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Chapter 9

"Lord Elrond." the soft voice of Erestor called into the fire lit room, Elrond sat noiselessly his silver eyes watching the flickering fire with a dull gaze.

It had been days since he had sent out a search party for his sons and Glorfindel, not to mention his mortal son, Aragorn. The one whom had not been see for days.

"Hir nin."

The advisor's soft voice brought the elf lord back to reality.

"Yes nin mellon?" Elrond called back to the partially opened door without turning his lonely gaze from the fire.

Erestor ran in his eyes brimmed over with tears, the lord of Rivendell caught a glimpse of these and his heart began to ache, he shook his head softly.


Silver tears spilled over his cheeks, 'Estel is………..'

"Milord, a elf is outside, he has Estel."

"Leave me Erestor."

"But lord.." the advisor choked back a sob. "He lives, but is in dire need of your care."

"What?!" Elrond stood up, almost unable to support himself as all his strength was drained from worry and grief that had passed through his aching soul.

"Come hir nin, Estel awaits in his room."

It only took Elrond a moment for the lord of Imladris to get upstairs, all his strength regained from new found hope, 'alive, his boy was alive.'

He turned the corner and ran down the hall, other healers and Erestor following at his heels.

He ran into the room but stopped fast when he saw the sight that made his blood run cold.

Estel, his little boy, lie on the bed blood dripping dyeing the white sheets a sickening crimson color. The child was pale beyond white and his breathing was heavy and labored. Aragorn's leg was purple, blue, and black were it was broken, and his whole body was covered with bruises and scrapes. He was a mess.

Elrond ran to his son's bedside and knelt down taking the boy's cold frail hand in his own.

"Oh Estel, my boy I am so sorry. Please, don't leave me, please." He stood up never letting go of the young boy's hand. "Come on, get me bandages, medicines, lotions, a bowl of cold water, as well as hot, and a cloth. Go." The lord of Imladris, laid the boy's hand gently on the bed and took a bowl of cool water from a servant and sponged the boy's unnaturally warm face with a cloth.

"Hold on nin ion, don't let go of the light." Elrond cried as he tried everything medically possible to help his son. He watched as Aragorn's eyes barely flittered and opened half lidded and he looked towards his father.

"Ada?" he coughed. "I am sorry, ada. I have to go now." he whispered as his eyes rolled back into his head and he once again lost consciousness.

"Noooo, Estel!" Elrond howled as he applied the medicine to the wounds. "Please no! Eru no!"


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