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Harry's worries that the stone was going to be stolen plagued him and to Rose it was clear to see. Worried Harry was going to do something stupid Rose started spending more time with Harry and his friends, the fact that this angered Ron only made Rose happier she had become increasingly annoyed by the stubborn red head.

To annoy Ron more Daphne had started hanging out with the group too since Rose was one of her only true friends. They still hung out with Blaize every now and then but he was more proactive about splitting Slytherin house and Rose was still trying to avoid that becoming a massive drama.

The one day that Rose had been spending alone with Daphne and Blaize she caught Ron, Harry and Hermione sprinting down the corridor; the looks on their faces suggested that something important had happened. Without a second of doubt Rose sprinted after Harry wanting to know what had happened that was so important.

By the time Rose caught up she could hear Professor McGonagall informing Harry that Dumbledore was not in the school. She let the Professor leave before she announced herself. Ron clearly had enough of her constant presence because he pulled his wand on Rose and demanded she leave.

Knowing that it wasn't the best way to handle it but fed up with Ron, Rose pulled her wand out and pointed at Ron. Hermione was shouting at them both to lower their wands. Harry had pulled his wand out but had not yet pointed at anyone.

"Back me up Harry she isn't a part of this"
Ron demanded trying to lift Harry's hand, Rose was happy to see he did not comply.

"Ron, lower your wand don't make me choose between you both" Harry pleaded.

"NO! Harry, it is time you choose. She is a Snake, she can't hang out with us any more, tell her!"

Hermione flinched at Ron's words and it was clear that Harry was struggling with this decision. Not wanting to lose his first friend or his best friend.

"She is not a Snake Ron, she is a good friend. I can be friends with you both I have been so far stop this"

Ron looked between Harry and Rose and lowered his wand. Rose kept hers ready but lowered it too. This made Ron smirk and Rose quickly tried to bring her wand arm back up but in these close quarters was too slow to stop Ron pushing her away and hard.

The three Gryffindors watched as Rose's head hit the wall closest to her before falling to the floor. Blood was flowing from her head quite badly, Ron smiled happily and started dragging his friends away. Harry to his credit tried to stop Ron from dragging him away.

By this time Daphne had caught up to Rose, Blaize right behind her. Seeing Rose on the ground Blazie started casting spells at Harry and his friends, not even listening as Harry tried to explain himself. Seeing that Blaize was enraged the Gryffindors fled as not to be hit with the spellfire.

Daphne had quickly dropped onto her knees beside Rose and using her robe tried to slow the bleeding.

"Blaize leave them. I need you to take her to the Hospital wing. I'm not strong enough to carry her that far. BLAIZE!"

Blaize had been so lost in his rage he only responded after Daphne had shouted at him. It took a moment for his brain to acknowledge what she had asked. He easily picked up Rose and started running to the Hospital Wing Daphne struggling to keep up.

Madam Pomfrey sprang into action when she saw the two Slytherins running into her Wing. She quickly started casting diagnostic spells on Rose. After asking what had happened she dismissed the two friends telling them to bring Snape. Normally she would have liked Dumbledore for something like this but she knew he was away.

It was clear Madam Pomfrey knew what she was doing. The head wound had been healed within moments a blood replenishing potion spelled into the injured girl's stomach. This was not the best way to give potions but Rose had yet to wake and it was important that she have this potion quickly to help her recover.

When Snape arrived he was followed by McGonagall and Kingsley. Seeing Kingsley annoyed was a rare sight and to be honest a frightening one. He was by Rose's bedside within seconds and demanding answers.

Blaize and Daphne, who had not seen the incident in full, could only speculate what happened. After telling the Professors McGonagall went to find the Gryffindors that had been accused of the attack.

A good hour later McGonagall came back, she had been unable to find Harry, Ron or Hermione and had ordered the Ghosts to track them. This information did not make Kingsley feel any better and he questioned those present before trying to find the children too.

Kingsley POV

Kingsley searched the scene where his niece was hurt, seeing her blood on the wall infuriated him and it took him a few moments to calm down. He decided to start his search for the missing Gryffindors hoping to distract himself.

After some time he ended up at Hagrids hut knowing that he was close to Harry. After finding out that Harry knew how to get past fluffy his Auror senses were telling him that something was wrong.

Kingsley found McGonagall sitting in her office, she was quite surprised when Kingsley asked her what she and Harry spoke about earlier. Being asked had definitely sparked her interest and fear at the same time.

"They didn't, surely?" She asked Kinsgley as he headed out of her office and toward the third floor to look around.

Kingsley stopped at the door and looked back.
"I am pretty sure they did. Want to come along?"

"Yes I think I should" McGonagall responded picking up her wand and following the Auror out.

Together the two adults made quick time up to the third floor. After making sure no student was watching they headed into the forbidden corridor. Kingsley quickly transfigured a handkerchief into a guitar making McGonagall look at him clearly impressed.

"That was some impressive transfiguration Mr Shacklebolt" Kingsley started to play hoping very much that Hagrid was not having him on about Fluffy sleeping when music is played. Glad to see that it was true he and McGonagall jumped into the trapdoor.

When they landed they could see that the Devil's Snare was restless. Kingsley quickly cast a light spell and forced his way through with McGonagall.

"Someone has been through here today. It's a nice dark room the Devils Snare should be restful"

"I don't want to believe that three of my cubs would be so reckless as to come down here" McGonagall replied and started walking into the next room.

Looking around the next room Kingsley was surprised to see many keys on the floor by the opposite door. He examined them closely but couldn't determine which was the correct key. McGonagall, who was worried about her students pulled Kingsley aside and aimed her wand at the door.

"Sorry Dumbledore. BOMBARDA!" As the door was blasted off its hinges Kingsley looks at McGonagall with surprise and a little awe.

"Well that is one way in. Didn't expect that from the deputy head"

Wasting no time Kingsley and McGonagall head onwards. As they entered the next room McGonagall smiled.

"Ahh my creation looks like someone has played their way across."

"Is that a body?" Kingsley suddenly asked sprinting across the board and upto Ron who was laying on the board out cold. Kingsley quickly checked his pulse. While McGonagall went and checked the next room.

As McGonagall came back to Ron the door leading into the troll chamber flew open and out came Hermione looking flushed.

"Professor? What are you doing down here?"

"I could ask you the same thing, Miss Granger," McGonagall responded, her voice full of disapproval. Hermione quickly sank into herself looking ashamed.

"Where is Potter?" Kingsley asked, looking around for him.

"He went on, sir. To stop Snape"

"Stop Snape? I think you are confused. Snape is in the hospital wing with my niece, who was injured by one of you, I am told." He added his voice wavering from his calm voice to one that was anger laced.

"If it isn't Snape who is beyond the door" Hermione asked, now looking terrified.

"I will find out. McGonagall, this boy looks like he needs a doctor. I will go and get Harry."

McGonagall looked like she wanted to disagree but Ron was looking pale and Hermione looked like she wanted to go help Kingsley.

"Right you are. Hermione, you are coming with me. No arguments." Hermione, who had been about to protest, looked down again and started to follow McGonagall. Kingsley had already started running onwards to find Harry.

Kingley took a little time solving Snape's riddle and once he had saw there was no going forward potion left. With this setback he had to take down the defence using his knowledge of wards and charms. It took him a short while and by the time he had gotten through Harry was on the ground a small stone in his hands.

Kingsley quickly checked the area and couldn't help but look in the mirror. What he saw made his heart melt, he was walking Rose down the aisle in a stunning wedding gown. He noticed that while it looked like he was walking her they never actually moved so he couldn't see who she would marry.

After a moment of allowing himself to be lost in the image he picked up Harry and started to leave, making sure to pocket the stone since it was important.

When Kingsley returned to the Hospital wing he was surprised to see Dumbledore sitting by Rose's bed. After placing Harry in a bed he ignored Dumbledore and went to check on Ron and Hermione.

"Hermione I would like to know what happened to Rose now" Hermione looked like she would happily crawl into a hole rather than answer that question but she knew that Aurors were essentially police officers and not telling them could be bad.

"Ron was annoyed that Rose was hanging around us, well mainly Harry. He threatened her with his wand. I think he knew she would beat him so he lowered his wand and when Rose did too he pushed her pretty hard. I don't think he meant to hurt her like that though"

"If that was true he wouldn't have tried to flee. Blaize said he saw you leaving when he arrived"

"Ron was pulling us away, yes. But Harry was fighting to stay when Blaize started casting spells at us."

Before Kingsley could ask anything else Dumbledore walked over.

"I don't think you should ask anything more. She doesn't have a guardian present"

"She doesn't need one yet, Albus. Rose isn't pressing charges yet. I'm just an uncle protecting his niece." The way Kingsley expressed this had Hermione looking between Dumbledore and Kingsley with doubt written on her face.

"Perhaps we can talk in my office?" Dumbledore asked, looking at Kingsley. The old man didn't need Legilimancy to see Kingsley was tired of keeping his secrets.

"There is nothing to discuss Albus. Excuse me, I want to be near my "Niece" when she wakes up. Kingsley walked across the wing and drew the curtain showing he did not want to be distubed.

Hidden from view Kingsley knew he had to act fast not wanting Dumbledore to interfere with him telling Rose the truth. Silently he withdrew his wand from his arm holster and withdrew his memories of Albus telling him about Rose and why she needed to be protected.

He placed the memories into a potion that he had brought with him. His memory and this potion would stop the memory being obliviated away. He hoped that Albus would not go that far but he knew Albus saw himself above the law and did as he wanted.

Getting an unconscious girl to drink a potion proved hard but once Rose had taken it he knew she would wake knowing the truth. He stood vigil over and hoped she would still want him close when she woke.