was good to be able to talk freely. She quickly wrote a reply and fell asleep.

When Rose woke the next morning she was a bundle of energy, she dressed quickly and dragged Daphne to the great hall. Daphne spent the next fifteen minutes trying to calm the over excited Rose.

So eager to be back on a broom, Rose and as a result Daphne were the first two to arrive. Madam Hooch gave them a smile before continuing to get ready for her class. As Rose and Daphne waited for the class to start, they examined the school brooms. It was clear they were old and had been used alot. Rose wondered what she would be able to achieve on such an old broom but she was determined to show she could fly well.

The class was going great until Nevile got on his broom and it started flying erratically and then threw him off. He was taken to the Hospital wing by the Professor and the class was told to stay on the ground.

That did not stop Malfoy from stealing something that Neville had dropped and taking off into the sky with it. His goading soon had Harry up there as well. Rose looked on, not impressed with Malfoys actions.

For a moment Rose thought about joining Harry in the sky. Just as she was about to mount her broom Malfoy threw the ball and Harry had to dive to catch it. Malfoy looked full of glee as he landed.

Harry was taken away by Professor McGonagall shortly after he landed and Malfoy looked like Christmas had come early. Once Madam Hooch came back, their lesson continued. She had those who were comfortable on brooms circle in the air and helped those less comfortable.

Toward the end of the lesson Rose got permission to start some impromptu races only for those who were considered competent fliers. Rose quickly walked over to Malfoy and loudly challenged him. Malfoy, who assumed he was going to win, accepted the challenge without any hesitation.

Rose knew when she issued the challenge he would not back down and so when they took to the air she flew best she could. Her flying left Malfoy in the dust and he was furious to be shown up.

Later that night Rose got her usual letter Harry informed her he had made the house team. Rose for the first time felt slightly jealous of him but was more happy.

The last day of lessons for the week was proving to be long and boring. Rose's first idea that Quirrel was warming up to the good lessons proved wrong as the double defence dragged on. When it ended Rose almost cheered. After lunch it was not much better. Snape droned on and on. Then he started bullying Harry again. Rose was rather annoyed at Snape's behaviour but not wanting it turned toward her, she kept quiet.

When the lesson ended Rose followed Harry out and invited him to hang out in the Library or for a walk. Ron looked furious that Rose dared ask such a thing and tried to pull Harry away. Harry shrugged him off and told him to leave. Hermione, who had not yet decided how she felt, followed Ron away.

Rose and Harry decided a walk would best and went down to the lake. The more they talked the more Rose wanted to know what had happened before Hogwarts. Harry would flinch at any contact and the clothes he had worn on the train didn't fit him well. Now she looked at him closer he looked quite thin.

Rose had tried to ask but he told her not to bring it up again. Rose promised to be there when he wanted to talk but he shot her down. The conversation dropped and they spoke about other things. After the rough start the walk went really well and Rose felt like he was an actual friend and not a pen pal.

That night she wrote a long letter home. Rose was quite surprised just how much she missed her uncle. Though it made sense since he was the only one who had really been around for her.

That Sunday at breakfast the entire hall's attention was drawn to a beautiful owl with a long package. Rose recognised the owl as Hedwig and would bet her large vault at Gringotts that what she was bringing was a broom.

Harry and Ron rushed out of the Hall. Rose was not surprised to see Malfoy leave after them. Knowing he would try to create trouble, Rose left too; she was already fed up with Malfoy and the term had only just started.

She stayed hidden by a suit of armour and listened as Malfoy goaded that they would be expelled. Thankfully nothing happened since Flitwick came by and shooed Malfoy away.

"A Nimbus 2000!" Rose thought, suddenly a little jealous. Not wanting to get caught Rose left for the dorm.

Her plans, however, were ruined by Malfoy banging into her clearly looking for someone to vent his anger on.

"Well if it isn't the Blood traitor Shacklebolt. What are you doing here?"

"That is none of your business Malfoy. I would rather be a Blood traitor over a prejudice prick."

Rose made to leave only to have her arm grabbed.

"Hey don't walk away from me you cow. I thought we were having a chat."

"You're the last person I want to talk to. I'd let go before I hex you." Rose was now very angry. Rose always had a short fuse and was not one to beat around the bush. She drew her wand and pointed it at Malfoy's face. He quickly let go looking shocked.

"You better watch your back traitor." Rose suddenly felt that statement was very true. No more traveling alone for a little while she thought.