Title: The Jedi and the Sith

Summery: You read about her in Obi-Wan's Choice and To Meet Again, and now it's time that you read the story of Aleena's Master, Keera Gani. Taking place about 25 years before Episode I, 17 years before Obi-Wan's Choice and 22 years before To Meet Again, here is the tragic tale about a young Jedi Knight and a young Sith Knight who meet and fall in love, regardless of their different lifestyles. Think Romeo and Juliet... Star Wars style... brought to you by The Great Omnipotent Tiki Goddess, aka Saturn Teruru (Pronounced Te-lu-lu) Riddle. Oh no.

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Disclaimers: Keera Gani and "Darth Malice" (I know, it's a really shitty name.) are mine. I really wish I could come up with a better name but I suck at doing that and all the good names are taken. *sniffles* Okay, Keera is 25, Malice *cries at name* is like 27ish and Mace is like 15. Star Wars is not mine. And The Vamp Chronicles belong to Anne Rice.

[Prologue: Keera's Commends]

The young Jedi walked down the stairway, and everyone who saw her immediately knew who she was. Her shoulder-length purple-brown curls were loosely tied back into two short braids, and her white robe flowed behind her elegantly. Under the robe, she wore a plain dark purple skirt that fell to her knees, a tight, white shirt with intricate purple swirls stitched into it, and a pair of black boots. Her bright green eyes pierced all she looked at and her dark makeup brought them out even more.

She was Mistress Keera Gani. Not Master, Mistress. She had decided long ago she wanted that as her title, for she had stayed up late into the night in the library reading about the exploits of past Jedi Knights, and had discovered that when the Order first came into existence, the female Knights were given the title 'Mistress'. In fact, she read so much that most of the time, her Master found her in the library, asleep on a pile of books and datapads.

Knighted at the age of twenty, Keera was already well-known for the success of her many assignments with her Master, but nothing seemed to make her happy except reading. So it was one warm evening on Coruscant when Keera descended the stairways of the Temple and went out into the city to purchase more books to add to her collection.

As she was walking down the stairs outside the Temple, she ran into a young Padawan with dark skin and no hair. He was around the age of fifteen, and was predicted to become a great Jedi Master. Keera believed it too; she had seen his skills. His name was Mace Windu.

"Good evening, Mistress Gani," Mace said, bowing.

"Hello Mace," Keera replied, brushing past him, seemingly barely noticing him. Mace followed her eagerly.

"I'm going to go to Malastare with my Master in a few days," Mace said. Keera smiled.

"So he told me." She then stopped and looked at Mace. "I'll see you when I get back then, shall I?"

"Where are you off to?"

"Just a walk," Keera replied. "Bye."

"Bye," Mace called as Keera reached the bottom of the steps and disappeared.

She walked down many streets, finally reaching her destination. It was a small store called 'Bo Dopa Duba'. When translated from Huttese, Keera discovered that the shop's name was simply 'One Two Three'. She found the lack of creativity amusing, but nevertheless still went there very often. Instead of only selling data storage units and viewplates, it sold actual books, something very rare around planets such as Coruscant.

She sighed and walked in the store, immediately greeted by its owner, a female Twi'lek named Aimee.

"Hello, Mistress Gani," Aimee called. Keera looked at her and smiled, nodding her head. "Did you finish that book you bought last week already?"

"I did," Keera replied. "I thought it was very interesting."

"Which was it again?" Aimee mused. "Ah, yes, one of those Vampire books by Ecir Enna." Aimee shook her head. "Which one of hers are you after now?"

"Merrick," replied Keera shortly, walking down the long aisles filled with old and dusty books. She looked through them one by one, studying each as if it were an ancient treasure. She finally found the one she was looking for and went over to Aimee to buy it. She pulled the credits from the pocket of her robe silently, then picked up the book and left, with a simple 'Thank you'.

"See you next week!" Aimee called as Keera walked down the street.

Keera yawned and looked at the sky, which was darkening. She noticed a small cantina on the corner. She decided to go in to get a drink and perhaps start her book. She didn't know that the minute she walked into it, it would change not only her life, but the lives of many other Jedi.


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